Concerned Wives



Lakshman clutched the area of his missing limb with an extremely pained look on his face because what he felt was beyond what could be expression through words. Only the sensation stung him so much that he felt as if thousand energy blasts were exploding where his missing limb was. He gritted his teeth as hard as he could to not let the pain seep out of him, but he eventually succumbed to it and screamed at the top of his lungs.




At that moment, as his screams could be heard loud and clear within the area, all of his wives suddenly felt a stinging feeling in their chest. Their eyes simultaneously widened with shock and they stopped doing whatever they were doing to clutch their chest tightly while their faces became covered with worry.



Emilia, who was cleaning in the kitchen, suddenly let go of the dish she was holding, which flew down and smashed inside the sink. She has frozen from the shock she felt at the realisation that her husband was severely wounded in some way and his pain was causing her anguish, Ondine, who also felt the same, reacted in surprise to the crash of the dish before quickly moving over to stand beside her.


“Emilia…?” she asked quietly in a concerned voice.


Without saying a word, Emilia sank to her feet and began to cry silently into the hands she placed over her face. Ondine quickly knelt down beside her and held her shoulders firmly, which shook as she began crying. Tears also appeared on her face, but Ondine tried her hardest to calm herself down before speaking to Emilia.


“E-Emilai,” she stammered in a firm way to try and force herself into calmness. “Calm down… I think it was just something random… I mean, Lucky won’t be so hurt that we’d be feeling this, right…?”


Emilia shook her head without saying anything while continuing to cry silently on the floor.


Ondine sighed and looked up at the Crystal Clock attached to the wall facing the entrance of the room. It was almost twelve noon and this made her realise that Priya and Indira would be arriving home for lunch.


“Oh no! The twins will be coming!” she said and she jumped to her feet. “I need to get their lunch prepared and get them going again soon.” She turned to look down at Emilia and said quickly, “Emilia, quickly go upstairs and lock yourself in your room! Make sure not to let them know anything’s happened, okay? It wouldn’t be right of us to let them worry needlessly!”


Emilia snorted slightly before looking up at her through tear filled eyes before nodding her head in agreement. So, she quickly got up with the help from Ondine before going upstairs and walking into her room before closing the door behind. As she locked the room door, she sagged and collapsed on the floor once more and began to cry in earnest for the sadness she felt at the pain her husband was experiencing.



Cantia, who was stationed in the courtyard at the castle, suddenly felt a stinging feeling in her chest and her eyes widened as she lost her footing. As she knelt down in surprise, her co-workers started in surprise and quickly went over to check whether she was alright.


“Are you okay, Cantia?”


“Were you injured in the trail battle?”


“Did something happen?”


Cantia sighed deeply and replied firmly, “No! Nothing out of the unusual here. I just felt a little dizzy and lost my footing. That’s all.”


They seemed to be worried as they helped her to her feet before they asked again in concerned. She accepted their concern with a smile and told them to not worry about her, stating all she needed was to drink plenty of water since it was pretty hot and there was a high chance for dehydration.


As she headed off towards the canteen area where the warrior ate, she clutched her chest tightly and closed her eyes before she prayed, “Lucky… Please be safe…!”



Inside the office room, Venezuela was seated on her chair and clutched her shirt tightly near her chest. It was a painful sensation that she had once felt before when her husband was going through turmoil after learning about his parents’ deaths. Now, once again, she was feeling something similar to that as if her husband was experiencing extreme pain of some sort.


“Uh… Lucky…” she whispered softly in a concerned voice.


She slowly turned towards Erza and saw that her face was the same, but she was softly crying without uttering a sound. Surprised, Venezuela quickly rose to her feet and walked over to Erza before hugging her warmly to stem the flow of her tears.


“He’s… hurt…! Very… hurt…!” Erza whispered softly while shedding tears through her eyes.


“It’s okay… He’ll be fine… He’s the Phoenix Titan and more importantly, he’s lucky! He’ll take all of our luck and get through whatever he’s going through!” Venezuela said calmly in a reassuring voice. “So… Calm down, Erza… He won’t like it to see you crying like this… or any of us for that matter…”


Erza remained silent for a moment before nodding her head in return as she replied, “Y-You’re… right… Venezuela… Sorry… I… I got carried away by my feelings…”


Venezuela smiled a little as she replied, “Don’t you think I’m worried about him as well…? Unfortunately, we have a task to complete and knowing him, I’m sure he’ll want answers as to why we abandoned them to worry needlessly about his safety. Besides, if anyone finds out that we were crying like this, a rumour would spread about us losing our nerve or something.”


Erza sniffed before she smiled and said, “You’re right. The world of politics sure loves to find something to gossip about and bring down the other from glory.” She straightened up in her chair and cleared her eyes before sniffing and saying to Venezula, “I’m fine. Thanks for that.”


Venezuela smiled in return and she headed back to her desk as she thought hopefully, “Please Lucky… Come back to us safely… We’re really worried about you…!”



In the Dragon World, Sumara, Tetra, Silvera and Sonia all widened their eyes sharply as an intense pain stung them in the chest. They clutched their clothes near their chest and gritted their teeth to control the pain, which was similar to how they felt when Lucky was on the verge of self-destruction.


Silvera, who was feeling extremely agitated and worried for the safety of her husband, looked in the direction the battle was taking place moment before as she cried out, “Lucky!”


Without pausing, she began to surge with power and kicked off the ground to fly in towards him as fast as she could.


“Ah!” Tetra said as she raised a hand in an attempt to stop her, but was too late to do it.


She sighed deeply and closed her eyes before surging with power and kicking off the ground to follow after Silvera. Sumara watched the two of them fly off at high speed and was torn between going after them or staying where they were and do nothing about this bad feeling she felt greatly.


“Let’s go, Sumara,” said Sonia in encouragement and Sumara looked at her in surprise. “It’s not our place to stay here and do nothing while our husband is feeling extreme pain.”


Sumara looked surprised for a moment before making a determined expression on her face before she replied firmly, “Yeah.”


Together, Sonia and Sumara surged with power and like Tetra and Silvera, flew into the air and soared away towards where they sensed their husband to be. Atem was left behind by everyone as he watched the four women take off all of a sudden without saying a single word to him.


“W-What the…? W-Why…? Um…” he stuttered as he was confused by what just happened. “Can’t you girls give me some explanations before you take off like that?!”


Feeling annoyed, he also surged with power and flew into the air to follow after the rest.



Lakshman slowly descended towards the ground and landed gently on his feet while clutching the area that his limb was missing from. Blood was slowly spilling from there as he gritted his teeth from the sheer pair he was experiencing, but managed to control his emotions. Still, he became furious as he looked towards his rival with a menacing glare in his eyes.


Lagron, who seemed to be smiling in pride, said in a mocking voice, “You know… I really love to make fun of you in your state, but,” he said and his eyes narrowed as the smile disappeared and was replaced with a serious expression on his face as he continued to say, “I don’t feel it…!”


Lakshman, despite the pain, managed to form a grin on his face as he asked softly, “Why…? You’re shocked you gave me this wound…?”


“In a sense,” said LAgron and he closed his eyes. “I thought of beating you, but not giving you a wound like that. So, just give up and quietly get the hell out of here…”


Something about the way he said it made Lakshman feel that his rival did not really mean them. It also confused him even further to see his rival close his eyes while speaking to him. The Lagron, he knew, would never avert his eyes no matter what from the person he speaks to. So, this behaviour was puzzling for the Dragon Titan he knew off.


“Look me in the eyes and tell me what you desire knucklehead,” said Lakshman in an annoyed voice.


Like he was asked, Lagron opened his eyes and stared at his rival for a moment before an extremely angry expression formed on his face.


“What I really desire…?!” he asked sharply before shouting in anger. “I’d love to beat the day lights out of you and do more damage to you than I ever managed to do before because what you did to me is irreversible! You shattered my pride, tore down my rank and defeated me each and every time I faced you and what’s more, you even saved my life as if I was a helpless child!”


“Well, you were,” replied Lakshman through gritted teeth as his arm stung a little.


“Enough!” Lagron shouted angrily and he began to surge with power. “You took away my place in the world as the number one strongest and I want it back, even if it means inflicting heavy damage onto—!”


He suddenly stopped speaking and his eyes widened sharply as he heard two woman’s voices shout, “How dare you hurt my husband?!”


The Dragon Titan turned around just in time to see two women wielding a radiating sword in their hands while soaring towards him. Just as they reached him and swung their swords at him, he fully turned to face them before catching their swords with his bare hands.


“Damn!” Silvera shouted in anger as she and Tetra attempted to push her sword down on him.


Lagron was visibly stricken with astonishment when he saw the two ladies before a small smile appeared on his face as he said, “Sneak attacks aren’t allowed ladies.”


Having firm grip on the two blades, he swung them around and the ladies with them before hurling them towards their husband. Tetra and Silvera, surprised by his move, flew through the air before flipping around and landing firmly on their feet. As they landed, their feet got dragged a few meters before stopping in front of Lakshman, who was surprised to see them there.


“Tetra… Silvera… What are you doing here…?” he asked them with a stern look on his face.


“We came to help you!” Tetra said firmly with a serious look on her face as he stared at Lagron.


Silvera turned around and upon glancing once at Lakshman’s missing arm, she cried out, “Lucky! Your arm!”


“Yeah… Things… happened…” he muttered unhappily while glancing at Lagron.


Silvera stared at his missing arm the blood slowly seeping out before turning around and glaring fiercely at the man that gave her husband such a wound.


“I will destroy you for this!” she bellowed at him while surging with fierce power.


Lagron, who had recovered from the initial surprise, made a wide grin on his face as he replied, “Oh really? Man, I’d love to see the kind of challenge his wives give me! Hahahaha!”


He laughed out loud as he found what he said to be funny, which made Tetra and Silvera to get angry while Lakshman made a complicated expression on his face. Just then, a shout of two women voices was heard from above as Sumara and Sonia launched joint attacks on the unsuspecting Dragon Titan.


“Storm Buster!”


“Angel Lances!”

A huge ball, that was emitting lightning, was launched from Sumara while multiple appearances of white lances were conjured by Sonia. The two attacks soared down towards Lagron at high speed while the Dragon Titan slowly look up at the attacks with raised eyebrows in surprise.


“Dragon Armour Energize,” he thought in his mind to activate the technique.


In an instant, red glowing armour appeared above his head and the two attacks soared down and collided against them with great force. There was a large explosion that caused the wind to blow wildly while shock waves were sent in all directions as smoke covered the area he was standing in. AS it slowly cleared, Lagron was seen still standing with an almost bored expression on his face.


“If you’re going to attack me in surprise, don’t shout your technique out loud,” said Lagron in a dull voice that shocked Lakshman’s wives. “Only Asura can because he’s the only one, that I know, who uses them properly.”


Sumara and Sonia were angered as they quickly soared over to land next to Tetra and Silvera while standing in front of Lakshman. Both glanced at his missing limbs and were angered greatly. Sonia faced forward to glare fiercely at Lagron while Sumara leaned closer to Lakshman with a concerned look on her face.


“Lucky…” she muttered with a really sad look on her face as she was close to tears.


“Stop that…” he said with a heavy sigh in exasperation. “I’m not dead or anything…”


“B-But… Your arm…”


“Leave it be. I’ll regrow it later with Restoration,” said Lakshman firmly to her before she could offer him any assistance.


“Eh? Why not now?” she asked with a confused look on her face, but he shook his head firmly.


“No way. Regrowing limbs is almost like torture, so I’ll deal with it once this is over,” replied Lakshman with a reassuring smile on his face.


“Lucky…” she said with feeling gushing forward as she looked at her husband in worry. “At least, let me stop the bleeding.”


So, she quickly activated her healing magic and managed to seal up his wound, which stung him a bit of pain. Still, he was grateful for her quick thinking because he was far too focused on what to do next instead of thinking about patching himself up first.


At that moment, their time together was cut short as Lagron just shouted, “Hey! Asura!”


“What?” Lakshman managed to shout back.


“Were you listening at all?!” Lagron demanded angrily.


Lakshman stared at him by raising an eyebrow before he said, “Sorry. I was busy talking to my wife. What did you say again?”


Lagron was speechless for a moment before he sighed and said, “I was saying I’m very surprised to see so many familiar faces today and was asking you whether your other wives were here or not.”


“Course’ they are, but are in my world right now,” replied Lakshman firmly.


“Figures,” said Lagron and he shrugged his shoulders before looking at the women. “Now, if you please, leave this area immediately. There’s an unfinished battle going on between me and your husband.”


“What?! You’re serious?!” Silvera shrieked in alarm.


“You want to battle him in his current state?!” Sonia exclaimed sharply.


Sumara walked forward and beseeched the Dragon Titan by asking, “He’s severely injured! Please, give him a break!”


Lagron seemed to hesitate for a moment and he slowly said, “Mmm… Okay… I’ll NEVER!!!”


He suddenly shouted the last word with such force that it created a wild wind to blow in their direction and buffet everyone.


“In the line of battle, a warrior must throw down everything he’s got to achieve victory, even if it means it’ll cost his life!” Lagron shouted at the ladies as his surging power caused the ground to shake violently. “Your husband knows this, but he’s too much of a chicken to tell you idiots to get lost!”


His words shocked Lakshman’s wives and Sumara shouted angrily, “You heartless bastard!”


“Whatever,” said Lagron as he casually shrugs her words aside. “Now, get lost before you ladies get hurt!”


“No way!” Sumara said and in unison, all of them stood firmly in front of their husband. “You’ll have to get through us if you want to get to him!”


“Exactly!” the others said in unison with firm looks on their faces as they were determined to protect their husband at all costs.


Lakshman, who stood behind their bodies acting as shields for him, groaned and said, “Ladies… Leave… I’ll handle him on my own just fine…”


“So way can you do that in your state!” Sonia said and she turned around to look worriedly at him. “Don’t worry. We’ll help you defeat him at any cost!”


“Stop,” he muttered before sighing in resignation.


His behaviour was like that because he knew for a fact that his rival would never dare attack women. In the ancient times, for some reason, Lagron seemed to always meekly listen to his wife more so than anyone. At that time, Lakshman thought it was due to his great love for his wife, but he later figured out it was due to deep respect for the opposite gender.


Like he expected, Lagron continued to hesitate to attack the ladies in front of him while gritting his teeth in frustration. He spoke firmly and in a scary manner in an attempt to scare them away, but it failed and they chose to protect their husband. He did not like the thought of hurting women. Still, his anger over his rival shielded by women made him so angry that he kind of bent his rule of not hurting women.


“Fine! Face my familiar!” he shouted and surprised them all. He clapped his hands together and immediately placed them on the ground as he thought, “Familiar Summoning.”


In an instant, he surged with power and activated the spell, which formed a large magic circle in front of him. A moment later, there was a blinding flash of light that caused everyone to either close or cover their eyes before the light dimmed to reveal a large creature in front of them.


It was a dragon that had similar proportions like Lakshman’s dragon familiar, but this one’s body was completely red. Its scales were spiky and its wings looked threatening as the creature stretched its body after just being summoned into that world. The red dragon raised its body and glared at them through fierce red eyes with black vertical pupils that seemed to threaten every fibre of their bodies.


“Meet the Pyro Dragon, but I call him Daigon,” said Lagron as introduction to his familiar. “Daigon. Say hello to them and while you’re at it, attack the women!”


“What?!” Lakshman exclaimed sharply in shock because he did not expect this turn of events.


The familiar red dragon, reared its head and let out a roar so loud that they felt their ear drums erupt out of their sockets. All the women closed their eyes and ears desperately because the noise was unbearable. Only Lakshman kept his ears open while staring at the dragon with wide eyes and a shocked expression on his face.


Atem, who was in the process of flying towards them, suddenly stopped in mid-flight and clutched his ears for dear life because he suddenly heard the noise.


“What in the angel blues is that?!” he exclaimed sharply while he tightly closed his ears.


The answer to his question came in the form of the Pyro Dragon, which appeared through the cleared clouds from the wild blowing wind that rushed everywhere from its roaring.


“Oh my god! It’s a dragon!” he yelled in utter shock with his eyes widening as reaction.


The dragon stomped its legs hard on the ground and the quake that followed felt so intense that they felt the entire world shake. In the process, the women almost lost their footing while stumbling around desperately in an attempt to keep standing. Only Lakshman seemed unaffected by all the shaking as he stared up at the huge dragon with a shocked look on his face.


Daigon opened its mouth wide and formed a large sphere like energy ball within its mouth that seemed to be emitting fire from its sides. As it prepared its attack, the wild blew so hard that it caused the women to finally lose balance against all the ground shaking effect and fall to the ground.


“Pyro Destroyer!” the dragon roared telepathically before launching the attack out of its mouth, which grew in size that was big enough to destroy a large proportion of the area they were currently in.


“No you don’t!” Lakshman shouted as he quickly recovered and reacted to the attack. He surged with mighty power and knelt down to place his hand on the ground before shouting, “Familiar Teleportation: Draga!”


In an instant, a large magic circle appeared just in front of him before a blinding flash of light occurred. Elsewhere, the Spirit Dragon was slumbering peacefully in Lakshman’s home world when, all of a sudden, a magic circle appeared beneath him followed by his sudden disappearance in a flash of light.


The Eternal Phoenix, Phylex, saw this and telepathically muttered, “Must’ve been summoned by master for something important. Lucky him…”


Back in the Dragon World, the flash of light dimmed to reveal Draga still sleeping exactly where Lakshman wanted to summon him.


“Wha…?” he muttered telepathically as he woke up because he felt something was wrong.


The quiet scenery and the boring atmosphere disappeared and was replaced by heavy pressure and intense power surge. Draga slowly opened his eyes and looked towards the powerful energy blast attack soaring towards him.


he exclaimed telepathically in shock before quickly reacting by telepathically the defending technique name. “Spirit Wall!”


In an instant, a spiritual like energy emitted from him before an invisible like barrier formed in front of him, covering Lakshman and his wives as well. The energy blast attack soared down and slammed against the barrier with intense force that caused the forces to clash heavily.


That lasted for a few seconds before a violent explosion occurred, which caused a heavy wind to blow everywhere and the ground around them to crack and explode violently. Very soon, it all died down and the smoke slowly cleared to reveal Lakshman’s group and Draga to have been uninjured. Lagron was left speechless because he was too stunned to react sooner because of suddenly seeing a dragon appear out of nowhere.


The Eternal Dragon glared fiercely at the Pyro Dragon, which returned the glare, before he telepathically asked Lakshman, “Hey…! What’s this about; suddenly transporting me from one world to another?”


“Yeah… Sorry about that, but I didn’t have time to communicate with you,” replied Lakshman in an apologetic voice.


“Hpmh! That’s fine because you brought me to fight the one that I’ve been really wishing to fight for a long time!” Draga telepathically said and he seemed to grin broadly in a dragon manner. He suddenly opened his largemouth wide and telepathically said, “Spirit Laser!”


In an instant, a powerful beam of blue spirit energy erupted from his mouth and it soared straight towards the Pyro Dragon before smashing him in the front. The laser energy was so strong that it actually lifted the dragon into the air and propelled him further away from them.


As the laser died out and the dragon continued to fly away from the push, Draga swung its wings hard down and created a wild blowing wind as it soared away to follow after its query. Lakshman watched his familiar dragon go after his rival’s familiar dragon before he turned to face the Dragon Titan with a serious expression on his face.


Lagron followed his familiar’s flight along with his rival’s familiar following after him before he finally recovered and said, “I’m amazed. You actually managed to form a Familiar Contract with a dragon.”


His eyes widened in surprise when he suddenly felt someone powering up while surging with raw power from behind. He turned around and noticed that his rival, Lakshman, was powering up while surging with power while radiating golden aura that surrounded him. He noted that the pressure the Phoenix Titan was creating felt strong as he also noted the seriousness in his rival’s eyes.


“I never thought the day would come for you to attack women!” Lakshman shouted at him in anger. “This change in you… I hate it!” He screamed the last words in a roar and he surged with more power than ever before. “I never thought you’d sink so low as to attack women, especially my wives, but you know one thing though…? Attacking my wives… makes me… MAD!!!”


He screamed the last word in heart felt anger that caused his power to skyrocket, which caused the ground to crack and explode here and there while the wind blew ferociously. The bellowing wind buffeted his wives forcefully, but it did not seem to have had any effect on Lagron, who folded his arms and smiled arrogantly at his irval.


“Ha!” Lagron said carelessly, “What’re you going to do? You’re weaker than me, remember?”


While surging with power, Lakshman glared at him in rage before he screamed, “Phoenix Force!”


“What?!” Lagron exclaimed and this time it was in shock. “Phoenix Force?!”




Lakshman screamed as his entire body began to glow in a bright glowing red aura that surrounded him. His pure black hair soon turned red and so did his pure black eyes, which changed to the colour red. The golden aura, that used to radiate, completely disappeared and he only radiated in pure fighting power that of red aura.


The ground shook violently, which felt as if the entire world was shaking as if the planet was going through turmoil. Even the air shook with extreme force that caused the girls to feel giddy, which caused them all to sit down as strength left their legs. Even the pressure in the air became intensified by the power he unleashed by powering up to new levels that he had never reached before until now.


Lagron watched him powering up with a disbelieving look on his face before he asked, “Incredible…! I can’t believe you also had a phoenix type force up your list of techniques to use…!”


It took Lakshman almost a minute to surge with power before he apparently reached his full maximum power. Despite him continuing to surge with power, Lagron suddenly found it difficult to sense just how much power his rival possessed. He assumed it to be his irregular emotions causing him to have difficulty sensing power levels due to the fact that his rival used a Force type technique.


Once he was ready, Lakshman glared fiercely at his rival and roared, “RRAAA!!!”


He surged with power once more before vanishing from the spot completely without a trace. Lagron widened his eyes in shock as he could not detect his rival’s presence and nor could he track his rival’s whereabouts with his Dragon Eyes, which were still locked onto him. So surprised, he began looking around everywhere for him when, all of a sudden, Lakshman reappeared to stand a meter away from his rival.


In slow motion, Lagron slowly turned to face him as he thought, “What…? His movements… I couldn’t read them at all…!”


Without warning, Lakshman clenched his fist, pulled it back and delivered it straight into Lagron’s gut. As the punch collided against his stomach, Lagron’s mouth opened wide in shock and he coughed out blood almost instantaneously while his eyes almost popped out of their socket. The next moment, Lagron lifted into the air and soared away from Lakshman at high speed while he was still in shock.


The Dragon Titan soared through the air and smashed through several mountain ranges before crashing to a painful stop. As dust slowly billowed into the air and the familiar dragons continued to battle nearby, Lakshman straightened up and glared after his rival a fierce look on his face while surging with pure red aura that surrounded him.


Lakshman breathed a deep sigh and said in a fierce voice, “Time to take you down!”

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thanks for reading the chapter! I hope you liked it very much because, while the battling was little, emotions are quite high at this point in time. Anyway, next chapter will be battle related like the last chapter so, I hope you’re excited as me and will look forward to it as the story contines!




Now, to explain away Phoenix Force… It’s like a Power Up boost, but at an extremely aggressive level as it pushes the body, the power and the force of the user to new heights. So, in practicality, he becomes faster, stronger, thinks quickly and reacts quickly. Of course, for such a technique, there is a catch; after effects. Yup! The after effects are major because you’re literally pushing up a lot of weight, imagine doing 1000 stomach crunches, in one go and doing it without break. So, stiffen muscles at extreme levels, quickly drains energy like from a broken jar of water and tiredness that needs quite a bit of time to slowly recover.


For those wondering if this is related to the Three Modes of Life, you’re on the right track. This one’s basically linked to the Power Mode and more importantly, the Power Burst Mode. Read the Wiki for their explanations because I’m tired writing the story after almost having my brain fizzle out!

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