Enraged Phoenix

Lakshman saw the horde of people charging at him and he gritted his teeth as he hastily took a step back. The next moment, he began to duck and dodge each and every fist and leg that the attacking angels threw at him. They attacked regardless of whether they hit their target or the other person, who either ended up badly bounded, bruised or beaten unconscious.

The Phoenix Titan had to move rapidly on his feet because the people began to use magic and energy attacks on him. As individuals, they would not pose as a challenge to him, but a large group of them did because they did not seem to care whether they kill each other. This frustrated Lakshman even more because he had no intention of hurting any of them while allowing them to knock each other out.

The Angel King watched with an amused expression on his face while he held the Queen of Floria Kingdom firmly in his hand. Venezuela had a tape placed on her mouth with a black “X” marked on it while her movement was blocked by a spell he had placed on her. All she could do was stare helplessly as her beloved husband was attacked from all around by a never ending crowd of angels.

“You know, Phoenix Titan…? I am very disappointed,” said Zex in a loud carrying voice that reached Lakshman as he continued dodging around. “I expected you to destroy them; not dodge them like a cowardly chicken.”

Lakshman glared at him for a moment before dodging again as a rain of attacks headed his way and exploded, causing others near the impact zone to get knocked out.

Zex looked at him for a moment before shrugging his shoulders and saying, “Well, I suppose you’re more of a cowardly phoenix since you’re choosing to dodge than attack.”

“What makes you think I will attack?” Lakshman asked telepathically in the middle of dodging and blocking attacks. “I know your plan is to bring them all to their senses the moment I decide to fight back, giving them the impression that I am really evil.”

Zex was impressed by what Lakshman said and he said in a loud voice, “Impressive! You managed to deduce all of that in the space of a few minutes?”

“It doesn’t take a brilliant man to figure out something so simple,” replied Lakshman telepathically in a serious voice. “Now, explain yourself; why are you doing this and what do you gain from this?”

“Why and what for?” Zex asked and he looked puzzled for a moment before chuckling a little. “I do this for myself.”

Lakshman was alarmed by those words as Zex continued speaking.

“On the day my father died of a rare decease that he contracted, he told me to live for myself, care for myself and be ruthless on everyone and trust no one. I promised him and I’ve been living that promise daily, so I cannot let you take my daughter away from the future I planned for her.”

“That is the most ridiculous promise I’ve ever heard one makes with their dying parent!”

“Surely, but it’s the truth and I’m sure you can understand how much it means to me with my dead father. After all, your parents were supposedly killed by the Calamity Titan while you were presumed to be killed.”

Lakshman was angered greatly by the arrogance in which Zex spoke because he could not understand how heartless someone could be to make a promise, like that, with their son. At the same time, words could not form in his mind or mouth to retaliate because he can understand how much a promise with their dead parent means to them.

“Now, enough of this chit chatter and tell me where my—!”


Before Zex could finish his dialogue, there was a familiar voice that shouted angrily at him. He turned in the direction the voice came from and his face split into a wide smile as he saw his daughter standing there. Lakshman was taken aback at seeing her and he remembered that the Godfather had released her from his mind control for defeating him.

Sonia was staring at Lakshman being attacked by so many angels, who were dressed in either wedding attire or casual wear. Most of them were civilians, but they were all attacking Lakshman like wild ferocious beasts on rampage. She turned her attention to her father and she was alarmed to see him holding Venezuela in a threatening manner as if he was going to kill her.

Using an amplification spell on her voice, Sonia spoke to her father loudly by asked, “What’s going on…? Why is everyone attacking Lakshman…? Why is the Floria Kingdom’s Queen by your side…? What are you doing, father?!”

Her demands were met with a hilarious laughter from her father, who grinned her after recovering as he said, “Silly daughter. Can’t you tell that I’m doing all of this to bring you out of hiding?”

Sonia blinked at him in surprise and it was then that Lakshman shouted, “Stop, Sonia! Get away from this place!”

“Stop shouting at my daughter as if she’s one of your many wives!” Zex yelled at Lakshman with an angry look on his face. He pointed at Lakshman and ordered the angels he controlled by shouted, “Kill him!”

With the order given, the angels suddenly became ferocious and started attacking Lakshman with lethal force. Distracted by Sonia’s presence, Lakshman had some difficulty avoiding their attacks while receiving some damage to his body.

Zex turned his attention back to Sonia and shouted, “Get over here, Sonia!”

Sonia was shocked to see her lover being attacked with such ferocity, but she believed in the fact that he will be fine. She realised that if she were to come to his aide, she would put him jeopardy and as such, she turned her attention back towards her father, who was glaring at her with a fierce look on his face.

“No,” she replied firmly with a determined expression on her face. “I don’t like what you’ve become, father. Before mother died, you were a ruthless being and a caring father, but that all changed after mother died. Now, I don’t recognise you as the father that you once were, but I do recognise that man whom you’ve ordered to attack as my lover. So, leave us be and free our people from your mind control!”

There were a few seconds of pause in which Zex and Sonia stared at each other with a lot of distance between them.

“Come to me… now… I will not repeat myself again…” said Zex slowly with a deadly look on his face.

“I will, also, not repeat myself; free my lover, his wife and set our people free of your mind control!” Sonia replied with a menacing look that matched his.

Zex’s eyes widened in alarm as he did not expect to see his daughter glaring back at him. Groaning silently on the ground nearby, the Godfather formed a small smile on his face as he felt pride gushing forth from within him for his goddaughter.

“You… dare…?” Zex asked slowly and he pointed at himself as if he doubted himself. “You dare to— Ah!”

He stopped speaking and groaned in pain as he felt a powerful jab at his back as he was taken by surprise. Turning his head slightly, his eyes widened in shock to see Sonia standing with her hand jabbed into his back. He looked back to the front and saw that Sonia was also standing there before looking back to see Sonia there as well.

“I dare,” replied Sonia to answer his question as her copy exploded into a cloud of smoke.

Gritting his teeth in anger, he attempted to swing around and hit her with his right arm, but she dodged him quickly. Before he could retaliate, she oved in and delivered her right fist into his gut after enhancing it with an amplification and attack type spell. As he was struck with shock, she moved around him and straightened up to stand facing his left side.

“Blank Strike,” she said and she lashed at him.

The force of impact was slim considering it was a girl hitting him, but the impact of the attack she used was immense. In an instant, he was blasted towards the right side and he sailed through the air for a moment before crashing several meters away.

“Wow!” Lakshman exclaimed in amazement as he dodged and diverted the attacks away from him.

“Phew,” said Sonia and she quickly attended to freeing her movement before placing her finger on the top of the “X” mark on the tape over Venezuela’s mouth. “Erase.”

In an instant, the “X” disappeared and the tape split into pieces before falling slowly to the ground. Finally freed from her restraints, Venezuela took a deep breath and breathed out in relief. Sonia looked at her and smiled briefly before turning her attention towards Lakshman and winking at him. The Phoenix Titan was startled, but he remaining smiling as he easily dodged around the attacks aimed at him.

Zex, who had crash landed several meters away, slowly picked himself off the ground and glared at where his daughter and Floria Kingdom’s Queen stood. One side of his face was injured badly and bleeding heavily as he glared at them through reddened eyes.

Inside his mind, the sinister being that had been controlling him said telepathically, “Guess that blows all the plans!” It sighed briefly before it said telepathically, “Well, I can’t let important people live, otherwise, they’ll become a thorn in my future plans! Kill the queen, my pawn!”

Zex, slowly, raised his right hand upward and pointed his forefinger towards Venezuela, who was taking deep breaths to calm down. His eyes glowed slightly red in a menacing manner and dark energy gathered at the tip of his finger as he prepared to fire at her.

“Die,” he muttered and unleashed a devastating laser beam.

The attack soared through the air at high speed and headed straight to devastate Venezuela. There were two who noticed it; one was Lakshman and the other was Sonia. Lakshman sensed something dangerous and saw the king fire the lethal attack, but he was far from stopping it due to being bombarded with attacks. Sonia saw the attack coming and realising the intended target, she moved forward to push Venezuela out of the way.

“Move!” she said as she shoved Venezuela to safety.

Venezuela stumbled away and Sonia walked into the target just as the laser attack reached her. She groaned and her eyes widened in shock as the laser pierced through her chest and continued to fly away into the distance. As it disappeared, Sonia slowly collapsed to the ground while staring, wide eyed, at the man who fired such a devastating attack.

“Sonia!” Lakshman shouted and he stopped his movement to stare at her in horror.

In that instant, a heavy load of multiple attacks rained down on him and created mighty explosions. Zex looked towards the explosion in which the Phoenix Titan was engulfed by and then he looked towards his collapsed daughter.

“I suppose this is destroying two problems with one blast,” commented Zex and he laughed heartily.

Deep within his mind, the sinister presence chuckled and thought, “Right. Not the people I intended to destroy, but the result is still the same. Hahahahaha…!”

Venezuela was shocked to see her saviour struck down so suddenly and to see her husband engulfed by a large explosion. Even so, she took Sonia’s priority over his and she quickly moved forward to kneel beside Sonia desperately to see if she could save her.

Sonia was rasping for breath as she clutched her chest, which was pumping blood out in quick succession. She was struggling to breathe as she desperately sought to live because, for the first time in her life, she had someone to love. For that reason, she was desperately trying her best to survive because the death of her memory in the ancient times haunted her.

“Please, hold on Sonia. I’ll save you,” said Venezuela in a firm confident voice and she began to apply Healing Heart and Healing Harmony on Sonia.

While she was doing that, the crowd of angels that attacked Lakshman stood straight and stared into the rising smoke. They had their eyes out for his dead body and as the smoke cleared, they narrowed their search down to the shadowy figure that could be seen through the dispelling smoke. Once it cleared, their expressions changed to that of great surprise to see that his was alive and standing firmly on his feet.

Lakshman was alive and he was standing firmly on his feet while staring fixedly towards the spot at which Sonia was lying at with Venezuela kneeling beside her. All senses of the present left him and he was left in a state of utter shock and horror as he had to watch his lover struck down by her own father. This brought back the unpleasant memory of watching his wives get destroyed at the hands of the Calamity Titan.


It was the trigger that set off his boiling point of anger and he exploded into a furious rage as he surged with wild power while radiating golden-red aura that surrounded him. He began to scream at the top of his lungs as his unleashed power sent wild blowing winds and powerful shockwaves in all directions. Due to this, the angels were blasted off their feet and hurled into the air before smashing onto the ground to render them unconscious.

“Damn… you…!” Lakshman roared and he took a fighting stance as he glared fiercely at Zex.

“Huh?” the Angel King said as he turned to look towards where Lakshman stood, but the Phoenix Titan had disappeared.

One moment, Lakshman was standing at a fighting position and the next, he had disappeared to reappear standing directly in front of his enemy. As if in slow motion, Zex looked down at him and blinked once in surprise as Lakshman pulled his right fist back and unleashed it at the Angel King’s gut.

There was a moment of pause in which nothing happened and in the next moment, Zex’s expression completed changed. His eyes appeared to pop out of their sockets and his body shook violently from the force of impact that Lakshman delivered. Time returned to normal and the shock of impact sent a wild force of wind in all directions and caused the ground to crack and sink dramatically.

Zex was blasted away at high speed and he soared away while mowing down forests, buildings and anything in his path before flying out of the continent. He continued to soar through the air at an incredible speed and he sped around the world in a matter of minutes. During that time, he scared plenty of birds and split through clouds that startled the observers staring at the sky.

After soaring around the world, he returned to the continent and flew towards Lakshman, who had been standing in the same position as he did before when he punched Zex out of the continent. As the Angel King reached him, Lakshman spun around several times at high speed and delivered a powerful elbow strike into his enemy’s back.

The shock of impact caused Zex to stop flying and he opened his mouth to groan painfully while spurting blood out at the same time. Not done with him, Lakshman put his hands together and jumped over Zex’s head before his down on the Angel King’s head. The force of impact and the power behind the blow was so powerful that it caused the ground to quake violently and blast Zex into the ground.

The Angel King was blasted into the ground and with the power of speed and momentum by his side, Zex dug through the Heaven Continent before exploding out from beneath the floating continent. He hurtled towards the ground at an incredible speed and caused a huge explosion to occur upon smashing, head first, onto the ground.

Lakshman looked down through the hole that Zex had made for a moment while breathing heavily. Then, he held his arm out and said, “Celestial Blade!”

Hearing the call of its name, the sword of light pulled itself off the ground near the battle that he and the Godfather had. It started to glow brightly and it flew through the air at high speed and entered the open hand that Lakshman had held out.

Grabbing it firmly in his hand, he said in a powerful voice, “Release!”

In an instant, the sword glowed brightly before the sword split into the Phoenix Blade and the Demon Slayer swords. A moment later, the blades transformed into their human forms in a flash of light and they were gasping for breath due to the sudden release from their fusion.

“Tend to Sonia until I return,” he told them in a powerful voice.

They were out of breath and could not speak, but they managed to look at his face and their course of action was decided. Lakshman was furious and from the look on his face, it looked like he was not done with the Angel King who had attacked his own daughter and Lakshman’s love.

“Okay,” replied Tetra in a slight mumble.

Lakshman nodded once before he kicked off the ground and flew through the hole that Zex left behind.

“I’m coming to destroy you!” Lakshman said in a deadly voice as he flew towards Zex at high speed.

Author’s Note

Hello everyone and thank you for reading this chapter. I’m sure that many of you have waited for this chapter for a while and I thank your patience for that. Truth to be told, I was just distracted by the other things going on in my life and I just didn’t get enough time to write this chapter. Still, it gave me some clues as to how to go about it and I finally got it done to present it to you right now. So, I hope that you liked the chapter and will read the next one as the story continues!

On a side note, one of the things that distracted me was making another AMV. It’s a short AMV, yes, but it’s a complete version than me cutting down the usual 3-4 minutes of full music. In my opinion, it’s pretty good and I hope that you’ll like it as well. Please, watch it here and like, comment and subscribe if you like it because I will really love it if you do! 😀

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