War Start

Time flew very quickly and soon, two years went by and the time of the Phoenix Calamity War drew nearer. Everyone on their respective sides were preparing for the battle by going through rigorous training. On the Human Continent, on the courtyard of the Floria Kingdom Castle, the human soldiers were surging with power that caused the wind within the area to blow wildly around them.

“Hold your shoulders steady and grip your swords firmly! You can’t show cowardice and weakness in the face of the enemy! That’s the first sign of falling apart and I won’t accept that! Got it?!” Cantia shouted, attempting to boost the morale of the warriors with firm words.

“Yes, ma’am!” They all replied, firmly.

“Power up and strengthen your blades to the utmost limit! The stronger they are; the better chances you have cutting down your enemies! After all, they are the key to your success of living or dying!” Darian said, loudly while moving around like her.

“Yes, sir!”

Cantia was wearing light armoured clothing with her flaming red hair tied behind her like a ponytail. Her appearance changed in two years, showing the growing maturity within her by how confident she looked. Darian, on the other hand, seemed to not have aged at all these past two years and still looked like the middle-aged man that he was.

When the two converged to discuss, Darian advised, “I think you need to come down with your level of encouraging words, Cantia. I think the pressure will overstress their bodies and make them lose their cool.”

“I know, but… all this tension till the beginning of the war is making me feel all edgy,” she replied, looking distressed.

“Also, don’t overstress yourself. No one likes to see their trainer become excessively edgy right before a big battle,” said Darian, smiling at her in understanding. At that moment, they heard the faintest cries of a baby wanting its mother and he said, “Well, I’ll take over from here. Go.”

She was a bit surprised, but she was thankful for his quick thinking and she hurried away towards the crying voice. It took her a few seconds to enter her personal room within the castle and found a small baby wailing helplessly while trashing its legs and hands everywhere.

“Oooh… Oooh… Calm down… Calm down… Mama’s here… No need to cry…” said Cantia, reaching the baby and held the baby in front of her by the wrappings sounding her.

This was the baby that she had given birth to a year ago and it turned out to be a female much to the surprise of Lakshman and delight of Cantia. The baby possessed similar features to her, possessing cat ears and tail protruding out of her head and rear. Upon seeing her mother, the baby girl stopped crying and raised its small hands towards the mother as if she was asking for something.

“I know. I know,” said Cantia, gently poking her baby daughter on the forehead, knowing the baby was hungry and wanted her mother’s milk.

Cantia was not the only one that became pregnant and gave birth to a baby from Lakshman. Ondine, Tetra, Emilia, Silvera, Venezuela, Sumara, Tetra and Sonia all gave birth to babies in the year 8110 PX at various times and dates. All of them gave birth safely to babies, all except Emilia, whose turned out to be a problematic birth.

Emilia, who only wanted to drink a glass of water, tripped and fell painfully on the floor. She was in the last stages of her pregnancy period and so the pain was extensive to the point of causing her to writhe on the floor in agony. Luckily, she was immediately rescued by the others and were immediately taken to the castle for urgent labour.

As it turned out, the labour proved to be very difficult and at one point, the doctors thought they might lose both of their lives. They wanted to get help from the Magic Titan, but Amaranda was away at the home of the High Elves and would take some time to return.

When everything looked grim, Lakshman arrived as soon as he was informed about her situation while in the midst of his training. He just completed his training after engaging in a fierce battle with the War Titan and was tired upon arriving, but he immediately began using all of his powers and activated several spells to keep his wife and unborn child alive and safe.

“Restoration, Painless, Energy Channel and Life Force!”

All five spells took effect on her and made it easier for her to give labour with Lakshman taking almost all of her pain. Due to Painless, the pain was completely eradicated and Energy Channel allowed him to lend his energy towards his wife and unborn child for their survival. It still proved to be a daunting task for him to keep Restoration that restored all damage and energy and Life Force that allowed the two to cling to his life in case Energy Channel was not enough.

It took almost half-an-hour before Emilia finally gave birth to a baby boy. The boy remained motionless for a moment and all the doctor feared he might had died, but Lakshman merely walked over and slapped his son under the foot, which instantly made him open his small eyes and start crying.

“Damn…! I must be the most unfortunate guy to have to hit his baby upon birth…!” Lakshman muttered, smiling bitterly as he watched his baby cry before his eyes began to spin wildly and he fell to his knees.

The tiredness of using so many powerful spells all at once for some time, especially after an intense amount of training, sapped him of his remaining strength. Due to this, he had to take a rest for a whole day inside the castle before he could resume his training with the Nine Pillars of Power. Later, he was teased about it constantly by Lagron while Dominic was feeling sympathetic towards him.

Thus, the news of their king been rewarded with nine children quickly spread around the Floria Kingdom and celebrations were made instantly. Despite they were soon to face a way, the news of the royal birth from the Phoenix Titan family installed a great hope in every one of their survival in the war.

There was a knock on Cantia’s door, who took a few minutes to feed her child the milk she needed, before heading over to open the door. There stood Venezuela and Emilia, who were also carrying a baby girl each on their shoulders. Seeing Cantia holding her baby over her shoulders caused everyone to chuckle.

“It’s funny how our babies want to stick with us all the time now than last year,” said Venezuela, with a smile on her face.

“Mmm. They behaved quite well with Mariana and Natasha looking after them up until a few days ago, that is,” said Cantia, raising an eyebrow before looking at her baby girl siting on her arms. “You really want to stay with me, don’t you?”

“Ngou! Ngou!” the baby cat girl replied, stretching her small arms towards her mother’s face.

“Ah~! So cute~!” Cantia said, nuzzling her nose against her baby girl’s face and kissing her on the cheek.

The other two chuckled upon seeing the mother-daughter love and looked at their daughters and said with similar words. In return, their baby girls almost repeated the same actions as Cantia’s baby girls, making them poke them and kiss them on the cheek or forehead.

“I feel like my mother’s been reborn as my daughter,” said Veneuzela, looking teary eyed at her daughter.

“I know what you mean,” replied Erza, nodding in understanding. “They keep sticking close to us and not let us go; it’s easy to guess it might be our mothers not wanting to let us go.”

While the two of them looked sentimentally at their, Cantia looked a little sad and said, “Well, I don’t know my mother since both my parents died when I was little.” Upon hearing her words, the two suddenly made guilty faces at the realisation of their mistake, but Cantia smiled cheerily at them and said, “Still, it’s good to think it’s our mothers reborn for our sake.”

Venezuela and Erza blinked at her in surprise and nodded in agreement as the baby girls gave them funny looks. The three of them walked out of the room and began to take a stroll around the castle, stopping at the courtyard to watch the soldiers training.

“They’re trying their hardest,” commented Erza, recognising the large amount of energy they were using to strengthen their swords in preparation for the war.

“We’ve been past speed, agility and now, came down to improving their handling of their energies. Our enemies are the Demon Race and would obviously be good at controlling the Weapon Force, so our side is doing the same,” replied Cantia. “Of course, they’ve mastered them; we’re simply pushing them to go beyond the limits to reach new heights of power.”

“Interesting,” said Venezuela, nodding in understanding before asking, “By the way, where is Wolfenstine? We visited his office and he seemed to be out.”

“Actually, he seems to be out almost all the time nowadays,” said Erza, narrowed her eyes in concern.

Cantia shrugged her shoulders and said, casually, “That’s probably because he’s leaving for his home in the Forest of Fog where the Vampires and Werewolves life. He’s got his own training to do with his brethren after all.”

Venezuela and Erza blinked in surprise before nodding in understanding as Erza said, “I see. That makes sense, although, I do wonder how useful they would be in battle considering the Vampires can’t fight during daylight for fear of turning into ashes and Werewolves being at their strongest under moon lit night.”

“Wolfenstine created the prototype he named the Vampire Solar Cloak, so I’m sure he’s already working on improving it as well as giving boosting powers to the werewolves without the support of the moon,” explained Venezuela, looking pleased.

“Oh? Is that why you wanted to meet him to ask about?” Cantia asked, curiously.

Erza shook her head and said, “No. We actually came to check on how the progress was going with the Titanium Armours for the soldiers. I know Lucky’s been working together with him on improving the armour as well as the weapons, but we don’t know how much.”

“So we came to check about it and while at it, take a stroll because the babies were feeling bored,” finished Venezuela, gently rubbing the head of her baby daughter.

“Yes. They’ve become troublesome! Haven’t you?!” Erza said, demanding in exasperation while staring intently at her daughter.

“Maaa. Maaah! Maaa!” the baby said, laughing while extending her little hands towards her mother.

“Oh~! I love you so much~!” Erza said, pulled her baby daughter towards her and gave her a big hug.

The three of them spent a good time with their babies when there was warping space in front of them before a Phintex Raja appeared kneeling before them.

“Your highness, I have brought an urgent report!” he said, while still kneeling with his head bowed.

“Speak,” said Venezuela, becoming serious in an instant.

“Yes,” the Phintex Raja said, nodding his head and saying, “We have sensed a high power level off to the far west from here, your highness. From our pinpointing accuracy, we believe the location is exactly where the Demon Continent was originally at.”

The word ‘Demon Continent’ registered a sense of danger in all three of them upon hearing it. The three women looked at each other with serious expressions on their faces before looking back at the Phintex Raja.

“What about the source? Have you found out whom it was coming from?” Venezuela asked, looking suspiciously at him.

The Phintex Raja noticed this and momentarily hesitated before he said, “Yes. We believe it belongs to the Calamity Titan.”

There it was, the magic words that caused fear to stir in every living being upon hearing that name. It had been two years since they had heard his name and even so, it caused a chill to run down her back.

While Erza and Cantia blinked at him in shock, Venezuela reacted quickly and said, loudly, “Gather!”

In an instant, several Phintex Rajas gathered before her and her shout made the warriors, in the courtyard, stop and watch. They realised it was very important due to the deadly serious face that their queen was making while facing the group of Phintex Rajas.

“Bring attention to all of our forces that the Calamity Titan has returned and the demons are preparing to wage war against us! Quickly!” she said, shocking the warriors in the courtyard that caused them to widen their eyes reflexively.

“Yes, your highness!” the Phintex Rajas said, and together they warped away from the spot.

The Sword King approached them and asked, “The Calamity Titan has returned?”

“I’m afraid so, Darian,” replied Venezuela, making a grim face while knitting her eyebrows together. “I wasn’t sure when he’d show up, but to think he arrived covertly and already began his preparations without our immediate notice.”

“That’s why we placed the Phintex Rajas with the task of sensing any kind of strange activity around the world,” stated Erza, smiling with satisfaction of her efforts paying off.

Darian, while smiling, said, “Hmph. I take it this was part of the defensive measure that Lucky thought of?” When Venezuela and Erza nodded, she smiled at the thoughtfulness of his ex-pupil and asked, “By the way, shouldn’t we inform him about his arrival?”

“Unfortunately, that’s not possible at this moment, Darian,” said Erza, which made the Sword Titan look at her in surprise. “Lucky told us to not interrupt them for another twenty-four hours and the Death Titan blocked the entrance to the space he created for their training. Right now, no one seems to be able to go into it.”

“Mmm. I suppose they are in the final stages of their training,” said Darian, nodding wisely in understanding. “Still, twenty-hours hours of no outside contact… Looks like we’re on our own until they come out, but what we supposed to do if the Calamity Titan this, so called, Nine Testaments of Darkness show up?”

“About that… Lucky seems to think they won’t show up and the Calamity Titan will just send the Demon Army to deal with us,” said Erza, looking a little bit puzzled when her husband upon her asking that very same question.

“Don’t worry about it. I highly doubt he’ll come here himself with his eight other allies and will just send his army to attack everyone. He wants the Nine Pillars of Power, so he won’t waste his enemy on anything else,” said Lakshman, at that time before leaving to continue his training.

“Mmm… He sounded confident when he said that?” Darian asked, narrowing his eyebrows suspiciously. Upon seeing them nod at him, he raised an eyebrow incredulously and asked, “What is that boy thinking? In war, the general rule of it is to destroy the head of the army so they fall apart. I’m sure the Calamity Titan knows this so it doesn’t make sense for him to just sit and wait for his primary enemies to arrive.”

“I don’t know, Darian, but Lucky looked to be very sure of himself,” said Venezuela, smiling somewhat at the confident look her husband had at that time.

“Hmph,” said Darian, managing to smile from the look on her face before becoming serious. “Anyway, I better get going and prepare myself and everyone for the upcoming war.”

“You’re right,” said Venezuela, nodding her head at him in agreement and they headed in their separate directions to prepare themselves and everyone for the upcoming war.

An few hours passed with Venezuela making various contacts with the Mardana Kingdom King and the Ashtra Kingdom King, taking about the strategies for the battle ahead. She proposed they gather at the Floria Kingdom because this was the likely spot the demon army would start their war against the humans.

The other kings thought differently about the position of the starting battle, but finally got convinced when she said, “The Calamity Titan hates my husband and hates the Phoenix Clan. He will send his army this way instead of attacking from anywhere else!”

Once she was done talking to them, she communicated with the Angel King telepathically and told her that he will be arriving soon with his Angel Army. She was grateful for it and was pleased to learn that the High Elven King also communicated with her through Amaranda that they would be arriving soon.

In the meantime, the Floria Kingdom’s castle bustling with a lot of activity for the first time in a long time. Soldiers were running back and forth in order to get their armours and weapons from Wolfenstine, who arrived shortly after being informed about the war from a Phintex Raja. He was grinning with happiness at the prospect of war because of the hybrid blood running through his veins.

“Could you stop grinning like that? It’s scaring everyone,” said Cantia, who stood next to him as he handed her the armour to pass out to standing in a line.

“Call it something to do with my genes of the vampire and werewolf. I can’t help myself feeling the excitement the prospect of a battle brings!” Wolfenstine admitted, winking at her with an energetic smile he had not worn for a really long time.

Cantia chuckled hesitantly and thought, “I guess men, in general, do feel a sense of joy when they’re about to get into a large fight.”
Back in the household of the Phoenix Titan, everyone was packingtheir important objects and clothes that they could take with them to the castle. Due to the prospect of war, they realised they are better off taking shelter inside the castle while the chance of their living area becoming part of the battleground.

“Come on, everyone. We better get going soon,” said Sumara, who was sitting in the entrance hall, swinging her arms here and there to calm her baby daughter from her wailing.

“We’re coming, Sumara! Don’t rush!” Sonia replied, who was upstairs trying to calm her baby daughter from crying.

All the babies felt the sudden urgency and tension in the air, which caused them to go out of control and bawl loudly. The house was filled with their cries and made the women very irritated because they had to quickly pack their important things and leave soon. It seemed that only Emilia’s baby son, who was strapped to hold him in front of her while she worked on cooking in the kitchen.

“Fud… Fud,” he was saying, stretching his tiny hands towards the dish she was preparing in a bowl.

His mother chuckled and said, “Yes! I’m preparing food, but you’re too young to eat. So, no.”

“Eee,” he said while waving his hands at the food, making her chuckle while cooking as quickly as she could.

“I, somehow, feel he’s going to become a glutton when he grows up,” commented Ondine, who was putting the cleaned dishes away and packing food that was already made into boxes.

“Hey…! Don’t raise that flag, Ondine!” Emilia said, instantly looking worried by those words. “If he keeps eating his food, he won’t grow up to be big and strong like his father!”

Ondine chuckled and said, “I was kidding. See? Even my daughter things it’s funny.”

As she said that, they turned and looked at Ondine’s daughter, who was laughing while strapped to the front of her mother like Emilia’s son was. In the meantime, Tetra and Silvera were in their room along with their baby girls and Tetra was packing up their clothes while Silvera lay on the bed while playing with both babies.

“Oh~! I wonder if I was this cute in my previous life?” Silvera asked, watching the two babies chew their thumbs. She removed their hands from their mouth while saying, “No! No chewing on thumbs. It’s bad.”

The babies continued to move around for a bit while she watched and once again, placed their thumbs inside their mouth to chew on. Silvera took them thumbs out of their mouths again, but the cycle repeated itself. Normally, Silvera would be annoyed about this, but she was love-struck by the cuteness of the babies and found them really adorable.

“Babies are so adorable~!” Silvera said, making an awe sound while smiling sweetly at the babies.

“Yes, they are, but make sure to keep taking their thumbs from their mouths,” said Tetra, who finished packing their clothes into bags and sat down on the bed to watch the babies.

Tetra’s daughter caught sight of her mother and immediately turned away to face Silvera. Noticing this, Tetra leaned towards her baby and asked, softly, “Hey… What are you doing…?”

“Meh…” the baby replied, and she completely rolled over to the side to avoid her.

Tetra raised an eyebrow sceptically and turned away while making a ‘Mmm’ sound. Upon hearing that sound, her baby slowly rolled over to face her only to turn away again when Tetra turned to her by making ‘Mmm!’ sound. This cycle repeated itself for a few seconds before Tetra quickly turned and caught her baby daughter, who smiled widely upon getting caught.

Tetra grabbed her daughter and stood up while lifting her into the air, saying, “Hide and seek, ha? Hide and seek with your mom, ha?”

The baby laughed and she lowered the baby before placing a smooth kiss on her cheek. Just then, they heard Sumara calling from downstairs and they decided to grab their bags and leave the room for downstairs while holding their babies in their arms. By then, Sonia, Ondine and Emilia were waiting while playing cheerfully with their babies.

“Where’s Priya and Indira?” Tetra asked, realising the twins were not there.

“There’re coming,” replied Ondine, pointing towards the stairs behind. “Here they are now.”

Everyone turned towards the stairs and saw the twins come down together while carrying a really large bag. Upon reaching them, the twins placed the bag down on the floor and there was a loud thump that caused the ground to vibrate a bit.

“Phew!” Priya sighed, while her twin sister wiped the sweat off her forehead.

Everyone was staring at them in surprise before Silvera said, with a raised eyebrow, “Are the two of you opening a clothes shop?”

Her words caused the women to chuckle while Indira asked, anxiously, “Is this too much?”

“Too much?” Silvera asked, looking genially amused. “It made the house vibrate when you put the bag down. I think it’s safe to say you’re serious on opening a clothes shop instead of finishing your studies.”

Priya was not amused by the joke and she said, “We just couldn’t leave everything.”

Silvera shook her head in disagreement, but Ondine smiled and said, “It’s alright. The Phintex Rajas shouldn’t find it a problem to take us and that to the castle.”

“Really?” Indira asked, and when Ondine nodded with Emilia doing the same, the twins smiled and said, “Thanks, vodina!”

“Suit yourselves,” said Silvera, sighing deeply without worry.

Ondine walked out of the house and called the Phintex Rajas, getting two of them to warp outside their house. The eleven women walked out of the house and handed over the large bag to one of the Phintex Raja, who was momentarily surprised. Just as they prepared to warp away from there, they suddenly felt the ground shaking violently and felt the wind blowing in their direction a little quickly.

“What the?!” the women exclaimed, holding their babies firmly as the wind blew quickly at them.

“What happened?” Ondine demanded, turning to the Phintex Rajas for an answer.

“It seems a large explosion occurred nearby,” replied the Phintex Raja not holding the bag.

Sure enough, a large smoke soon began emanating from the distance from where the explosion had occurred. It suddenly reinstalled the sense of tension within the group and this prompted the babies to start crying out of fear. Realising something was wrong, the Phintex Rajas quickly warped them to the castle.

Upon arriving, the women saw Venezuela, Erza and Cantia waiting for them. After bowing to them, the Phintex Rajas warped out of there and the women walked forward to greet the women.

“An explosion went off somewhere far away from the house!” Priya said, looking worriedly at them.

Venezuela nodded in recognition and replied, “Yes. I know about that explosion because it was one of the many that went off simultaneously around the world.”

“What?!” Tetra and Silvera exclaimed, looking shocked.

“Simultaneously?” Sumara asked, raising her eyebrows in amazement.

“Was it timed, or was it a planned event?” Sonia asked, narrowing her eyes suspiciously.

“We just got word from the Phintex Rajas stationed around the world about this sudden explosions occurring everywhere at the same time. As of right now, we have no idea why that’s happening,” said Cantia, looking worriedly at them.

Venezuela and Erza remained quiet as if they had something on their mind and Emilia noticed this along with Ondine. The four of them stared at each other silently before Emilia broke the silence with a serious look on her face.

“I think we know what these explosions mean…” said Emilia, slowly turning to look at everyone.

Ondine nodded in agreement and said, “War.”

To their words, Venezuela sighed and Erza said, “Yes. This is the signal of war from the Calamity Titan, ready to take on the forces of the world.”

A deadly silence filled them, making them realise the harshness of reality by the signal for war. It was time for the warriors around the world to come together and battle a common foe, the Demon Army and the Nine Testaments of Darkness.

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