God Realm

Engraut left his house and arrived outside, where everything was pure white with clouds floating almost everywhere. It appeared that the place he was living at was floating in mid-air and situated on a small island that seemed to have been picked up from off the ground.

He stepped down the few flight of stairs and stood on a pathway that seemed to be made of some kind of material that was different to wood and metal. The surroundings around the house was beautiful with flowers and trees growing on either side to give a pleasant atmosphere around the place.

The world that each god resides in is called the God Domain and the ownership of that domain belongs to the gods that reside within that world. Within a God Domain, they are able to enter and leave through a portal doorway, block anyone else from entering or leaving and create miniature worlds for various purposes, or increase their home land.

Engraut and Jena are the owners of their domain and only have their home to reside with nothing else interesting to see, apart from the flowers and trees that they grew. Jena liked a pleasant environment and started growing the garden to which Engraut liked because it always was refreshing for him whenever while he was leaving and came back.

“Today feels quite good,” said Engraut as he breathed in the good perfume of the flowers and sighed deeply in satisfaction. He smiled and turned towards the portal, which a few meters in front of him, and said, “Okay.”

He quickly walked over to the portal, which was a transparent object that had rocks surrounding it while a glass like veil was in the centre of it. The light was shimmering back and forth like unsteady water and showed him a murky view of what was on the other side of the portal. Not sensing any kind of danger, he walked out of it and arrived on a grassy plain with the portal behind him.

The world outside is called the God Realm, which is just above the God Plane as the border cannot be seen physically by anyone and that included the gods. In this place, there were many floating islands with large portals through which anyone can pass through to enter an individual’s God Domain. Currently, as Engruat looked around, there were many empty islands floating around near the portals.

“I wonder what everyone else is doing,” he muttered to himself while looking around with interest before shrugging his shoulders and saying, “Oh well. They put me under house arrest and effectively stopped me from spying, but it didn’t stop me from giving advices directly. Still, it’s such a waste of my talent.”

He sighed and walked to the edge of the field to look down at, what appeared to be, a never ending pit that led straight through the different planes to reach the Physical Plane. Engraut momentarily closed his eyes as he used his energy to picture the time it was in their world and sensed that it was night time.

“Okay,” he said quietly as he reopened his eyes to look down into the depth. “Looks like I better make my entry in the morning, otherwise, I’d scare them just like before.” He suddenly grinned and thought, “Their reactions were so priceless! I only wished I got Jena to see it for herself!”

He sighed and muttered, “Anyway, I better get going before someone notices me.”

With that, he smiled and immediately transformed into balls of light that took on the form of blue butterflies of energy that flew as a group and slowly headed towards the Physical Plane.

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