Dragon Truth



“T-There’s no way…!” the Dragon Emperor said slowly with a distraught look on his face and he waved his hand aside while shouting, “I absolutely refuse to believe it!”


Lagron shrugged his shoulders and said, “Suit yourself, but facts don’t change.”


The Dragon Emperor gritted his teeth in rage and he pointed his finger at them as he shouted at his mind controlled warriors, “Kill him! Kill them all! Go!”


With their orders given, the Four Dragon Kings rushed over to do battle against the Dragon Titan. Lagron sighed deeply and folded his arms looking seriously at the warriors while deactivating Dragon Orb. The Four Dragon Kings engaged him in close combat and moved so fast that it was like flashing from one position to another as they tried to hit him. Unfortunately, though, their speed did not match the dodging speed of the Dragon Titan, who seemed to be standing still on the exact same spot with a dull expression on his face.


He sighed once more and said, “None of you are a challenge to me.”


“What are you doing?! Move faster!” the Dragon Emperor shouted as he became frustrated by the fact that they could not even touch his enemy.


Lagron looked over at his angry descendent and said loudly, “Instead of ordering them around, why don’t you face me yourself? Come on. You’re my descendent! Surely, you’re stronger than you look!”


The Dragon Emperor gritted his teeth and ordered his warriors, “Destroy him…! Now!”


At that order, the four warriors jumped several meters back to give themselves some space to act. Four of them gathered energy into their hands and launched their powerful techniques at him while shouting the names out loud.


“Fire Blast!”


“Water Bomb!”


“Earth Smash!”


“Wind Squall!”


The four attacks soured towards him at high speed, but Lagron merely yawned as if none of them concerned him. He was looking at their attacks with the least interest as he idly thought about something else.


“This is so boring… I wish that idiot’s awake so I’d have my rematch…”


Lagron finally decided to act when he noticed that the attacks had finally reached him. He unfolded his arms and became serious as he swatted each of the attack aside with little effort. As the Dragon Emperor watched his warriors’ attacks get destroyed so easily, Lagron rushed forward and with one hand, punched each of the warriors so hard that they were blasted several meters away into the forest.


“This is… insane…!” the Dragon Emperor looked into the forest before turning back to face Lagron, whom he suddenly found was meter away from him. He hastily stepped back and shouted, “Stay away from me!”


Lagron looked at his descendent with a shadow of sorrowful look on his face as he said, “A shame… Controlling people isn’t a good thing… Even I won’t condone myself for doing it…” He looked seriously at the Dragon Emperor and said firmly, “Give up.”


The Dragon Emperor looked as if he misheard what was said and he said, “What…? Me, give up to a bastard calling himself my ancestor…? I think not…!”


The Dragon Titan narrowed his eyebrows sharply and said forcefully, “Enough is enough, fool! Just accept reality and move on with it!”


“Don’t command me, dammit!” the Dragon Emperor replied firmly and he aimed his hand with the Dragon Control Ring at Lagron. “Now, I command you!”


For a moment, there was silence in the clearing as the Dragon Emperor smiled confidently as he believed he can control the Dragon Titan. He, too, realised that the Dragon Titan was staring at him with a pitying expression on his face as if he found the act to be childish.


“I’ll tell you now; Dragon Control Ring won’t work on me since I created it,” stated Lagron and he shook his head in disbelief. “Now, one final chance before I have to beat some sense into you.”


“I don’t think so!” the Dragon Emperor shouted and he surged with incredible power before kicking off the ground to fly towards his enemy.


As he reached him, the Dragon Emperor pulled his fist back and attempted to smash his enemy’s face. His move was successful and he was momentarily satisfied by the result, but his eyes widened in surprise when he noticed that the Dragon Titan was looking at him as a wicked smile formed on his face.


The next moment, the Dragon Emperor’s mouth opened wide in shock as Lagron delivered a power punch to his gut. As he reeled back from the shock, Lagron simply stepped forward and kicked him in the gut so hard that the Dragon Emperor soared into the air before falling to the grassy flow with a crashing sound.


“G-Gah…!” the Dragon Emperor said through sheer pain as he spat blood out of his mouth. “T-This is—!”


“—painful,” completed Lagron for him as he walked over to stand next to his crash site.


The Dragon Emperor stared up at him for a moment and gritted his teeth as he raised both of his hands up and managed to fire a large wave straight at the Dragon Titan. He shouted in triumph as the Dragon Titan was completely consumed and vaporised by the energy wave, but he totally missed the move that Lagron made. Anticipating this very move, Lagron left an afterimage and quickly stood on his other side.


“Fool,” muttered Lagron and he side kicked his descent on the face.


His descendent groaned as he flew through the air and smashed down several trees before he came to a crashing stop. As he slowly regained his posture and rose to his feet to glare at his enemy, the Dragon Titan turned to look at him with a disapproving look on his face.


“I changed my mind! I won’t accept you to be my decedent!” he said with a firm look on his face.


“D-Do I… look like I… care…?” the Dragon Emperor asked without a care in the world.


“Maybe not, but you will once I remove your goddamn title!” Lagron shouted and he surged with power.


He rushed towards the Dragon Emperor so fast that his enemy was startled and did not have time to react. As he reached him, Lagron pulled his fist back and delivered several rapid blows to his gut, which caused the Dragon Emperor lurch blood out of his mouth. He staggered back just as Lagron moved forward with his hands closed together and raised in an attacking position.


“Go down…” he said slowly in a quiet voice.


He brought his arms down and smashed them on the Dragon Emperor’s skull, causing him to widen his eyes in shock and collapse onto the ground. Lagron released his hands and pulled his fist back before gathering energy into his fist and unleashing it straight onto the Dragon Emperor’s face.


“Stay down!” he shouted with a wicked smile on his face.


The Dragon Emperor opened his eyes just in time to see the punch thrown at him and his widened his mouth just as the punch collided against his forehead. In an instant, there was a powerful explosion that destroyed the area wound them and lifted dirt into the air as the wind picked up speed and blew rapidly. Lakshman’s wives and Atem braced them for the shock waves and wind that buffeted them.


It took several seconds for everything to die down and the smoke cleared to reveal Lagron standing over the Dragon Emperor, whose body was deep inside what appeared to be a crater. Lagron sighed deeply and he momentarily flew into the air and soared over to land on level ground before staring down at the victim.


“Seriously… In time of peace, people have grown this weak…?” he asked finally with a dissatisfied expression on his face. “Unbelievable…”


“You’re right,” said Tetra in agreement as she and the rest of the group walked up to stand behind him. “Lucky fought against the angels and surprisingly beat them fairly easily.”


“Seriously?!” Lagron exclaimed as he turned to look at her in disbelief. “Asura fought the angels and defeated them because of them being weak…?” As Tetra nodded her head in confirmation, he slowly shook his head in disbelief as he slowly said, “I can’t… believe it…”


At that moment, there was rustling within the forest before the Four Dragon Kings walked out looking dazed and quite confused. All they could remember was staying guard of the Dragon Gate when the Dragon Emperor suddenly showed up and attacked them. So, they were quite surprised to find Lakshman’s group back there along with someone they had never seen before.


“So, the numbskulls finally woke up?” Lagron asked casually as he cracked a smile at them. “I suppose beating you one up did the trick.”


“W-What…?” Aidek asked with a puzzled look on his face. “What do you mean…? I mean… What happened…?”


As he clutched his head, Fizard glared around angrily and said, “That bastard emperor attacked us from behind and did something to us, but I can’t remember what it was!”


“Same here,” said Gurret telepathically as he looked towards Lagron.


“Damn these fools…They’re so stupid…” thought Lagron in exasperation before he widened his smile and said, “Whatever happened, I beat the hell out of him and he’s now lying here unconscious.”


The Four Dragon Kings started towards him in surprise and as they reached him, they were surprised to find the Dragon Emperor lying unconscious on the ground. Sensing that he was alive, they slowly looked up and stared at Lagron with narrowed eyebrows as suspicion entered their minds.


“Your aura and power… You must be the Dragon Titan,” said Aidek slowly with a serious expression on his face.


Lagron chuckled and said, “This makes it easy.”


Aidek turned to look at the ground and was surprised to see Lakshman lying over Atem’s shoulder.


“Mmm… Looks like you two got into a battle and you lost while the Phoenix Titan collapsed from exhaustion,” said Aidek, which was exactly what was on the other three minds.


Lagron almost fell over in shock from how the Air Dragon King understood the situation.


“No dammit! I won because he collapsed on his own, but I’m not satisfied with my victory, so I want a rematch!” Lagron shouted angrily and he pointed at Lakshman’s unconscious form.


The Four Dragon Kings looked at him while blinking in surprise as they all said in unison, “Huh?!”


Sumara quickly moved forward and said, “We can discuss this later, but first, my husband needs to recover from his battle.”


“He lost an arm for crying out loud!” Silvera said angrily as she shot a dead glare at Lagron’s back.


Those words took a second to register in the Four Dragon Kings minds and they exclaimed, “What?!”


“T-The Phoenix Titan… lost an arm… against… him…?” Gurrent asked telepathically with a disbelieving look on his face as he turned towards Lagron.


Lagron noted the expressions on their faces and he seriously said, “Of course! I’m Lagron, the Dragon Titan! If you ever met me before, you’d know I’m a bid deal! Since you never met me before, make sure you get a good look at how battered Asura is! Got it?”


“A-Asura…? Who…?” Aidek began when Lagron grabbed him by the front and swung him to face towards Lakshman while pointing a finger at him.


“Him! The Phoenix Titan!” Lagron said in annoyance. “Understand?”


He released Aidek and he stepped back to stand together with the other tree Dragon Kings. The Four Dragon Kings stared at him in silence and slowly nodded their heads in unified agreement.


“Good!” Lagron said and he folded his arms in satisfaction. “Also, make sure to remove that stupid emperor of yours and replace him with another one because he sucks.”


“Huh?!” Fizard exclaimed in disbelief. “What the hell did you say?!”


“I can understand what you mean, but you cannot simply remove an emperor for personal reasons,” said Aidek seriously with a firm look on his face.


“Oh…? You want reasons…? Especially powerful ones to convince you and the Dragon Council…?” Lagron asked and he looked very arrogant as he said, “Fine! Here’s your list of reasons!”


He started telling them of how useless the Dragon Emperor was in combat, then his mannerism could not match that of a ruler and he went on to address his great fault in using others. After that, he went into in-depth detail about the destruction to their home world, the Dragon World, who caused it, why it happened and who was responsible for the whole mess.


“So, his entire family is responsible for the whole damn chaos caused by the Dragon Emperor of that time,” said Lagron as he finished telling all the reasons to remove the Dragon Emperor from his post. “Also, omit the part about me being his reincarnated ancestor because I don’t want to link up in this.”


It took a few seconds for the Four Dragon Kings to digest this information and once they did, they had their eyes wide open in disbelief. None of them could believe such a huge secret was being kept from them and their clans for so many years. Now, with that information revealed to them, they are unsure of how to go about informing the public about it.


“Um… I’m totally lost about how to go about this…” Waddit said with confused look on his face.


“Meh. Not my problem,” said Lagron and he shrugged his shoulders with an facial expression that showed how little he cared for their situation.


Fizard became concerned by the Dragon Titan’s lack of concern and he demanded, “What’s wrong with you? Aren’t you the least bit worried about your clansmen’s’ reaction to all of this?”


Once again, Lagron behaved as if it did not concern him as he said, “Why should I care? It’s your problem.”


“O-Our problem…?” Fizard asked in disbelief.


“Yeah cause’ I won’t be sticking around here to get mixed up in this mess,” replied Lagron firmly and he gestured towards the group behind him. “I’ll be going with them so that I can have my rematch.”


Those words surprised everyone and Silvera clenched her fists angrily as she said, “No. You’re not coming with us!”


“Yes, I am!” Lagron replied firmly as he turned to look at her.


“I won’t allow it!”


“Who’re you to allow it?”


“I’m his wife!”


“I’m his rival!”


“So what?!”


“It means that I have unfinished business with him!”


“I don’t care!”


“I care!”




“Because I’m the Dragon Titan woman!”


Silvera touched her head with her hand and sighed as if she was getting a headache from the argument.


“Look. No matter how you put it, you won your battle against my husband,” she said in a tired voice.


“If you haven’t heard me the last three times; I’m not satisfied with such a stupid victory!” he said firmly to her without giving in.


As Silvera sighed deeply, Tetra raised an eyebrow in amazement and said, “What’s the problem with him coming with us? I’m sure Lucky would’ve wanted to chat with him once he wakes up. Wouldn’t you agree, Sumara?”


Sumara, who was suddenly brought into the conversation, looked at them while blinking in surprise.


“Uh… Oh… Um…” she began hesitantly before saying weakily, “I suppose there’s no harm, I guess…”


“Tetra… Sumara…” said Sumara slowly in a weary voice.


Lagron breathed deeply and smiled in triumph as he said, “Good! It’s settled then!”


Thus, Lakshman’s companions soared into the air and flew off towards the Human Continent. Lagron lingered behind to speak some words of advice to the thoroughly confused Four Dragon Kings. He was giving them some advice on how to announce the denouncement of their emperor and electing a new one.


Before leaving, he turned back and fleetingly smiled as he said, “Good luck.”



It took them some time to reach the Human Continent because they realised it would take too long by flight. Instead, they took a detour towards a Teleportation Zone, which was completely surrounded by forest trees. Since the Dragon Clan detached themselves from the rest of the world, only merchants from various races move around as they sell the Dragon Liquor.


Finding the Teleportation Zone and activating it took a bit of time because the group had to fight monsters around the area. Lagron did not once lend them a hand and hung back while they made a path to the zone before managing to activate it.


Upon reaching the open field of the Human Continent, the girls smiled widely in happiness. They could not believe how happy they were to see such friendly scenery after seeing the destruction done to the Dragon World.


“Man… It feels good to be home…” said Tetra with a very happy look on her face.


Sumara quickly recovered and said, “Let’s hurry over to the house and call Amaranda for help!”


They quickly soared into the air and flew off to where their house was location while Lagron followed behind them. He was lagging behind them because he was feeling amazed at how much geography had changed since the ancient times and the last time he was here, which was during the Emperor of the World’s rulership.


It took them a while before they finally reached their home and they landed before quickly going into the house.


“We’re back!” Tetra called in a slightly tired voice.


“Ondine! Emilia! Are you here?” Sumara asked in a loud carrying voice.


Silvera also shouted supportively, “Come on! We need you here!”


Ondine and Emilia, who were upstairs in the master bedroom and lying down quietly on the bed resting, suddnely sat up straight upon hearing Tetra’s, Sumara’s and Silvera’s voices. They quickly got off the bed and moved out of the room before going down the stairs to greet them energetically.


“Welcome back!” the two of them said in unison before their eyes fell on Lucky’s unconscious form as Atem gently lowered him to sit on a chair.


Upon noticing that he was missing a limb, Emilia immediately rushed over to his side as she exclaimed, “Oh no! What happened to your arm?! Lucky!”
Ondine, who was also shocked by the sight of his missing limb, turned to Sumara and demanded with a serious expression on her face. Sumara, without hesitation, quickly informed her on what happened until they reached return through the Dragon Gate. Once she told her everything, Ondine looked to the side and stared at the Dragon Titan with a serious expression on her face.


“Ondine. Call Amaranda here quickly so she can heal him with Restoration because he doesn’t seem to be waking up despite all our efforts!” Sumara informed her with a serious look on her face.


“Alright,” said Ondine and she nodded her head in understanding. She activated Telepathy and focused her mind on Amaranda before feeling that she had connected to her before she said telepathically, “Amaranda, it’s me, Ondine. May I have a moment?”


“Sure. Is there a problem?” Amaranda asked back telepathically.


“Yes. My husband has returned from his trip to the Dragon World, but in his clash with the Dragon Titan, he lost an arm.”


“Oh dear…” sighed Amaranda telepathically before she telepathically said, “Very well. I’ll be there in a minute. Please, move him to a place where he can lie down that does not cause him pain. I strongly suggest using the bed because it is the easily the most comfortable thing in the world.”


Ondine smiled at her joke to support her before she telepathically replied, “Sure. We’ll do that. Thank you.”


She deactivated her magic and said to the group, “It’s okay. She said she’ll be here in a minute.”


As the group exclaimed their joy at hearing the news, Lagron tore his eyes away from the house and looked curiously over at her before asking, “Who might you be calling to help you?”


Ondine turned to look at him with narrowed eyes as she said, “The Magic Titan, Amaranda Lefrity.”


“The Magic Titan?” Lagron asked and he looked very surprised before laughing out loud. “So, the useless one of us manages to be useful at things like this.”


“What?!” Emilia exclaimed sharply and she turned to glare at him angrily as she wiped the tears off her face. “You’re calling her power and efforts useless?! Then, tell me; do you know how to use Restoration?”


Lagron raised an eyebrow and asked, “Restoration…? You mean the spell that heals all wounds, restores almost everything to normal, except bringing the dead back to life?” When Emilia nodded her head, he made a small smile and folded his arms before he looked away by saying, “Yeah… I don’t know.”


Everyone were very surprised by his response and Emilia rose to her feet and said sharply, “You don’t know?! You, the Dragon Titan, one of the Nine Pillars of Power, don’t know how to such a powerful and useful technique?!”


Those words caused him some annoyance and he looked at her as he said, “Look woman. Just because it’s powerful and useful doesn’t mean one should master it. For one thing, you cannot defend yourself when you’re in the process of applying it and then it requires quite a bit of energy to power it. It might be useful to learn it, but for people like me, who don’t lose limbs so easily, it’s practically useless.”


Emilia’s eyes widened sharply and Sonia exclaimed angrily, “What did you say?!”


“Stop!” Emilia said and she aimed a hand in a gesture to stop her. “Sonia, calm down. Everyone as well. There’s no point getting upset over what he says.”


As she looked at him with a serious expression on her face, Lagron grinned arrogantly and said, “Looks like you’re more calm about this than the idiots in here.”


Emilia smiled at him confidently as she said, “I’m confident he’ll recover because he’s… lucky.”


“Hmph,” said Lagron with a sneer. “Lucky to have you or lucky to be surrounded by idiots? Either way, he’s an idiot from the beginning, so I suppose it doesn’t matter right now.”


As he smiled smugly, Ondine made a small smile and said, “I suppose name calling makes you stupid.”


Her words earned an angry glare from him, but she did not glare because she was satisfied for taking a shot at him for insulting her husband. At that moment, they felt a presence outside the house and a moment later, Amaranda walked into the house with her staff held at the ready. She took once glance towards where Lakshman was leaning against the back of the chair and clicked her tongue.


“I thought I told you to lie him down on a bed,” she said telepathically in a stern voice.


Ondine was surprised and she quickly apologised by saying, “Oops! We’ll do that now! Come on girls.”


At her bracing words, Emilia, Sumara and Sonia used their magic to hover Lakshman into the air and gently moved him upstairs. Ondine and Atem followed after them and Amaranda was about to do so when she suddenly felt someone staring very intently at her. She turned towards the source and found the Dragon Titan and he stared at her while looking very surprised for some reason.


She could not see being blind, but she was able to tell he was looking at her using the flow of energy.


“Is there something on my face?” she asked him telepathically.


Lagron started in surprise to her voice and he slowly shook his head before slowly saying, “No…”


“Okay,” said Amaranda telepathically and she walked after the girls and Atem upstairs.


As she walked by, Lagron slowly turned and continued to stare at her with the same surprised expression on his face. His mouth hung open a little as if he was struck by something that he could not understand nor explain. The moment she disappeared upstairs, he immediately shook himself and was surprised at himself for his behaviour before following after her.

Author’s Note


Hello everyone and thanks for reading this chapter!Finally, another chapter done and next one coming up soon! I’m really trying hard to do this daily chapter release because I’m slowly feeling the heat. So, I hope to do my best and I also hope you liked this chapter and will look forward to more as the story continues!

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