Sword Life (End)



Steve Stone had been living at the orphanage for over four years in solitude without a single friend to bring him happiness. He even spent his four birthdays alone without a single lifeform to cheer for him and he did his best to not remember the happy times he had with his family.


None of the children at the centre wanted to mix with him and always did their utmost to steer clear from wherever he happened to be. This did not affect him in the slightest because he trusted no one after the betrayal of his relatives.


That all changed with the arrival of the Sword Titan, Alexander Rutherford. He was already fifty-five by the time he was recognised as the strongest human in existence, which got him the legendary Sword Titan title. Despite his glorious rise to power, he was single and he was already fifteen-five by the time he wanted a successor to carry on after him because he had contracted an incurable disease.


So, he requested to visit the orphanage to inspect the children there and decide on whom to be his successor. If there was no one to be found that matched the characteristics he was looking for, he would leave and continue his search elsewhere. So, with determination, he entered the premise in which Steve was located at, got welcomed by the principle and her people before taken on a tour of the facility.


Meanwhile, the children were outside on the courtyard and were practicing swinging their wooden swords. It was a daily thing that the orphanage makes them do to strengthen their bodies so they are ready for the future. For those who do not do this properly, they will be forced to not eat food for two hours. So, most of them try to get working while others tried to take it easy unsuccessfully.


Steve stood right at the back corner of the group and was singing his sword with no expression on his face. The other children kept their distance from him and it was as plain as day to see that the children are avoiding him at all costs. The instructors noticed this and decided to let it pass because they had given up in trying to make the children get together with Steve.


“I don’t want to talk to him.”


“He’s a freak.”


“He doesn’t have feelings or doesn’t show them.”


“He’s a puppet and he’s going to kill us.”


“I’m scared of him.”


“I’m happy being with my friends.”


Those were some of the responses that the children stated to the instructors at the facility. The teachers found themselves unable to respond because they had point and quite frankly, they did not know how to interact with Steve themselves. He had always been quiet and kept to himself all the time without ever asking for help or support. So, it had been really hard on them to do anything about a boy they just did not understand to begin with.


Thus, they took the solution of ignoring this matter and carrying on as if nothing was happening. Like so, Steve remained in his solitude and continued to behave indifferently to everything occurring around him. The children continued to edge away from him until a clear invisible gap was visible to separate both.


At that moment, the Sword Titan arrived with the principal and her people. It looked like the people were trying to engage in a conversation with him, but he was showing no interest. This was simply because he was eager to find his successor and get away from the politics of the people.


He glanced at the practicing children and his eyes instantly noticed there to be a gap between everyone and a single child. This surprised him so much that he stopped and questioned them about it.


“Why does that kid seem to be practicing alone? Why are the kids keeping their distance from him? Explain!” He demanded in a serious voice.


The principal hesitated for a moment before saying, “That kid is very different from the others. He is stronger than them and it’s scaring the children. He, also, doesn’t show any emotion on his face, which is making the children call him a freak and keep as far away as possible from him.”


“Hmm…” said Alexander as he looked at the kid through narrowing eyes. “How did he come to be here?”


“His parents died and he wrote away all his assets to clear them and make a good name for his family,” replied the principal and Alexander turned to look at het in surprise. “None of his relatives wanted him and his house was sold, so we brought him here because he had nowhere to go.”


“I see…” replied Alexander thoughtfully as he turned back to look at Steve. “Abandoned…”


He narrowed his eyes as he keenly observed Steve’s movement and noticed something different about them compared to the other children. It made him immediately realise that the kid was hiding skills intentionally and was practicing without a second thought. This made the Sword Titan immediately decide to put the kid to the test so as to reveal what sort of secrets he was hiding.


“I want to see him do battle against the other children,” said Alexander and the people with him were surprised, including the principle.


“Sir… That cannot be allowed. These kids are just practicing—,” she began, but Alexander turned to give her a very serious look that convinced her otherwise.


“Go put those rules in your pocket. In my presence, my rules obey. You got that?”


“Yes…” replied the principle weakly.


The Sword Titan nodded his head once at her and thought, “It’s unfair of me to put down her rules, but I’ve got no choice if I want to see what that kid’s made up off. He’s intrigued my interest with his unseen skilful handling of the sword and that tiny amount of pressure he was applying in each swing. I’ve just got to test him out to be perfectly sure.”


The principle turned to the others and said, “Gather the students and ready the arena. We’re going to setup a little tournament and make them go one on one against each other.”


“That won’t be necessary,” stated Alexander and they turned their attention towards him. “Make all the kids fight against that solitary kid over there and tell them there’s I’ll adopt whoever defeats that kid.”


Everyone was shocked by his words and the principle said, “Sir! That’s unfair to put one child against the rest. Besides, all of them seem to hold some sort of grudge against him, so I don’t approve of this!”


The Sword Titan eyed her wearily and said, “Maybe so, but I’m putting him to the test to find out what he’s made of. Besides, if all goes well, you’ll soon find out that he’s no ordinary child.”


The principle and the rest blinked at him in surprise with looks of disbelief on their faces. Despite disapproving of the idea, the principle had no choice but to execute the plan. Thus, the children were gathered together, informed of the challenge and the reward whoever defeats Steve Stone receives.


This excited them instantly and all of them turned to glare fiercely at Steve, who remained silent without showing a single sign of expression on his face. Alexander also stared at the kid, but he was watching to see how the kid would react and he smiled a little. Steve was showing no emotion on his face, but he clenched his fists in a clear sign of anger and it pleased the Sword Titan very much.


“Not completely emotionless as these people say,” he thought with a pleased expression on his face.



The outcome of the battle between Steve and the children at the orphanage was clear and unexpected. Everyone stood on one side of the court while Steve stood on the other side and he stood normally with his guard appearing to be non-existent. The children charged at him at high speed and attempted to strike him down, but were shocked when Steve swung his wooden sword in an arc at them.


The released slicing wind knocked several back and knocked them against the back wall, hard. Unfazed, the remainder continued to attack him relentlessly, but Steve took simple steps to avoid them before retaliating. With each swing of his sword, a child went down because of the strong blow that the child was hit by. In a few minutes, the courtyard was littered unconscious children and the one left standing was Steve.


All the adults, who had watched the battle, hung their mouths open in shocked disbelief because they seriously did not expect that to happen. Each of them had betted that Steve would be defeated in a few seconds or so because the kid had never demonstrated any kind of skill in battling, which made them underestimate him like everybody else.


The Sword Titan, however, was brimming with joy as his expectations were met with high values. He thought the kid might manage to defeat several of them and struggle to defeat the rest, but there were no worries. Steve had proved to be a stronger person than even he had expected, which made Alexander smile happily with joy.


“Finally… I’ve finally found my successor…!” Alexander thought confidently.


While everyone was fussing over the unconscious children, Alexander walked towards Steve, who remained silent and still where he stood. Once he reached him, the Sword Titan looked at the boy intently for a moment before speaking directly with him.


“You did an excellent job showing off your talent by defeating all those that attacked you,” said Alexander quietly with a smile on his face. “I’ve decided to adopt you as my son.”


Without looking at him, Steve asked, “Why?”


Alexander looked a little taken aback by the question and he asked, “I have my reasons, but you’ll know them soon enough. Believe me, now isn’t the right time to tell you, but you will know eventually.”


Steve merely glanced up at him and flatly asked, “Who are you?”


That question caused Alexander to widen his eyes in surprise and he chuckled to himself before replied, “I’m Alexander Rutherford, but to most, I’m called the Sword Titan.”


Steve blinked just once before said, “Sword Titan… Member of the Nine Pillars of Power… Hello…”


Alexander smiled and said, “Ah. You’re aware of my position. Thanks. Same to you, Steve.”


With that, the Sword Titan held out his hand towards Steve and waited for the kid to respond equally. Steve glanced at the hand once and then looked back at the adult standing before him with the same expressionless look on his face.


“One question?” Steve asked and the Sword Titan listened intently. “Will you ever betray me?”


His question stunned Alexander and for a moment, he was lost for words. The Sword Titan finally understood just how deeply affected the boy was because of his relatives abandoning him. So, he resolved himself and grinned as he replied firmly to the boy’s question.


“I swear it on my life and my Destiny Blade that I will never ever betray you.”


Steve continued to look up at Alexander for a moment and there seemed to be a flicker in them. The next moment, he extended his own hand out and firmly shook hands with the Sword Titan while still maintaining his expressionless face.


Steve did not say anything, but Alexander was so pleased that he grinned broadly in happiness. Just like that, the future Sword Titan and the present Sword Titan came together as father and son.



Once the registration documents of adaptation for Alexander and Steve Stone were completed, the two of them became officially father and son. Alexander left with a feeling of joy while Steve showed no emotions as they headed away from the orphanage and towards the place the Sword Titan lived. It was a remote location on a faraway continent that could only be reached through the Teleport Sword technique.


The Sword Titan showed Steve around the house and asked him of his opinion, to which the boy did not respond. He merely glanced around the house without saying a word as if he did not care. Not feeling discouraged, Alexander immediately sat the boy down in the dining hall and quickly prepared a fast meal for him to eat.


“How is it?” he asked curiously as the boy ate slowly.


Steve ate silently and once he was finished, there was a fleeting glimpse of an expression of dislike.


“Bad,” stated Steve and Alexander widened his eyes in shock.


In his mind, the Destiny Sword laughed and said, “Haha. The boy might’ve locked away his feelings and emotions, but he certainly didn’t lose his sense of taste.”


“Shush,” replied Alexander in his mind to her with a perplexed expression on his face.


Steve set the bowl aside after finishing it and setup toe gaze fixedly at Alexander, drawing the Sword Titan’s attention in the process.


“Why did you adopt me?” Steve asked flatly.


Alexander blinked at him in surprise before replying with a serious look on his face, “Don’t worry. I didn’t adopt you out of pity; it was because I needed a successor.”


“A successor?” Steve asked and he showed the tiniest hint of a frown on his face.


“Yes,” replied Alexander with a nod of his head and he began to explain about his disease. After completing the whole story, Alexander finally said, “So, in a nutshell, I estimate that I can only live for four years and in that time, I have to turn you into my successor as the Sword Titan.”


Once he finished, there was complete silence in the room with Alexander looking away and Steve staring at him. Steve did not say anything as he believed that it would be his adoptive father who would break that silence. He was right as Alexander returned to the present and turned to speak to him again.


“By the way, I forgot to ask how old you are,” he said simply.


“Twelve,” replied Steve in an equal simple voice.


Alexander looked surprised before he said, “Twelve? Mmm… In four years, you’ll turn sixteen, by which time you’ll come of age and be a man. I hope I live long enough to see that day come.”


The Sword Titan said those words honestly with a bright smile on his face and for an instance, a shadow of sorrow crossed over Steve’s face.


“Right,” said Alexander in a business like tone as he stood up. “I think I should rename you since you’re my son now. Do you have any ideas of what name I should give you?”


Steve shook his head slightly and replied, “You pick.”


“Well, naturally,” said Alexander and he chuckled a little. He made a thinking pose and thought for a moment in silence before he said, “Alright. I’ll name you… Dominic! Dominic Rutherford!”


Steve blinked once and slowly said, “Dominic… Rutherford… Why?”


Alexander was a little confused by the question and for clarification, he asked, “Why, as in, why I named you like that?” When Steve nodded his head slightly at him, the Sword Titan smiled and stated, “It’s because Dominic stands for dominance and you will dominate the battlefields as the strongest human! The future Sword Titan! That’s who you’re going to be in the future and the people of this world will remember the name Dominic as a warrior to be reckoned with!”


Steve, now known as Dominic, did not show any sign of being swayed by Alexander’s words, but he did ask in a quiet voice, “I’ll be like that?”


Alexander narrowed his eyes smoothly and said confidentially, “Yes.”


From that point onwards, Alexander began to train Dominic in increasing his both strengths, stamina, agility and power. At first, it proved to be an extreme challenge for Dominic to handle, especially with the Gravity Rings that he was presented it. Still, he sustained the effort and continued to give it all to meet the expectations of his adoptive father and mentor.


In four months, Dominic managed to lift over 100 kilograms of weights and it pleased Alexander very much. He was stating happily stating to Dominic that even he did not manage to achieve that feat at his age and encouraged him to further training. Dominic simply said words of thanks and continued to train daily to achieve the strength that he was envisioned to reach.


Despite his honest effort, Dominic could not master Magic Force or Energy Force and only mastered the Weapon Force. This did surprise Alexander a little, but he was unfazed as he watched the boy grow stronger with each training regimen. Still, something bothered Alexander and it was not until one night when he spoke to Dominic did he understand what it was.


“Have you thought of what you’ll become after becoming the Sword Titan?” he asked the boy one night after training during dinner. When Dominic shook his head, Alexander grew concerned and he curiously asked, “Then, why are you training so hard to become the Sword Titan?”


Dominic paused in his eating and looked at Alexander before he replied, “You told me to become that and I’ll do it with my utmost effort.”


Those words shocked Alexander very much as he thought, “He’s living for the sake of living… He doesn’t have a single goal in mind to achieve, other than the goal set by me. I need to give him some hope, some faith to help him in the future…”


That was when he began to teach Dominic that he must have faith in justice to achieve victory in anything. Dominic did not understand at first, but he soon started to follow what Alexander said and little by little, his emotions began to unravel. Several times, when they went on adventurers, Dominic helped out poor people and Alexander would congratulate him for his effort.


“Helping those in trouble is not the job of a Sword Titan, but is a requirement of the Ally of Justice,” stated Alexander and Dominic looked awed by those words. “Carrying out the will of justice is the job of the Ally of Justice; like saving people, helping people in trouble and so on.”


Dominic nodded his head in understanding and replied, “Okay. Then, I’ll become the Sword Titan and the Ally of Justice by helping the people in need of help.”


With that, he finally cracked a small smile and it pleased Alexander’s eyes very much. It felt like it was the first time in a long time that the boy had finally smiled since he was born. They continued to travel around the world and experienced many things together while Dominic studied under the Sword Titan.


Then, they sensed danger and they arrived at a village being attacked by a horde of monsters. Both warriors immediately pulled out their swords and headed into battle to destroy the monsters. They defeated the nearest group of monsters and began to help the people escape to safety.


Alexander was managing to keep the monsters at bay and helped the people carrying the wounded to safety. Dominic tried to fight his best, but seeing so many dead and body parts lying everywhere caused his stomach to lurch.


The Sword Titan noticed his hesitation and he shouted, “Don’t feel afraid! Focus on defeating the monsters and saving these people as the Ally of Justice!”
Dominic nodded at his mentor and said, “Yes… Saving people from these monsters is the right thing to do. This is justice!”


With the shout, he gathered Energy Force into his sword and he began to destroy the monsters one after another without hesitation. The blood fell on him, but he did not care and continued to destroy them relentlessly because he was unsatisfied until justice was satisfied, which was to see everyone at the village safe.


An hour later, the last of the monsters was destroyed and the village was saved, but with a lot of casualties. Dominic looked around at the so many deaths in the village and cursed himself seriously, believing that his faith in justice was weak. Since then, he resolved to become strong and that was exactly what he did to save as many people as he possibly could.


Alexander watched him from afar and was pleased to see how much the boy had progressed with his faith in justice increasing steadily. Still, he wished he could teach the boy to have faith in freedom as well, but he did not have time. His battle against the monsters had increased the rapidity of the disease and he finally lost the strength to hold his sword in his hands.


In a few months’ time, his condition began to worsen and Alexander was bedridden as he barely had the strength to do anything anymore. Dominic attended to his needs while putting his training aside, which annoyed Alexander. Still, to Dominic, Alexander was his only family left and he felt that it was justice to look after his needs, rather than attend to his training.


Finally, the day arrived when Alexander realised he would not survive as his battle with the disease had been a loss. Still, he was determined to try and speak to Dominic one last time and summoned his only son to his side. Dominic was extremely worried and tears were forming in his eyes at the thought that his only family was going away.


Alexander saw this and smiled as he said, “Silly boy… You’ve grown so much in just two years… It makes me feel… proud to have raised you… to become what you could possibly be…”


Dominic chocked and said, “Please… Save your strength… I’ll get the War Titan. I’ll have him break that disease you’re inflicted with.”


Those words caused the dying Sword Titan to chuckle as he said, “You think I haven’t thought of that…? Silly boy… The War Titan’s Sacred Spirit’s ability, Breaker, is not capable of destroying curse wounds and diseases. It’ll take a long… time before a cure could be produced for this kind of—!”


His voice suddenly cut off and he began to rasp for breath as the disease attacked him one final time. He gripped the bed sheets tightly with his weakened strength as he tried hard to draw breath. Dominic became instantly shocked and he put his hands around Alexander’s hands to give him strength in realising that he was there for him.


The final stage soon passed and Alexander was struggling to breathe. He knew he was finished and with his last dying breath, he tried to speak to Dominic one final time.


“I’m dying now, but remember that… I… I’ll always be… here…” he said and with he pushed the hand Dominic was holding onto Dominic’s chest.


He made a dry smile on his face as Dominic began to cry as he said, “Please… Don’t… go…”


Alexander rasped for breath as he struggled to say, “You’re… not a failure… Dominic… As long as you… have firm faith in justice, you’ll… never lose… Just… Ha… Just… developed… some faith… in… freedom…”


With those final words, the dying Sword Titan took a deep breath and exhaled one last time before his body went limp. The light in his eyes faded and they became blank as the life in the warrior faded away. Dominic’s eyes widened in shock and he began to scream in pain as tears streamed down his face uncontrollably at the loss of someone very important to him.



Dominic slowly opened his eyes in the present and muttered, “He told me to have firth faith in justice, so I don’t understand why I’m losing… I don’t understand what he meant by having faith in freedom…”


“You’re not a kid to not understand!” the Destiny Blade said telepathically in his mind sharply. “You’re always like this, fighting seriously and then going easy because you think it’s justice. Afterwards, once you got defeated, you question your faith in justice and feel down. Come on…! You’re focused too much on justice and you’re not once applying the concept of having faith in freedom!”


Dominic coughed blood out of his mouth and asked quietly, “What… do you mean…?”


“Remember back to the day that your master died. Alexander told you in his final breath to learn to have faith in belief. He said that because you’re so focused on only justice that you’re always losing. Freedom and Justice play a parts together because justice sets the rules and the freedom gives you options on how best to carry out those rules. Without realising that, you blindly follow justice and lose every time.”


Those harsh words hit Dominic like a couple of stone rocks and it pained him endlessly to hear them. The Destiny Blade never once spoke to him so harshly, but it seems that her patience had come to an end and she had enough going easy on him.


Thinking she was harsh to him, the Destiny Blade soothingly said in his mind, “Alexander taught you everything you needed to know and now, it’s up to you to add on to what he already had shown you. You have a lovely family, people to protect and a friend you dearly care about and follow. You must be more than just a doll to protect, save and help them all as the Ally of Justice and the Sword Titan.”


Dominic closed his eyes and smiled at those words before he said quietly, “Thanks, Seta. You finally made me realise the mistake I’ve been making by only following justice, but it’s high time I change. I will never be able to change others if I cannot change myself first.”


Pleased by his words and change in attitude, Seta said in his mind, “Good words, but it won’t be easy to take that man down. He’s just so strong and he isn’t even using his Sacred Spirit like you. What’re you going to do to defeat him and make him join your cause?”


“About that…” said Dominic slowly and he narrowed his eyes. “I’ve been treating him as just another person instead of looking at him directly as my future friend. I have to change my approach of treating people before I do anything else.”


“Good,” said Seta in his mind and she sounded pleased by his words. “Proceed then.”


“Right…!” Dominic said through gritted teeth.


He placed his hands beneath his body and exerting unused strength, which pushed him to soar into the air and land on his feet. Nara, who had been walking away, suddenly sensed a rise in power from behind and he turned around to see Dominic standing firmly on his feet and was staring directly at him.


“What? You want to fight me again?” Nara asked wearily. “Look. I already admitted you to be skilled, but you’ll never defeat me with such mediocre power. Besides, the weight of your fist is weak and try to strengthen it before fighting me again, stupid.”


Dominic did not care for those words as he extended his hand towards Nara and said, “Nara! We don’t have to fight each other because you and I are comrades bought by the Nine Pillars of Power.”

“Ah?!” Nara exclaimed in surprise at the sudden change in attitude in Dominic. “Friend? We’re not friends, fool! We’re enemies and I’ll only join if you prove to me the weight of your fist!”


Dominic smiled widely and said, “You’re only saying that to avoid being friends with anyone because there was no one capable of being as strong as you. Correct?”


Nara’s eyes widened in shock and he shouted, “What did you say?!”


Dominic nodded his head once and waved his hand at him before he said, “It’s obvious just by seeing you that you never had friends in your life. I’ll be your first friend and we’ll join in a quest to save the world together.”


The Sword Titan’s words were causing an unbelieve anger to rise from within the War Titan as Nara stared fiercely at Dominic.


“I don’t want friends!” Nara bellowed and he began to surge with power that caused strong blowing wind and shock waves to be sent in all directions.


Dominic was buffeted by the winds and shock waves, but he did not move a single centimetre from his position. He did drop his arm while the smile on his face widened in satisfaction to see the result caused by his provoking words.


“Okay, but remember that I’ll be your first friend once I defeat you,” said Dominic in a loud carrying voice.


Hearing those words made Nara laugh loudly in exasperation before he said loudly, “Defeat me? How? Your sword’s been broken and you’re badly wounded yourself!” He sneered and said, “You’re already a defeated man.”


“Looks can be deceiving,” replied Dominic with a confident look on his face and surprised Nara. “Also, Sacred Spirits may look broken, but they are never broken.”


He aimed his right hand towards the handle of his broken sword and it instantly flew into his hand in an instant. The next instant, the shattered blade pieces lifted into the air and gathered around the handle to form into a blade once more. Nara was taken aback as he did not realise that Dominic was actually wielding a Sacred Spirit because he believed his opponent was using sword magic to attack him with.


Dominic held the sword in front of him upward and closed his eyes for a moment before breathing, “Now.”


He spun the sword around in mid-air to point the bladed end downward before stabbing it deep into the ground until the handle was level with his chest. The next moment, Dominic took his hands off the handle and clapped them together in front of him with a firm expression on his face.


“I swear on my blood, my life and my soul that’s I am the worthy candidate to wield the Blades of Destiny!”


Those words caused the wind to blow around him fast and grew increasingly wild as he began to surge with power while radiating golden aura that surrounded him. Nara got buffeted by the force of the unleashed power as Dominic released his hands and placed them on either side of his sword as he activated a technique.


“Activate: Dominion of the Blades!”


There was an instantaneous flash of golden light that enveloped everything in sight, including Dominic and Nara. Shalany was shocked and she immediately turned around to cover herself and her sleeping child from the glare of the golden light. The people at the Beast Village were shocked by the blinding light and instantly covered their eyes desperately in an attempt to save themselves from blindness.


As the light slowly dimmed and visibility returned to normal, Nara removed his arm covering his eyes and opened them to see something stunning. He was in a large space with black sky and the ground was glowing brightly in golden light while swords hovered high above in the air. Even the very same swords seemed to be sprouting from out of the golden glowing ground. In the background were several mountains that seemed to be shaped wickedly and coloured differently.


Sensing a presence, he looked straight ahead to the spot were Dominic was standing previously and saw someone different standing there. He was nothing like he anyone that Nara had ever seen in his entire life and his very being radiated in unbelievable power.


This person was tall and was wearing full body golden armour that shined brightly like the sun up in the sky. A white cape was seen attached to his armour and was streaming behind him by a slightly blowing wind within the space. Even the face of the warrior was helmeted in the same golden armour type and the eyes were filled with seriousness never been seen in the warrior.


“Dominic Rutherford. Ready,” said Dominic in a firm, but powerful voice.


In an instant, the helmet visor closed and eyes glowed from within sharply as the Golden Warrior was ready to do battle against the War Titan, Nara Simhara.

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thanks so much for reading this chapter. It was a long one and I didn’t expect that it would be this big, but I had to include a few things to not leave any holes and questions. Anyway, with this, I’ve crossed the 350th chapter mark and I’m feeling very happy. Thank you very much for everyone that encouraged me and helped me along the way to help me reach this far! I really appreciate it a lot and I mean a lot! I’ll be doing a POV by tomorrow, hopefully, or by this weekend and if you want anything to be done, a shout out or anything, please feel free to comment and I’ll oblige. Any questions and all, I’ll do it if possible! 😉 So, I hope you liked the chapter as much as me and will look forward to more as the story continues! 😀


Also, I didn’t steal the idea of the “Golden Warrior” from Campione! like some of the anime fans might be suspecting. It was back in 2012 when I was still in the planning stage for this story that I was confused about how to describe this power that the Sword Titan possessed. Watching Campione! helped and I’m going to reference it anyway because it helped me visualize whats it’ll look like, except the golden armor. I’m saying it now because I’m sure there’ll be people in the future criticizing me about the use of it because it’s an inspiration.Besides, I’m extremely thrilled to finally be able to show off Sword Titan’s awesome hidden powers! 😀



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