Phoenix Titan vs. Dragon Titan (Conclusion)



Lakshman and Draga flew towards Lagron and Daigon, who were flying as fast as they could towards their foes. It took several seconds for the both sides to draw near each other before beginning to battle each other one final time.


“Spirit Laser!” Draga screamed telepathically and unleashed a powerful wave towards Daigon.


As the fire dragon was pushed back by the wave, Lakshman attempted to punch his rival in the gut, but Lagron caught his hand just before impact. In the next move, Lagron twisted his arm and pushed him to the side before delivering a powerful uppercut to Lakshman’s jaw. As Lakshman soared into the air, he attempted to kick his rival in the face with his legs, but Lagron dodged them and soared after him.


Daigon crash landed and rolled several times before getting back to its feet and firing a fiery cannon at Draga. The surprised Spirit Dragon attempted to dodge it, but its wing suffered greatly and the Spirit Dragon crashed landed from mid-flight. As it roared in pain, Daigon soared towards it and bashed its head with its legs and stunned the Spirit Dragon.


Soaring high above its foe, the fire dragon opened its mouth wide and telepathically shouted, “Fire Bomb!”


In an instant, a large ball of fire gathered and Daigon hurled it towards Draga, who could only lay there in stunned surprise. The ball smashed into him and exploded with tremendous force that caused wild wind to be sent everywhere along with the released shock waves.


Lagron soared towards Lakshman at high speed and was just about to hit him when the wild blowing wind buffeted him and made him miss his rival. Lakshman recovered at that moment and he spun quickly in a 360 before smashing his energy hands down on Lagron and sent him hurtling down towards the ground. As he reached the ground, Lagron quickly spun in the air and landed on his feet, which caused the ground to crack and sink while the area outside explode.


As Lakshman chased after him at high speed to continue his assault, Lagron stood up and quickly aimed his hand into the sky before unleashing a powerful energy wave. Lakshman was surprised by the unexpected attack and he quickly brought his one arm and two energy hands in front of him in defence as the wave consumed him in it.


The wave died down a few seconds later and Lakshman winced from the pain he received from the attack despite most of it getting blocked. At that moment, Lagron suddenly appeared to hover just above him and surprised Lakshman before kicking him in the chest and sending the Phoenix Titan hurtling to the ground.


A small explosion occurred upon impact and Lagron began to Dragon Discharge Balls at him rapidly without pause, causing them to expand around where Lakshman crashed at. The Phoenix Titan suddenly found himself once again under attack by an immense load of electricity, but his mind was still active. As the attacks continued to rain down on him, Lakshman used his two energy hands to push himself out of there.


Lagron saw that his rival had gotten out of the midst of the raining lightning balls, immediately extended his hand out and gathered small energy balls on each of his five fingers. A moment later, he launched them towards where Lakshman stood and the Phoenix Titan suddenly found himself attacked by five energy blasts that exploded upon smashing around him.


“Damn! He’s not giving me a break!” he thought desperately.


As the explosion left him feeling a little banged, Lagron soared towards him and almost managed to smash him on top of his head. Lakshman, alerted by the Elemental Sense of his foe’s arrival, immediately got away just in time and watched as Lagron smashed the ground and caused it to explode violently. Easily dodging the debris, Lakshman soared over to his rival and smashed him across the face.


Lagron found himself pushed back and his feet got dragged on the ground as his rival chased after him to continue the battle. As he reached him, the two mighty warriors engaged each other in fast close combat where their movement speed was very difficult to follow. Each blow either got blocked or smacked on target, which released a wild blowing wind and caused the ground to shake violently.


As this intense speed battle continued, Lagron ducked Lakshman’s punch and grabbed him across the shoulder before hurling him away as he shouted, “I won’t lose to you!”


Lakshman soared away from him at high speed and tumbled on the ground several times before he managed to push himself up to his feet. By then, Lagron was on top of him and began to rapidly beat up the Phoenix Titan as much as he possibly could. The last punch to the face caused Lakshman to spew blood out of his mouth as his eyes widened in shock.


The Dragon Titan pulled back his fist and was just about to deliver what seemed like the final blow on his rival when, all of a sudden, he was attacked by a powerful energy blast from nowhere. He turned around just in time to see the Spirit Dragon that opened its mouth wide and fired a laser cannon that struck Lagron in the chest and pushed him several meters away.
“Are you alright?!” Draga demanded his contractor as Lakshman stumbled and almost fell to his feet.


Lakshman did not reply and merely groaned painfully as his body seemed to experience some sort of spasm. This was exactly the reason why Lakshman was unable to retaliate against any of the blows that Lagron dealt him; it was because his body was reaching its limit.


“I have to finish this quickly…” he thought firmly as he managed to straighten up.


At that moment, they heard another dragon’s roar and he turned just in time to see the fire dragon launch a powerful energy cannon towards the unsuspecting Spirit Dragon. While Draga was focused on the Dragon Titan, Lakshman quickly soared into the air and moved to the front before surging with power and smashing the energy cannon away with the combination of his only arm and two energy arms.


“Damn familiar!” Lagron shouted as he attempted to attack the Spirit Dragon while getting fired upon by the dragon’s ice breath. “You’re not my enemy! Go fight my familiar!”


Lagron suddenly surged with power and he rushed towards Draga so fast that he took the Spirit Dragon by surprise and smashed him in the fast. The blow was so powerful that the dragon groaned loudly and flew backwards before smashing head long into Lakshman, taking the Phoenix Titan by surprise. As Lagron rushed towards them, he immediately stopped and had to divert as he was suddenly attacked by Lakshman’s energy arms.


“Damn these things!” Lagron shouted angrily as he diverted away in order to get closer to his rival.


While he kept Lagron busy, Lakshman focused his other energy arm on the fire dragon, which rushed towards them at high speed. Expanding his energy arm’s size to match the dragon’s size, the energy arm extended out and quickly caught the dragon in its grip much to the fire dragon’s surprise and hurled him towards his contractor.


Lagron, very busily trying to avoid getting caught, suddenly smashed into his familiar and they both fell to the ground with a loud thud that shook the ground. With them temporarily down, Lakshman turned to look at his spirit dragon and was saddened by the many wounds on the dragon’s body. Even the soft moaning sounds Draga was making made him realise how weakened he was from his battle.


“Are you alright? Do you want me to heal you?” Lakshman asked him curiously, but Draga shook his head wearily.


“No… Save your energy for your battle… Mine is just about over…” replied Draga telepathically in a tired voice. “Now, go… Focus on your fight… I’ll finish Daigon off myself…!”


Lakshman looked at him for a moment and noticed the strength in his familiar’s eyes before nodding in agreement. He turned around and saw that both the fire dragon and Lagron had risen into the air and were glaring fiercely towards him and his familiar.


“I’m going,” said Lakshman and he surged with power before rocketing off to face his rival.


Draga seemed to fleetingly smile as he watched his contractor flying away high speed towards his foes. In the meantime, he opened his mouth wide and quickly began to gather energy for something big that would in turn defeat his opponent once and for all in exchange for using up all of his energy.


Lakshman soared towards Lagron at high speed, but was suddenly blocked when the fire dragon got in his path. Daigon opened its mouth wide and unleashed a fiery breath that soared towards Lakshman at high speed. The Phoenix Titan continued to fly towards it and at the very last second, dodged the flames while continuing to fly towards his foes.


As his foe soared towards him, Daigon moved forward and attempted to swap him like a bug with his wings, but was surprised when Lakshman flew around him so fast that he lost sight of him. Lakshman flew past him and soared straight towards his rival, who surged with power and met with by unleashing his fist. As the two warriors clashed against each other with their fists, Daigon turned around just in time to witness it before being flying away a few meters.


“Intense…” he muttered telepathically to himself.


At that exact moment, he sensed a powerful surge of power occurring somewhere on the other side and he turned to see Draga floating in the air with all his mind. His wings flapped furiously and his mouth was wide open as a large and powerful energy ball was seen hovering just in front of him. It was releasing a strange lightning energy out of it and startled Daigon into widened his eyes.


Draga exerted his final amount of energy and launched the attack at Daigon while telepathically shouting, “Spirit Bomb!”


The spirit bomb soared towards Daigon at high speed and the startled fire dragon attempted to get out of the way because he sensed that getting hit by that was dangerous. Lakshman, fighting furiously against his rival, looked over the corner of his eyes and saw that the fire dragon was about to dodge the attack. So, used his energy arms to grab Lagron firmly and hold him away as he turned around and aimed his only arm at the retreating fire dragon.


“Thunder Down!” Lakshman shouted as he activated the magic spell.


In an instant, a magic circle appeared in the sky before a powerful lightning shot down and struck the fire dragon. Daigon roared in pain and agony as the lightning coursed through its body and momentarily paralysed his body, but it was all enough for the spirit bomb to soar forward and smash into his chest.


There was a violent sound of a bang followed by a blinding flash of light as the fire dragon roared and screamed in pain and agony from techniques. Daigon felt as if its entire body was being tortured and there was nothing he could do to protect himself from the intense pain.


The flash of light lasted for several seconds before it dyed out and showed a completely burned form of the fire dragon that was smouldering and emitting smoke. Its eyes were wide opened, but only the whites could be seen as the dragon was knocked out cold.


“Wow… That was intense…” muttered Lakshman with an impressed expression on his face.


As the fire dragon slowly fell forward, Lagron stared at his familiar with a distraught expression on his face before he screamed, “Daigon!”


Daigon slowly sank to its knees before slamming the ground with its face down, which created a loud sound and shook the ground for a moment. Draga watched his rival finally go down and he seemed to momentarily smile as he too slowly collapsed and fell to the ground that shook momentarily.


“Finally… I beat you… fool…” muttered Draga before he closed his eyes in tiredness.


For a second nothing happened when both dragons slowly turned into particles of light and vanished in a matter of seconds. Lakshman watched his familiar disappear with a sad expression on his face before turning to face his rival, who was still distraught by his familiar’s collapse.


“Daigon… You lost…? No way…!” Lagron said slowly with a disbelieving look on his face.


“Believe it!” Lakshman said firmly and Lagron turned to look at him in shock. “Your dragon lost to mine.”


Lagron’s eyes widened in shock and he momentarily lost his ability to speak because of the shock. A moment later, he clenched his fists tightly and said fiercely, “I’ll beat you… I swear I will…!”


Lakshman made a fleeting smile as he softly said, “Sure, you will…”


The fact was that he was running out of time as his body was slowly collapsing under the intense pressure he was experiencing from exerting his body so much. It was also aggravated by the fact that he used Phoenix Force, which sharply depleted his power and pushed his body beyond the bounds he had not pushed himself to surpass.


Despite this, Lakshman decided to battle it out to the last that his body could must, although, he deactivated Elemental Coated Armour because he could not keep it up for much longer. This surprised Lagron because those energy arms were the one that had made it difficult to attack his rival properly.


“Why are you deactivating them…? Don’t tell you you’re taking pity on me?!” Lagron exclaimed angrily.


Lakshman merely smiled at his rival and surprised Lagron before he surged with power and rocketed towards him. Once he reached him, the he struck his fist out in order to smash Lagron in the gut, but the Dragon Titan caught it and struck his other fist out to slam into Lakshman’s face. As the Phoenix Titan was pushed back by the punch, Lakshman swung his legs upward and smashed them against Lagron’s jaw.


The two warriors soared away from each other for several meters before recovering and flying towards each other at high speed. When they clashed again, the ground shook violently and a powerful wild blowing wind was unleashed as well as shock waves with each blow they delivered at each other.


They began to move from place to place while fighting at incredible speeds and launching energy blasts at each other. Lagron closed in on Lakshman by firing energy blasts at him and attempted to strike him across the face. Lakshman smashed each blasts away from him before he got struck on the side of his face, which sent him flying away.


Lagron took the chance and he unleashed Dragon Thunder Force that soared towards Lakshman and struck him. The Phoenix Titan groaned as lightning pulsed through his body momentarily as his flow of force was disrupted. Lagron quickly rushed at him and started attacking him as fast he possibly could while also taking a beating in return.


At that moment, Lakshman’s body suddenly experienced an intense spasm and his body movement became sloppy. Lagron moved in on the vulnerable opponent and thoroughly beat him up before smashing him on the head and sending him smashing into the ground.


As Lakshman slowly rose to his feet, Lagron put his hands in front of him and began to gather energy as he slowly shouted his signature technique in slowly incremented power.




It took him several seconds to gather a large amount of energy and when he did, he unleashed it on the last note of the technique he shouted. A massive red wave of destruction was unleashed from between his palms and it soared straight down to where Lakshman stood after slowly getting to his feet.


Lakshman felt his body thoroughly screaming at him from all the pain and pressure it was experiencing. Still, he managed to smile as he looked up at the incoming massive wave of destruction as Lagron intended to defeat him once and for all.


“This is it,” muttered Lakshman as he knew his imminent defeat was drawing near. “Still, I’m won’t go down like this…!”


Even though he knew he was going to lose, he chose to go down while fighting to give his rival a challenge. He did not want to go down according to the wishes of his rival because that would truly be his victory and the Phoenix Titan’s lose, which he did not like to accept. So, Lakshman put his hand back and began to gather all the energy he had to offer into one last attack at his rival.


“Pho… nik… ala… chala… ra…!”


He screamed the technique out loud in slowly increasing tempo as power increased in his attack and he swung his palm forward to unleash it. In an instant, a massive blue wave of destruction was released and it soared away at high speed before colliding against the massive red wave of destruction fired by his rival.


For several seconds, there was a struggle between the two warriors and their launched attacks as neither side was willing to step down. Lagron decided to put even more energy into his attack and increased its power, which slowly began to push down on Lakshman’s massive blue energy wave of destruction.


The ground beneath Lakshman cracked and split apart as his feet slowly sank into the ground. Feeling that he was losing his ground against his rival’s energy attack, Lakshman decided to put everything he got and he looked determinedly at his energy wave.


“Max Out!” Lakshman shouted and he pushed forward as he screamed, “AAAAAHHHHH!!!!”


In an instant, an enormous energy surged from him and into his wave, which began to push upward at high speed. This surprised Lagron as he realised his energy wave was losing its battle and he began to apply more and more energy, but he was shocked to find that no matter how much he applied, he was losing it.


“No way…! Dammit…!” he shouted as the two combined waves soared towards him.


He screamed for a moment before being confused by the energy waves and was sent flying away with them. Lakshman was out of breath and he breathed very deeply as watched them flying away before falling to his knees. His entire body shook, right from his foot to his head, as his body slowly collapsed under the exhaustion he faced from pushing himself so much.


“Ah…” he breathed a deep sigh as he lay there with his consciousness leaving him. “I… lost…” His own words made him chuckle briefly before he muttered, “What a… strange… feeling… this… is…?”


As he finished muttering, his eyes slowly closed and he was completely out of it as he lay there unmoving. Meanwhile, a tiny speck appeared in the sky before the body of Lagron slowly descended towards the ground at an incredible before he smashed with intense force that shook the ground quite a bit.


“Ga…” muttered Lagron as he slowly moved and managed to climb to his feet. “That… idiot… I’m not done… yet…!”


He slowly pushed himself to his feet and managed to straighten up before hovering in the air. His body, like Lakshman, had been pushed past its limit, but he was doing better than his rival. He did not know it yet that his rival had also pushed himself was now collapsed from complete exhaustion.


“Idiot…! Where the hell are you…?!” he exclaimed out loud in anger as he tried to sense his rival’s presence, which he did a moment later and was surprised to find that it was almost feeble. “What’s this…? His power… It’s almost down…!”


He immediately soared into the air and flew off in the direction he sensed his rival’s energy. It took him several seconds before he reached his collapsed rival and he was remained airborne as he was stunned to see Lakshman lying down unconscious.


Lagron slowly descended and landed several meters away with a look of utter disbelief on his face.


“W-What…?” he stammered as he struggled for words. “Y-You’re… down…? Why…? Why’re you down?! Get up idiot! I’m not done with you yet!”


He shouted angrily at his rival and Lakshman did not move a single muscle as he continued to sleep. Lagron stared at him in shock and his eyes slowly widened as powerful emotions began to collide inside of him.


“No way…! I don’t believe this…! I can’t believe you… fainted…!” he roared and he clenched his fists tightly while surging with power as his anger slowly rose to the surface. “I wanted to enjoy bit of my long awaited victory, but you ran out of energy and fainted like this?!” Lagron stomped his feet hard on the ground and caused the ground to split in all directions as it shook slightly. “H-H-How… How… How… HOW DARE YOU?!?!?!”
In an instant, Lagron went into a furious surge of power and he released so much power that there was a momentary flash of light before the area, where he stood, exploded. A violent wind blew in all directions and buffeted the sleeping form of Lakshman as the wind threatened to lift him into the air.


Thus, the Phoenix Titan lost to the Dragon Titan from the exhaustion of pushing himself so much. Meanwhile, the Dragon Titan raged furiously as he could not accept the victory he was handed.

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thanks for reading the chapter. I’m sure that many would’ve guessed by now that Lucky would lose the battle, although, Lagron doesn’t seem to be enjoying the victory he got. I think he was expecting to beat the crap out of our MC before finally achieving victory. So, anyway, I hope you liked this chapter and will look forward to more as the story continues! If there’s any problems you’ve noticed or didn’t like in this chapter, please let me know and I’ll correct them asap!

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