Siblings’ Future



A while back before Dominic arrived at the Bazaraka Continent, Lakshman was sitting at his house and waiting patiently for something to occur; Dominic’s departure from the Human Continent. Lakshman had been waiting, since early in the morning, for the Sword Titan to leave for the Bazaraka Continent on a mission Lakshman, sort of, forced him to take up.


Waiting with him were Samara, Tetra, Silvera, Sonia and Zen as they sat around him on comfortable chairs. Recently, Erza redecorated the house and replaced the old chairs with new ones that were very comfortable to sit on. So, they were sitting peacefully in a silence while looking towards Lakshman once in a while.


Venezuela and Erza had already left for work to handle the mountain of paperwork for them at the Floria Kingdom’s castle. The reason they are taking charge and not him because he was going to leave for the Dragon Continent in persuit of the Dragon Titan and cannot attend his job. So, he was excused and his two highly authorised wives took up the charge with firm stride since one was a queen and a the other was a princess in her own world, Alzard.


Cantia also left with them as she took up charge of training the newly recruited soldiers to fight well with all kinds of weapons in order to survive on the battlefield. This was an idea brought up by her because she wanted to help out and Lakshman gave his okay.


Emilia and Ondine were in the kitchen cleaning the dishes that were left over from last night. Lakshman’s twin sisters, Priya and Indira were upstairs and were preparing to take the entrance exam to attend the Astral Academy once they turn sixteen.



The idea for the two of them to attend the academy was actually brought up by Priya as she began to think of her and her sister’s future. So, the two of them discussed with each other about asking their brother about it, but decided against it fearing he would refuse. So, they went to Emilia and Ondine, and asked them for help, to which the two agreed.


“I think the two girls need to have a higher education and attending Astral Academy will give them a degree that’ll create opportunities to work in life,” said Emilia to Lakshman on one evening confidently with a bright smile on her face while Ondine supported her from behind.


“I also agree they should study so they are seen as educated and can work anywhere,” suggested Ondine supportively, “I mean, there’s a war coming in two years, but she still should study in case we win the war and they need to think of their future. Don’t you agree?”


Lakshman was both stumped by Emilia’s words and taken aback by Ondine’s words. Honestly, until that point, he had never given a thought about the future of his sisters and it made him feel ashamed. He did not know at that moment that his sisters and the rest of his family were outside the room and listening keenly.


“I understand that, but…” he began hesitantly and Ondine immediately tried to convince him.


“Don’t think about the negatives, Lucky. They’re your sisters and they need a basic degree to get them through this world. Not everyone is cut out to be soldiers, magicians and warriors; there are other roles they can do that are much peaceful, though hectic.”


Lakshman looked at his wife and shook his head a little as he said, “That’s not the problem.”


“Then, why the hesitation?” Ondine asked while Emilia merely looked at him in silence.


Lakshman hesitated for a moment before he said, “You know… I also enrolled at the academy, but I never graduated and never obtained my degree. It’s public knowledge that I don’t have a degree and yet, I’m so powerful that shakes the balance of power in the world. So, I’m worried that society might have way too many high expectations for the two of them.”


His words were heard outside by everyone and it caused Priya and Indira to looked at each other in disappointment. It seemed the two of them jumped to the conclusion that their brother was not willing to let them go because of their statue of being the sisters of the Phoenix Titan.


For a few seconds, the room was filled with silence until Emilia broke it by saying, “You’re worried that they might not cope with the pressure of being compared to you?” When Lakshman nodded his head in assent, Emilia smiled a little and asked, “Then, why don’t you have confidence in them?”


Lakshman was surprised and continued to listen as Emilia went on saying more.


“They’re your sisters and I understand the pressure will be large on them, but there is no easy way in life. I know you’re thinking of leading them on a safe in life, but it’s wrong. If they don’t struggle now and succeed, they will struggle in the future and by then, it’ll be too late to turn back. So, why not give them the proper training right now and help them create a successful future for themselves?”


At his wife’s words, Lakshman was rendered speechless and he looked a little said. Seeing the expression on his face, Emilia softened her expression and smiled cheerfully as she walked closer to him and locked her arm inside his.


“It’s understandable to give them an easy life, but it’ll backfire on them and we’ll have to watch them suffer for the mistake we made in the past. Besides, they are the sisters of the Phoenix Titan, so they can naturally handle the pressure of the expectations placed upon them, but it does not change anything. They are your sisters, so be confident because they will create a name for themselves.”


There was a moment’s pause from the heartfelt speech before Ondine said, “Well said, Emilia! It’s better than what I could’ve come up to say!”


“Thank you,” replied Emilia with a happy expression on her face before turning back to Lakshman. “I’m confident in them, Ondine is confident in the and so are the rest of us; we’re confident in their success rate being hundred percent. You think so as well, don’t you?”


Lakshman closed his eyes and breathed a heavy sigh before opening them again and saying with a small smile on his face, “Alright… They can go to Astral Academy if they so incline to.”


Emilia’s and Odnine’s expressions brightened up as Ondine exclaimed, “Thanks, Lucky! I’m sure the girls will be pleased to hear your approval!”


Outside the room, everyone was elated of the success that Emilia and Ondine achieved by speaking to Lakshman. Priya and Indira were being patted on shoulders approvingly as the twins smiled happily at the prospect of their school life at Astral Academy.


Cantia, who could not contain her happiness, instantly transformed into her humanoid cat form and yelled, “Nyaa!”


Hey yell startled everyone and that included Emilia and Ondine who were inside the room. Lakshman seemed to be unsurprised by the yell as he smiled widely before speaking in a loud carrying voice.


“The door’s open… You can come in now…”


Slowly, like thieves caught red handed, Priya, Indira, Venezuela, Erza, Cantia, Tetra, Silvera, Sumara and Sonia walked into the room. They were grinning sheepishly as they looked at each other and at Lakshman, who merely looked back with an amused expression on his face with his arms folded.


“Couldn’t you people wait in your rooms for Emilia and Ondine to bring you the good news a few minutes later?” he asked them with a raised eyebrow in exasperation.


To those words, none replied and they continued to stare back at him with sheepish grins on their faces. He chuckled a little bit before turning his attention towards his sisters, who were fidgeting with their fingers nervously.


All of a sudden, Indira bowed her head deeply and said, “Thank you, Annayya!”


Priya, who was startled by Indira’s behaviour, quickly tried to follow by bowing a little and saying, “Thanks… Annayya…”


Lakshman continued to smile at them, but a slight expression of sadness came over his face. They were his sisters and so, they did not need to bow to him like that, but they did it anyway. That action made it seem like they treated him a little bit like a stranger than a blood related brother, which saddened him a little.


“Well, it’s to be expected when I’m always busy and can’t find time to spend with them,” thought Lakshman in a sad voice while inwardly sighing deeply. “Anyway, I better start fresh from here onward, otherwise, father and mother will be very upset.”


“Do your best!” Lakshman said in a sharp firm voice that surprised them and made them straighten up to look him in the face. “You are my sisters and no matter what people say about you; that simple fact won’t change. So, stay strong, do your best and move firmly to achieve your goals because I’ll always be there to help you. Count on it!”


His last words were declared in a firm voice with a serious expression on his face that surprised the twins. There were a few seconds of silence before the two began to shed tears from their eyes as they rushed forward and hugged their brother in a tight embrace. Lakshman was surprised beyond belief at their sudden charge to hug him, but he recovered and hugged them back warmly.


This warm scene was witnessed by the wives of the Phoenix Titan, who all smiled warmly at the heart touching scene. So, just like that, it was decided for Priya and Indira to attend Astral Academy for higher education for their future.



Several minutes later, Priya and Indira came rushing downstairs with bags riding on their backs as they were on their way to attend a tutorial session to prepare for the Astral Academy entrance examination. While they came down, Ondine appeared from the kitchen with two large boxes full of food for the twins to eat.


“Here’s your lunch. I hope it tastes good because I made them,” said Ondine hopefully as she handed the lunchboxes over to the girls.


“Whatever you and Emilia vodina cook will taste wonderful!” Priya said happily and Indira nodded her head energetically.


“So sweet of you,” said Ondine and she rubbed both of their hairs once blissfully. “Now, go on, or you’ll be late for your session.”


“Right! See you vodina and see you too, Emilia vodina!” Indira and Priya said in unison.


“Take care!” Emilia called from the kitchen and the two of them smiled before leaving for the living room.


As they arrived, the silence broke the room was filled with happiness as the women turned to look at the twins enter as they were in the process of stuffing their lunchboxes inside their bags.


“Go safely and return victoriously,” said Silvera firmly with a confident smile on her face.


Tetra looked at her with a raise eyebrow and said, “They’re not attending an exam; they’re just going to a tutorial!”


“I know that, but it helps all the same!” Silvera replied firmly with a smile on her face.


“Pay attention in class and note down the important key points. Emilia will help you out in the evening and so will I if I return by evening.”


“Okay vodina,” said Priya as she beamed at her.


“Study hard, you two!” Sonia said bracingly and the twins beamed at her.


They turned and seeing Zen sitting nearby, they greeted him briefly before going on their way towards the entrance. As they reached it, the two of them stopped and turned to look towards their brother in silence. They stared at him for a moment before smiling widely and saying in unison, “Goodbye annayya!”


Lakshman chuckled and said, “Have a good day, you two!”


Waving at each other, the twins walked out of the house and were met with two Phintex Rajas, who were their escort. They placed their hand on the other’s shoulder before being warped into thin air as they transported from there to the location of the tuition.


Once they left, Zen turned to Lakshman and asked, “Your sisters sure are beautiful for their age. I’m sure the boys will form a crowd behind them.”


Lakshman laughed and said, “All boys do, but they better watch out because they have me to contend with. Still, that doesn’t mean I’ll interfere if there’s love, but Ill check to ensure the person they love is a good man that’ll look after them for life.”


Zen smiled and said, “Spoken like a true caring brother!”


Lakshman smiled at him and instantly became serious when he heard a voice in his mind telepathically say, “Lakshman! Dominic just left his house with his wife and child. They suddenly disappeared.”


“Teleporting Blade,” muttered Lakshman and they all turned to look at him curiously. Then, in his mind, he telepathically said to the speaker, “Very well. It’s time we leave. You can return now, Atem.”


A few seconds later, Atem materialised from out of thin air just outside the house and he breathed a deep sigh. He quickly walked into the house just as Emilia brought a tray of water filled glasses for all of them.


“That was close!” Atem exclaimed in exhaustion. “He almost caught me spying on them, but got distracted by his wife.”


Lakshman nodded in understanding and said, “I warned you his Destiny Blade can detect those observing them, even if they were over 300 kilometres away.”


“Yeah, but his wife went him. It’s a relief it went exactly like you told me it would,” said Atem as he sat down on a spare chair near Lakshman.


“Naturally,” replied Lakshman with a smiling expression on his face. “Shalany is worried about his mental stability and so, decided to go with him and take her child as a morale support. It’s exactly what a caring wife should do to any husband that’s lost their confidence.”


“Indeed!” Atem said firmly before gulping down the rest of the water and placing it on the table before him. He sighed deeply and said, “Right! I think it’s time we leave as well.”


“Yeah,” replied Lakshman with a nod of his head before rising to his feet. “Let’s go.”


As his wives rose to their feet, Zen also rose to his feet and hesitantly asked, “Um… Lakshman… About today’s meeting…”


Lakshman sighed deeply and turned to him before he said firmly, “Zen, I told you once and I’ll tell you once again; I’m not a salesman. Let them believe what they want to believe and bear the consequences for their mistake.”


“B-But…! We can’t just leave them be!” Zen said desperately in a pleading voice. “They are part of the Human Continent and we may not like to agree, but the past kings had provided various funds and assistance to both the Floria Kingdom and the Phoenix Clan a long time ago! It’s wrong to not try and convince them properly to join our cause because it concerns the entire world! Please…! Think about it…!”


Lakshman stood stock still and did not saying anything for several seconds as silence formed in the room. His wives, along with Atem, looked at him silently as well as they all awaited his decision. He finally sighed and reluctantly turned around to face Zen once again.


“Okay, Zen. I accept your argument,” said Lakshman and Zen smiled in relief. “Try to convince them how much as you can before I return in the evening. If they are still unconvinced by that time, then I’ll do what I must to get this matter into their brains.”


Zen looked hugely relieved as he said, “Thanks, Lakshman! That makes me feel very happy!”


Lakshman silently patted Zen’s shoulder a few times bracingly before turning around to face his wives.


“Okay. Let’s go,” said Lakshman and he waited for them all to exit out of the house before going after them.


“Say it!” Emilia said loudly, which made him stop and turn around to face him. “Say the words.”


Lakshman looked at her in puzzlement before remembering what she was asking of him to perform. It made him smile widely at her in cheerfulness, which caused her and Ondine, who was behind her, to smile as well.


“We’re leaving, but we’ll be back soon.”


Emilia nodded in satisfaction and said, “Come home safely.”


“Yeah! Bring home a friend for lunch!” Ondine said excitedly. “We’ll cook the best!”


Lakshman chuckled and his smile went down a little as he muttered, “If my suspicions are correct, he’ll turn out to be more of a rival than a real friend.”


“Did you say something?” Ondine asked curiously.


“I was saying I’m looking forward to it!” Lakshman said loudly in a forced excited voice. “Anyway, I best be going before it gets late and we end up coming for dinner.”


“Good luck,” Emilia wished with a smile on her face and Lakshman returned that smile.


“Thanks,” he replied before walking out of the house and out into the sunlight.

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thanks for reading the chapter. It took some time to write this chapter, but here it is. This should explain a bit of what each of the heroines are doing and what our hero’s going to do next, So, I hope you like it and will look forward to more as the story continues!

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