Sword Titan vs. War Titan (End)



The Golden Warrior and the Red Warrior began to exchange blows at a speed that could not be followed with the naked eye. Only trained warrior and extremely strong ones were capable of seeing the speed at which these two fought at and sense the incredible energies released from them both.


“We’re not similar at all!” Nara shouted as he withdrew and unleashed a powerful energy force at his enemy.


Dominic blocked the attack and got pushed back a few meters as he shouted, “There’s no denying it!”


He quickly swung around and unleashed a powerful energy slicing wave from his sword. It cut past the energy force he was blocking and headed straight towards Nara at high speed. Surprised to see such a strong attack, he quickly ducked backwards as low as possible to let the attack sail overhead harmlessly.


Kicking off the ground, he landed on his feet a meter away from his previous position and he pointed his hands towards Dominic. The next moment, he surged with power and began to unleash energy blasts at a rapid pace. While he was doing that, he began to move around his foe in order to keep himself from being a stationary target.


As the energy blasts drove towards Dominic, the Sword Titan summoned another sword out of thin air and began to swing at the energy blasts. With two swords in his hands, he began to deflect the energy blasts at high speed in any direction and they rapidly flew away. Several came close to Nara, but the War Titan simply dodged them or jumped around them quickly while launching more energy blasts.


This lasted several seconds and after blocking the last one, Dominic activated his sword and created a wall of blades to surround him to act as a shield. Covered by his blades, he stabbed his sword into the ground once more and gripped it tightly. In an instant, swords sprouted out from under the ground and began to fire lasers within the area Nara was circling.


The War Titan stopped firing the energy blasts as he was hit by several lasers and they created small holes in his armour. He groaned from the pain of being hit by the lasers and cursed angrily as blood seeped out of the holes from the wounds opened up by the attacks.




Getting seriously, Nara stopped moving and spread his arms out while releasing a powerful body energy wave. Wild wind blew wildly around as the released energy caused the lasers to get deflected and he took the momentary halt in their firing to jump high into the air. Airborne, Nara swung around and unleashed his fist while shouting a technique out loud.




In an instant, a powerful energy wave got released and it destroyed all the blades sprouting from underneath the ground. At the same time, the blades surrounding Dominic were destroyed along with the swords in his hands. Not waiting a second, Nara rocketed towards the ground at high speed and attempted to slam into Dominic, but the Sword Titan quickly stepped back to avoid him.


The War Titan smashed his fist hard into the ground and caused a great explosion of dirt and dust to erupt into the air. The Sword Titan stepped back and resummoned two swords out of thin air and held them firmly in his hands while summoning many more swords that hovered in the air around them.


The dust suddenly cleared as Nara charged through the smoke and debris in an attempt to smash into his opponent to catch him off guard. Dominic, who had been expecting such a move, blocked his fist with swords and began to push against him while applying a strong force behind his swords.


“Your behaviour and my behaviour, your temper and my temper and your behaviour as well as my own! They are all very similar!” Dominic yelled at him with as the wind blew wildly around them and caused shock waves to be sent in all sides. “Why can’t you accept the facts that’re facing you head on?!”


Getting angered by those words, Nara shouted, “I’m not similar to someone of the human race!”


With that, he opened the palms of his hands and yelled, “Beast Wave!”


In an instant, a large energy wave erupted from his palms and seemingly consumed Dominic within it. Nara breathed a heavy sigh and grinned behind his visor for a moment in thinking that he had defeated his opponent when a sudden slicing energy attack from behind made him yell in shock.


“And it’s your mistake to underestimate the potential of the human race!” Dominic said with several areas of his armour broken to expose his body. “Just because you’re off the Beast Race and have great potential doesn’t mean you’re supreme!”


Nara whipped around and glared at him through his visor before he shouted, “Beat Race? Ha!” He snorted before he said in a loud sneering voice, “I don’t give a damn about my race! They caused me to suffer, but I endured it and rose to the top by taking down everyone with my power and my strength! Now, you’re another one to take down! RRROOOOAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!”


With a roar, he began to surge with more power and caused Dominic to widen his eyes in shock behind his visor. The Sword Titan was not shocked because of the sudden rise in his foe’s power level, but the inform that the War Titan let slip in his rage.


Without warning, the War Titan kicked off the ground and rocketed towards the Sword Titan at high speed before unleashing his fist forward. Dominic reacted distractedly and took the force of the blow straight to his visor, which caused him to get blasted away several meters before crashing to a stop.


Nara breathed quickly to try and catch his breath from using powerful energy techniques one after another without break. Suddenly, his visor split into pieces and fell off to hit the ground with a dull thud.


“Huh?” he said in surprise as he could not believe what just happened to the armour bit covering his face.


Realising that he could not dodge the attack, Dominic instead aimed for Nara’s visor and managed to cut it in an instant just as he was hit. Now, Nara was left with a doubt as to how his visor was cut up when he actually did not see any movement from Dominic to defend. In the meantime, Dominic managed to get back on his feet to stare at his foe through narrowed eyes.


“I understand now why you’re constantly saying “the Weight of my Fist is weak,” because of the life you’ve experienced so far,” said Dominic in an understanding voice. He sighed deeply and said, “I wondered why I had this feeling like we’re similar and now, it finally makes sense.”
“What?!” Nara exclaimed sharply as he stared at Dominic. “What makes you think you’re similar to me after hearing that small detail about me? You’re nothing compared to—!”


He was cut off from completing his sentence when his head was smashed forcefully by a sword that was slammed against his forehead. Dominic got very angry at Nara’s words and unwilling to let him complete his sentence, Dominic flew as fast as he could to slam his sword against the War Titan’s forehead. The shock of the blow sent the War Titan flying a few meter away before he managed to land on his feet while rubbing his fore head with a pained look on his face.


“Don’t think you’re the only one in the world who suffered!” Dominic shouted at him with a seriously angered look on his face. “Many, around the world, face troubles each and every day, but they overcome them through struggle and achieve victory triumphantly.”


Those words made Nara extremely angry and he charged towards Dominic and attempted to hit him across the face. At that moment, several swords rained down from the sky and made him dodge away while getting hit several times on his cracking armour. He was bleeding just like Dominic, but it did not stop him to glare fiercely towards the Sword Titan with hatred filled eyes.


“Even now, you race towards me with an intent to destroy instead of looking into yourself to see the fault in you,” said Dominic and those words left Nara feeling confused. “You’re no different to how I was when I had no purpose or goal to live in this world.”


“What? Are you crazy?” Nara asked him with a raised eyebrow in surprise. “Living without a goal or reason… Do you know what you’re saying?”


Dominic shook his head and his face became as expressionless as it once used to be when he was just a kid. The pain he felt back then suddenly began to wash over him and he acted emotionlessly to avoid being affected like Nara does.


“My parents died at a young age, then I was abandoned by my relatives and isolated by my peers at the orphanage,” said Dominic as he shortened his story version so Nara could understand, causing the War Titan to widen his eyes in shock upon hearing his tale. “I would not be here if it weren’t for my adoptive father and master, who was also the previous Sword Titan.”


Nara remained silent for a moment as he digested the information he was given by Dominic. It made him remember his own past and the pain of it caused him to clench his fists tightly as anger rushed to the top. He remembered clearly as if it was yesterday the sight of his parents being burned alive while others of his clan cheered on for their deaths. It made him aggressively angry.


“I changed for the better, made friends along the way and am enjoying my life with a partner who understands and supports me. You, on the other hand, are at the stage where you beat others down and labelled the Weight of their Fist to be weak. It’s what kept you alive up till now just like my enforcing justice kept me alive for so long. That’s why, you need a friend to change for the better.”


Those words caused Nara to look towards Dominic with eyes filled with surprise and astonishment. Those sentimental words made him remember something a long time ago that he thought about.


After being released from his isolation, Nara immediately challenged and defeated all the strongest warriors in the clan and eventually came to be entitled as the War Titan. He thought he would be filled with joy and pride, but instead, he was left feeling empty on the inside. While he indeed managed to achieve what he wanted to, he continued to remain alone without a single friend like he always did.


The people at his clan feared his powers and kept their distance, which made him decide something.


“The only way for someone to become my friend is to be as strong as me or even stronger!”


As such, he took up charge as the leader of the Simhara Beast Clan and waited patiently for a warrior to arrive to challenge him. Many did, but all failed and he eventually began to doubt the value of friendship as he saw no use in having it. So, it thrilled him to find out that someone had the power to defeat the warriors of his clansmen and he rushed over immediately to confront this foe, who turned out to be Dominic.


Nara was impressed by how powerful Dominic was, but over the years of cultivating his powers, the War Titan was overcome with pride and ego. He could not admit that Dominic, who was from the Human Race, had powers that could rival his own if he trained hard enough. After that, his anger went out of control and he attacked Dominic with the intent to destroy him despite Dominic proving himself to be a worthy fighter who was almost as strong as him.


He came out of his reverie and he looked towards Dominic with eyes filled with doubt only to be surprised to see Dominic holding towards him a hand like a friend extending a helpful hand towards a friend in distress. That gesture made Nara feel suddenly weak as he heard his Sacred Spirit, Ash, speak in his mind.


“The Sword Titan is pretty nice of him to offer a helping hand to you like a true friend,” said Ash in a cheerful voice “You should feel thankful for finally meeting such a man who is very similar to you.”



“Mmm…” Nara said and he slowly began to walk towards Dominic and stood a meter from him.


Dominic continued to hold his hand out as he looked at Nara in the eyes as he said, “Nara, I offer you this hand of friendship so you can change for the better from being a reckless beast man that you are right now.”


Nara did not say anything as he continued to look at the person standing before him with an expressionless look on his face. Then, slowly, he looked down at the extended hand and moved his hand in that direction in order to shake hands with the person he had been furiously fighting till now. Just as he extended his hand to the spot where Dominic’s hand was extended to, Nara stopped.


Dominic looked at the stopped hand from his own and looked curiously at the War Titan. The next thing he knew, a powerful punch was delivered to his face and he was sent flying away from Nara. The damaged Red Warrior had curled his fingers into a fist and raised it to punch Dominic in the face.


The Sword Titan flew away for several maters before he came to a crashing stop with his feet on the ground. Dominic clutched his face and slowly rubbed the spot where he was hit, which made him wince with pain. Then, he looked towards Nara, who seemed to be troubled by what he just did.


“Why…? Why’s you hit him so suddenly…?” Ash asked Nara in his mind in a shocked voice.


Nara remained silent for a moment as he flexed his hands as if he was shocked with himself. Then, he looked towards Dominic and seeing the warrior standing so far away made him become firm and confident with himself.


“I cannot accept it like this!” Nara said in a loud carrying voice with conviction. “I’m the War Titan and I cannot accept a friend so easily when I have yet to see your full potential! Besides, you might be lying and I cannot risk placing my trust in you without you doing your part to prove your worth!”


Dominic blinked at him in surprise and thought, “If so, what have I been doing up until now, idiot?”


“I think this is your opportunity to make a believer out of him!” Seta said firmly in his mind and he was surprised by how firm her voice was. “Provoke him into a one on one all out final attack and he’ll surely fall for it!”


“Mmm…” Dominic said slowly and he nodded his head slightly in understanding. The, raising his voice, he suggested, “Okay then. How about we both go at each other with one all out final attack? Throw everything we’ve got into one final attack and the results will be the judge of this matter!”


Nara was a bit surprised to hear such a suggestion and he instantly liked it very much. He had been getting frustrated that he was unable to make any headway with his opponent because of the difference in fighting abilities. So, this offered the both of them an equal opportunity to show off their ultimate skills and prove, one and for all, who was the best between them.


“However, there is a condition!” Dominic said firmly and Nara looked at him suspiciously. “If I win, you must accept my friendship and come with me to join the Nine Pillars of Power!”


Nara was momentarily stunned at the proposal before he recovered and said, “Fine! If I were to win, however, I want you to never show your face to me again. Even if we meet, act like you’ve never met me before and don’t make eye contact with me! Got it?”


Dominic was taken aback at the proposal that the War Titan had thrown at him because it created a risk. If Dominic lost, he would lose all chances of ever meeting the War Titan every again and he would never regain his honour. It would leave him in his previous state of defeat and he could never show his face to his best friend, the Phoenix Titan; Lakshman Chand.


“Believe in your chances of success,” said Seta in his mind in a reassuring voice. “I’m sure Shalany would’ve said the same and that includes your dear best friend. Lakshman had confidence in you and that’s clearly why he provoked you to meet and convince the War Titan to join our cause. He faith in your chances of victory and wanted to help you recover your confidence.”


“Mmm… You’re right…” said Dominic and he finally smiled as he felt a sudden rush of affection for his wife and an immense level of respect towards his best friend. “They have faith in me and now, I will not put them down.” He looked at Nara and said loudly, “Nara! I accept your proposal!”


Nara smiled widely and said, “Good. Let’s get this over with then!”


With those words, he kicked off the ground and soared high into the air at high speed to put himself and Dominic at a great distance. In the meantime, Dominic began to surge with power and summoned a sword to hold in his hand and the next moment, he began to gather other swords around the sword he aimed towards the spot the War Titan stopped to hover in mid-air.


Nara stopped to hover at a great height with a large distance between him and Dominic. Once he came to a stop, he extended his arms to his either side and began to gather energy into the palms of his hands. A second later, he brought his hands forwards and placed them side-by-side in front of him while aiming towards where Dominic stood.


Down below, swords materialised and formed into a large group of swords that looked like a cannon. Dominic was aiming his sword towards the cannon of swords as they were aimed towards the spot Nara was hovering high in the sky. The two warriors gathered all the energy they could muster after their fierce battle to launch at each other one last time to determine the victor of their duel.


It took almost a minute for each of them to gather their energy and once they did, they unleashed it at each other by shouting their individual respective technique name.


“Infinity Beast Wave!”


“Destiny Blade Wave!”


In an instant, two explosive energy wave erupted from their respective sides; a massive energy wave burst out of the palms of the War Titan while a huge wave was released from the cannon of swords by the Sword Titan. The two massive waves rushed towards each other and collided at the centre, causing a blinding flash of light to occur.


“Gah…! So powerful…!” Nara shouted as he reacted in surprise to the struggle he was facing to making his wave succeed. “Still, not enough!”


With that, he applied more energy into his wave and it began to push Dominic’s wave downward.


“Damn,,,!” Dominic said in a frustrated voice and he applied more energy into his energy wave.


Their energy wave struggle caused the wind to blow wildly around them and send shock waves in all directions. The ground shook violently and the shaking soon exhibited itself onto the outside area of the space they were placed in. The Simhara Beast Clan stood in their village and looked towards the large dome shaped light with fear filled eyes.


Shalany had walked to the edge of the forest to get a better view of the dome shaped light a few kilometres away. She felt the ground vibrating more violently as she drew closer to where the space was located, which was starting to lose its light. Sparkling lights were emitting from it as the dome of light seemed to be losing its solid structural substance.


“This must be it…!” Shalany said quietly to herself while gently moving her arms to let her baby sleep with ease. She wore a look of deep concern on her face and said, “Do your best, Dom.”


Inside the slowly disappearing space, Dominic continued to struggle as he tried his hardest to force his energy wave to push forward. It, however, was met with firm resistance from the energy wave being pushed from behind by Nara. As time dragged on, it soon became obvious whose energy was beginning to overpower the other.


Nara grinned broadly as he shouted arrogantly, “I can feel you losing…!”


Dominic gritted his teeth firmly and as he felt his energy being pushed down, he grabbed the sword with his other hand as well to apply more strength. Still, all it did was manage to send a small amount of energy that momentarily paused the energy wave movement before it continued on a downward slope.


“Damn…! He’s too strong…!” Dominic shouted helplessly as he begun to lose the wave struggle.


At that moment, he suddenly heard Shalany’s voice in his mind say, “Do your best, Dom.”


His eyes widened in surprise and he asked in surprise, “Shalany? What—?”


“I merely transmitted what Shalany was saying just outside the space,” said Seta telepathically in his mind.


Dominic blinked in surprise and asked, “Shalany? She’s near the space?”


“Yes and she’s eagerly waiting for your victorious return,” said Seta in a slightly emotional voice. “She is not the only one; there are many more that re expecting you to return with the War Titan. Are you going to let their expectations down and bring down the confidence they have in you?”


Dominic did not reply as he gritted his teeth and looked down at the ground while struggling to push the energy wave back. Lakshman had purposefully provoked him into going there to regain his confidence and his wife tagged along to keep him comfort instead of letting him wallow in sadness the entire journey. Now, it was his turn to repay them for their kindness.


With a fiery determination never seen before in his eyes, Dominic lifted his head up high and yelled, “Alright! Time to go all around and I mean maximum release!”


The next second, he positioned himself in a stance as he began to focus all the energy from within and around him. At his call, his swords answered as the floating swords in the air begun to slowly descended towards the place the energy was being fired from. Similarly, the swords sprouting from out of the ground also responded to his call and rose out to soar towards the same spot.


Nara, who noticed the descending swords from all around him, looked around at them in surprise and asked, “What’s going on? What’s he doing? Better not wait and find out!”


As he shouted those words, he exerted more power into his wave and it speeded up the force and began to descend rapidly towards Dominic. The Sword Titan stood his ground firmly in his stance as he focused all of his energy into the energy wave. The swords, that flew towards it, merged into his armour as it begun to glow brightly.


Very soon, Dominic’s armour begun to glow as he was ready to unleash all that he had gathered. So, he looked firmly towards the wave that was descending towards him and screamed at the top of his lungs.


“Maximum Release!”


As he screamed, he was engulfed in a bright light that surged forward to the spot the energy wave was being fired from. The new energy collided with the previous energy and an all new tremendous wave was unleashed. It dwarfed the wave that had been pushed itself forward.


“What?!” Nara exclaimed in shocked disbelief as he witnessed an enormous energy released from where his foe stood. “I don’t believe this!”


He applied all of his energy, but it was no use as it barely did anything to the energy wave pushing itself towards him. The War Titan’s eyes widened as the energy wave was seen in his eyes and also can be seen in his eyes the fear that he had never felt before in all the years he bad nee as the War Titan.




Nara screamed as the wave soared towards him and engulfed him entirely before flying into the air. With an enormous explosion, the space at the top got shattered and the energy wave soared out into the open for everyone to see.


“What the?!” the Simhara Beast Clan people exclaimed in shock as they looked at the wave soaring high into the air.


Shalany saw the energy wave rocketing into the sky and she muttered in awe “That energy… It’s Dominic’s…!”


Somewhere far away from the Bazaraka Continent, Lakshman sensed the energy and turned around to face towards that direction. Standing beside him were Sonia, Tetra, Silvera and Sumara Atem Pollux the Angel who shared the same reaction as him and turned towards the direction the energy was coming from. Along with them were the numerous Dragon Clan warrior as they also turned their heads in that direction.


“Whoa! That’s a lot of power!” Atem said sharply with a look of amazement on his face. “I wonder whose it is.”


“Mmm… I get a distinct feeling it’s Dominic’s energy we sense,” said Sumara with a look of concern on her face.


“Dominic? Dominic Rutherford? You mean the Sword Titan?!” Atem exclaimed in disbelief.


As Sumara nodded her head, Tetra also confirmed by saying, “It’s him alright, but I never sensed this much power from him before.”


“I know right!” Silvera said in awe as she had trouble believing it was really him. “He’s a human and yet, he’s so powerful!”


“Why’s the surprise? HE’s one of the Nine Pillars of Power,” said Sonia as if that made all the doubts go away.


“Yeah,” said Lakshman simply as he looked in the direction his best friend’s energy was coming from with a proud smile on his face.


He took a deep breath and turned around to face the dragon warriors before he said, “Well then, Dominic won his battle and it’s time I win mine. You will tell me what I want to know,” he finished with a small smile on his face while wearing a dangerous look on his face that made the warriors gulp in nervousness.



As the space disappeared and the open world revealed itself, a lot of smoke was scattering in all directions. As it slowly cleared, Dominic came into view and he was seen standing with his feet shaking as if he was feeling extreme cold. Dominic was breathing very deeply because the energy he had released was so much that it winded him almost completely.


“Ah…” he said slowly as his feet sagged and he slowly fell towards the ground.


Before his knees touched the ground, Dominic placed his sword into the ground to help him stand up. Even so, it did not stop his feet from shaking as if they were undergoing a violent ground shaking sensation.


“I can’t… feel my… legs…” he said slowly in a tired voice.


“Yes, but thnk about how the other person feels,” said Seta in his mind in a bright voice.


“Yeah…” muttered Dominic and he looked up into the sky to the place Nara was seen hovering before.


Clouds of smoke surrounded the area where he was hovering, but they soon cleared to reveal a single person still hovering in mid-air. Nara was still there as smoke slowly emitted from out of his, rather burned up clothes as he took large deep breaths.


“Un… real…” said Nara finally before losing all flight strength and falling down.


He plummeted towards the ground with no control and smashed so hard that dust erupted into the air. As it slowly cleared, Nara was seen lying on his back with his eyes closed while his chest rose up and down slowly. He tiredly opened his eyes to look up at the sky with a sad expression on his face.


“What a… feeling…?” he said slowly in a weak voice. “So… this is what… loosing… feels like…” He gritted his teeth a little as he sniffed once and blinked a few times before he said, “Uh… It’s… It’s…”


“…upsetting, yeah,” finished Dominic as he managed to walk towards Nara with support from his sword.


Nara tuned his head slowly towards him and looked at him for a moment before saying, “You beat me.”


Dominic smiled a little and said, “Cheer up. I may have defeated you, but I’m in a state where I can barely stand without support!”
He laughed and instantly began to cough severely because it interfered with his slowly recovering breathing pattern. Still, he managed to smile cheerfully at the person he had finally defeated after struggling to get through to him through words and promises.


“Are you alright?” Dominic generally asked a few seconds later.


“Mmm… I’ll be fine… soon…” said Nara slowly and Dominic nodded his head in understanding.


Nara Simhara was a proud Simhara Beast Clan warrior and the title of War Titan adds more to it. So, a defeat in his fighting record is something very heavy for him to quickly accept and live with. So, it would obviously take days or months before he can finally return to his normal self or change for the better.


Dominic was smiling down at him when his eyes widened in shock and he turned in the village direction as he exclaimed, “Huh?!”


“Mmm!” Nara said as he also sensed the very same thing that Dominic did.


The Sword Titan continued to stare in the direction of the village for a few seconds before noticing a mass of warriors charging towards them at high speed. They were all wearing clothing resembling the Simhara Beast Clan warriors class and they were roaring like wild beasts bent on destruction.


“Oh man… They’re coming to get me for defeating you…” said Dominic slowly in a weary voice.


“No… They’re coming to get me,” said Nara slowly and Dominic turned to him with a questioning look on his face.




“They’re coming to end my life,” said Nara and Dominic knitted his eyebrows in sudden seriousness. “All the anger, hatred and fury they had for me over the years is now out in the open and cannot be controlled. Most likely, sensing my weakened state, the adults goaded the warriors into attacking me because this is their chance to take me out for good.”


Dominic remained silent for a moment as he turned to look at the charging warriors and then back at the warriors lying on the ground.


“Wow… You’re really hated by your own clan,” he said sympathetically.


Nara shrugged his shoulders and said, “Whatever. I’ll beat them down as soon as I recover. In the meantime, get out of here along with your people.”


“My people?” Dominic asked in surprise and a moment later Shalany teleported a meter from where thw two of them were. Dominic looked at her in surprise and said brightly, “Shalany!”


“Dom! You’er safe!” Shalany said happily as she rushed over and fell on his chest because she was holding her baby in her arms.


After a moment, she let go of him and turned towards the mass of warriors charging towards them at high speed.


With a panicked look on her face, she turned back to Dominic and said, “Dom, I think it’s better we leave this place immediately. Please, help the War Titan up so I can teleport us out of here to the Teleportation Zone.”


Nara furrowed his eyebrows and said, “Leave me be, lady. I can handle this without running away like a coward! I’m War Titan, Nara Simhara!”


“So what? You’re wounded and need healing,” snapped Shalany without caring about what he said to her. “This isn’t the time to go into pride and get yourself killed!”


Taken aback that she was not caring about his title and his power, Nara retorted, “Human lady, you’re getting on my nerves!”


“So are you, meat head!” Shalany replied easily without care.


Dominic stared at them glaring daggers at each other before suggesting, “Shalany, why don’t you take care of those idiots over there? I’m sure you can handle them no problem.”


“Eh? You want me to clean up that mob?” Shalany asked while staring at him in surprise. “I mean, I would’ve done it already, but I thought you might disapprove…”


“Not at all!” Dominic replied firmly with a smile on his face. “When the need is there, there’s no problem going the extra mile in self-defence.”


Shalany looked at him in surprise because she thought the Dominic she knew would firmly disapprove. This made her realise that her husband had changed and seemed to be more easy going on the rules.


Nara, however, snorted loudly and Sneered, “Seriously… Seriously…! You’re suggesting this human lady to face off against our mighty Simhara Beast Clan warriors? Her chances of winning are slim to none.”


“Uh…” said Dominic and he looked at Shalany quickly with a half-smile on his face.


Shalany, who had heard the sneering words of the War Titan and turned to give him a dangerous look.


“Sorry for the late introduction. I am Shalany Rutherford, wife of the Sword Titan and for your information, am ranked as Magician Emperor.”


After saying those words, Shalany handed the baby over to Dominic before walking a few meters towards the incoming warriors.


Nara looked at her before he turned to Dominic and said, “I highly recommend you to leave along with your wife. Her efforts will be futile because my warriors are also emperor ranked and she won’t win being a human.”


Dominic slowly turned towards his fallen comrade and said with a smile, “As I said to you before ‘never underestimate the potential of the human race.’ Watch and see what she can do.”


Nara was taken aback to see the confidence the Sword Titan had in his wife and turned to watch her.


Shalany stood there for a moment or two and watched the Simhara Beast Clan warriors draw near with a serious expression on her face. The next moment, she raised her hand into the air and began chanted a spell out loud.


“Lightning Crash!”


In an instant, dark clouds formed in the sky before several rapid lightning strikes erupted and slammed exactly where the warriors were. In an instant, all of them were struck with a furious amount of lightning that left them feeling a little paralysed and weak. Still, they did not falter as they continued to run while trying their best to roar like wild beasts.


Seeing them not faltering despite taking a lot of damage, Shalany did not hesitate as she said, “Thorns of Electricity.”


In an instant, a very large magic circle appeared on the ground covering all the warriors. The next moment, plants began to grow out of the ground and soon stretched to capture the warriors in its sharp prickly vines. As soon as they latched onto the warrior, lightning began to course into the bodies of the warriors. The shocking force was not enough to kill them, but it was still something painful to experience.


The warriors screamed and screamed as loud as their lungs allowed them to and within seconds, they began to struggle to try and break free of the thorns. Unfortunately, there was an angry woman who did not allow for that to happen because she, once again, cast another powerful spell.




Another magic circle appeared beneath the warriors’ feet and swirling fire erupted out of the them at high speed. The thorns burned into ashes in an instant, but they were not only ones that got burned. Warriros of the Simhara Beast Clan got burned severally as they screamed as the scorching flames licked their hair and burned their skin.


Once that was over, the warriors crash landed on their feet and struggled to get back on their feet. The pain of having their bodies burned like that was severe, but it still did not manage to down their beast like minds. In the end, they wanted to fulfil their mission of terminating the life of the War Titan their clan had hated and wanted to do so for so long.


Shalany saw them struggling to rise up and move forward and sighed deeply with exasperation. Getting very serious, she prepared to cast a final spell to take them out for good.


“Ground Buster!”


In an instant, a very large magic circle covered almost the entire area where the warriors stood along with the trees. The next moment, the ground began to shake violently before the entire area exploded violently into the air. All the warriors, along with the trees, got lifted into great height into the air at great force and they screamed in shock before they crashed to the ground and finally did not move while lying around the debris.


Seeing them finally down made Shalany sigh and turn around to walk back to where Dominic stood and Nara lay on the ground. As she reached them, Shalany smiled at her husband and spoke casually as if she did not do anything major.


“Phew! That took longer than I expect. I guess that’s to be expected of the Simhara Beast Clan.”


“Right,” replied Dominic as he returned her smile.


Nara, lying on the ground, could not believe what just happened in front of him. He was already shocked at the fact that she could muster to use such highly powerful magic spells despite being human.


“Human Lady!” he called her and grabbed her attention as she turned towards him. “How…? How the heck did you manage to use such powerful spells? I mean… You are human… right?”


To those words, Shalany simply smiled and put her arm inside Dominic’s as she said, “I’m Shalany Rutherford and the wife of the Sword Titan. Right?”


She turned and asked Dominic with a wife smile on her face while Dominic returned the smile and replied, “Right.”


Nara stared at the two of them before he closed his eyes and thought tiredly, “This Sword Titan and wife combo… They’re strange…”


Still, despite that, he felt really pleasant on the inside to be surrounded by such people, especially by a friend as faithful as Dominic and that was what mattered the most to him at that moment.

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thank you very much for reading the chapter. It turned out to be very long and I got tired because I sat throughout the entire day just to write this and believe me, it was exhuasting. Still, I perservered and finally managed to get through the final parts and am now posting it. So, I hope you enjoyed it as much as me and will read the next part as we focus on Lakshman now as he heads off to get the Dragon Titan. So, I hope you look forward to more as the story continues!

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