“That woman is dangerous! She has the Demon Eyes: Petrification!” Lagron exclaimed a few seconds after being released from the petrification state.

“We know,” said both Lakshman and Sevedant in unison with smiles in their face and mask.

Lagron turned to stare suspiciously at them and asked, Didn’t the spell affect you in at all? I mean, I can understand why Death survived it because he’s death, but it doesn’t make any sense with you!”

“I’m not death. I’m Sevedant,” said Sevedant, which Lagron ignored as he continued to stare fidelity at his rival.

In return, Lakshman merely smiled and replied, “Aren’t you forgetting that I possess the Phoenix Eyes?”

“Mmm?!” Lagron exclaimed in surprise as he suddenly remembered the obvious. It caused him to cross his arms and look bad tampered as he said, “Of course! The way to counter petrification is by using the Phoenix Blood, which enabled you to use the Phoenix Eyes to defend yourself against her eyes!”

Lakshman smiled and said smoothly, “Thank you for stating the obvious.”

“Dammit!” Lagron shouted in annoyance.

Just then, Ash coughed and said in a sad voice, “I’m sorry for the trouble i caused you.”

He momentarily glanced towards her before widening his eyes and quickly turned away as he said, “Damn woman! When you’re in my presence, either shut your eyes or turn the opposite direction!”

“Isn’t it easier if you did that instead?” Lakshman asked his rival.

“I probably could, but no!” His rival retorted back with a glare at him. “I’m Lagron dammit! I’m not a guy who’ll avert his gaze no matter what, but will turn my back on those I seriously hate!”

His response made Lakshman raise an eyebrow in amazement and he said, “Well, at least I know you acknowledge her strong powers by not turning your back on her.”

As Lagron and Ash appeared to be surprised from the interpretation, Lakshman continued on and said with a grinning face, “You know why? It’s because he’s terrified of you!”

His words caused Ash to be taken aback by surprise and made Sevedant chuckle for just a moment while Lagron’s jaw dropped in horror. The furious Dragon Titan rushed over to his rival and glared at him with such rage that Lakshman thought he might have wanted to start a fight there and then.

“Hell no!” Lagorn bellowed and caused Lakshman to twitch his eye from the loud volume of his voice. “Stop making misinterpretations dammit! I’m not terrified of anything!”

Lakshman rubbed his ears and said, “Calm down, Lagorn. I was just making a joke.”

Lagron drew back and fumed furiously as he retorted, “There is a limit to the kind of joke you can make and just now, you’ve clearly violated my pride idiot!”

His rival sighed and replied leisurely, “Right. Sorry.”

The Dragon Titan breathed a heavy sigh and crossed his arms and turned away while saying, “It’s because of this you’re hard to deal with!”

“I could say the same about you,” thought Lakshman in his mind and he chuckled to himself before he asked, “By the way, I thought you disliked it if someone turned their back on you.”

The Dragon Titan pondered about it for a moment before he said, “Alright. I’ll make it an except just for her.”

Lakshman smiles and turned to face Ash with his Phoenix Eyes activated and said, “It’s good for you by his judgement.”

Ash, who silently nodded in understanding, turned her back to them and said, “Yes. I am grateful, but know that I’m only trusting you because Sevedant trusts you.”

“You should’ve done that from the start, woman!” Lagron shouted in annoyance and caused her to look sadly at the ground.

Sevedant noticed her gloominess and said, “Stop. She is hurt. Feeling bad. Give a break.”

“Like I’d give a damn!” Lagron retorted angrily.

“Lagron! Stop it!” Lakshman said sharply with a serious look on his face.

The Dragon Titan stared at his rival and at the Death Titan before glaring fiercely at the back of the woman that looked very sad. He turned away and snorted angrily without saying a word when, to his surprise, he saw Lakshman’s wives flying towards them at high speed.

“Hey! Idiot! Your wives are coming!” Lagron said urgently and Lakshman turned to look in their direction with a surprised look on his face. “Quickly! Communicate with them, telling them not to come over here and that it’s dangerous!”

“Mmm? Why?” Lakshman asked in a puzzled voice.

“Why you asked?!” Lagron exclaimed before he pointed at Ash and said, “It’s because that woman is here and she’ll surely turn them into stone with just one look!”

“Oh. There’s no need to worry,” said Lakshman and his rival looked at him in surprise.

“What?! Why?! Explain!” Lagron asked sharply.

Lakshman sighed and said, “You see, the female members of the Serpentia Demon Clan can only petrify those of the opposite gender, except for members of the Phoenix Clan.”

Lagron’s jaw dropped in utter disbelief before he said irritably, “Well, isn’t that convenient!”

Lakshman smiled as his wives and Atem gently landed around them. The first thing Emilia, Ondine and Tetra did was quickly head over to their husband to check his condition while Atem curiously walked over to inquire about his condition.

“Are you alright?” He asked curiously.

“Shut up!” Lagron snapped back without turning to look at him.

Atem sighed as Lakshman’s wives fussed about him, checking to see if he was okay or not. While he fought their frantic worries back, Atem smiled and walked over to stand in front of the impressive figure of the Death Titan.

“Hi. I’m Atem,” said Atem as self-instruction of himself.

Sevedant looked down at him due to his considerable height and replied, “I’m Sevedant.” It seemed the Death Titan was scrutinizing him as he asked, “You’re not human. Very different. Angel?”

Atem raised his eyebrows in amazement and asked, “How did you know?”

“Spirits,” replied Sevedant and Atem nodded in understanding.

For angels, who wield the power of light, they would always be surrounded by spirits invisible to a regular person and can only be seen by people with extraordinary abilities. Sevedant was one of them and Atem quickly understood this and correctly guessed that he was the Death Titan due to the deathly aura that surrounded him.

“Girls, I’m alright!” Lakshman said firmly as he broke free from their inspection.

They were a bit taken aback, but breathed a sigh of relief as Emilia muttered, “Thank goodness.”

Ondine turned towards Sevedant and said, “Hey, Sevedant. It’s been a long time since we last met.”

The Death Titan nodded at her and said, “Yes. Ondine. Emilia. Tetra.”

“I’m amazed you still remember our names after what’s literally been like twelve years,” Tetra said with a look of amazement on her face. She turned her attention towards Ash and asked, Who’s she? I’m getting a lot of negative vibes from her.”

Lakshman introduced her to them and said, “That’s Ash, also known as the Demon Titan.”

“Wow!” The three women said simultaneously with surprised looks on their faces.

“So, you’re the Demon Titan,” said Ondine as she, Emilia and Tetra walked over to stand in front of her.

Ash continued to keep her head down in sadness and the three girls looked at each other before Emilia asked politely, “Please, raise your head. It’s very difficult to make a conversation if you keep avoiding eye contact with us.”

At her words, Ash finally lifted her head and stared at them with a sad look on her face. In an instant, all three felt a rather uncomfortable chill run down their backs upon gazing eye straight in the eye, making them quickly recognise who she was.

Just then, Lagron, who was feeling ill-tempered, turned addressed Atem by saying, “Hey, angel guy. Head over to her and introduce yourself.”

Atem was perplexed to find out that the Dragon Titan knew who he was and he asked, “How did you know I was an angel?”

Lagron snorted and said, “I saw it, fool, when you lot came to check when that idiot collapsed. Remember?” As Atem remembered and realized that had happened, Lagron firmly said, “Anyway, hurry up and go. It’s rude to not introduce yourself to an ally.”

Atem nodded in understand and made to walk over to them when Emilia suddenly held her hands up at him to stop while saying, “Stop, Atem. Don’t come here.”

“Why?” He asked with a surprised look on his face.

She gestured at her and said, “She’s from the Serpentia Demon Clan.”

Those words instantly sent a shocking revelation to Aren’t mind as he recognised the name and widened his eyes in shock. Realising he was tricked, he turned back to face Lagron and asked indignantly, “What was that for, huh? You almost made me walk into a trap!”

Lagron shrugged his shoulders and said with a dark look on his face, “Oh. I’m just lamenting my frustration on you. That’s all.”

Atem widened his eyes in disbelief and turned to look at Lakshman helplessly with a shocked look on his face, who responded telepathically by saying, “He’s making a joke.”

“Huh?” Atem replied telepathically in exasperation.

“He often shows dark humour whenever he tries to take things with ease,” said Lakshman as he had first-hand experiences of the, so called, dark humour of his rival. “At times like this, just let it go and say he’s funny, which funnily works in improving his mood.”

Atem was sceptical about the advice he received, but he decided to try it out and he turned to Lagron before he said, “That’s funny.”

To his surprise, the Dragon Titan suddenly grinned and replied, “Good! You’ve proven you’ve got some brain to actually understand my joke!”

The angel could not believe his ears and he telepathically said, “He’s crazy!”

“Which is what makes him the Dragon Titan,” replied Lakshman telepathically with a wry smile on his face.

They soon returned to the house in and everyone at the house was surprised to see Sevedant and Ash. Upon Lakshman giving them their introductions, Sumara, Silvera and Sonia quickly introduced themselves as well. Sevedant merely glanced around and spoke the first names of each of them before nodding in understanding before turning to face Amaranda.

“Death Titan. I look forward to working with you,” said the Magic Titan telepathically with a small smile on her face while facing him.

“Indeed,” replied Sevedant with a nod of his head.

Just then, Ash finished meeting the others before finally reaching Amaranda and said, “Hi. I’m Ash. I hope we get along.”

“Likewise,” replied Amaranda telepathically with a slightly larger smile than before.

Ash was a little surprised to see that she had her eyes closed and said reassuringly, “It’s okay to open your eyes. I only petrify those of the opposite gender.”

Amaranda dropped her eyebrows momentarily in confusion before realising what the Demon Titan meant and she smiled again as she telepathically said, “Sorry. I’m just not able to see at all.”

Those words came out a surprise for Ash and she felt guilty about her previous words and said, “I’m sorry. Please, forgive my last words. I was very rude.”

“Not at all. You didn’t know and it wasn’t rude at all since you were just giving a good advice,” stated Amaranda telepathically with a smile and the two exchanged smiles.

Ash suddenly thought of something and finding it strange, she asked, “If you’re blind, how can you see?”

“Feeling the flow of energy around me, you and everyone else.”

“Oh. Cool!”

While they were talking to one another, Sevedant silently walked over to stand next to the Phoenix Titan before gesturing at Sumara, Silvera and Sonia while asking, “New wives?”

Lakshman nodded sideways and said, “Yeah. I have a total of nine wives now.”

Sevedant slowly nodded his head in understanding and said, “Destiny Queens. They’ve gathered.”

“Mmm? Did you say something?”

“Yes. Something. Not now. Talk later. First rest. Feeling fatigued.”

“Oh. Then, you better go and take some rest. Even I need it,” said Lakshman with a laugh before turning to face the Magic Titan and asking, “Amaranda! Can Sevedant and Ash stay atop the Spirit Turtle in one of the living quarters?”

“That is not a problem and Telker shouldn’t find it troublesome either,” replied Amaranda with a smile in his direction.

“Good,” said Lakshman in satisfaction.

At that moment, he heard his rival say, “You better prepare a living quarters for me too and make sure it’s majestic.”

Silvera, who heard his request, became instantly annoyed and asked sarcastically, “What are you, a prince or emperor of some kingdom or clan?”

She was playing on the joke that Lagron was once the Dragon Emperor and he threw it away to become isolated in the Dragon World in awaiting for his rival’s return. Lakshman smiled a little by her joking manner and he turned to see the reaction his rival had, which surprised him. The Dragon Titan actually looked like he was feeling tired as his eye lids kept closing and opening as he tried hard to stay awake.

“If only you knew how awesome I am,” replied Lagron before letting out a huge yawn.

Lakshman raised an eyebrow in amazement before he turned and asked Amaranda, “Can he also come along? I mean, is it alright?”

Amaranda sighed and said telepathically, “Sure.” At that moment, she activated telepathy and spoke telepathically in his mind by saying, “He is a handful, but I think I can manage him somehow.”

“Thank you,” replied Lakshman telepathically, grateful for her assistance.

Nodding her head in understanding, she silently moved forward and stopped in front of Lagron, who appeared to be looking mildly amuzed from the tiredness he was feeling. She raised her arm at him and activated a certain magic by saying the words in her magic.


In an instant, her hand glowed and as he glanced at the hand, he instantly felt his consciousness leaving his body and fell forward. Before he could hit her, though, she immediately used levitation to make his body easily float in mid-air without any kind of support.

“Alright. Let’s leave,” she said and Asha nodded with Sevedant nodding in turn.

Amaranda summoned her staff from out of thin air and stamped it on the ground, creating a teleportation magic circle that appeared beneath their feet. The three of them looked at Lakshman and his group before vanishing into thin air, causing the wind to momentarily blow quickly and ruffle their clothes.

Lakshman turned around and looked up at his familiar, who had remained here dutifully since morning and decided that he should rest. He knew the familiars would last for a long time without needing to return to their realms, but he did not want to push them any further than this.

“Phylex, you can return to your realm,” he said and the Eternal Phoenix let out a loud screening sound.

“Are you sure, master? Wouldn’t you want me to stay here for bit longer until the young ladies return?” Phylex asked telepathically.

His master shook his head and said, “There’s no need for that. Just go and relax until I call for your help.”

Phylex nodded its magnificent head at its master and telepathically said, “Very well, master. Take care and please call me anytime you need my assistance. I will come immediately.”

As if it was saluting him, the Eternal Phoenix raised its wings near its head before being turning into light and vanishing on the spot. Lakshman sighed deeply and strangely felt like his eyes were spinning, making him step uneasily before forcing himself to stand firmly on the spot. Still, he decided to return to the house and get a long rest that he deserved for his efforts.

“Okay. Let’s go in,” said Lakshman and he turned around when, all of a sudden, he felt himself swaying and almost fell forward.

His wives were surprised and Emilia and Ondine were the first to quickly dart forward and catch him, but he was still a little heavy for just the two of them. Lakshman was an extremely powerful warrior and despite his slim build, he does weight a bit and they needed Sumara and Sonia to come to their aide in supporting their husband.

At that exact moment, there was a whirling sound followed by a warp activated and through it, Indira and Priya came through with a Phintex Raja. As soon as they appeared through the warp, they staggered a little and clutched their heads due to the uncomfortable feeling they experienced from travelling like that.

“Ah. That’ll take some getting used to,” muttered Priya before turning towards.

“Vodinulu! We’re back!” Indira said cheerfully with a grin on her face.

Just then, the two of them noticed their brother was being supported by Emilia, Ondine, Sumara and Sonia. The smiles on their faces vanished and was replaced with worried looks on their faces to see their strong brother being supported like that.

“Annayya!” Indira said sharply.

“What happened to him?” Priya asked with a shocked look on her face.

“We’ll explain later, but first, let’s all go in and get him into our bedroom,” said Emilia and the others all nodded in agreement.

The twins followed behind everyone else as the Phintex Raja warped away from there with concerned looks on their faces. They could not believe their brother was so drastically weakened from whatever happened to him despite him being so energetic and fine in the morning.

“What could’ve happened to cause brother to become like this?” Indira asked Priya.

“I don’t know, but it’s seriously something that we need to worry about,” responded Priya with a serious look on her face.

They all went upstairs with the four supporting Lakshman before entering their bedroom and laying him down gently on the bed. He sighed deeply in exhaustion and half closed his eyes in relaxation to finally relax without the need to do anything else.

“Thanks,” he muttered as he was grateful for them.

The women smiled at him just as Indira asked with a worried look on her face, “Um, what happened to annayya? He looks so worn out.”

“A lot happened,” replied Tetra with a grimace, “but let’s talk about it here.”

“Come on. Let’s leave him to rest,” said Ondine and he slowly shepherded them out of the room.

Just before leaving, everyone glanced at him once to make sure he was indeed alright before taking their leave and Ondine closed the door behind. Silence fell in the room and Lakshman moved a little as he groaned from the fatigue his body was going through because of all that had happened that day.

“Man… I’ll never be able to defeat the Calamity Titan when I’m this weak!” he said sharply. He momentarily made a determined look on his face as he said, “I’ll get strong. No matter what, I have to stronger and surpass him!”

As soon as he finished, sleep quickly washed over him and his entire body relaxed as he closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep.

Meanwhile, in the Bazaraka Continent, Dominic and Shalany were spending their time under a layer of swords that he conjured from thin air. After the recent events that had made him change his behaviour and thinking process, Dominic started to use more abilities that the Destiny Blade had in her, which pleased Shalany.

“I’m glad we aren’t camping under a tree inside a forest and constantly worrying about monster attacks,” said Shalany happily as she glanced around the layer of swords placed around them while cuddling her baby, who was moving cheerfully on her lap.

Dominic smiled and said, “You tend to do more as you widen your scope of vision and thoughts.”

His wife looked at him in surprise and said, “I’m happy you think like that. Never have a tunnel vision.”

As he smiled at her, they heard a rustling sound from somewhere nearby and they turned in that direction with Dominic placing a hand casually on the hilt of his sword. They were positioned in a clearing deep inside the forest

“I’m back,” said Nara as he walked over and entered the shelter before sitting down on the grassy floor.

“Welcome back,” said Dominic as he looked intently at his new friend. “How did it turn out?”

“Fairly well,” replied Nara with a shrug of his shoulders. “They didn’t really care that I was quitting my role as their village leader and even seemed excited to hear that I was leaving the village.”

Dominic raised an eyebrow in amazement and said, “That’s an odd reaction.”

Nara chuckled and said, “Not really. I had expected it since they disliked me from the start and that goes all the way back to a time when I was a kid.”

Dominic nodded his head in understanding to what his friend meant and felt sympathetic towards him as he asked, “Still, don’t you feel like you’re going to miss your home?”

Nara blinked at his friend in surprise before he shook his head and said, “No. I doubt I’ll miss this place because I never really felt like I was at home. A lot of people disliked me for my softness when I was a child for not showing any signs of aggression, but when I did change, they feared and murdered my parents.”

He sighed deeply and said, “Honestly, I feel I should just destroy these people and end it all.” Dominic and Shalany were alarmed when he said that and were just about to oppose him when he continued to say, “Still, I don’t want to end up having the blood of my enemies that took the lives of my parents. I’m different from them.”

Dominic and Shalany sighed in relief and smiled as Lagron said, “Yeah. You’re definitely different from them.”

“They’ll pay for their sins they’ve committed in due time. It’ll never go away,” said Shalany as she spoke philosophy to further encourage him to stray from the path of destruction.

Nara nodded his shaggy head in understanding as he looked down at the grass while thinking about the past experiences he had been through to be there with them. There was silence that lasted for several seconds before he raised his head and turned towards his friend to speak with him.

“By the way, when are we leaving? I’d rather get going now if you’re waiting on me to be ready,” said Nara and he gestured towards the large trunk suit containing his belongings.

Dominic smiled wryly and replied, “No worries. We’ll leave first thing in the morning because I’m tired and I feel like spending, at least, a day here to enjoy me accomplishments.” He suddenly grinned and said, “I finally found a new friend, convinced him to join our cause and understood the mistake I’ve been making for so long. So, yeah. I want to spend it today here with you all before I leave.”

“Oh. I see,” said Nara and he nodded his head in understanding. “By the way, won’t your family or friends, back in the Human Continent, be worried for you? I mean, I don’t think you’ve made contact with them since arriving and battling me, unless you managed it during my absence?”

Shalany shook her head and smiled as she said, “No, we didn’t, but it’s okay. If my hunch is correct, they’d be busy doing their own thing back there, so I’d rather not disturb them.”

Nara raised his eyebrows and looked surprised as Dominic chuckled and said, “You’re right and besides, I’d want to pay a surprise visit to my best friend’s house and get him to meet you, Nara.”

The War Titan turned towards his friend and smiled a little as he understood his intentions and asked, “I see. You want to see his reaction when he’s fresh with energy instead of when he is tired from work?” When Dominic nodded his head with a cheerful smile on his face, Nara smiled back and said, “I’d love to meet your best friend whom you keep talking so great about. The Phoenix Titan, Lakshman Chand.”

“Oh! Be prepared because he’s amazing!” Dominic said brightly and caused Nara to chuckle.

Nara chuckled briefly and replied, “Sure.”

For the rest of the day, they spent their time together while sitting there under the shelter while watching the baby play around. It was a wonderful scene that even had Nara playing a little with the baby of his friend, who seemed to have taken a liking to him. He kept pointing at his direction and caused his parents to hand him over to Nara to play with and they watched at the pleasant scene.

That night, Dominic activated the Destiny Blade and closed the opening to the shelter to truly protect themselves from any trouble. Nara found it a strange to be shielded in such a manner due to his lack of fear of wild attacks in his sleep, but he compromised for the sake of his companions. So, after saying a quick goodnight to the baby and bidding his companions goodnight, he slept blissfully for the first time in a long time while thinking of what his future would be like from tomorrow onward.

As the world went to sleep for the night, a certain someone was still awake and feeling extremely bored. He was in a place far, far away from where everyone was and he was currently inside a beautifully decorated house while lying on a couch with his foot up with the other leg placed over it. He had his eyes closed and occasionally moved his legs sideways as if he was thinking about something.

“Ah!” he suddenly exclaimed and he sat up straighter on the cough while placing his legs down. “This is so damn boring just sitting around and doing absolutely nothing! I’m already feeling exhausted!”

“How can you feel exhausted when you’re the God of Energy?” A familiar voice asked and he turned around to see a beautiful woman in her mid-thirties come out of the kitchen with an amused look on her face.

“Jena!” Engruat said as he addressed his wife, the Goddess of Love. “If you were me, you’d understand how exhausting it is to just sit around and do absolutely nothing!” He sighed and made a sad face as he said, “I’m already missing my daily activity of checking out what everyone’s up to. The lack of gossip is making me lose hope in myself and lack any energy to do anything.”

Jena chuckled and said, “It’s because they became furious with your activity, which was becoming a little extreme, and put you on house arrest to stop you from spying on them.”

Engruat grinned sheepishly and said, “It’s amusing to see what some of them were up to. They’re just idiots and poor at taking my jokes, which is why I’m feeling this way!”

“Mmm. If you have all that pent up energy, then why don’t you help me in the kitchen?”

“Anything but housework!” Engraut quickly replied and his wife sighed with an exasperated look on her face. “I’d rather get out there and do something interesting instead of getting stuck in my house and do house work all day long!”

“I knew you’d say that and that’s why I don’t bother to ask you for help,” said Jena with a sigh before looking at her godly husband with a serious look on her face. “By the way, I recently felt this strange amount of increase in love for a certain someone and he’s one who you’ve taken a liking to.”


“I think his name is Lakshman.”

That name rang a strong bell inside Engruat’s mind and he turned to look at her with the fullest attention and asked, “Lucky? What about him that you sensed?”

His godly wife shrugged her shoulders and said, “Just a tremendous amount of love form nine individual women. It’s amazing there exists women, like these, who could love him so much. They’re literally showering him with their love, which is a good thing. Mmm? What’s wrong?”

She suddenly asked that question when she noticed the strange look that had overcome her husband’s face as he stared at her. It was a somewhat serious expression, but it was mixed with a strange kind of happiness that she had never seen in her husband before.

“Amazing…! Nine women showering him with love? They have to be it!” Engraut said and he clenched his fists tightly with a smile forming on his face. “The Nine Destiny Queens have gathered! He acquired all of his wives from his previous life in the ancient times!”

Jena suddenly recognised the name and finally came to understand whom she sensed, making her smile and say, “Oh…! So, it was the Destiny Queens I was sensing! Incredible! They’ve finally come together after such a long time of separation.”

Engraut suddenly felt a fever pitched excitement rush from within him and he jumped to hiiet and said, “I’m going to meet them!”

As he took a step forward, he was called back by his wife speaking in alarm, “What? You’re going to meet them?”

“Of course! I’ve got to congratulate them and while I’m at it, give them a few helpful hints,” said Engraut in an excited voice.

Jena, his wife, became extremely concerned by his words and said, “Engraut, listen. We are eternal beings with the title of God in our titles. We can’t just interfere in the lives of the beings in the Physical Plane whenever we feel like it.”

Her words sparked an unseen seriousness in him and he turned around sharply and said, “What? We can’t just interfere with the mortal in the Physical Plane? Are you serious?” As his wife looked hesitantly at him, he slowly shook his head and gave a very dramatic speech as he paced back and forth.

“In the past, we, the gods, have descended to the Physical Plane many times to teach the individuals lessons on improving themselves by taking on an appropriate mortal form. Why? Isn’t it to teach the mortals on ways to improve their lives and move forward? That’s exactly what I’m doing now, going to an individual with the power to make things right by giving him my guidance.”

He stopped pacing around and stared at his wife, who was looking uncomfortable, and said, “Even you descended, Jena, as the one who encouraged love, which helped mortal realise their love for each other, come together and reproduce to give birth to new generations before loving each other until their live ends. That’s the powerful legend of the Love Archers that you created in order to spread love everywhere.”

Jena looked sadly at her husband looked down and said, “Yes, but The Creator had given up on the world and stated that he didn’t care about it anymore. It left the gods wondering what to do now.”

“Perhaps, but Cratian is still making life, Sarejia is still providing fertility to women, Sangrahan is still proving justice for the world and so is Rumagan as he gives free will all the time. Even the Goddess of Fate’s still at work, creating fates for the individuals in the Physical Plane So, no god has given up their roles and are still doing their duties without pause or hesitation.”

As his wife looked down with shoulders slumped sadly, he walked over and lifted her chin with his hand gently to face him. She was a beautiful person and he loved her very much, which was demonstrated by what he did next.

He smiled at her and said softly, “Come on. You’re the Goddess of Love. You should be full of love and compassion, not sadness! Now, smile. Smile…!”

He repeated the same word over and over until she slowly formed a small smile on her face, which satisfied him. Engraut momentarily pulled her into a hug and let her go of her energetically.

“I’m now going to meet Lucky sand give him tips that will help him because he deserves it and because he is the man!” Engraut said while making a joke out of the last few words, which caused his wife to chuckle with laughter. Seeing her laughing, he grinned and said, “Alright! I’m off!”

He turned around and walked towards the door, but just as he was about to open it, his wife spoke in a worried voice by saying, “I’m worried the Goddess of Fate might become furious if the tips you give will change the fates she had set for him and his allies.”

Engraut, with a smile on his face, turned around and said loftily, “So what? I’m a god and I’m free to do whatever I want. If she’s going to complain, then let her and in the meantime, I’ll do what I want to do.”

Hios wife raised an eyebrow and asked, “What about your house arrest? If the other gods’ find out—!”

“I’m not going to spy on anyone; I’m going as an advisor,” replied Engruat with a confident smile on his face.

Jena was momentarily surprised before she smiled sweetly at her husband for the honesty and daring he possessed. This was the exact reason she was grateful for The Creator for pairing her up with him, otherwise, she did not know what she could do without him. So, they waved at each other before he opened the door and walked outside and closed the door behind, making her smile and returned into the kitchen to resume her work.

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