Dimension Roar



Several minutes after the battle had ended, Sumara, Silvera, Tetra, Sonia and Atem reached the spot where the final battle field. Once they arrived on the site, they were surprised to find Lakshman lying on the ground and his foe, the Dragon Titan, to be sitting several meters away with his arms folded. Lagron seemed to be wearing a very disgruntled expression on his face, but they ignored him and rushed over to their comrade.






His companions called his name as they quickly reached him and knelt down to check his condition. They were alarmed to find that his power level was so low that they feared that he might die. So, Tetra placed his head on her lap and allowed Sumara and Sonia to immediately activate their healing magic on him. Silvera, not liking the sight of her sleeping husband on the ground, turned around to glare at Lagron with a very angry expression on his face.


“So?! Are you satisfied that you finally beat him?!” she exclaimed angrily.


Lagron suddenly looked at her with such a menacing glare that she momentarily flinched in fright.


“Satisfied?! How?!” he demanded angrily and he jumped to his feet in an instant. “He pushed himself and fainted on me before I could land the final blow! There’s no way I could call that my victory! I’m not satisfied one bit!”


Silvera was taken aback by his words before she smiled proudly and said, “Looks like my husband didn’t give you the satisfaction of winning against him and that means it’s my husband’s victory!”


“ARGH!!” Lagron roared like a dragon and he rushed over to them before demanding loudly, “Women! Quickly, wake him up so that I have a rematch this instance!”


While continuing to heal him, Sumara and Sonia turned their heads to look at him with narrowed eyebrows. There was anger in each of their eyes as they stared at him, but he disregarded it and asked again in a louder voice.


“Well?! Hurry it up!” he commanded them.


Sumara stopped her healing and stood up to stare angrily at him, which made everyone nervous.


“No,” she said flatly and his was taken aback by her reply. “My husband needs rest after battling you.”


“To hell with his rest!” Lagron shouted at her angrily. “You and your partner heal him up this instance so I can have my rematch, otherwise… I don’t know what I’ll do to you…!”


Lagron finished hesitantly with a slightly nervous look on his face, which did not shake her firm resolve.


“My response is still… no,” she replied and he was astonished beyond belief.


He gritted his teeth in anger and said fiercely, “Look here woman! I’m Lagron, the Dragon Titan and you will do as I say!”


“Go tell that to someone who actually cares,” replied Sumara without the slightest bit of hesitation and shocked him very much. “My first priority is the wellbeing of my husband.”


“W-What?!” he exclaimed in disbelief and he glared at her as his anger rushed to the surface. As she stared back at him with a firm look on her face, his anger boiled over and he screamed, “AARRGGHH!!”


He turned to the side and quickly gathered energy into the palm of his hand before throwing it as far away as he possibly could. The energy ball soared through the air at high speed and smashed quite a distance away, which resulted in a powerful explosion that shook the ground violently and caused them to get buffeted by the wild blowing wind that rushed at them.


As things settled down, he turned back and glared fiercely at her as if thinking that would shake her resolve. Instead, he was surprised to find that she had the same cool expression etched on her face, which sent an indirect message that rang like a bell in his mind.


“You don’t scare me.”


He could not believe his eyes and in resignation, he turned around and walked away for several meters before stopping with his back to them. Sumara stared at him go and breathed smoothly as she lowered herself to the ground and beginning to heal her husband once more. The rest stared at her with new found respect for the unshakable courage she had within her.



It took them several minutes to fully heal all of Lakshman’s wounds, but were unsuccessful in repairing his missing limb. They realised it would require a high level of power for them to achieve it, a feat that none of them possessed within them. So, they decided to visit the Magic Titan later when they return to this home world.


“Lucky…? Lucky…?” Tetra said softly as she smoothly rubbed his hair as he lay on her lap.


He remained unmoving with his eyes closed, but he continued to breathe normally. The girls and one man looked at each other with puzzled expressions as to why he was not waking up.


“I-Is he… alright…? Did we… fail to heal him… properly…?” Sonia asked nervously.


Sumara shook her head and stated, “I’m hundred percent certain we healed him, but he’s still unconscious… I think we merely healed his outward injuries, but his stamina, strength and power are still very much depleted.”


“Oh. That makes sense since he did lose quite a bit to fall unconscious like he did,” said Sonia and she nodded her head in understanding.


“Anyhow, let’s take him back to our world and show Amaranda so she can fix him up,” suggested Tetra and they all nodded their heads together in agreement.


As the girls rose to their feet and allowed Atem to carry him on his shoulders, the blue winged angel turned to look towards the Dragon Titan with his back to them.


“What about him?” he asked them and they all turned to face towards Lagron.


“Leave him be,” said Silvera with an unhappy expression on her face. “He deserves to get stuck in this rotten world forever!”


“Yes, but we came here to bring him back with us and I don’t think Lucky will be happy if we leave him here,” replied Tetra with a confused expression on her face.


“It’s… really hard to feel sympathy towards an arrogant guy like him,” said Sonia with an unimpressed look on her face.


Sumara looked at him for a moment in silence before she said, “Let’s leave him to choose whether he wants to spend his time alone here or return to our world later on. I’m sure he’ll choose one soon.”


“Mmm… I guess that decides that,” said Atem in finality as if her words were the decision maker.


He slowly rose into the air and soared towards the spot they had originally arrived into this world through the Dragon Gate. The girls soon rose into the air and followed after him while throwing glances towards Lagron to see what he was going to do. The Dragon Titan ignored their departure while still having his back to them as if he did not care one bit about them leaving.



Several minutes later, they touched down at a spot near where they believed the portal back to their world existed. Unfortunately, it was not visible in plain sight and they began using their senses to detect its presence. For some reason, though, they found that they could not find its presence near where they are.


“That’s strange… I could’ve sworn the portal was here…” muttered Atem quietly with a raised eyebrow.


“Yes, but… I don’t sense it at all,” replied Tetra with a concerned look on her face.


“Me neither,” said Silvera in confirmation.


Sumara looked in front of her and then around her before she asked, “Are we sure it’s definitely here?”


“Yes!” Atem and Sonia replied firmly and Sonia continued on to say, “We have pinpointed this location as the spot we arrived in this world from, so there’s no way we’d make a mistaken.”


“The only possible thing is that the portal is currently not active, or…” hesitated Atem for a moment before he finished by saying, “the portal was destroyed.”


Everyone looked stunned for a moment before Silvera demanded, “What?! How can that be?!”


“The Dragon Kings said they’d stay and guard the Dragon Gate,” stated Sumara with a look of concern on her face.


“That is, unless they tricked us,” suggested Silvera, but Tetra shook her head firmly.


“No way. Lucky trusted them and if he was sure of their loyalty, then he wouldn’t have left them to guard the gate,” said Tetra firmly to throw all accusations away from them.


“I also agree with Tetra,” said Sumara as she nodded at her. “It’s possible something else did it without their notice.”


They remained silent for several seconds once she finished as they pondered about what to do next. None of them were powerful enough to use a spell that would reactivate a portal spell that transports a person from one world to another.


At that moment, they sensed someone was headed towards them from a place they had come from previously. They turned around just in time to see Lagron flying as fast as he could towards them before stopping to land firmly on his feet.


“You, numbskulls are still around? I thought you’d leave by now,” he said in a matter of fact tone.


“We would’ve if the portal wasn’t inactive for some reason,” replied Silvera huffily.


Her words caused Lagron to widen his eyes in surprise before he asked, “It’s inactive? Really? Wow… I guess they really didn’t want you and I to return back to that world…”


He momentarily smiled and this surprised them before Sonia curiously asked, “What’re you doing here? Don’t tell me you’re here to ask for a rematch against Lucky?”


The Dragon Titan raised an eyebrow at her and said, “Nope. I thought of doing that later when the idiot wakes up. I just thought of returning to that world and doing what I must in the meantime to kill time since staying here is pretty boring. Instead, I feel more inclined to return because of the ample amount of opportunities I will get to defeat him.”


Atem looked at him in surprise and said, “You changed your mind quickly.”


Lagron looked at him and said scathingly, “Yeah. Very different to you fools who keep on going about the same damn thing.”


Atem blinked at him in surprise and did not say anything as Lagron pushed past them to walk to the front of where they believed the portal was. There, he stopped and stared into space for several seconds while they watched from behind in silence.


“Can he really do it?” Sonia whispered to Sumara, who shrugged her shoulders.


“I don’t know,” replied Sumara in a whisper.


Lagron, who heard their whispering and guessed what they were talking about, said sharply, “Sure! I can reopen the portal! After all,” he slowly turned and smiled at them as he finished by saying, “I am the one who opened the portal and created the gate in the first place.”


While leaving them in a state of stunned disbelief, Lagron faced the front once and began to take a really deep breath. Once he had all the air he needed in his system, he opened his mouth and began to yell the technique to activate it.




A powerful force was unleashed from his roaring and it soared straight towards the spot where the portal was supposed to be. Sure enough, there was a sudden resistance against the force that caused it to collide against something invisible while a powerful wind began to blow around them. As the women and Atem got buffeted by the wind and tried their best to stand on their feet, a powerful shattering sound could be heard as a large black hole opened in front of them.


At the same time in their home world, the Dragon Emperor and the four mind controlled Dragon Kings were on their way back to the dragon capital when they heard a loud noise coming from behind. Fearing the worst, the Dragon Emperor quickly went over there while ordering his mind controlled warriors to go there as well. Once they arrived, he was shocked to find that the portal had reactivated on its own.


“What?! It’s activate again, but I thought we destroyed it!” he shouted with a shocked look on his face. A moment later, he narrowed his eyes in anger and muttered, “It must be him…! The Dragon Titan…!”


With the portal opened between the dragon world and their home world, Lagron turned around and shouted, “Get going already! It won’t last for long!”


The girls were surprised and Atem was just about to enter into it when Sonia jumped in front of him to block the way as she stared suspiciously at Lagron.


“Why should we trust you on this?!” she demanded with a serious expression on her face. “You could be leading us into a trap for wall that I can imagine!”


Lagron instantly fired up at her words and shouted, “Don’t be stupid woman! Why the hell would I set a trap for you?! To get revenge on him for not giving me the satisfaction of victory?! That’s the most ridiculous thing I’d ever think of! Now, get going, otherwise, I’m throwing the idiot through it and leave you to rot here forever!”


Sonia was stumped as his powerful words left quite an impression on her and she found it difficult to talk back. She was rescued when Sumara moved forward and moved her aside to let Atem walk into the portal, which slowly started to collapse.


“Now isn’t the time for arguments!” she said firmly and the rest followed her lead.


Lagron was the last to go through the portal just as it close with a bang and vanished into thin air. They felt themselves spiralling through a colourful vortex that kept changing colours. A moment later, they felt solid ground beneath their feet and they opened their eyes to find that they were standing in a thick forest.


“We’re back,” said Atem happily and everyone breathed a sigh in relief.


“Phew… I was worried…” muttered Silvera nervously.


Lagron came out last and as he straightened up, he looked around at the forest and muttered, “Mmm… Same old boring scenery.”


“Is everything boring to you?” Tetra asked him with a puzzled expression on her face.


“Everything, except battling your husband? Yes,” he replied firmly in an irritable voice.


“Man… He’s so serious about winning against Lakshman…” thought Atem and first the first time he felt a little bit of sympathy towards whom he thought of as arrogant. “But again, I don’t think I’ll like if it if he wins again…”


“Well then, I think we should meet with the Dragon Kings before leaving for home,” said Sumara and her group nodded their heads at her in agreement.


“Yes, but before that,” began Lagron and he turned to look towards the forest thicket with narrowed eyes. “Why don’t you, good for nothing, numbskulls show yourselves because, seriously, trained dragons can hide better than you!”


Momentarily surprised by being spotted at their hiding places, the Four Dragon Kings walked out of the thicken into the clearing. Atem and the women were surprised and were shocked to find that the Dragon Emperor was right behind them with an evil grin on his face.


“Dragon Emperor?!” they exclaimed sharply in shocked voices.


Lagron’s reaction, however, was different as he asked, “Four Dragon Kings? I thought there used to be five of them.”


“One of them deserted the clan because he couldn’t handle being looked down upon by his clansmen,” replied Tetra in a quiet voice.


Lagron blinked in surprise before he smiled and said, “That’s good for—.”


Before he could complete his sentence, however, Tetra cut across him by saying, “He later became evil and tried to control the Demon Slayer and in the process, he lost an arm and was killed by Lucky.”


“Oh… A shame…” replied Lagron in a sorrowful voice. “Also, who’s Lucky?”


“That’s the nickname we gave to our husband, who full name is Lakshman,” replied Sumara as she turned to look at him with raised eyebrows.


“What?” Lagron said in surprise. “That’s ridiculous! His name’s Asura!”


“Asura?” Silvera asked him in a puzzled voice. “No, it isn’t.”


“Yes it is…!” Lagron said firmly.


“No… That was his ancient name in his first incarnation!” Sonia said firmly.


Lagron stared at her in disbelief before saying, “I don’t give a damn about his current name! He’s still Asura to me!”


Lakshman’s wives all sighed together in exasperation at the weariness of speaking to his rival.


“Times changed and so did his name…” muttered Sonia wearily.


Lagron shook his head and firmly said, “People change, but names don’t!”


As they argued, the Dragon Emperor watched in stunned silence as he could not believe he and his mind controlled warriors were being ignored. So, he cleared his throat loudly and spoke to them to get their attention.


“Um… Would you mind not ignoring us? It makes me angry,” said the Dragon Emperor and they all turned to face him before he smiled at them. “I’d hate to say this, but… we meet again.”


As he stared at them, his smile disappeared and a surprised expression formed on his face at the sight of Lakshman’s slumped figure over Atem’s shoulder. “Is he unconscious? That’s amazing! I think I need to record this as the day that the mighty Phoenix Titan was beaten, hands down, by the Dragon Clan!”


As the girls became furious by his words, Lagron took a step forward and asked wearily, “Right… Now, why don’t you explain yourself; why are you controlling the Dragon Kings?”


The Dragon Emperor’s expression changed to that of irritation as he glanced momentarily at Lagron before turning back to face the girls. It was obvious that he did not intent to speak to the


“Now then, Four Dagon Kings, I order you to kill these people and wipe them off the face of this world!” the Dragon Emperor said smoothly as he ordered his mind controlled warriors.


As Lakshman’s companions were startled by his words, the Four Dragon Kings surged with power and activated their individual techniques before launching them at them. As the attacks soared towards them at high speed, Lagron suddenly stepped in front of them before activating a technique in his mind.


“Dragon Orb.”


In an instant, a barrier light surrounded him and he extended his arms to either side to defend the group behind. The attacks soared towards him and upon making contact, explode and caused the ground to shake while releasing strong wind to blow in every direction. As the clouds of smoke cleared, Lagron appeared to be unharmed and so was the group behind him, which surprised the Dragon Emperor.


“Ignoring me will cost you dearly,” said Lagron in a deadly voice. “Now, out with it! Why are you controlling the Dragon Kings?”


The Dragon Emperor narrowed his eyebrows and angrily said, “I know you’re dumb, but I’m the Dragon Emperor that rules the Dragon Clan! These people, here, have gone against me and so, I decided to bring order by using the Dragon Control Ring!”


Lagron listened to him quietly and nodded his head in understanding as he replied, “Oh… So, they went against you and because you suck at ordering your people around, you forced them under your mind control? Is that it?”


“What?!” the Dragon Emperor exclaimed in shock.


“You see, any strong warrior would know to be forceful and powerful to make others listen to him. Of course, there is an exception, like the time when the Dragon Clan escaped the destruction of the Dragon World. The people were crazed and there was chaos ensued by a lack of mind, so I forged the Dragon Control Ring to bring them together and lead them to this world.”


“W-What?!” he and the rest of them, excluding the dragon kings, exclaimed sharply in shock.


The Dragon Emperor widened his eyes in shock because he could not believe what he was hearing from the Dragon Titan. That was a secret that was well hidden over time in his family, a secret that was only the heads of the familiar carried all the way to their graves. So, he was stunned beyond belief and plagued with questions of how the Dragon Titan could have known about it.


“W-What the hell are you talking about?!” the Dragon Emperor exclaimed as he tried to dismiss it. “I have no idea what nonsense you’re saying.”


“Nonsense…? Oh…?” Lagron asked shrewdly with narrowed eyebrows that made the Dragon Emperor nervous. “Then, how about this…? The reason the Dragon Clan had to escape from the Dragon World was because the father of your ancestral Dragon Emperor went mad and brought destruction upon his world.”


This time, those words delivered such a powerful blow that the Dragon Emperor was stunned into silence. He could not fathom how the Dragon Titan, whom he and his family had hated for generations, could have known about such a secret that was well hidden from his people. If his clansmen had known, he knew his family would have been executed for treason.


“So… It’s true after all…” muttered Atem while the girls looked surprised.


“Lucky was right… So, that did happen so long ago…” said Tetra in a quiet voice.


Lagron clicked his tongue and said disapprovingly, “I shouldn’t have told that idiot, but… I guess I was so upset and gotten so drunk that I spoke without thinking…”


“No…! It can’t be…!” the Dragon Emperor finally said as he gotten his ability to speak again. “H-How…? It was a family secret…! How did you…?”


“How did I know about it…?” Lagron asked slowly and the Dragon Emperor nodded in response. At that moment, the Dragon Titan suddenly looked very sad as he slowly said, “I would know because… I am the son of the man who brought destruction onto our world… and unfortunately,” he held his hands out and looked down at them as he finished by saying, “I am also the one that took his life with these hands…”


There was a stunned silence in the clearing as the forest made its usual noises and the wind blew smoothly.


“W-What…? D-D-Don’t… tell me…?” the Dragon Emperor slowly asked with a look of disbelief on his face.


Lagron slowly formed a wicked smile on his face as he said, “In order words, I’m your ancestor, Lagron Rodraigun and I’m also the Dragon Titan…!”


The Dragon Emperor’s mouth hung open in shock as he digested this piece of information and as his mind could not accept this fact, he stared at his ancestor and screamed, “NOOOO!!!!”

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thanks for reading the chapter! That was a surprise and somewhat a satisfying reaction from the Dragon Emperor as he finally discovered that he was speaking to his ancestor, though, I doubt he will think he had reincarnated or something. Anyway, let’s find out how that’s transpire and how the rest of the Dragon Clan will react once they meet, face-to-face, with the Dragon Titan! So, I hope that you liked the chapter and will look forward to more as the story continues!


P.S. I don’t really like silence because I don’t know what to make of it…frown

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