Hello everyone! This is Vijay Kakani and I’m here with my POV for crossing the 350th chapter mark for Phoenix Rising and it wouldn’t have been possible without everyone. Each and every person contributed a small portion of their energy to this story by giving me encouragement, motivation and energy to keep on writing so much. I kept saying this and I will keep saying this; this story would’ve been dropped at chapter 88 without the support I received by my fellow readers and fans of my story! So, I sincerely thank everyone.


I wish to do a shout out to everyone that out there that really made me come this far and while I don’t know if they’ll like it or not, it’s to please me to let the world know who these special individuals are. Here goes and by the way, I’m only listing them from the order that I can remember them since it’s a long list and it’s been some time since I’ve had a chat with almost all of the listed ones below:


Silentdamage (PM Chatting and is awesome to talk to)

Mirado (awesome reviews and encouragement)

Kenken (great encouragement and motivation + amazing humour)



mironsan (amazing motivation and energy)

Blacky (amazing energy)








Leylin Shin




Penumbramancer (awesome motivation, energy and encouragement)


Spirit of ICE


LengZai (always liking and commenting with a word of thanks)









That’s the list of all the people that I felt needed a shout out for giving me the energy boost to keep on writing. In fact, I had so much energy that I busted out 2-3 chapters daily, otherwise, I wouldn’t have reached 350 chapters in two years. Believe me. My laziness is incredible, but I felt that I had to exert myself to full power and write the chapters quickly because there were others, like me, who enjoy the story so much!


Okay. I received a lot of negatives over these two years and believe me, it almost brought me down a lot, but the positiveness of the supporters was incredible! That alone gave me the power boost necessary to ignore the negative comments and continue moving on writing what I enjoy doing. This isn’t a perfect story nor is it the greatest, but it’s a story that can be loved and enjoyed if you take the humour part and go along with it.


Now, onto the most important part of my POV; The Questions. There have been numerous people asking me numerous questions in the past and I did my best to answer them as the story progressed, but now the questions are leading to what’s going to happen in the future. I won’t be disclosing their names because I’m feeling too lazy to list their names after listing the people names above.


Anyway, if people are allergic to spoilers, please skip the bottom section if possible. Just, scroll like hell, make it look blurry in your eyes until you reach the ending part of the spoilers/questions. So, let’s begin and I’ll be answering questions from the order that I remember them; latest to oldest so to speak.




Questions 1

What exactly do you mean for the Sword Titan when you talk about freedom? Is it supposed to mean: Freedom to how you look at Justice, or Freedom in the sense of how you are allowed to act? Or am I just completely missing the point?


Simple: Justice sets the rules and Freedom chooses how to carry them out. The freewill to act out the rules or break them when necessary. Focusing singularly on justice is bad and will always get you tripping over small rocks that you don’t notice because your eyes are not focused. With the concept of freedom, it enables you to act beyond the rules and regulations that were set for you. That’s why, the Sword Titan, Dominic Rutherford, must make the right choices with the concept of Freedom to fulfil the justice that his master taught him to have faith in so much.


Question 2

Is the War Titan really just some guy who is upset that he has no friends, but fees like he can only be friends with people that are at least as strong as him?


In a nutshell; it’s true. As you will soon see in the next chapter or so that he had a very difficult childhood making friends because of his natural born monstrous strength and power. This made him firmly believe in that only those as strong as him or even stronger can understand each other. That, however, was lost over time as his pride as the strongest warrior made him very reluctant to befriend anyone as strong as him and always claimed their Weight of the Fist was not strong. This was seen when he praised Dominic, but put him down anyway knowing that the human had potential to stand alongside him in the measure of power and skill.


Question 3

When will the Death Titan re-appear? As he was an awesome character, and I want him back in the story!


He will reappear alongside the Demon Titan as they were both in the Demon World during all of this. I suspect they will reappear after Lakshman meets and convinces the Dragon Titan to join his cause.


Question 4

Will we get to see much more of the wife’s back on the front lines, as I’m not a fan of Heroines that end up as just house wife’s. I would love to see them back Fighting along side Lucky, even if you have to find a way to give them a big buff in power!


That’s a little much to ask for since each of them have different power levels and none are comparable to Lucky. Venezuela and Erza would be handing the paperwork at the castle when Lucky is out, Sumara will be joining the

Question 5

Last but not least, Probably the question I’ve asked most since the beginning… When are we going to see Ezra’s home world! Because I really want to see what happens when Lucky meets Santa, I just have to know! xD


Yes. This was a question that many had been asking for and I’ll say it clearly; not yet. A certain event will trigger a space and time dimensional portal for Lakshman to travel to Erza’s home world, Alzard. This will occur right at the end of the battle between the Calamity Titan and the Phoenix Titan.


Question 6

What will happen to Lucky’s sisters?


The time when the story comes to focus on them will come, believe me. It’s just that it’ll take some time because right now the story is focused on gathering the Nine Pillars of Power for the Calamity Phoenix War that’ll take place in two years.


Questions 7

Will Lakshman everdie or is he protected by plot armour?


Every character, so far, had died like any normal person would for the actions they’ve taken. Lucky is no different, but he was blessed with Divine Protection by various gods that had taken an interest in him. He had survived so far thanks to that and the last time was with sheer luck thanks to the unexpected support he received in the form of the God Slayer sword belonging to the God of Power. I’m now making it plain and clear that the next time Lucky is mortally wounded, he will die.


Question 8

How many Arcs are there in the story and how many more chapters have you got to write?


I don’t really count the number of chapters I should write in an arc; it’s simply dependent on how much content I can squeeze in one chapter. As for the Arcs; I do have numbers planned, but they can change depending on whether I want to keep some or scrap some. So far, we’re currently up to Arc 14 and I did plan for there to be around 30 Arcs in total. Well, this is a very long story with a lot of developments, life’s lessons to be learnt and something to enjoy for a very long time.




Those are the questions that people have asked me numerous times and I feel like I forgot several more, but it can’t be helped. I’m busy working in my real life and trying to get two stories going. You didn’t know? I’m writing Phoenix Rising and Infinity Hero almost at the same time and they are slightly similar, but with different premises. If you’re waiting for me to write more for this story, check out the other story, which has 12 chapters.


If you have any more questions you want to ask me, feel free to ask away. I’ll happily oblige, but I’ll keep the spoilers to a minimum next time because, well, spoiling the story is not a good thing. Besides, many like surprises and if spoilers are revealed, it isn’t much of a surprise. So, I tried to keep the spoilers to a minimum this time and I’ll do the same next time as well if your questions include spoilers. So, go ahead and ask any questions you want me to answer.


So, I bid you all goodbye and once again, thank you for reading! See you next time as the story continues!


With sincerest respect and dedication,

Vijay Kakani

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