Sword Titan vs. War Titan (Middle)



The Red Warrior and the Golden Warrior stood a fair distance away and stared at each other wearing their respective armoured beastly armour for the Red Warrior and a golden shiny armour for the Golden Warrior. The Golden Warrior was the Sword Titan, Dominic Rutherford and the Red Warrior was the War Titan, Nara Simhara and the two begin their second match.


“So… That’s the Red Warrior…” muttered Dominic as he stared at his red armoured foe through narrowed eyes behind his armoured helmet. “Master told me that when the War Titan dons the Red Warrior armour, the War Titan becomes exceedingly powerful and ruthless. I think I can understand how.”


He said that because the power he sensed from the Red Warrior was incredible and it made Nara’s previous powers seem like nothing. It was as if the person before him had gotten stronger so fast that it was just too incredible to believe.


“Indeed. Your master fought the previous War Titan when he was growing up to carry that title. By that time, the previous War Titan was old, but his power demonstrated never showed his age.”


“Mmm… I am finding it difficult to read whether he is stronger than me or not,” muttered Dominic again with a hint of annoyance in his voice.


“Don’t consider how strong your enemy is because victory can never be guaranteed by how powerful someone is. Remember what you were taught; it takes a combination of power, strength, skill and brain to achieve victory.”


“Ye. Thank you for the dull reminder, but I’ll be fine. I’m not exactly fighting alone here,” replied Dominic in a quiet confident voice.


“Yes, but the War Titan is not alone for he has his Sacred Spirit now,” responded Seta in his mind while sounding a little pleased by his response.


“I see,” responded Dominic and he looked towards where the Red Warrior stood motionless.


While Dominic was having his conversation with his Sacred Spirit, Nara was having his own conversation with his Sacred Spirit.


“So, that’s the new Sword Titan…?” Nara’s Sacred Spirit thought curiously in his mind. “He looks pretty strong while appearing as the Golden Warrior.”


“Yes, but for a human, he’s stubbornly strong and is constantly challenging me to a battle while saying stuff like he’ll be my friend or something,” replied Nara in an annoyed voice.


“Oh…? He said that now, did he…?” his Sacred Spirit asked in a surprised voice. She suddenly smirked in his mind and thought, “I suppose that solves one of your biggest problems.”


“What problem, Ash?” Nara asked after finally calling his Sacred Spirit by her name.


Ask seemed to smirk again as she said, “A friend, of course.”


At those words, Nara’s eyes sharpened to a serious level behind his visor.


“A friend… I had never considered setting up a relationship with anyone… So, why would I care about something as silly as friendship…?” he asked in a low, but serious voice.


Ash sighed in his mind and telepathically said, “You might not remember, but ten-years-ago, when you took over as War Titan, you wanted a friend who’s as powerful as you. That reason to that being simply that only someone as powerful as you can understand one another.”


There was a moment’s pause in which Nara did not saying anything before he replied, “I don’t know about that and frankly, I don’t remember having such a conversation with you. Besides, if what I said then was really true, then this man is nowhere near enough to match my power.”


“I doubt it,” replied Ash firmly in his mind and he looked surprised. “If that man was able to use the powers of the Golden Warrior and the Dominion of the Blades, then he might be as powerful as you.”


“Pft!” Nara said scathingly. “You don’t know that he got pummelled before he unleashed those powers.”


“Okay then. Why don’t you fight him to find out what he’s truly made of and that he can truly be your friend or not.”


“We’ll see…” muttered Nara as he looked straight at his motionless foe. In a loud voice, he bellowed, “Hey! You’re quiet all of a sudden? Are you so shocked by seeing my shiny armour?”


Dominic, after hearing his foe shout at him, sighed and said in a carrying voice, “Don’t worry. I’ll fight you evenly and prove to you that I can be your friend just as you can be with the rest of the Nine Pillars of Power.”


“Oh?! Then, why don’t you make a move already?!” Nara yelled in seething anger.


Dominic paused for a moment before he replied, “Your move.”


This time, it was Nara’s turn to sigh as he muttered, “Yeah… It’s always my move… Fine!”


He clenched his teeth and set his eyes in a sharp position before he shouted, “ARRRGGGHHH!!!”


In an instant, he began to surge with power while radiating with red aura that surrounded him. He took a momentary fighting stance before kicking off the ground to soar towards the Golden Warrior at high speed. His movement was so fast that he disappeared and reappeared instantly before the Sword Titan and surprised Dominic.




Nara shouted as he skidded to a stop and unleashed a fist straight towards the centre of the armour where the gut would be. Dominic, despite being surprised, quickly reacted and brought his sword in a defensive position to block the attack.


There was a powerful clash of sword and armoured fist where the two did their best to push and block. Suddenly, Nara pulled back his other fist and managed to deliver it a little side to where the sword was blocking his fist.


The force of impact was so strong that the armour made a loud noise and Dominic’s eyes widened with shock behind his visor. He opened his mouth and let out a small groaning sound from behind the visor while he spat blood out.


Nara immediately used his fist, being blocked by the sword, to push the sword aside while pulling his other fist back. Then, he unleashed his second fist and this time, he delivered a powerful uppercut straight at the place Dominic’s jaw was positioned behind the visor.


In an instant, the Sword Titan felt a tremendous force being pushed towards his face and got lifted into the air. He was shocked as his body was almost flying away from his foe, but Dominic managed to swung his legs upward and smack the Red Warrior’s face as hard as he could. The force of the kick sent the War Titan reeling backwards in surprise while the Golden Warrior flew into the air at high speed.


“Gah! Damn bastard took a sneak attack on me!” Nara said sharply as he glared up at his flying away foe.


“Yes despite taking a harsh punch from you,” commented Ash in his mind while sounding impressed.


Nara gritted his teeth behind his visor and said, “Stop being impressed by my enemy!”


Shouting those words at his Sacred Spirit, Nara began to surge with power once more before he kicked off the ground to fly after his enemy.


Dominic was flying away from Nara at an incredible speed with the wind whistling in his ears. He was shocked at the power the War Titan managed to deliver at him and it took him a few seconds to finally stop himself from moving. By the time he did stop himself, he had reached a considerable height at which he could see the Heaven Continent in the distance.


“Wow… That’s quite the punch,” he muttered in a surprised voice. “I hope he didn’t think he had the advantage thanks to the kick I hit him with.”


“Don’t worry,” said Seta reassuringly in his mind “He’ll want to come back for more. Look. He’s comings straight at you now.”


At her words, he made a surprised sound and turned around in mid-air to look towards the ground. Sure enough, the Red Warrior was flying directly towards him at an incredible speed with a menacing force being unleashed.


Dominic quickly pointed his sword at his enemy’s charging direction and said, “Wall of Blades!”


In an instant, blades materialised in front of him and acted as a shield to prevent the War Titan from getting through. Annoyed to see more of those blades, Nara pulled back his fist and lashed it out at them once he arrived at their location. The impact between the blades and his fist rang a loud carrying sound, but the swords did not budge.


The Sword Titan turned his sword a little to activate a new technique, which caused the wall of blades to suddenly spin and aim their pointed ends towards Nara. Surprised, the Red Warrior managed to get away from them just as they started to flying towards him at high speed and as reach blade reached him, Nara began to smash them by punching them at a matching speed.


As soon as he smashed all the swords, he turned towards his enemy while grinning behind his visor. At that moment, Dominic activated his sword and shouted a technique out loud to activate it.


“Hurricane Blades!”


In an instant, blades rose out of the ground at an incredible speed and surrounded the War Titan. Completely surrounded by swirling blades, Nara looked around at the blades enclosing him on all sides with narrowed eyes.


Behind his visor, Nara suddenly smiled as he asked in his mind, “Are you ready?”


“Ready,” was the reply he received from his Sacred Spirit, Ash.


A few seconds later, the swords turned on him and began to fly at high at an incredible speed. In retaliation, Nara merely pulled his fist back and unleashed it forward while shouting a technique out loud.




In an instant, a powerful force was unleashed from his fist and smashed against the blades flying at him and the force began to spread through the entire area the blades covered. There was a momentary pause in which all the blades topped flying at him before cracking and exploding into pieces. In a matter of seconds, all the blades cracked and exploded into pieces, which brought Nara into the open again.


Dominic could not believe what just happened, or why all of his blades suddenly exploded into pieces. He looked at the War Titan in shock only to see the Red Warrior flying towards him without warning. Reacting quickly again, pointed his sword at him and activated another technique by shouting it aloud.


“Raining Blades!”


In an instant, magic circles appeared overhead and began to rain blades out through them. Nara stopped his movement as he began to dodge the raining blades in surprise while Dominic hovered backwards while staying in safety.
While dodging them, Nara glared towards Dominic and seeing his enemy in safety angered him. So, he bellowed, “You’ll need more than this to take me down!”


Dodging several more blades raining down on him, the War Titan swung his body upward and unleashed his fist towards the magic circles while shouting the same technique out loud.




The unleashed force flew towards the raining blades and smashed them into pieces before reaching the magic circles. Upon impact against the several magic circles in the air, they began to crack before exploding into pieces like an exploding glass.


Dominic was alarmed to see his technique destroyed so easily with such a simple technique. He was even more shocked when Nara suddenly turned towards him and shouted, “Now, it’s your turn to Break!”


The War Titan yelled the last word as a technique while unleashed his fist in his enemy’s direction. The force whooshed through the at an incredible speed and reached Dominic while the Sword Titan was confused about what to do. In an instant, the sword in his hand cracked and exploded into pieces while small cracks formed on his armour.


Dominic looked at his empty hand and the cracked that had formed on his armour. He could not believe such a small and simple technique could do such damage to him and his techniques.


“How…? How did he do this…?” he asked quietly in an astonished voice.


“It’s an ability possessed by the Sacred Spirit wielded by the War Titan,” replied Seta in his mind. “It’s a technique that can break all physical objects along with magic spells. I believe it also has the power to destroy curses, but I seriously never saw it happen before though.”


“Damn…! How can I counter a thing like that…?” Dominic asked in a helpless voice.


“We’ll think about that later. First, defend because he’s coming!” Seta said to him in a sharp voice.


Realising at her words, he focused on his enemy and was shocked when the War Titan flew at him and smacked him hard across the face. After the successful strike and seeing his enemy reeling from the blow, Nara continued his attacks on the Sword Titan by punching and kicking him various areas of the armour with force that would break any bone a thousand times over.


Dominic took the blows while gritting his teeth behind the visor because of the sheer pain he experienced. The force of the impact shocked his body very much and so it did not respond to how he wanted it to, which left him feeling vulnerable. Blood from his wounded body was slowly seeping through the various openings in the armour to reveal the damage he had taken on the inside. He was even forced to let go of his sword, which flew towards the ground and landed embedded on the ground.


Taking advantage of this fact, Nara rattled him with physical close combat attacks rapidly. His speed was incredible and very soon, he Golden Warrior armour seemed to have dents all over its surface. Having thrown all the punches and kicks he liked, Nara punched the side of Dominic’s visor and send the stunned warrior smashing onto the ground with great impact.


As he sent his enemy flying towards the ground, Nara gathered his palms together and collected energy in between. It soon formed into a small energy ball and he put his hands forward to release the attack while shouting its name out loud.


“Beast Cannon!”


In an instant, a really large energy wave was unleashed from between his hands and it flew very fast towards the spot its target had landed at. Dominic, who lay on the ground whiel moaning a little, was startled to see a very large energy wave headed straight for him.


“Damn…” muttered Dominic in a slightly low voice.


He attempted to quickly react, but his body twinged a little from the pain from receiving the shock of the attacks landed by the War Titan. Quickly thinking of an alternative, he exerted his hand and flexed his hand a little to activate his sword, which had fallen several meters away. Upon calling, His sword flew into the air and soared towards him before landed near his hand with the handle in his open palm.


“Destiny Shield Blades!”


Upon activation of the technique, countless swords formed out of thin air above him and began to form a large dome to shield him from the attack. The energy wave reached the shield of blades and smashed hard into them with an incredible force that caused the wind to blow wildly around and shock waves to be sent everywhere.


The ground cracked and exploded into pieces around the area and the nearby mountains also shook violently as if a powerful earthquake hit it. The struggle between the shield of blades and the energy wave lasted several seconds and it was a tense conflict between the two forces before the energy wave exploded.


This explosion was so strong that it destroyed all the ground unprotected by the blades along with the mountain within the radius of its explosion. Nara stared down at the cloud of smoke through narrowed eyes and when the smoke cleared, he saw that the shield of blades were still intact. Feeling frustrated, ge rushed towards the ground at an incredible speed with his fist positioned to attack.


While it was difficult for anyone to see through the shield of blades, Dominic could see clearly past them and was surprised to see the Red Warrior charging down towards him at high speed.


“Gah… He doesn’t give a break…” he muttered in a slightly incredulous voice.


With feeling returning in his body, Dominic lifted his sword from where he lay and aimed upwards to where Nara was. He gathered energy into his blade and prepared to release a powerful energy wave like the War Titan did to him moments before.


“Sword Drive—!”


He was a second away from completion when he was forcefully stopped by his Sacred Spirit as she shouted in his mind, “You won’t make it!”


Without his consent, the Destiny Blade activated and he vanished from the spot he was lying up till then. A second later, the War Titan reached the shield of blades and unleashed his fist forward as if he was throwing while shouting a technique out loud.
“Infinity Beast Smash!”


The unleashed force was so strong that it easily destroyed the shield of blades into a countless pieces and it did not stop there. The energy ground shook for a moment before caving in a few meters before an explosion occurred. As the dust slowly clear, the view revealed a deep hole in the ground exactly where Dominic had been lying and was ready to strike back.


“Wow… That’s one hell of a force he unleashed…” Dominic stated as he stood at a safe distance away from where the explosion occurred. “There’s a chance I might’ve sustained more than just having my armour damaged beyond repair.”


He could not believe that the War Titan would use such lethal force on him, or that he would use it without hesitation. That made him realise that Nara viewed him as an enemy to destroy at all costs.


“It’s in his nature to destroy all opposition,” explained his Sacred Spirit in his mind in a matter-of-fact tone. “All War Titan I’ve faced had the very same mentality and he is no different, although, his ferociousness is a little extreme.”


“Yeah… I think there’s a reason to why he’s going to this extreme to defeat,” said Dominic with narrowed eyes as he became suspicious of the War Titan’s behaviour.
Seta waited a moment before asking, “You’re still going to fight him despite badly wounded?”


At her words, Dominic experimented with his body movement and flexed his hands along with his legs to check. They stung and the pain caused him to wince a little, but he breathed a little to control his emotions.


“This is fine. So long as my armour holds up, I’ll manage,” replied Dominic in a confident voice.


“And…? If it doesn’t…?” Seta asked him the crucial question to which he hesitated for a moment. “Remember that It’ll take me half-an-hour to repair the armour and have you equip it again. So, you’ll run and dodge from him for those thirty minutes like a coward or something?”


Dominic was a little startled by her words and for the first time in that battle, he laughed because he found her words funny. He may have cried in despair, but he was no coward and had never thought of running from any battle.


“No. Even without the armour, I’ll still engage him because I have a promise to keep. I wouldn’t’ be much of a warrior if I were to break it now, would I?”


“It’s a promise you made to him, but it’s not an accepted promise by him.”


“I’ll keep it even if he thinks that I won’t,” said Dominic with a firm look on his face. “Besides, I feel that we’re similar from the way we fought… Call it a warrior’s intuition, but I feel he had a similar growth like me. Anyway, it’s my job to find out about him if I want to befriend him.”


By saying those words, Dominic began to surge with power while radiating golden aura that surrounded him. The next moment, he kicked off the ground and soared towards where Nara was at high speed.


The War Titan, who had landed at a safe distance away from the explosion, was breathing a little quickly from the exhaustion of releasing two massive attacks in quick succession. He glared at the spot where the hole appeared and sighed deeply in annoyance.


“He’s safe, isn’t it? Damn…!” he said in annoyance while clenching his armoured hands tightly.


“Don’t you think this is a little extreme to defeat one enemy?” his Sacred Spirit, Ash, asked in a slightly concerned voice.


Nara snorted and said, “Yes…! He’s like a cockroach that, no matter how much we stomp on it, the thing just keeps crawling back up! He’s so annoying; it makes me wonder if all humans are like him!”


His Sacred Spirit chuckled and said in his mind, “That, somehow, reminds me of a certain someone who faced a similar situation as that man you’re trying so hard to defeat.”


Nara remained silent for a moment before he said, “Mmm… Maybe so, but don’t compare me to him. He’s from the human race and I don’t need a friend who’s part of a weak race.”


Ash under as she telepathically replied, “Not all humans are weak; just special people who rise up no matter the difficulty to do the right thing. To him, he’s doing the right thing to win your friendship by defeating you with your own rules.”


“Whatever it may be; the Weight of his Fist is weak! I’ll never befriend someone weaker than me!” Nara said in a firm voice with a serious look on his face behind the beast shaped visor. “Anyway, here he comes!”


He turned towards the place where the Golden Warrior was seen flying towards him at high speed. Nara readied his fists and began to surge with power while radiating red aura that surrounded him. As he prepared to unleash his powerful fist towards his charging energy, the Sword Titan disappeared.


“What?!” Nara exclaimed in surprise and was shocked when Dominic suddenly materialised before him.


“Surprise,” said Dominic in a cheerful voice and he attempted to slam his sword against Nara’s visor.


The War Titan quickly reacted and he brought his arm up in defence to block the strike. The wind around them blew wildly for a moment while only a moment of a shock wave was released. In retaliation, the Red Warrior attempted to slam his fist into his enemy’s visor, but the Golden Warrior used his hand to push the arm aside and hold it away with a sword he suddenly summoned and wielded out of thin air.


“W-What are you doing?!” Nara demanded in snarl as he glared fiercely at his opponent.


“Just trying to understand you,” replied Dominic coolly.




“Yeah. I’m confused why you’re constantly going about this ‘Weight of your Fist’ thing because it doesn’t make sense. I’ve already proven that I’m far stronger than when we first met by unleashing my hidden powers. Yet, you constantly deny my powers and are attempting to destroy me now to clear away your problem. So, do you have any explanations for your rather suspicious behaviour?”


Nara could not believe he was being asked such questions in the middle of a duel between them. Still, he gritted his teeth and glared furiously at him through the visor covering his face.


“I have no reason to inform a fool who doesn’t know when to give up!” Nara snarled angrily.


Dominic chuckled and said, “I promised, didn’t I? I’ll beat you and be your friend, but I can’t be your friend if I don’t understand you first.”


“Damn you!” Nara yelled and he surged with wild power that caused the wind to blow wildly around them.


Both of them got buffeted by the wind and they kicked away from each other to keep their distance. They stood quietly and stared at one another while keeping their guard up in case of a sudden attack.


“There’s nothing for me to say to you, except the Weight of your Fist is weak! Give up now and go away so that you don’t disturb me!” Nara said sharply to him.


Dominic, hearing those words, could only smile behind his visor as he said, “I just told you that I will keep the promise I made to you, whether you accept it or not.”


Nara gritted his teeth as his rage began to boil while he shouted, “Fine! I realise I’m wasting my words with you. Just come over here so that I can end your stupidity once and for all!”


Dominic smirked and aimed his sword towards his future friend as he said, “You may not realise this yet, but we’re similar in a lot of ways.”


“We are not!” Nara raged and he began to surge with wild power once more.


“You’re temperamental like me and eager to do battle like me!” Dominic shouted and he kicked off the ground and flew towards the War Titan at high speed before slamming his sword against the armoured arms that Nara raised in defence. “Let us discover about each other so we be friends like we were meant to be!”


“Like that’ll ever happen!” Nara retorted in a loud yell as he blocked the sword from hitting his armour.


The two warriors, the Sword Titan and the War Titan, tried their hardest to strike and block when a flash of light occurred that made everything white and hard to see through.

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thanks for reading the chapter. The mystery is getting deeper with the War Titan and the Sword Titan trying hard to earn the War Titan’s friendship, but is being repelled. So similar and yet different. Just wait and see to find out what happened between these two, but most of you obviously know already since I did a spoiler on this a while back. Anyway, I hope you liked this chapter and will look forward to more as the story cotninues!

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