Dynamic Phoenix



Lakshman flew towards the ground where the Angel King lay in a deep crater with his head rolling slightly. The shock of being hit so hard from the front, the back and on the head left him feeling very dizzy and sore due to smashing heavily on the ground. Despite his mind being rattled, he could not believe that he had flown around the world by a single punch that Lakshman delivered.


At that moment, he sensed a great sense of anger and murderous intent, which caused him to look up groggily and see Lakshman flying towards him. Alarmed, he disappeared from the spot and got away just as Lakshman soared down and made contact with the ground using his right fist.


In an instant, a powerful shock wave was sent in all directions and the ground exploded in all directions. Zex thought he had gotten to safety, but he was sorely mistaken when Lakshman, suddenly, appeared right before his eyes. Before the Angel King could do anything, Lakshman began to thoroughly beat up Zex as he unleashed his anger on the evil angel.


Lakshman delivered several rapid blows that caused the mind of Zex to become invalid for a few moments. Then, he grabbed him by the leg and swung him around to smash him on the ground several times. Finally, Lakshman constantly kneed Zex in the gut and as soon as he started to fly away, Lakshman would soar over his head and hammer him back down with great force.


In the truest sense, it was the beat down of a lifetime that no one can survive, escape or dodge. Lakshman had almost lost all sense of reason as he allowed his anger to wash over him and smash the living daylights out of the Angel King. Despite his rage being at such a high level, he did not lose the sense to not kill the man, but instead, bring him to justice.


Zex was completely and utterly defeated as his body bled out of control, his mind spiralled out of control and his body flailed wildly with each beating that the furious Phoenix Titan delivered. Inside his mind, though, the sinister being continued to exist and it soon dawned on the being that the defeat of its puppet was imminent.


“What an unforeseen disaster…?” the sinister being thought in a casual voice as it cared nothing for the puppet it controlled. “Well, my puppet’s done for, so I might as well use him to destroy my enemy.”


Lakshman was continuing to delivery blow after blow against Zen when, all of a sudden, the Angel King grabbed his hands. He was momentarily surprised when Zex pulled him forward before wrapping his arms around his body to hug him tightly. In the next moment, Zex’s body began to glow with particles of light as he prepared to attack his enemy that he was tightly hugging onto.


“Judgement Light.”


Judgement Light is a technique that is used, most often, by the God of Justice as he delivers justice on the wrong doers. In the stories passed down since the ancient times, the God of Justice appears in the human form and condones all those that do wrong with this technique, killing them and utterly destroying their souls at the same time.


Lakshman’s eyes widened in shock as the light grew brighter and consumed him before blasting him away by the large beam cannon that was unleashed. It travelled several meters before disappearing into tiny particles of light. Once the wave cleared, Lakshman came into view and his clothes seemed to be singed and he was breathing a little heavily as he had his arms folded in front of him in a defensive position.


“How the heck did he use such a powerful technique?!” Lakshman thought in shock as he removed his hands to stare at his enemy.


He was shocked when he saw that his enemy, the Angel King had begun to transform while being surrounded by dark radiating energy. The glowing black light remained for a few seconds before dying down and revealing a figure that was unrecognisable.


This person had dark skin, was wearing black clothes, had black wings sprouting out of his back, black tattoos covering various places on his body, large black lines stretching from forehead and jaw on either side of his eyes. In the centre of his forehead, there was a letter “C” with a sharp arrow shape that ended on either endof the letter.


While staring at him, Lakshman could not help but notice the large horns that seemed to grow of the man’s forehead. All in all, the once proud angel had transformed into a demon and Lakshman was could not believe his eyes because he did not know how an angel could transform into an angel.


He was aware that when angels go on the wrong road and do things out of order, their wings turn black and they become known as a Fallen Angel. So, this transformation did not make any sense to him. While he was thinking about this strange occurrence, the demonic being began to surge with power while radiating in black-red aura that surrounded him.


“Time to put you to rest, Phoenix,” he said in a voice filled with a coldness that could freeze the heart of the listener.


Without warning, he disappeared and reappeared to catch the Phoenix Titan by surprise, who was forced back to reality by such a quick movement that startled him. Before he could defend, however, the demon grabbed him by the face with his long-nailed dark skin and hurled him away, which created a powerful shock wave that was sent in all directions.


Lakshman’s body was stunned by the force of the throw and he was startled by what just happened when the demon reached him moving at a speed far greater than the speed the Phoenix Titan was moving at. The demon proceeded to kick the back of Lakshman and the Phoenix Titan grunted painfully as his body was blasted into the air at an astounding speed that was similar to the speed that Lakshman blasted Zex earlier with a single punch to the gut.


Flying high into the air at an incredible speed, his flight was suddenly cut short when the demon reached him and began to pummel him with all his might. The Phoenix Titan’s body was treated like a punching bag with the demon delivering blow after blow and each successive impact seemed to increase his power greatly.


Done beating him till he was satisfied, the demon clapped his hands together and brought them down hard onto the Phoenix Titan’s head. The shock was intense as the air seemed to shake from the force as Lakshman soared through the ground at an incredible speed before creating a huge explosion of sand that rose high into the air like Zex did previously.


As the smoke began to clear, the demon brought his hands together and aimed the open end of his palms downward and at the spot that Lakshman had crashed at. It took him a moment to gather a lethal force of energy into the palms of his hand and it soon formed into a sphere of energy. It had a black sphere in the middle and was surrounded by a white sphere outside it while a thick coat of black covered it completely.


“Demon Death Wave.”


With the shout of the technique, a massive wave of black and white energy descended towards the ground at high speed. It covered the distance towards the ground and smashed forcefully into the ground, causing a world-shaking explosion that caused fear in the people everywhere that felt it.



The wives of the Phoenix Titan, who had felt the world-shaking force, saw a huge explosion occurring near them. Erza and Emilia acted quickly by conjuring several layers of protective barrier magic around them, Amaranda used a transparent metallic defensive wall to protect while Ondine used water to cover the house entirely with a strong solidifying water like a water shield.


“Impressive of you to use Water Cloaking Shield without a wand or staff,” complimented Amaranda telepathically with a smile on her face. “I believed you were just a woman with fights with her weapons, but it is remarkable to use magic as well like your husband.”


Ondine nodded in appreciation of the complement and said, “Things happened and we acquired new things, but we’re still the same as we always had been. Right ladies?”


She turned and asked the question of all the girls, who nodded in response while smiling without saying a word. The twins, Indira and Priya, looked worriedly out of the window of the bottom floor to see the explosion slowly clearing.


“I hope annayya is safe,” said Indira hopefully with her hands clasped together.


“He’ll be fine! He’s our brother and most of all, he’s the Phoenix Titan!” Priya said confidently as she looked at the explosion with a smile on her face while her hands twitched nervously.


Her brother’s wives noticed this and glanced at each other before Emilia walked took a step towards her with a warm smile on her face. Indira and Priya had instantly liked Emilia because her kindness and gentleness reminded of the warmth she felt when Lakshmi, her mother, was around.


Placing a hand warmly on Priya’s shoulder, Emilia smiled warmly and said, “Look, Priya.” At her voice, Priya turned to look at her as Emilia continued to speak in a warm voice. “I know you’re worried about your brother and I would too if I had a sibling, but don’t think it’s negative to do so. Know that you feel that way because he means a lot to you more than those that worry less.”


Priya looked up at her in surprise and Cantia said cheerfully from behind, “Of course, some just aren’t worried because their confidence in the person is due to the deep bond and trust they place on that person. Am I right?”


Emilia nodded her head and smiled as Ondine responded by saying, “You are hundred percent correct, Cantia. I couldn’t think of better words myself like you did, so good job.”


Cantia’s smile widened with pride gushing out of her like a fountain from the compliment Ondine gave him. The others also smiled at seeing how happy she was, but one of them dropped their smile and made worried look on their face as they stared out of the window.


“You know… The most worrying thing for any wife is wondering whether she will see her husband return home alive,” said Emilia and as if a candle was extinguished, the smiles on their faces were dashed almost instantly. “I don’t mean to be negative, but I can’t help but think about Marilia when she saw Darian in his critical condition.”


They blinked at her once and looked towards each other with saddened expressions on their faces. It was the day after Lakshman returned to the kingdom from the Heaven Continent when they visited the castle. The first thing they spotted at the hospital was Marilia, who was sobbing into her hands while Darian lay unconscious in the hospital room.


The girls could not forget how badly Darian was wounded and the difficulty Rumble was facing while Amaranda was applying healing magic to fix his hands into correction position. It left them extremely worried as they feared that their beloved husband would face such danger in the future.


Erza looked around at them and smiled a little as she said, “I think imagining too much is a bad thing and what we should do, instead, is pray to the gods for our husband to return alive.”


While the other girls nodded in understanding, Amaranda looked at her with amazement on her face as she telepathically asked, “You pray to the gods when your husband doesn’t seem to care about such things? In addition to that, how can one like you from the demon race pray to god?”


“Believing in god has nothing to do with race and besides, it’s only when it’s important,” replied Sumara and the other girls nodded in agreement while the twins looked very surprised. “If we keep praying all the time, for every single thing, I doubt any god would be willing to fulfil that wish.”


Amaranda looked towards her with her closed eyes for a moment before smiling as she telepathically said, “Interesting logic, but one that makes perfect sense.”


Sumara nodded in response and she turned back towards the window before she said, “Now, let us pray for the safe and victorious return of our beloved man.”


As they nodded their heads in agreement and put their hands together in a prayer, Amaranda simply tapped her staff on the ground and telepathically said, “While he is not my husband, he is a dear friend and I will join in your prayer.”


“Thank you, Miss Amaranda!” Indira said brightly and Amaranda smiled at her.


Together, everyone put their hands together and quietly prayed in their hearts as they looked out of the window and towards the place the rising smoke was clearing.



As the rising smoke slowly cleared, the demon stared down into the smoke very intently as if he was trying to pinpoint the location of the Phoenix Titan through all the smoke. A moment later, his senses detected life and he clicked his tongue in an arrogant manner with a disappointed expression on his face.


“He’s alive,” he muttered in a voice void of expression.


He put his hands together for a moment before spreading them out, which created a strong blowing wind force that made the clouds of smoke, instantly, circle around them. On the ground and radiating in golden-red flames surrounding him was the Phoenix Titan with his back on the ground and arms raised above him in a defensive position.


Lakshman was using the Elemental Coated Armour with his back to the ground as he defended himself with his arms folded in front. His clothes were badly burnt and ruined with his shirt completely disintegrated while many holes appeared to be shown on the pant he was still wearing over his lower body. His body took quite the damage as blood flowed out quickly out of multiple wounds as he breathed quickly through gritted teeth.


The demon began to surge with power and instantly was surrounded by a black aura that took the shape of a demonic being with claw-like hands and demonic face. The next moment, he soared towards the ground at an incredible speed and covered the distance between them in a matter of seconds. Upon reaching his enemy, the demon hurled his fist forward and his Elemental Coated Armour demonic appearance threw its fist at Lakshman just as the Phoenix Titan, who had his eyes closed, opened in a flash.


A flash of light burst out from the exploding forces from the clash of two powerful energies and caused all those watching to nearly go blind. Powerful winds and shock waves were sent in all directions as the ground cracked and exploded as it spread in all directions and almost reached the Floria Kingdom capital. The house of the Phoenix Titan survived the cracking ground experience due to the multiple barriers and defensive walls placed around them.


A moment later, the flash died down and the view returned to normal to show that the demon was still hovering in mid-air with his arm extending towards Lakshman. His fist appeared to have stopped centimetres from the Phoenix Titan’s face and was being crushed by a powerful grip that Lakshman was employing.


The look on his face clearly showed how ticked off he was as he glared at the demon hovering above him. He was doing that from inside a deep crater that was caused by the ground sinking beneath him from the early clash of forces between their Elemental Coated Armours, which had disappeared. In the aftermath of the clashing powers, everything in the surrounding area was surrounded by cracked and destroyed ground.


The demon looked at his crushed arm and blinked once at it before looking back at Lakshman blinking once again with a straight expression on his face as Lakshman opened his mouth to speak in a powerful voice.


“So, you are fast and strong, but I’m the best.”


With that said, Lakshman raised his right leg upward and delivered a powerful kick to the gut of the demon. It looked like a simple kick, but the force behind it was so intense that the demon appeared to have had its eyes pop-out momentarily from the blow.


The next moment, the demon was hurled into the air at an incredible speed while releasing a shock wave that lifted small rocks and dust into the air before sending them in every direction. As he flew away, Lakshman pushed his body upward and he sailed through the air before landing on his knees with his hand down.


The next second, he kicked off the ground to fly after his enemy at the same speed as the demon he sent flying earlier. It took him only a few seconds of flying time to catch up to his enemy, who had stopped his flying movement with a strong shock wave and discharged a large dark energy wave at him.


“Elemental Coated Armour,” muttered Lakshman and he was surrounded by flames that took the form of a humanoid phoenix.


He held out his hands and the phoenix flames held out its arms before creating a blazing sword that burned brightly. Soaring through the air, he swung his hands forward and the cut the incoming energy wave into two parts that soared away in different directions.


As Lakshman soared towards him, the demon attempted to attack him once more, but the Phoenix Titan did not give him another chance. Staring directly at his enemy, Lakshman used his left hand to aim at his enemy as he muttered the technique name.


“Movement Zone: Stop.”


In an instant, the demon found himself unable to move while the only things still functioned seemed to be his vision, his breathing and his hearing. It seemed like Lakshman had stopped the demon from making any move as he soared towards him at high speed while holding his swords in a threatening manner.


Reaching his enemy, Lakshman swung at his enemy with his blazing swords and the movement was so fast that it looked like he did not move at all as he soared past him. He stopped a few meters away and hovered in mid-air without doing anything while the demon blinked a few times in surprise.


“Nothing?” he asked with a slight hint of a sneer in his voice.


The moment he finished saying that word, both of his arms fell clean off from where they once were attached to the body. As they slowly fell towards the ground, the demon’s eyes widened and he looked towards one side as blood began to spurt wildly out of the spot of the severed limbs.


He began to scream loudly like a monster in agony and it was then that Lakshman finally turned around to face towards him. The Phoenix Titan slowly turned around in mid-air and stared at the agonising demon with hard cold eyes which showed no hint of mercy or regret before he spoke quietly.


“I was violent in the past and I’m kind in the present, but everything else is same to same.”

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thank you very much for reading this chapter. First of all, sorry for the delay because things happened and when love is involved, your priorities changes drastically. Well, that and also because my work sort of snowballed into my list of things to do and I got stuck under it. I got a little bit more to do on it, but I managed to focus my energy on this almost entirely and finally got it done. So, I hope that you’ll like this chapter and will read more as the battle reaches its conclusion! 😉

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