Phoenix Titan vs. Dragon Titan (Re-battle)



The Dragon Titan was seen dug deep into a wall of a mountain side with his eyes closed while his teeth were gritting tightly. A moment later, he opened his eyes in a flash and groaned a little as he managed to pull himself out of the wall he was stuck in. As he was free and landed on his feet, he straightened up and glared into the distance where he was punched by his rival.


He spat blood out of his mouth and asked, “What good would one punch do to me, ha?”


In response, there was a whooshing wind followed by the sudden appearance of his rival as he stood firmly in front of him with his eyes staring fiercely into his rival’s.


“How about more?!” Lakshman asked in a fierce voice.


Lagron was surprised as Lakshman pulled his fist back and punched at Lagron’s face, but the Dragon Titan quickly reacted by moving his arm upwards in defence. As the Phoenix Titan’s fist collided against the Dragon Titan’s arm, a powerful shock wave was released as well as creating a stinging pain to Lagron.


“Gah!” Lagron exclaimed sharply and he pulled away to wave his arms desperately.


In an instant, Lakshman surged with power and moved so fast that it left Lagron only a moment to register what was happened. Lakshman moved forward and pulled back his fist before smashing it straight into his rival’s face, causing blood to seep out of his nose while pushing him back. Lagron clutched his bleeding nose and glared fiercely at his rival as Lakshman charged towards him.


As Lakshman reached him, he began to rapidly move his right arm in quick succession at Lagron in an attempt to hit him. Unfortunately, all of them were caught and pushed aside easily by the Dragon Titan, who seemed to have recovered from the earlier surprise attack.


After several attempts, Lagron caught one and held it firmly for a moment before using tremendous force to pull him towards him. As Lakshman sailed towards him with a surprised look on his face, Lagron lifted his left and cleanly smashed it into the gut of his rival, who groaned and coughed blood out of his mouth.


With the next moment, Lagron attempted to swing him upward and toss him into the air, but Lakshman quickly recovered to retaliate. He did this by using the firm grip Lagron on him to swing his body around and smash the back of the Dragon Titan’s head with his foot.


“Ah!” Lagron said in surprise as his eyes widened in surprise and he stepped forward while letting go of his rival.


Freed from his rival’s clutches, Lakshman almost smacked the ground with his face, but he used his only arm to steady himself. The next moment, he pushed himself into the air and flipped several times before landing on his feet with only a few meters separating him and his rival.


As Lakshman turned around to face his rival, Lagron looked over his shoulder and said, “You’re an idiot to think you can me in your state!”


“No need to doubt it,” replied Lakshman and he charged towards Lagron at super speed.


Lagron immediately reacted by turning around and unleashed a powerful wave of destruction towards his incoming rival. Lakshman saw the attack coming with only a second separating him and collision course, but he was anticipating this, which was why he stepped a little to the right in a split second to evade the attack and continue to charge towards his rival.


“What?!” Lagron exclaimed in disbelief because he could not believe that his rival had dodged that so fast.


He was so busy not believing what he had seen that he had completely taken his eyes off his rival. Lakshman, who noticed this, increased his speed even more and reached Lagron before delivering a powerful punch to the side of the Dragon Titan’s face. Lagron fleetingly glanced at him before blasting away several meters and crash landing on his feet with sheer force.


Lagron touched the side of his face and gritted his teeth in fury as he shouted, “Dammit!”


He whipped around and while surging with power, he rocketed towards Lakshman at high speed and engaged him close combat. It surprisingly proved to be an evenly matched battle for him despite Lakshman only having one arm and him at an advantage. The reason to this lay in Lakshman’s reaction speed, which allowed him to block all of Lagron’s attacks and retaliate using punches and kicks.


“Why…?! Why can’t my punches hit him…?!” Lagron thought furiously as he relentlessly attacked him.


He was distracted for a moment by Lakshman taking a step back before feeling the pain of his face being smashed by Lakshman’s fist. Once again, he was sent flying several meters away, but he forced himself to a stop and he pulled his fist back before unleashing it at his rival while activating the spell in his mind.


“Dragon Thunder Force!”


This was the spell that had left Lakshman unable to use any of his magic or energy techniques to escape from the blast that had destroyed his left arm. Once again, Lakshman suddenly found himself unable to control his energy properly as he was hit by the technique while he was attempting to chase after his rival.


“Damn! Not this again!” Lakshman thought angrily as he noticed that he could not control his energy properly to use any kind of technique.


“Haha!” Lagron laughed triumphantly before charging towards his rival at high speed.
Lakshman stared at his incoming rival for a moment in silence with a determined expression on his face as he formed a plan of action. With a plan formed in his mind, Lakshman simply pushed himself backward and soared a little into the air. At that moment, Lagron reached him and struck at him with his fist, but Lakshman quickly caught it before it hit his face. Sadly, though, the attack did not stop there because Lagron followed up with his other fist and slammed it firmly into Lakshman’s face.


With his attack succeeded, Lagron began to smile when his eyes widened in shock when a sudden pain hit him like a thunder shock. As he managed to strike Lakshman in the face, the Phoenix Titan retaliated by swinging both of his legs upward and planting them firmly into Lagron’s gut. The force of two legs’ blow was so strong that he was blasted into the air at high speed while Lakshman crash landed on the ground.


As Lagron flew into the air with a stunned expression on his face, Lakshman rubbed his face with his hand before he shouted, “Elemental Coated Armour!”


In an instant, he was surrounded by glowing energy that took up the shape of a phoenix warrior above him. He was lifted to his feet with the help of two large energy hands that sprouted from the energy that was cloaking him. Lakshman moved his eyes upward and focused on his flying rival, which caused the energy hands to suddenly extended to great length in order to reach Lagron.


The Dragon Titan continued to fly for several seconds before he managed to recover and forced himself to hover. He rubbed his stomach for a moment as the pain slowly diminished with a perplexed expression on his face.


“I don’t get it… I’m much faster and stronger than him, so why is he managing to fight me back almost equally…? It doesn’t make sense…!” he thought furiously with doubts forming everywhere in his mind.


At that moment, the clouds below him separated violently as two large energy hands soared towards him. He was astonished to find something unknown chasing after him and he surged with power before soaring away in order to evade them.


“W-What the hell?!” he exclaimed out loud because he could not keep his feelings hidden.


He moved to the left and the energy hands followed to the left and when he moved to the right, they also followed him there. Going this way and going that way did not help him one bit because the energy hands did not seem to want to lose track of him so easily.


“What the hell are they?!” he exclaimed sharply with an angry expression on his face.


As he continued to dodge and circle around them, Lakshman stared into the sky where the formed clouds blocked the view. Despite this, however, he understood that his rival was managing to dodge his energy hands and thus decided to use another spell.


He raised his only physical arm into the air and shouted, “Movement Zone: Stop!”


In an instant, magic circles appeared beneath where Lagron was flying and he was shocked to find himself stuck in mid-flight. Just like before, he was unable to do anything, except wait for the energy hands to soar towards him and do whatever horrible things they have planned for him.


“Dammit! Not this stupid spell!” Lagron thought furiously as he struggled to move his eyes, barely. “I’m vulnerable right now and I don’t think Dragon Armour Energize will stop this thing. I’ll have to use… Dragon Orb!”


Lagron activated the spell by saying the name in his mind, which immediately formed a small glowing light around him like an energy barrier. The energy hands soared towards him at high speed and just as they were about to grab him from both sides, the barrier repelled them away. Unfazed, the energy hands continued to try and grab him, but each attempt was easily repelled.


“Ha! Physical Attacks can’t penetrate through my barrier, nor can it be destroyed by counter spells!” Lagron thought triumphantly. “Now, all I have to do is sit tight and wait for that idiot to release me after giving up!”


As he inwardly laughed with happiness, Lakshman stared up at the clouds with raised eyebrows.


“Mmm… He’s cast some kind of barrier my Elemental Coated Armour isn’t penetrating… I’ll have to check this out,” he muttered to himself as he formed a serious expression on his face. “Outer Spirit.”


In an instant, his spiritual form burst out of his body and he slowly floated in mid-air before looked at himself to see how he was like in spirit form.


“Even in spirit form, I still only have one arm…” he muttered and sighed deeply with sadness.


He slowly turning to look at his body. His physical body remained exactly where he was standing, but the light his eyes vanished and was replaced with lifeless eyes. Nodding in satisfaction, Lakshman in spirit form soared high into the air at high speed and burst through the clouds to see his rival.


Noticing the kind of barrier his rival had cast around him, Lakshman smiled and muttered, “Dragon Orb… Doesn’t allow physical or counter spells to dent it. Nice. Still, it doesn’t mean it’ll stop spiritual attacks.”


He soared over to his rival and stopped just outside the barrier encasing Lagron while glowing brightly. Lakshman experimentally extended his only arm towards the barrier and smiled in satisfaction to find that it penetrated through it. This confirmed his earlier claim and he decided to strike his opponent by a surprise attack that he never saw coming.


“Spirit Circuit,” said Lakshman and in an instant, he felt light emitting from his spiritual body as it resonated with the Physical Plane that they were currently in. The light lasted for a few seconds before dying down and leaving him feeling a little different than normal.


“Now… Surprise…!” Lakshman said gleefully with a smile as he pulled his fist back and struck Lagron across the face.


The Dragon Titan was taken by surprise as he was attacked from nowhere all of a sudden and in that instant, the barrier surrounding him vanished. Feeling satisfied, Lakshman used Spirit Out to turn into a spirit light and fly back into his physical body. Once in, Lakshman activated his Elemental Coated Armour to close in on Lagron and grab him tightly from both sides.


Lagron was still stunned from the attack he did not even sense was coming as he thought, “What the hell just happened…?! Damn…! What’s going on here…?!”


“Now, to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid,” thought Lakshman firmly before he activated the spell by saying, “Phoenix Orb.”


In an instant, a barrier like spell formed around Lagron, which surprised the Dragon Titan momentarily. The next moment, he did not have the time to think about anything else because he was suddenly taken forcefully towards the ground at high speed.


“What’s he doing?! What’s with the barrier around me?! Damn my questions!” Lagron thought angrily as he was still unable to move his body due to the Movement Zone: Stop still active on him.


Lakshman used his energy arms to bring him towards the ground as fast as he could before he smiled as he let go of his rival. Shocked at suddenly being released as he propelled towards the ground at high speed while the barrier slowly glowed more brightly than before.


As he headed straight for the ground, Lagron widened his eyes in shock and thought, “No, no, no!”


The moment he smashed into the ground, an enormous explosion erupted into the air and caused wind to blow wildly in all directions. The force of the explosion was so strong that the ground shook violently and shocked all of Lakshman’s wives as the wind buffeted them forcefully. Lakshman was also buffeted by it all, but he remained in his standing position unfazed as he continued to smile at the explosion.


Several seconds passed by and soon everything began to calm down as the spreading smoke slowly dispersed and disappeared. The Dragon Titan moaned quite a bit in pain as he slowly managed to climb out of the deep crater like hole the explosion from his landing had created. His body was wounded quite a bit and was bleeding from several of the cut wounds opened on his body.


As he climbed up to his feet and sighed deeply, he was surprised to find that his rival was standing several meters away from him with a smile on his face.


“What… the… hell… did… you… do…?!” Lagron exclaimed sharply as he glared fiercely at his rival.


“Oh… A little of this and a little of that and finally,” said Lakshman and he finished by spreading his one arm out with a small smile on his face.


Lagron was infuriated by his rival’s arrogant behaviour when he was surprised to notice the energy hands coming out of the energy surrounding his rival. He also noticed that a phoenix warrior appearance was formed from the same energy that was surrounding Lakshman which was located behind him.


“I see. Those were the things you used to grab me and drop me like a bomb,” said Lagron through narrowed eyes. “Still, I am confused… How did you manage to use your techniques so quickly? How did you attack me without noticing and what was that barrier you placed on me just before you dropped me?!”


Lakshman chuckled and said, “So many questions… reminds me of the old days…”


Lagron snorted and said, “You’re the idiot that never explains any of his techniques and just expect others to understand them without asking any questions!”


Lakshman raised an eyebrow in surprise and said, “They’re simple to understand, but you need to apply your brain to understand it.”


As he playfully tapped the side of his head meaningfully, Lagron made a furious expression on his face.


“Damn you!” he shouted and he surged with power before kicking off the ground to fly at his rival.


Just as he neared his rival, a large shadow loomed over him and he looked up just in time to see the body of a dragon soaring down on top of him. He stopped himself in mid-flight and soared to the side and evaded the dragon, which smashed onto the ground. At that moment, another dragon appeared overhead and breathed fire down on the dragon that had crashed.


“Spirit Barrier!” Draga shouted telepathically and blocked the fire that rained down on him.


He quickly shifted his body position and reared its head before opened its mouth wide and firing a blue energy wave while telepathically shouting, “Spirit Laser!”


A powerful blue energy wave rocketed towards the fire dragon, but Daigon dodged it by soared around it before heading straight at Draga with its claws held in front of it. Draga instantly shifted its body aside and dodged the clawed attack that smashed Daigon into the ground. Taking the opportunity, Draga quickly flew away from the spot to keep some distance between it and its foe before fighting.


As Daigon recovered and straightened up to turn towards him, Draga opened its mouth wide and telepathically shouted, “Icicle Drive Cannon!”


A powerful blue freezing cannon was unleashed and it soared straight towards the fire dragon at high speed. In retaliation, the fire dragon opened its mouth wide and began to gather energy in front of it, which soon took the form of a fiery sphere. As soon as it finished gathering energy, the dragon launched the attack and it soared straight towards the incoming attack that was charging towards it.


A few seconds passed by before the two attacks smashed against each other and began to create a struggle between the two familiars. Draga was fuelling the cannon as much as he could to make it move forward, but it did not budge due to the force being applied by Daigon.


As the struggle continued, Draga was surprised to see Lagron suddenly appear hovering in front of him with a smile on his face. Without warning, Lagron pulled his fist back and trust towards the dragon’s fast, creating a powerful force that struck the Spirit Dragon and sent it flying several metres away before smashing into a mountain.


“Ah!” Lakshman exclaimed in shock as he watched his familiar get sent flying away before turning to glare up at his rival. “Knucklehead!”


He pushed himself into the air and attempted to strike his rival away with his right elemental arm, but Lagron sensed him and immediately dodged at the last second. Still, he suddenly found himself being gripped firmly by Lakshman’s left energy arm and Lakshman swung his energy arm around before throwing his rival away for several meters.


At that moment, he turned around and noticed the fire dragon’s attack soaring towards him at high speed. He had time to dodge, but he knew it would continue to soar until it smashed into his stunned familiar. So, he resolved himself and quickly extended both of his energy arms to grab the attack before it reached him.


“Gah!” Lakshman shouted as he winced from the immense force the attack pushed towards him.


He grabbed the attack firmly and attempted to destroy by closing his hands together, but the repelling force was incredible. Lakshman found himself being pushed back for several meters before he exerted more power while screaming to finally destroy the attack, which resulted in an explosion.


As it the smoke cleared, he found himself hovering in mid-air a few meters in front of his slowly recovering familiar. He looked towards his foes and saw that the fire dragon and his rival had united as the Dragon Titan seemed to be hovering next to his familiar’s head.


“Why did you… help me?!” Draga asked him telepathically in a growling voice.


Without looking at him, Lakshman replied, “I don’t need a reason to help my familiar.”


Those words appeared to momentarily surprise Draga before he spoke telepathically in a monotone voice, “Why…? I’m a familiar, just a tool to be used in combat and then to be forgotten about. Familiars are never cared about, our failures will not to be forgiven and our mistakes won’t go unpunished. That’s the life of any familiar, so why…? Why…?”


Lakshman glanced at him over his shoulder before facing the front as he seriously said, “I don’t know what you’ve experienced in the past, but familiars are like partners; friends to be more precise. We help each other in need and support one another when we’re down. That’s the bond between a familiar and his contractor from my perspective and that’ll never change.”


Draga was amazed by what he just heard and it took him a moment before he replied telepathically with a different tone to his voice, “You’re idealistic, but the world doesn’t follow the same ideal.”


“So what?” Lakshman asked and surprised Draga. “I don’t care what the world thinks because… the life I lead is not… wrong…! Treating everyone fairly and respectfully is my belief because,” and he turned to smile at Draga as he finished by saying, “I am the phoenix who rises from the ashes in the name of freedom and justice; the Phoenix Titan.”


The Spirit Dragon was left speechless by the heart moving speech that Lakshman had given. In all of his life, Draga had always ended up contracting with users that merely sought him for his prowess and never cared about him in person. He was used to that behaviour until he contracted with Lakshman, and his beliefs were called in question slowly due to how familiar and caring his contractor was.


Draga closed his eyes and snorted before he telepathically said, “You’re weird.”


“Call me different,” replied Lakshman and he turned to smile widely at his familiar.


In return, Draga made the most dragon like smile he could muster for the first time in a very long time, which amazed Lakshman. At that moment, they both became serious as they sensed Lagron’s energy and Daigon’s energy rising and turned to face the front. Lakshman was surprised to see the fire dragon to have gathered large amount of energy in its mouth while Lagron gathered in the palms of his hands.


Daigon reared its head back and unleashed the wave of destruction while telepathically shouting, “Fire Dragon Blaze Cannon!”


Lagron, who had gathered a large amount of energy, unleashed a massive red wave of destruction in while shouting, “Ru-shan-kara!”


“Tsk!” Lakshman said in frustration and he began to gather energy into the palms of his hands.


“Let me join,” said Draga telepathically and he soared over to hover next to his contractor.


Lakshman glanced at him and asked, “You sure? You’re wounded pretty badly.”


Those words caused Draga to glance over at him and say telepathically, “Oh…? You’re fighting despite losing an arm… Shouldn’t you rest instead…?”


Lakshman smiled at his familiar’s words and he faced the front as he said, “Fine.”


The Spirit Dragon opened its mouth wide and began to gather energy in it as Lakshman pulled his only arm back and began to gather energy into the palm of his hand. As the two gathered the energy necessary within a few seconds, they unleashed them while shouting their techniques respectfully.


Draga reared its head and swung forward to unleash a brilliant spiritual like wave while telepathically shouting, “Spirit Burst Cannon!”


Lakshman slowly shouted the technique name with incremented power and brought his palm forward to unleash a massive red wave of destruction at the shouting of the last word.




The four attacks soared towards each other and collided at dead centre before creating a powerful struggle to occur between both sides. Two warriors and two familiars fought their hardest by pumping their techniques with more energy and were soon discovered to be evenly balanced. This eventually clashing of forces to go out of control and create a mighty explosion that released a wild blowing wind and shock waves to be sent everywhere along with causing the ground to shake violently.


Lakshman was weakened from using so much energy and his missing arm suddenly stung with pain, which caused him to lose his balance and almost get sent flying away with the wind. He was, however, quickly caught by his familiar and Draga placed him on his back as he braced the powerful blowing wind and the ground shaking explosion as smoke spread everywhere, clouding the view for everyone.


The smoke slowly died down and revealed a large portion of cracks to have appeared on the ground along with an area completely destroyed by the explosion. Lagron and Daigon were frustrated that they could not manage to hit their target and soared towards their foes at high speed. Lakshman slowly rose from his familiar’s back and stared at his rival and fire dragon charging towards them at high speed.


“Looks like they’re planning on fishing this battle with one final assault,” said Draga telepathically as he confirmed what Lakshman was thinking.


Lakshman nodded his head in agreement and said, “Yeah… I think I’ll have to agree with them because I can’t fight for much long like this…”


As he said those words, he looked at his arms that were shaking slightly out of control as his body seemed to be reaching its limit. Using the Phoenix Force was pushing his untouched boundaries to the limit and it looked like his body was beginning to feel the strain.


“Yes, so let’s win this… together…” replied Draga telepathically in a firm voice and surprised Lakshman with his last word. “You’ve lost your arm, so let me assist you in achieving victory and in doing so, I will also achieve my long wished victory against my rival.”


Lakshman looked amazed as he said, “Daigon’s your rival?! Wow… We’ve got rivals in common… That’s funny…”


“Mmm…” said Draga, but he sounded as if he was smiling.


“Anyway, let’s beat them up finally and go home with victory in hand!” the Phoenix Titan said as he formed a firm expression on his face.


“I agree,” replied Draga and he took a fighting position as he stared fiercely at his foes.


Lakshman nodded his head once and said firmly, “Let’s go!”


He surged with power and rocketed away to face his rival while Draga alongside him to battle Daigon. The final climax battle between the Phoenix Titan and Dragon Titan is approaching along with the battle between their familiars.

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thanks for reading the chapter! So, how was it? Exciting? Thrilling? Exciting? Their battle is awesome and it just gets even more amazing by adding their familiars to the mix. Also, I’m finally feeling pleased to see that Draga is feeling more closer to Lucky as a wonderful contractor instead of his usual arrogant behavior. So, I’m going to expect their climax battle to be epic because I didn’t disappoint anyone with my battle scenes thus far and I don’t plan on starting now! So, I hope you liked this chapter and will look forward to more as the story continues!



I’ll do my best to explain some of the things happened in the chapter that might’ve confused some people cause’ it could. Also, if you found any irregularities in my explanations or something in the chapter, please let me know. I won’t yell at you; I’ll be pleased to correct it! 🙂


Spirit Circuit

This is a technique that connects the spiritual being to the Physical Plane, which is something like what ghosts wound feel; be sensed, be seen, be felt and talked to. So, Lucky used this to his advantage to break through Dragon Orb barrier spell to attack his rival to disable that technique.


Outer Spirit


Dragon Thunder Force

Lucky knew the technique can only be used until the caster felt he was successful with the second attack or the following attack if you can understand that. That was why Lucky lost his arm because Lagron did not feel happy until he had inflicted a powerful damage onto his rival. In this chapter as well, he was feeling satisfied when he landed a punch on Lucky and that was when Lucky managed to activate Elemental Coated Armour after kicking him high into the sky.

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