Phoenix Calamity War (Part 1)

It was the time for war between the forces siding with the Phoenix Titan and the demons working together with the Calamity Titan. To signal the start of their war, the Calamity Titan had fired off several blasts of destruction that erupted on the continents and on empty waters all around the world. The continent attacked were:

  • The forest filled Bazaraka Continent
  • The ice filled Sigamand Continent
  • The floating Heaven Continent
  • The Human Continent on the outskirts of the Floria Kingdom
  • The Shunken Continent of Fallen Angels
  • The Dragon Continent
  • An invisible continent that later became known as the Fridest Continent belonging to the High Elven Kingdom

Several minutes after the explosions, teleportation portals began appearing at the edge of the different continents and demons began coming through them. They were roaring wildly and held empowered weapons with Amplification Rods worn around their wrists to boost their fighting power. Meeting them, head on, was the armies of the world that agreed to fight together to protect their world.

On the Bazaraka Continent, warriors from the Gigatros Demon Clan, the Insektand Demon Clan and the Serprad Demon Clan exited out of the teleportation portals. Opposing them, on the other side, was a very large number of warriors consisting members from the Simhara Beast Clan, Deigra Beast Clan, Camdra Beast Clan and Monkaggy Beast Clan.

The demons roared and charged towards them with weapon at the ready and their magicians staying behind to prepare for magical assault. Seeing them charge forward, the leading warrior of the group, the Monkey King Rumble, stood at the front of the warriors he was going to lead. He and the armies of the Beast Race were wearing the Titanium Armour that Wolfenstine and Lakshman perfected over the course of two years.

He turned around and faced his warriors with a serious look on his face as he shouted, “This is it! Our enemies are here and they’re coming straight for us! This is our chance to show them not to mess with us!” He unsheathed his sword and raised into the air before shouting, “We are the Beast Race, and we know no defeat!”


Everyone, facing him, opened their mouths and let out a roar that caused the sounds to spread everywhere like the roaring voices of the enemies charging towards them. Rumble turned towards his enemies and began to walk towards them with the entire army of the Beast Race following behind him. As soon as he picked up speed, they also increased theirs and soon, both sides were running full pelt at each other.

While running at speed, he raised his sword into the air and shouted magical words while the Ring of Strength dangled on his wrist.

“Jai Sri Ram!” he shouted, followed by several others from his clan and they instantly grew as tall as the giants from the Gigantros Demon Clan.

Their allies steered clear from them to not get trampled by then as the Camdra Beast Clan transformed into large fierce looking cats with two tails. The Simhara Beast Clan, riding on their tamed beasts, activated their Beast Force and their eyes began to glow fiercely.

Several seconds later, both sides smashed into each other and began their close-combat with swords and fists. Both forces fought fiercely with each other without relenting or giving the satisfaction of success to either side.

Several of the giants from the Gigatros Demon Clan charged towards Rumble and his group of large Monkaggy Beast Clan, with each side fighting one-on-one. Realising the damage they were going to do to their allies, Rumble shouted, in a loud voice, “Keep distance,” before engaging the giant that fought him. He leaped back to steer the giant away from their allies and his clansmen did the same, following his example.

On the ground, the transformed warriors from the Camdra Beast Clan were sending slicing wind at the enemies and firing fire out of their mouths. The warriors that met them was the Serprad Demon Clan, who were using most of their shields to defend themselves against the slashing wind and activated Reflector to reflect the fire back at the large cat animals.

In retaliation, the Serprad Demon Clan warriors plunged their spears into their enemies’ bodies, causing the wounded warrior to roar in pain. The Camdra Beast Clan had tough fur in their transformed state and the stab wounds were minimal with little to no blood. The pain did make them angry and the battle became fierce between the two clans.

The Insektand Demon Clan warriors began firing strange liquid substance from out of their mouths at their attackers. It was dodged several times by warriors dodging or jumping to the side while others blocked it with their swords. The substance clung to their swords and looked dangerous to touch just from the look of how it seemed to be trying to eat the metal.

At that moment, several Simhara Beast Clan warriors, riding atop their beasts, dodged served their beast to the side and was saved by his armour blocking the acid. They, on the other hand, recognised the strange smell and the way it was trying to eat away their metallic armour.

They quickly message amongst their clansmen, shouting, “Watch out for the demons firing liquid like stuff! It’s Poison Acid!”

The name caused the allies of the world to shudder because they knew the threat it possessed towards them. Poison Acid was a liquid substance that, upon making contact against a victim, it completely burns away their skin and penetrates into their body system. Soon, the victim stars to slowly die with his entire body stopping to function properly with the virus destroying their body system from inside.

“We better make sure to not get hit in the face with that thing! It’s fatal!” one of the Deigra Beast Clan warrior shouted, which soon got carried to the rest of the warring fighting the demons.

The Deigra Beast Clan warriors also fought against a portion of the Serprad Demon Clan, who were working together with the Insektand Demon Clan to defeat them. The dog warriors were strong, but their speed was not fast and this caused them to be slow in retaliating. Luckily, the Simhara Beast Clan warriors came in to aide them.

Just then, magic bullets began to rain from the sky as they were cast from the magicians, who were stationed at the back of the engaging Demon Army. They exploded mightily upon impact on either the ground or a combatant, injuring the victims greatly. The magicians began to chant magic words for another volley of attacks when several of them got pierced from behind. Turning around, they were shocked to see the Orcana Beast Clan warriors emerging from the oceans wielding one-sided tridents.

The warriors, whose facial futures began adapting to the environment of the surface world, pointed their tridents towards them and shouted, “Lightning Strike!”

Bright lightning formed around their spears and they were shot directly at the row of demon magicians, who quickly aimed their staffs at them and retaliated, “Redirect!”

As if smashing into an invisible wall of mirrors located in front of the magicians, the lightning bounced away and landed elsewhere. The warriors Orcana Beast Clan attempted to attack the magicians several times with their lightning, ice and water magic, but they kept on getting deflected away.

A golden helmeted sea warrior walked to the front from amidst the silver helmeted warriors and glared fiercely at their enemies before shouting, “Alright! Direct attack, it is!” He, who was the leader of the Orcana Beast Clan, pointed his trident at them and shouted, “Strike!”

Roaring in their different beastly sounds, the Orcana Beast Clan rushed towards the magicians, who began to cast magic at them. In the meantime, several of the Orcana Beast Clan stayed behind and chanted their own spells to be used against the magicians. Very soon, it became a battle between two magic sides while those, protecting the demon magicians, engaged in battle ion close-combat.

The battle with the giants from the Gigatros Demon Clan was evenly matched by the strength of the Monkaggy Beast Clan warriors. Rumble caught the club that a giant, he was fighting, swung at him and attempted to punch him in the face, but his hand got caught and the giant roared before swinging him around and throwing him to the side.

Rumble fell and destroyed a large area of the forest before regaining his feet while glaring angrily at the large giant, who arrogantly glared at him before roaring loudly.

“Fight rough?! You got one thing coming back at you!” Rumble shouted, glaring fiercely back at the giant.

Taking a stance, Rumble gathered energy into his hand and fired off an energy wave at the giant, sending him flying several meters before he landed firmly on his feet. By then, Rumble ran towards him at high speed and leaped into the air before smashing his face with his right fist while landing on his feet. With a flowing movement, he turned around quickly and delivered an uppercut to the giant’s jaw with his left fist.

The giant reeled back a few meters and clutched his face for a moment before checking his hand to see the small trace of blood that spurted out of his mouth. It made him become very angry and he roared wildly at the Monkaggy Beast Clan warrior that had injured him like this. Enraged, he charged towards Rumble and resumed their battle by fighting him with his club while Rumble fought back with his fists.

At the same time, a teleportation magic appeared on the Dragon Continent before demons began emerging out of it. Seeing them walk out of the portal, the warriors of the clan snorted angrily upon setting eyes on them. It was the Dragon Clan that awaited the arrival of the demons on their continent wearing their prized armours known as the Dragon Armours. When the Phintex Rajas and the Phoenix Titan requested them to wear the Titanium Armours, the Dragon Titan disapproved the suggestion.

“We’re the Dragon Clan! The Dragon Armours are the pride of our warrior clan and will be sufficient enough, thank you!” Lagron had said, looking angrily at his rival for giving him such a preposterous suggestion.

So, the Dragon Clan warriors wore their Dragon Armours and the clansmen were happy because their pride over their strength did not allow them to accept any kind of different armour, especially armour that had properties of the Phoenix Armour in them. So, they gathered there as soon as they received word from a Phintex Raja stationed there to keep communications up-to-date between the members of the Union of the World alliance.  The newly arrived demon army consisted largely of grey skinned warriors belonging to the Grobula Demon Clan and the other group consisted of over twenty giants from the Gigatros Demon Clan while the others are mainly magic units from smaller factions in the Demon World.

“They’ve come,” said Gurret, the Earth Dragon King, telepathically to his fellow companions, who were standing next to him while he was sensing the enemy’s arrival.

“Yes! We know that, obviously!” Fizard, the Fire Dragon King, retorted in a heated voice. “What are the numbers? Just tell us that!”

Gurret nodded and sensed the number of his enemies before saying, “Mmm… Around 500 warriors, including thirty giants.”

While Fizard widened his eyes in amazement, the Water Dragon King, Waddit smiled and said, “Well, that’s a really large number.”

“Of course. The Calamity Titan knows the danger we pose to him in this war,” said Aidek, the Air Dragon King, who was smiling with a satisfied smile on his face.

At that moment, the magicians from the demon army began chanting and once they finished, they aimed their hands towards their enemies and shouted, “Meteor Smash!”

All the Dragon Clan warriors felt the sudden surge of power form the side of the demons and felt something forming high in the sky. They looked up just in time to see a very large magic circle floating there before a gigantic meteor appeared and it quickly began to descend exactly where they stood.

The first to exclaim his shock was Fizard, who screamed, “W-W-What the hell?!”

Gurret, who had his eyebrows knitted together in concern, said slowly, “This is… It’s a meteor and a very large one, big enough to destroy us and our continent!”

“This is insane…! They really summoned a meteor of all things to destroy us!” Waddit said, raising his eyebrow in amusement.

“Yes and it shows how much they fear us to summon this thing,” said Aidek, smiling up at the meteor. He raised his fist into the air and used wind magic to carry his voice to everyone, saying, “Everyone. This situation is dangerous, but this isn’t a situation that we must fear! We are the Dragon Clan and we will protect our lives, our continent, our people and our world!”

There was a roar from the warriors standing before him with many more saddled atop dragons. Smiling at the sound of their roaring, he raised his hand into the air and rallied them together.

“Together!” he said, and instantly activated his powers followed by everyone.

The warriors of the Dragon Clan began to surge with power while radiating various colours that surrounded them by their nature. A moment later, they focused their attention to that of the meteor falling above them and shouted together the same word in unison.

“Dragon Armour Energise!”

In an instant, lights began gathering at a spot high in the sky and soon, it transformed into an extremely large scally armour of shield materialised. As the meteor descended, they braced themselves for the impact upon the shield, which happened a few seconds later and caused the entire world to shudder. The wind began to blow wildly in all directions and buffeted everyone as the ground shook violently as large cracks began appearing here and there while parts of the land slowly got destroyed.

A violent force of power was pushing down the meteor against the dragon shield that was conjured by everyone and it did not give way like the unwavering spirit of the warriors from the Dragon Clan. Soon, the clashing forces exploded, causing a blinding flash of light to occur and make it extremely difficult to see what was happening.

As the light slowly dimmed, it revealed the tattered armoured shield still remaining intact with most of it destroyed in the explosion. The ground, beneath it, fared well compared to the ground elsewhere that was mostly destroyed and small land bits sunk to the ocean floor. The Dragon Clan warriors were doing well considering most of them had lost their footing and fell hard to the ground. They rose to their feet while sporting small bruises from their dragon armoured skin, which could easily be restored by using a healing magic.

“What’s the status on the enemy?” Aidek asked Gurret, realising they had lost visual contact on their enemies due to the smoke getting in their vision.

“Yes…! It seems they’re perfectly fine. I suspect their magicians used a multi-layered magic to protect themselves against the explosion,” replied Gurret telepathically.

“They used a barrier to protect themselves? Huh?” Fizard asked, looking incredulously at him before turning to glare angrily at Aidek. “We could’ve done the same, dammit!”

“Yes, but the point is to protect that our clan is not and won’t fall for something this puny!” Aidek replied, looking sharply at the Fire Dragon King. “Are you telling me you cannot fight because of such a small scratch?”

Fizard glared back at him and replied, “Of course! I can fight! This is nothing, dammit!”

“Good!” Aidek said, clapping his comrade on the shoulder and gripped it firmly in confidence.

At that moment, Gurret became concerned and said, urgently, “Aidek! The enemy is charging towards us!”

“Looks like their magicians need time to recover their magic before they can use it on us again,” said Waddit, with Aidek nodding at him in understanding.

“That just means we have to defeat them before they have the chance to use that spell again!” Aidek said, looking sharply at the front as the smoke slowly cleared. He soaring high into the air and aiming his hand in front of him, he addressed the Dragon Clan Army, saying, “Dragon Warriors…! Attack…!”

Hearing the commanding words carried to them by the wind, the warriors of the Dragon Clan charged towards their oncoming enemies while many others swung their reigns and rose their dragons into the sky. The Four Dragon Kings rose into the air and Aidek, Gurret, Fizard and Waddit began directing the Dragon Warriors towards battle with his voice carried by the use of Wind Magic and Boost Magic on his voice.

“Air unit, focus on the giants and try avoiding getting hit by their clubs! Also, make sure to not allow them to attack the others!” Aidek ordered, his voice ringing full of strength and firmness.

“Earth unit, focus your attention on the magicians. We cannot allow them to cast their magic spells on us!” Gurret said telepathically, speaking to his unit in their minds and issuing orders in that manner.

“We’re going to blast them with our fiery power! Fire unit! Focus your attention on the enemy’s ground unit!” Fizard said, charging towards the enemy alongside his unit.

“Our unit will support everyone. Water unit, circle around the enemy and try to keep them from moving far,” ordered Waddit, staying behind while his unit charged in for support.

As the fire unit charged into battle while launching fiery attacks from their swords, the grey skinned demon warriors retaliated by back by charging at their enemy while a black aura surrounded them. When the two forces attacked one another, lightning began erupting between them as fire and darkness clashed fiercely with one another. The enemy demons were dual wielding halberds and were swinging them furiously at the fire unit, who were shielded by their armours, but it did send them flying back a few meters.

Several of the halberd wielding warriors lifted it above their heads and while it was radiating in black energy, they swung it down forcefully in front. In an instant, a powerful dark slicing wave was unleashed and it soared at the fire units that were just meters away from it. Just then, the forward fire unit activated their magic and shouted a technique to defend themselves.

“Fire Guard!”

Several magic circles appeared on the ground in front of them before fire erupted out of them and formed into a fiery shield that protected them against the darkness. The attack smashed with immense force against the fire shield and attempted to bypass it but an explosion resulted instead, sending wind wildly blowing in all directions.

“Froward! Take them down!” Fizard shouted, flying towards the enemy and launching his fiery attacks at them.

He was suddenly met with a powerful dark energy blast that sent him flying away from them and after he managed to recover, he glared at the person that attacked him unnoticed. Hovering in the air was one of the Demon Kings, who had two black fire balls floating above his hand.

“Play fire with fire,” the Demon King said, and he launched the attacks at Fizard.

The Fire Dragon King retaliated by launching his own fire balls at the enemy and they smashed into each other before resulting in an explosion. As the smoke slowly spread over the sky, Fizard flew towards his enemy and managed to land a powerful blow to the Demon King’s face, but the enemy merely smiled as black fire erupted from his face and caused Fizard immense pain.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ooof! Ooof! Ooof! Guh!”

That was the sound of Fizard reeling back from the pain and was blowing at it in a comical attempt to blow it out when he got slammed hard in the side of his face. As he soared away while groaning from the pain, Aidek, Gurret and Waddit flew towards the Demon King to launch their attacks at him.

They used their strong individual attacks at him and were surprised when the Demon King suddenly used Mirror Force to protect himself and launch them back at them. Instantly reacting, Aidek used Tornado Wall and caused the wind to rotate around him like a tornado, Gurret conjured metal walls to float in mid-air in front of him momentarily for defence and Waddit followed Aidek’s example and surrounded himself by using Water Tornado and water that surrounded him.

The reflected attacks hit Aidek’s wall of wind, Gurret’s momentarily hovering metal wall and Waddit’s wall of water, causing explosions to occur on both three sides and sent them flying several meters back. As they recovered, the Demon King soared towards them and made three duplicates of himself and began fighting the three with his demonic energy sword sprouting from his hand.

The three Dragon Kings also conjured swords by using magic to form their wind blade, stone blade and water sword before engaging in battle against the three copies of the Demon King. Fizard, who had stopped the black flames, fumed with rage and flew back to do battle against the original Demon King, who successfully dodged the first attack before beginning their fiery battle.

Meanwhile, the dragon riders atop the dragons and the dragon warriors hovering in the air focused on dealing with the giants, who were quite a number. With each swing of their club, a powerful wind blew towards the warriors and threatened to blow they away if it were not for their strength to hold themselves while hovering in the air.

“Let’s attack their heads!” one of the riders shouted at his companions to pass on the tactic.

“Yeah! It’ll be quicker to defeat them that way!” another one shouted and the message slowly passed between them, including the hovering warriors they informed while passing by.

So they soared towards the giants and began raining wind magic attacks at him while their dragons blasted fire out and inflicted some damage on their enemies. The giants were a little slow in their movement, but their skin was tough and they were hardened for this battle because of their history of fighting amongst themselves for rulership over their clan.

Several giants raised their arms up in defence before spreading them out and roaring wildly, causing the wind to blow wildly in all directions. The next moment, they raised their large clubs into the air and began attacking the air unit, which had to take evasive action to dodge the clubs. Only a few riders and their dragons got clubbed by the large weapon and they flew high into the air before they were caught by the air unit using Levitation magic.

“Try to get them to let go of their weapons!” several roared, their voices filled with anger to see their comrades being shot down like flies.

While the dragon riders distracted the giants’ attention, the floating air units focused their wind magic and sent a powerful slicing energy towards the arm of one of the giants. There was a slicing sound as the giant’s arm holding the club dropped with a thud that shook the ground and it roared wildly from the pain of losing a limb.

“Quickly! Its head! Aim for its head!”

Following the orders, the air unit quickly gathered enough Magic Force and launched another wind slicing wave at the same giant that had lost its limb. Once again, the slicing wind soared through the air and the dragon riders got out of the way before it sliced the head off the giant cleanly. The head fell with a thud and the headless body slowly collapsed, hitting the ground with a powerful thud that shook the ground more than it did when the limb fell.

There was a momentary pause in battle between both sides before the Dragon Clan cheered at their triumph of defeating one of the giants, who were a bit difficult to handle. Unfortunately, there were still twenty-nine giants remaining and they became wildly aggressive upon seeing one of their kin fall.


A giant roared wildly and he banged the ground with his club, causing a chunk of the ground to break away. He dropped his club and he grabbed the large chunk of land with his hand and hurled it forcefully at the dragon riders and floating air unit. Shocked to see the large chunk of rock flying at great speed, many got away but a few ended up getting hit by the rock and instantly died when their bodies got crushed by the immense force of the throw.

As the giants rallied behind the one that threw the large chuck of rock, the dragon riders and floating air unit were shocked. Still, they made determined looks on their faces and flew into battle once more to defeat their enemies no matter the cost. Thus, the battle raged on with the intensity going higher as both sides fought desperately to kill one another.

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