Sword Titan vs. War Titan (Start)



The War Titan, Nara Simhara, looked around at the swords completely surrounding him at all places he could see. They were shining brightly in golden light and the same inscriptions of the sacred language were embedded onto the sides of every blade he could see. It was amazing to witness such a view and he looked towards the Sword Titan, Dominic Rutherford, in awe.


“This is a Dominion Space eh…” he said in a loud clear voice in praise. “I never thought you had something like this locked up in your fists!”


The Sword Titan’s helmeted head nodded once and said, loudly, “Welcome to my Dominion of the Blades.”


“Yeah. That makes sense since everything here is covered in it!” Nara replied sarcastically while gesturing around him. “Still, it won’t grant you victory because of these numerous of swords at your command!”


By saying those words, Nara took on a fighting stance and stared at the golden armoured warrior while smiling confidently. Dominic, on the other hand, just stood there like a statue and remained unmoving for several seconds while they kept their distance. After a while, realising that his opponent was not going to make the first move, Nara decided he might as well take it for himself.


“Okay! If you don’t come at me, then I will!” he shouted angrily.


He kicked off the ground at high speed and soared straight towards the golden warrior with a wide grin on his face. The swords, poking out of the ground, did him no harm as he soared over them as he charged towards Dominic with an intent to defeat his opponent. Dominic continued to remain motionless and defenceless until the very last moment as Nara, upon reaching his opponent, unleashed his fist towards the Sword Titan’s helmeted face.


Dominic reacted immediately and swung his sword up in defence and stopped the fist from touching him. The impact between fist and sword cause a shock wave and wild blowing wind to be sent on either sides of where the warriors stood. Nara applied quite a bit of strength to push past the blade, but it was held firmly without budging by Dominic.


Nara landed on his feet and he began to throw a barrage of fists at his opponent and Dominic merely moved his sword aside to block the fists. The War Titan had thrown countless of his fists at Dominic at high speed, but the Sword Titan matched his speed and blocked all of them with ease.


Having had enough of blocking the attacks, Dominic pushed a fist aside and immediately shoved his sword past Nara’s left ear. The force of the shove was forceful and it released a strong shock wave was released, which buffeted Nara and made his eyes widen with shock. He stopped his attacks and glanced sideways at the sword resting on his left shoulder. He turned back to face his enemy and gritted his teeth before disappearing and reappearing several meters away from him.


Nara glared at him and muttered, “How did he get so… fast? He’s also blocking my attacks with ease. Don’t tell me… he’s taking it easy on me…?”


Getting angry instantly, he bellowed, “How dare you take it easy on me after powering up?! Fight me like a man with grit and the weight of your fist!”


Realising his intentions were discovered, Dominic sighed inwardly and said out loud, “Look, Nara. We don’t have to do this. After all, we will be allies and friends in the future.”


Those words caused Nara to cackle out with laughter in mockery before he replied, “Am I hearing right? You said earlier you’d defeat me and be my friend and now, you’re trying to convince me to give up? Ha! Who’s the hypocrite now? Is this your sense of justice?”


He laughed once more and instantly stopped to stare seriously at the Sword Titan.


“Besides, I’m a War Titan and I don’t give up even if it costs my life!”


Hearing those words, Dominic sighed deeply and muttered, “I thought of applying justice in an appropriate manner, but oh well. I gave him chances and it’s time I hold nothing back.”


“Just don’t go all our, otherwise, he might die!” the Destiny Blade, Seta, said in his mind.


“Yeah. I plan to defeat him,” replied Dominic firmly. “Now…!”


He gathered his energy and began to surge with power while radiating golden aura that surrounded him. The force of his power caused shock waves and wild blowing winds to be blown in all directions. Nara got buffeted, but he remained fixed at his position and stared fixedly at his opponent through half-closed eyes.


With his power gathered, Dominic swung his sword expertly in his hand and raised it above his head vertically. His sword began to glow and all the swords hovering in the air above began to swing around to point at the place the War Titan was standing at. Nara saw the hovering blades pointing at him and his grin widened at the anticipation of what was going to happen next.


As a final act to launch the swords, Dominic swung the sword forward and pointed it towards the War Titan. In an instant, all the swords in the air began to dive towards Nara at an incredible speed from all sides.


The War Titan grinned broadly and he aimed his hand into the air and began to fire energy blasts. As he did, he began to turn around and the energy blasts soared into the air and upon impact, exploded. These numerous explosions destroyed the incoming swords and created a lot of smoke that clouded the sky.


There was a moment where nothing happened and then, numerous swords burst out of the clouds of smoke and soared at Nara. Gritting his teeth in frustration, Nara waited at the last moment for the swords to soar down before disappearing to reappear a few meters away.


Unable to change their trajectory, the swords smashed into the ground and exploded into tiny pieces, causing dust to rise up. Still, the remaining veered away and headed straight for him at high speed, which made him flip backwards. He did this several times to avoid them and each time he flipped away, the swords smashed into the ground and shattered violently.


Flipping one last time, Nara landed on his feet and gathered energy into both hands before releasing it as a massive wave of destruction in front of him. The charging swords got wiped out in an instant by the massive wave of destruction and so did the swords that were sprouting out of the ground as the wave charged towards the Sword Titan.


Seeing the incoming massive wave of destruction, Dominic placed his sword to the side and swing it in an arc to release a powerful slicing energy at the incoming attack. It took seconds for the two attacks to reach each other and upon impact, the slicing energy split the energy wave into two. As the energy wave dissipated, the slicing energy soared towards Nara at high speed.


The War Titan was shocked that his massive energy wave got split in to and he immediately reacted when the slicing energy reached him. Nara bend his body backward and almost touched the sword underneath him to let the slicing energy sail above him harmlessly. Gritting his teeth tightly, Nara kicked off the ground, spun a few times in the air and landed safely on his feet.


He straightened up and turned around to glare fiercely at his opponent only to have his expression changed upon seeing something different. Dominic had swung his sword down and stabbed it into the ground firmly with a mysterious intent in mind. What that intent became clear when he activated the sword and as it glowed brightly, so did the swords sprouting out of the ground. The next instant, the sprouting swords fired lasers at Nara’s body and wounded him quite a bit.


“Gah!” Nara exclaimed when he was hit by attack he did not see coming.


The swords continued to fire energy lasers at him and his body began to bleed from the attacks. Nara shouted in pain and be tried dodging them, but there were way too many of them to dodge. Thus, he was wounded quite a bit before his angry made him decide to charge directly at Dominic without hesitation.


“Bastard!” Nara shouted and he charged towards Dominic at high speed.while dodging the energy lasers.


Charging out of the mass of swords, Nara set his foot down where the swords were not present and kicked off the ground to rocket towards Dominic at high speed. While racing towards his opponent, the War Titan charged his attack and began to chant the technique name out lout to attack.




As he drew near Dominic, the Sword Titan activated his sword and caused a magic circle to appear right in front of Nara. In an instant, swords flew out of it and stabbed into the War Titan. These were Paralysing Blades that would paralyse the victim and not harm them mortally. Dominic was satisfied to have stopped his opponent’s charge when he was surprised to see Nara become hazy and disappear.


“Afterimage?” he muttered in a surprised voice.


He immediately began to locate the location of his opponent and was shocked to sense that he was right behind him. The War Titan had appeared right behind the golden warrior with his gathered energy was ready to be unleashed upon the Sword Titan.




Nara completed the technique chant and brought his hand forward to unleash the wave at the back of his enemy. In an instant, a massive blue energy wave was unleashed and it engulfed the golden warrior in an instant. It continued to soar away and destroyed all swords that were sprouting out of the ground, which had attacked him previously.


As the wave slowly disappeared, there was a lot of smoke from its aftermath and Nara was breathing a little quickly. Unleashing two really powerful energy attacks right after another was tiresome and he breathed fast to catch his breath. As his breathing recovered, he smiled at the thought of finally defeating his troublesome opponent.


That satisfaction was shattered as the smoke slowly cleared in front of him and revealed a wall of blades. It momentarily stunned him before he recovered to realise that the wall of blades was acting as a shield to protect their caster. As he reached that conclusion, the blades suddenly straightened horizontally and aimed towards him in a threatening manner.


Dominic, who was protected by his wall of shields from the rear attack by Nara, gripped his sword tightly and activated it. In an instant, the protecting blades suddenly shifted positions and took on attacking positions as they prepared to strike at their target.


Nara widened his eyes in shock as he realised what was about to happen as he shouted, “Crap!”


He kicked off the ground and pushed himself to fly away from his enemy as fast as he could. As he moved away, Dominic clenched his fist on the sword once more and made the swords fly towards him at an incredible speed. The War Titan could do little, but try to cover himself the best he could with his arms as the swords raced towards him and cut him, along with his clothes multiple times.


As the onslaught of blades came to an end, Nara flipped on his backside and crashed on the ground while facing up. He was momentarily winded and he groaned as he felt seething pain coming from the numerous spots on his body where the blades cut him.


“Damn… I didn’t react quickly enough…” muttered Nara as he slowly pushed himself into a sitting position.


He finally managed to sit down with his hands supporting by pushing against the ground behind him. At that moment, he noticed the golden warrior had drawn near him while he struggled to sit upright. The War Titan looked up at the golden armoured warrior and glared at him fiercely through gritted teeth.


“I recommend you to give up, War Titan,” said Dominic and Nara was shocked by those words. “As I am right now, I can easily defeat you because I’m stronger than you.”


Nara’s eyes widened with shock as waves of emotions, he had not felt in a long time, suddenly began to flow within him. The words “stronger than you” reverberated within his mind and it caused him to revisit an old painful memory of his childhood.



The War Titan, Nara Simhara, was a very soft and innocent child that was the complete opposite to his future strong and aggressive self. He loved to play games and have fun with the people that loved and cared about him. That, however, was not the case as he was bullied by his clansmen peers for being soft and innocent, which was unlike any body of his age.


The Simhara Beast Clan believed that children, once they reach seven, would demonstrate strong power or aggressive nature. Such a growth proved that the kid would grow up to be a true warrior, but Nara was different. He disliked violence and was soft to the point that made the other clansmen feel ashamed of him. Their feelings did not concern him because he was happy with it, had fun with it and slept together with it in bed for comfort.


There was even a point where he was sentenced to death for being a “failure,” but was spared because his parents begged for mercy. In granting his life, he was forced to stay away from the other kids. As such, he was isolated from all others and was bullied constantly, but he felt okay because he had a toy his parents gave him. It was precious to him and was his best friend at that age, but one day, things changed when the kids discovered his toy.


On his way home from a lecture, the bullies snatched his toy from him and began to play around with him. In addition to being soft, Nara was shorter than most kids of his age and they made fun of him by keeping the toy so high that he could not reach. He desperately pleaded them to return his best friend to him and after some time, they got bored and handed the toy back, but not before breathing it in two as a final insult to Nara’s softness.


Seeing his toy, which he considered his best friend, broken in two had sent Nara’s mind into a state of shock. He went numb and his mind was blank because he could not think or feel anything at that moment. His eyes widened, his body shook and his hands twitched with shock as he watched his favourite toy broken in two and thrown aside like some useless junk.


At that moment, his world within shook violently and something awakened inside of him, which caused him to grit his teeth with rage. The bullies were leaving when Nara began to scream at the top of his lungs and caused the wind around the area to blow violently by the power he unleashed. It was dormant all this time and was supressed by his softness, but the shock of seeing his toy destroyed sent him into an unfathomable rage.


“Bastards!” he roared and glared at them fiercely and caused them to turn towards him in shock.


As he unleashed his power, Nara kicked off the ground and rocketed towards the nearest kid and smashed, head first, into his gut. The shock of the blow caused the child to open his mouth and widen his eyes in shock before flying away a few meters before crashing to a halt.




Nara roared like a wild beast and charged at the next kid and brought the next kid down by hammering his hands together above the kid’s head. The kid’s legs buckled and his body smashed heavily onto the ground painfully, causing dust to slowly rise around him. Nara moved quickly and landed with his knees on the boy’s chest, which made the boy gasp in shock before his face was treated like a punching bag.


The enraged kid smashed his fist against the kid’s face repeatedly in a relentless manner and eventually caused the kid’s face to be covered in his own blood. For the final blow, Nara pulled his fist back and readied to deliver with so much force that might have killed the kid.


“S’op…! Sp’re ee’,” the kid begged in a struggling voice as his blood got in his mouth.


Without carrying for what the kid had to say or the state he was in, Nara attempted to hit him, but was knocked aside by a blow that he did not see coming. Flying for a few meters, he quickly landed on his feet and he glared wildly at the person who hit him, who turned out to be the leader of the bullies.


The bully leader cracked his fingers in a fighting manner and said fiercely, “So, you think beating down two of them makes you strong? Come at me and prove yourself, wild beast.”




Roaring once again and surging with wild power, Nara charged at him and began his battle against the bully leader and the rest of the bullies. Their battle lasted for a while and during that time, the adults arrived to find almost all the bullies on the verge of death while Nara beat up the bully leader without the slightest bit of mercy.


The adults quickly cornered Nara and forcefully knocked him out when he refused to yield to their calls. By the time they brought him down, several of the buildings had crumbled to dust and many of the villagers were wounded severely. The Simhara Beast Clan adults were tired by the end of the day as they had to put a lot of effort into bringing this raging beast kid down.


The Simhara Beast Clan were proud of their warriors and the kids that grow into great warriors, but their opinion on Nara was different. Instead of feeling proud that he had attained such power and anger, they were concerned for his savagery and uncontrollable rage that was equal to an untameable wild beast.


Thus, the chief of the Simhara Beast Clan called for an execution, to which his parents protested to the utmost. Finally, the verdict was at a stalemate as the chief informed Nara’s parents about the feelings the adults of the village were feeling.


“They are scared that their children would get hurt next and want him removed,” informed the chief to the parents in a flat voice. “I could exile him from the village, but they are demanding him to be executed so that there’s no worry that he’ll return and do the same again some time later.”


“Be that as it may, the children that got injured were at fault for aggravating him,” said Nara’s father in a firm voice. “You know this and yet you want to punish my child?”


The chief shook his head wearily and said, “Quite frankly, I’m getting a headache to decide on what to do. Seriously, I don’t want to think too much on this matter, or my brain is starting to get hurt. If you don’t want your kid to be killed, then offer something of equal value to satisfy the people.”


Nara’s parents went quite for a moment before the mother said seriously, “If you want my son’s life, you’ll have to kill me first.”


The chief was shocked and was thoroughly overwhelmed when Nara’s father said, “Mine as well.”


There was a moment’s silence in which the chief looked at the two before he asked, “Are you serious? Exchanging your lives for your son?”


“It’s my job to protect my son no matter the cost!” the mother said firmly with a serious look on her face. “Anyway, I’m not worried that I’ll die because I know my son will make everyone, who disrespected and look down on him, to show him great respect.”


The husband placed his arm around his wife’s shoulder and said with a smile, “I’m confident because he has his grandfather’s blood running through his veins.”


The chief stared at the two of them as if they were mad before sighing deeply while shaking his head.


“War Titan, ah…?” he muttered to himself while shaking his head slowly.


A few seconds later, he reopened his eyes and the friendliness was gone from his eyes. Instead, he looked at them with cold dark eyes without the slightest bit of sympathy towards them.


“So be it.”


A few days later, Nara’s parents’ execution was held and everyone were at the scene to gloat. They were slightly unhappy that it was not Nara that was being executed, but were pleased anyway that it was the people that gave birth to him. Nara, on the other hand, was placed in a building far away to observe his parents’ execution like requested remorselessly by the people of the village.


“He must watch his parents die!”


“He must know his position!”


The chief accepted and it was positioned in a way that Nara saw his parents executed while he watched from afar. His parents were burnt alive and Nara went into a frenzy again in an attempt to try and break free from the room he was kept locked in to save them, but his efforts were futile. The room was surrounded by Barrier Crystals and Suppression Crystals that enforce the person to stay inside the barrier and supress their power drastically.


Once his parents were burnt to crisp, the chief spoke loudly to his people and stated, “As of this moment, the Beast Child parents have been executed and the Beast Child will be sentenced to isolation for twenty years!”


The people had labled Nara as a Beast Child because he was uncontrollable and there was no difference between him and a wild beast. So, hearing his verdict made the Simhara Beast Clan cheer madly with happiness from knowing that their children would be safe from the hands of the untameable Beast Child.


Nara had already slid to the ground and sat in silence within the prison like room with only a few windows to let light and wind to flow in. The only thing within the room with him was a broken toy that he had cherished for a long time. It was gifted to him by his parents and now, neither of the three were there for him anymore.


He remained in silence for a few minutes before he began to mutter, “It’s my fault that my toy’s destroyed… It’s my fault that my parents died… It’s all my fault because of my being soft…”


Nara stopped speaking and became silent once more, but he began to clench his fists tightly. The tightness of his fists caused his hands to bleed and the blood started to drip slowly onto the ground.


“I will never lose again…!” he spoke again in a mutter, but in a powerful voice. “I, Nara Simhara, will never lose in my life ever again! I swear it on my dead parents and my destroyed toy!”


With his mind set on getting stronger and proving himself to everyone at his village, he finally looked up and his eyes were filled with fierce determination.



As the memory came to an end, Nara slowly picked himself up and rose to his feet through gritted teeth. He was angry at himself for letting himself fall like that and his rekindled determination spurred him on. So, he lifted his head and glared fiercely towards the golden warrior with a beastly expression on his face.


“You… fool…! I’m War Titan, Nara Simhara and I will never ever give up…!”


He screamed the last two words and he began to surge with power while radiating in pure red aura that surrounded him. It caused the wind to pick up and send shock waves in all directions while buffeting the Sword Titan a little, but not enough to budge him.


Nara stopped screaming and raised his fist into the air before he shouted, “Ash!”


As his village, while everyone was recovering from the sudden blinding light, a powerful light burst out from the quarters the village chief lived at. The strange light, flew through the air at high speed and soared straight at the strange dome like light that was surrounding a large portion of the area.


Shalany had shielded herself from the light and was looking towards the straight dome like light before noticing the burst of red light soar overhead. Looking up just in time, she was stunned to see a strange object within the light as it soared towards the dome like light at an incredible speed.


“What’s that…?” she asked nervously with an anxious look on her face.


The light soared through the air and penetrated into the dome like light with ease. It burst into the Dominion of the Blades and soared straight towards the ground where Nara stood with his right fist raised in the air. The light shot down and smashed onto the ground, lifting dust into the air and sending a shock wave in all directions.


Dominic was a little taken aback at the light that had suddenly landed exactly where Nara stood. As the dust cleared, he saw that something had attached itself onto the right hand that Nara held up in the air. It soon became obvious what it was and Dominic was shocked because it was a metallic glove.


The metallic glove had attached itself onto Nara’s hand and the metallic substance began to spread down his arm and over the rest of his body. The War Titan allowed it to do what it must and very soon, his entire body was surrounded by metallic substance that started to glow brightly and made it difficult to see what was happening. Even Dominic had to struggle to see through the helmet covering his face to see what was happening before him.


As the light slowly dimmed, his eyes widened in surprise behind the helmet at what he saw. The place at which Nara stood was occupied by someone else and this person was wearing red glowing armour. As he slowly turned around, the person was seen wearing a beast shaped armour with spiky back. A red cape was seen fluttering behind him as he fully turned towards his enemy.


“Red Warrior…” said Seta, the Sacred Spirit of the Destiny Blade in Dominic’s mind. “Dominic, this is going to be a really tough fight now.”


“Yeah, I understand that well,” muttered Dominic in reply and he smiled unseen behind the helmet.


The Red Warrior began to glow brightly in red aura that surrounded him as Nara said through the beastly helmet, “I think it’s about time we start from the beginning and see who the true strongest is.”


The two warriors stood several meters away from each other as the inevitable battle between the Golden Warrior and the Red Warrior was about to commence.

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thanks so much for reading this chapter. It took me some time to release this because I had visitors staying over at my home and I didn’t get enough of a change to start writing the chapter. So, sorry for the delay and I hope you enjoyed the first half of the battle between the two titans as much as me and hope to see the exciting second half. So, see you next time as the story continues!

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