Lakshman vs. Lagron



The Dragon Titan and the Phoenix Titan began to clash fiercely with both moving incredibly fast, so fast that it proved to be difficult to track even with trained eyes. The punches and kicks they slammed against each other created shock waves that went on all sides and caused the ground to shake every now and then. The force at which they fought was immeasurable as their fighting power just kept increasing as the intensity got raised by their battling strength.


“What’s wrong?! I thought you’d be faster!” Lagron shouted gleefully as he fought his rival forcefully.


Lakshman did not reply because he was busily concentrating on blocking and attacking as much as possible. It appeared that the Dragon Titan was slightly faster than the Phoenix Titan, which caused Lakshman to grit his teeth in frustration. He was very surprised that his rival had grown so strong that it amazed him and frustrated him at the same time.


Lakshman dodged three of the punches his rival threw at him before attempting to attack him, but was startled when Lagron dodged his fists. Before he could react, however, Lagron moved quickly forward and delivered ten consecutive punches that left Lakshman winded while he flew several meters away. As he attempted to recover quickly, Lagron rushed after him and slammed him across the face, sending him flying towards the ground.


As the Phoenix Titan crashed on the ground, a large cloud of dust rose into the air and covered the area. Lagron hovered in mid-air and aimed his hands at the area his rival had crash at before firing energy blasts rapidly at high speed. Explosions occurred upon contact and smoke soon began to spread around the area while Lagron continued to fire. Almost a minute later, Lagron stopped and remained airborne while looking down at the spreading smoke with satisfaction.


“Unbelievable,” he said in a loud carrying voice. “I can’t believe you’re down already, idiot.”


As response, the clouds of smoke parted as Lakshman began to surge with power while screaming out loud in anger. The next moment, he kicked off the ground and flew towards his rival as fast as he could while pulling back his fist to hit his rival.


Lagron saw him coming and pulled back at the last second to dodge the attack, but he was startled to find that Lakshman had changed the trajectory of his fist at the last second. Thus, Lakshman slammed his fist against Lagron’s face and sent him flying several meters away before while chasing after him. Stunned from the blow, Lagron found himself defenceless while Lakshman delivered rapid blows to his fast and gut before pummelling him towards the ground.


As the Dragon Titan soared towards the ground and crashed heavily, Lakshman slowly descended from where he hovered while a cloud of ruse rose from where his rival had crashed. There was a bit of blood coming from his mouth, but he wiped it away with his hand as he landed on his feet to stare seriously at the spot his rival had crashed. Several seconds later, the clouds of smoke cleared as the Dragon Titan surged with power while roaring wildly before calming down to stare at his rival with a wide grin on his face.


“This is much better,” he said as if he was complementing his rival. “Now, let’s continue!”


The moment he finished speaking, he opened the palms of his hands and began to generate balls of lighting in them. The next instance, he aimed them towards his rival and sent them flying away at great speed that made it difficult to avoid.


Not willing to dodge what he thought was a mere attack lightning balls, Lakshman held his hand out and said, “Maga Distrab.”


An invisible wave of wind rushed towards the incoming attack and slammed it head on, but nothing seemed to happen. The charging attack continued towards its target and upon reaching a surprised Lakshman, it stopped and expanded several meters into a large sphere. Lakshman, suddenly, found himself caught within the radius and screamed in pain as electric current began to zap through his body.


“What the?!” he exclaimed through the pain while attempting to get away, but found that he could not.


It appeared that the shock of receiving such an attack numbed his body movement and he turned to see Lagron launch several more of these electric discharging balls. They soared at him and just like the first one, expanded into a large sphere and began to channel even more lightning into him.


“Damn! I have to get away, otherwise, I’m a sitting target!” he thought desperately.


As he predicted, Lagron charged towards him at high speed after firing the last of the electric discharging balls. Realising he was in for trouble and having no choice, Lakshman gathered energy into the open palm of his hand and allowed it to drop just a few centimetres from him to explode. The force from the explosion wounded him a little bit from his own attack, but the force had sent him safely away from Lagron.


Lagron stopped a few meters from where the electric discharging spheres hovered as they slowly collapsed and vanished without a target to shock. Lakshman stood several meters away from both Lagron and the shocking location while breathing a little from the explosion of his own energy ball.


“I thought that was your Dragon Lightning Ball, but it’s a new technique?!” Lakshman exclaimed at Lagron and the Dragon Titan smiled widely.


“I had a feeling you’d have some counter spell to destroy my attacks, so I made new techniques,” said Lagron with a proud smile on his face. He instantly generated the electric discharging balls in his hand and held it up as he said, “Introducing to you… the Dragon Discharge Ball.”


“Dragon Discharge Ball…” said Lakshman and he nodded his head in understanding. “I’m guessing it’s a technique that paralyses your enemies and numbs their movement along with blocking the use of their mouths so they don’t use spells. I’m impressed you made up such a technique.”


“No. I’m impressed you used your idiotic brain to understand my brilliance,” replied Lagron arrogantly with an extremely arrogant expression while he wore a wide smile on his face.


“Tch!” Lakshman said with an annoyed look on his face. “I told you not to call me that, knucklehead!”


This time, it was Lagron’s turn to get very irritated as he shouted, “Same to you, fool! My name’s not Kuncklhead! I’m Lagron Rodraigun and learn to respect that name, idiot!”


As he finished shouting, he began to launch more of the Dragon Discharge Balls at Lakshman, making the Phoenix Titan react quickly. He began to dodge them by moving away from them or soaring around them in order to move closer towards the caster to beat up his rival. Still, it proved to be a difficult task by simply dodging, he decided to do something to give him the chance.


Lakshman rocketed into the air at high speed and came to stop in mid-air before clapping his hands as he shouted the techniques out loud while Lagron watched in surprise.


“Thousand Army!”


There was a sudden flash of light that momentarily blinded the Dragon Titan and he stopped firing his attacks to cover his eyes desperately. As the flash dimmed and disappeared, he managed to recover his eyes quickly to look up to find where his rival was. He was taken aback to suddenly find himself facing lot of Lakshman rivals hovering high in the air and grinning down at him.


“Duplicates or just illusions?” Lagron muttered as he cautiously observed the numerous copies hovering in mid-air.


“Let’s go guys!” shouted one of the copies and the rest began to fly towards Lagron at high speed.


Not hesitating one bit, Lagron began to launch his Dragon Discharge Balls in every direction that he could see a copy attempting to get at him. As the ball flew away and discharged, several of the copies within the radius exploded into dust and disappeared instantly. This confirmed Lagron’s suspicions and he smiled as he began to spin rapidly to launch his attacks everywhere.


As soon as he launched his attacks, he disappeared to reappeared several meters high in the air before he aimed his hands down at where the numerous copies where. He instantly gathered energy into the palms of his hands and launched a huge red wave of destruction that soared down and slammed exactly where all the copies caught in the electric discharging sphere were.


The energy wave slammed hard into the ground and instantly vaporised all the caught ones while destroyed several more that attempted to escape from the wave. As the smoke cleared, a deep hole with a large diameter was found along with a thirty of Lakshman copies still remaining. These copies aimed up and began to launch energy blasts at their enemy.


Lagron deflected every energy blast easily by moving his arms to send them flying away in another direction. Then, after deflecting the last of the energy blasts, he aimed his arms down and once again, launched two set of energy waves that soared down to where the copies of Lakshman stood. They attempted to dodge the attack, but were surprised to find that the wave was chasing after them.


“It’s the Dragon Homing Wave!” one of the copies shouted out loud for the rest to hear. “It follows us like tails that are unshakable!”


“He’s trying to find out who the real one is!” shouted another one of the copies.


“Let’s attack him before it gets us!” another one shouted out of the crowd of copies.


Agreeing at that suggestion, they all simultaneously began to fly in the upward direction towards their common enemy. Lagron hovered in the air and smiled down at them with an almost cheerful smile on his face as if he was mocking their attempt to attack him.


“They really think I’ll let them attack me so easily? All of them are as idiotic as him,” said Lagron with a laugh, but he secretly though with seriousness, “Still, from the amount of power he used, he’s not fighting me seriously.”


Lagron suddenly dived down and soared straight towards one group of Lakshman copies before grabbing them all in a strong hold. With the same movement, Lagron continued to head straight down at an incredible speed by surging with power before letting go of the group and soaring away at the last second.


As the group crashed and vanished in a puff of smoke, Lagron soared straight towards the other group and fired a mega large energy wave of destruction at them. This group attempted to fly away, but Lagron got in their way and punched them so hard that they instantly in a puff of smoke. The remainder of the copies got incinerated by the wave of destruction as they had no other option to take.


As the smoke cleared and brought the view to normal, Lagron could see only one Lakshman hovering several meters from him. Lakshman was looking around at the destruction of his thousand copies in disbelief before looking back at Lagron with an angry expression on his face.


“Damn!” he cursed as Lagron made a wide grin on his face.


“It’s easy to do the numbers when you’re as powerful as me,” said Lagron and a glint appeared in his eyes.


Without waiting a second, Lagron charged forward and punched Lakshman in the gut, but Lakshman blocked it and retaliated by slamming his fist against Lagron’s face. The impact from the blow surprised the Dragon Titan, but it did not stop him as he returned the attack with force and punched Lakshman hard in the gut, winding him in the process.


Before his enemy could retaliate, Lagron began a barrage of fists and kicks at his stunned opponent before sending him flying away. As Lakshman soared away. A dark look appeared over Lagron as he stared at his enemy flying away while being unable to recover quickly from the shock.


“Time to end this once and for all!” Lagron shouted with a mad look on his face.


He extended his hand in front of him and began to gather a large amount of energy, which soon formed into a large ball in the palm of his hands. Within seconds he was ready to fire and he glared at Lakshman, who was slowly recovering with a deadly look on his face as he shouted the techniques out loud.




A violent crimson red wave was unleashed and it soared away at high speed towards a slowly recovering Phoenix Titan. Lakshman turned just in time to get a glimpse of the wave before it engulfed him completely. Lagron smiled as he sensed the defeat of his rival when he was shocked to find out that the Lakshman he had fired at suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke.


“What?!” Lagron exclaimed in shocked disbelief because he could not believe what just happened. “That idiot blew up into smoke…? No…! He’s probably another fake made to be believed as the real one…!” Lagron began looking around desperately as he asked himself, “Then, where the hell is the real one…?!”


He was looking around wildly and tried sensing the presence of his opponent’s whereabouts, but something else happened. A magic circle suddenly appeared beneath where he stood and he widened his eyes in shock as he heard a familiar voice shout from somewhere nearby.


“Movement Zone: Stop!”


In an instant, Lagron’s entire body became immovable and he could not budge even an inch from where he hovered like a statue. All he could do was move his eyes and see what was happening while listening without causing any interference.


“Crap! I fell into a trap!” he thought angrily. “I should’ve realised that idiot was luring me into a false sense of victory by making it easy for me to handle his copies.”


Then, his heart sank as he heard a techniques name increasingly as the power for its output increased.




As the voice roared the last word, Lagron managed to looked up to see someone hovering above him, who turned out to be the Phoenix Titan. Lakshman screamed the last word and brought his palms downward to where Lagron hovered like a frozen statue who could only state up at him in shock.


As the massive blue energy wave of destruction descended down on him, Lagron closed his eyes and thought fiercely, “Dragon Armour Energize!”


In an instant, slightly transparent bulky red armour of magic appeared to hover a meter above his head via the voiceless incantation he performed. The large blue wave of destruction descended and slammed heavily against the armour as the defensive object fought back to defend its caster. The two powerful forces collided for several seconds before Lakshman applied more energy to triumph over the armour of defence and push it down along with its caster.


Lagron and the armour got pushed down forcefully and the speed of decent increased dramatically as the force behind the wave increased. Soon, the ground appeared and the next moment, Lagron and the armour crashed before the wave hit the spot where they crashed at, resulting in a mighty explosion. A powerful gust of wind and shock waves were unleashed by it as well as a large amount of smoke that covered the entire area with its presence.


Lakshman looked down at the spot of explosion silently for a moment before slowly floating away to land several meters away from there. As he landed lightly on the ground, he slowly turned around to look at the smoke now billowing around the area. Then, all of a sudden, the smoke was forced away and a wild blowing wind was released as Lagron roared like a dragon as he rocketed into the sky while surging with power, causing the Phoenix Titan to follow his eyes after his rival.


The Dragon Titan soared over head and looked at the place Lakshman with an angry look on his face before soaring a few meters forward and touching down on the ground. He breathed a huge sigh and stared at his opponent through narrowed eyes that were filled with anger. They stared at each other in silence for a few seconds before Lagron finally broke it.


“You know… For once, I’m curious about how you fooled me into fighting your fake. Is it a new technique?” asked Lagron through narrowed eyes with a serious look on his face. “Also, the way you made me freeze in mid-air with being unable to do anything! Was that a new technique of yours as well?”


Lakshman remained silent for a moment before he smiled as he said, “Lagron… I feel pity for you.” These words made Lagron very angry, but he contained his composure as Lakshman continued speaking. “Thinking nothing has changed between us or you’ve grown stronger than me is wrong. It’s been a very long time since we met and we’ve developed new skills compared to our ancestral lives. Still, the only things that didn’t seem to change are our signature techniques.”


“Pft,” said Lagron loftily. “Phonikalachalara and Rushankara. Didn’t change much, but others did.”


“Maybe so, but your skilful use of Voiceless Incantation helped you out from my attack, otherwise, you’d be in a far worse state than you’re currently in,” said Lakshman as he looked at the bruises and blood seeping out of cuts on Lagron’s body.


Lagron looked at himself for a moment before looking back at his rival with a wide grin on his face.


“I don’t feel it,” he said with a grinning face as if he did not care. “After facing through the countless battles, witnessing my limbs get crushed over and over and facing near death situations made me worry less about my body wounds and concentrate on achieving victory. Never give up, never surrender and never stand down! That’s my principle in life, but you know that since you also share them.”


“Yes, but I’m not as stubborn as you, knucklehead,” said Lakshman with a cheerful smile on his face. “Now, about explaining my techniques—?”


Lakshman stopped speaking because Lagron held up his hand in a gesture to stop him speaking.


Lagron stared at him with a serious expression on his face as he said, “Don’t give me your explanations after giving me a lecture about not changing from past to present nonsense. It’ll feel like I was begging for that information, which I wasn’t, so I don’t care about it. I’ll just figure them out and beat you at them!”


Lakshman smiled a little as he asked, “You’re going to use that awesome brain, I suppose?”


Lagron noted that Lakshman was making fun of him and he smiled in return as he retorted, “I’m just smarter than you, idiot. You’re just a moron that had a lot to rule, but nothing left to protect! I’m sure you know what I’m getting at…?”


As Lagron sneered with a smiling face, Laskhman did not respond immediately because he was well aware of what the Dragon Titan was saying to him. Lagron was making fun of the fact that Lakshman was the ruler of the entire world, but failed to protect his wives from certain death they faced at the hands of his own young brother in the ancient times.


Lakshman narrowed his eyes and instantly became serious as he replied, “That… was in the past, but I don’t plan on repeating that mistake ever again.”


Lagron’s grin widened as he said sonically, “So you say, but I feel I’ve heard that dialogue far too often to give a damn about.”


Lakshman’s temper instantly sky rocketed and he became very angry for the first time in his life. The topic of his wife’s deaths in the ancient times was a taboo subject to him and yet, Lagron was making fun of that fact. This infuriated him so much that he began to surge with wild power and caused the ground to shake while a strong blowing wing picked up as shock waves were sent in all directions.


“Don’t mock my past!” Lakshman yelled with a fierce look on his face.


Lagron acted as if he was surprised while saying, “Oh…? It makes you angry to hear it…?” All of a sudden, he began to surge with wild power like Lakshman and he glared fiercely at his rival before speaking again. “Tell me how I would feel knowing that you were playing around with me until now! You think I’m some sort of toy to play around, ha? I’m the Dragon Titan dammit! Learn to respect me!”


Lakshman was surprised by his words and he replied honestly, “I wasn’t toying with you or anything! At first, I wasn’t sure how strong you were because of how furiously you attacked me, so I decided to try something out! That’s all there is to it! Stop assuming something else and getting angry over it! Drop your ego level for crying out loud!”


Lagron raised one eye and glared at him darkly as he shouted, “My ego will be the same and you are also the same as ever, Asura!”


Lakshman remained silent for a moment before he replied curtly, “I’m not Asura anymore.”


“What?!” Lagron exclaimed sharply.


“Like I said, my name’s not Asura anymore! We’ve been reincarnated, knucklehead! Now it’s—!”


“I don’t give a damn about your new name!” Lagron shouted as he cut before Lakshman could finish his sentence. “Your name might as well mud as far as I’m concerned, but to me you will always be the Asura that dared to defeat me each and every time we ever faced, but that’ll change! This time, victory will be mine!”


Those words made Lakshman smile warmly at his rival as he said, “Alright. Let’s stop playing around and begin what you’ve been screaming for!”


Lagron smiled widely at those words before he replied, “Finally, once in a while, we agree on something.”


The two warriors glared at each other in silence before beginning to scream, “AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!”


Their screams could be heard loud and clear for only a moment before wild blowing wings began to blow in all directions. Their radiating power increased dramatically and it created a swell of shock waves that were sent everywhere while the ground shook forcefully from them unleashing their powers.


As their unbelievable power increased to unimaginable levels, the ground began to crack and explode everywhere around them while the Dragon Tower shook violently as if it was going to collapse. Lakshman’s companions standing at quite a distance away from the Dragon Tower, glanced around anxiously, worried that the word might collapse from the intense force being unleashed from the two warriors.


“This is unbelievable!” Atem shouted in shock as he looked around wildly in alarm. “Their power is incredible! It’s making the entire world shake!”


“Yeah and they’re slowly destroying it by just powering up to their maximum!” Sonia said sharply with narrowed eyebrows as she looked towards the place where her husband and his rival stood.


“That’s true, but Lucky would’ve been even stronger if he used his Sacred Spirit,” said Silvera sadly as she felt lonely from not being with her husband as he powered up.


Tetra looked at her in alarm before replying, “That’s not a good idea. Adding our released power to his would just create an immeasurable amount of power that would very well destroy a portion of the land!”


“Yes. That is bad,” said Sumara in agreement while looking towards her husband with a worried look on her face.


At that moment, all of them heard Lakshman’s voice speaking telepathically in all of their minds at once.
“You guys get the hell away from here! It’s too dangerous for you to stay here any longer and don’t think stupidly that an Emperor ranked Barrier Magic Spell will stop what’s coming! It won’t help, so get away as far as possible now!” Lakshman spoke to them telepathically in a serious voice.


The five of them were momentarily stunned by his words before they regained their composure to look at one another.


“He’s right,” replied Sonia while nodding her head in understanding.


“I think getting away is a smart idea cause’ I’m not liking this shaking feeling,” said Atem with a nervous smile on his face as the ground started shaking more violently than before.


Sonia looked around at them and seeing them nodding in return, she smiled and rose into the air. Everyone followed after her, but Sumara remained behind as she stared at her husband with an anxious expression on her face while putting her hands together nervously. She was worried about her husband because something told her he would not be getting out of it unscathed like he always did before.


“Sumara! Hurry up!” Sonia shouted from high above.


Startled by her sudden shouting, Sumara replied hastily, “R-Right…!”


She glanced once at her husband powering up before using her magic to fly after Tetra.


Meanwhile, on the battle ground, Lakshman and Lagron continued to power up as much as they could. The ground had a lot of cracks formed on its surface while several areas of the ground exploded into pieces. Even the shaking ground intensified as their powering up lasted for almost thirty seconds.


Lakshman concentrated all his energy into powering up when he sensed the presence of his companions moving away from their previous positons. He smiled in happiness in succeeding to make them get away from there because he had a feeling that their battle would bring them into danger. So, with them not in any immediate danger, he put his full concentration into powering up to the max.


It took almost a minute for the both of them to finally power up to the max and as they did, each stopped powering up instantly and began to radiate in their respective colour in smooth fashion.


“Now, we’re at max power, so who’s going to make the first move?” Lagron asked curiously with a mocking grin on his face.


Lagron knew what the answer to that question was, but he still asked anyway because he wanted to hear it from his rival’s mouth. Lakshman knew this because this was not the first time the Dragon Titan had asked him such a silly question, but he decided to respond like he always did in the past.


“The first move is yours.”


“Yeah like it always is!” Lagron replied proudly with a wide grin on his face. “RRAAAAGGGHHHH!!!”


He roared like a dragon and kicked hard off the ground with great force that sunk the ground a little. In a split second, he covered the distance separating him and his rival before appearing before Lakshman, who was ready. He had anticipated his rival would attempt to quickly overwhelm him, so he prepared himself by pulling back his fist while being at the ready.


As the two warriors stared fiercely into each other’s eyes, both brought their fists forward and had them collide in the centre. There was a violent release of force that shook the ground while sending a shock wave in all directions before a blinding light erupted and blinded everything in sight.

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thanks so much for reading this chapter! I really liked showing the starting of the battle between the two fierce warriors and now we’ll enter into their intense battle and I’m really excited to write about it. Sadly, though, my schedule just got a little busy and I need to keep up with it. So, I hope to write it as soon as I get some free time like today and share it with everyone. So, I hope that you liked it as well and will look forward to more as the battle rages on!

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