Phoenix Calamity War (Part 2)

A teleportation portal appeared at the edge of the invisible continent that belonged to the Elven Race. They are an advanced race that excel greatly in magic and often fight their battles without close quarters fighting involved. Even so, they are wise enough to know close combat is common in every battle and they always had their swords, spears and archers customised with magic enhancements.

On the day that sparked the Phoenix Calamity War, the habitants of the continent heard something very loud shatter like glass, which was the barrier hiding them getting destroyed. The armies of the High Elves, the Forest Elves and the Dark Elves quickly began gathering their forces towards the magic they sensed was coming from someone not from their race.

“Sir! Our barrier keeping our continent hidden is destroyed!”

“We detect the activation of an unknown spell that is most likely to be the transportation spell!”

Reports quickly came into the throne room where the High Elven King sat at with his minister standing next to him. Two elves, dressed in warrior armour, quickly came rushing in with the news that the magic sensory unit reported to them. Hearing this, the minister was surprised and the king sighed heavily.

“Ha… The Magic Titan was right…” the king muttered, clutching his head with a sigh.

Several days ago, when the Magic Titan came one last time to visit her race, she was quite alarmed to find that they were relaxing. Most of the preparations for war were prepared and the warriors were just spending their days lazing around instead of training like they should be. Upon questioning as to why that was, the king informed told her that their barrier would keep them invisible from their enemies.

“We will assist if your allies come to us for help,” said the High Elven King, a smile worn on his face.

Amaranda, who could not see nor use her mouth, could only make a frown on her face before she telepathically said, “Honestly, do you really believe that will work? We’re talking about the Calamity Titan, who surely knows about the whereabouts of every location around the world. You cannot hide yourselves from them just because of a really old barrier protecting you for now.”

She then gave him a warning to ready their troops at any given urgency to which the king ignored. After that, she did not come back again and the Elven Race on their continent remained carefree until now. Realising the mistake he made because of his arrogance left him feeling a sense of agony beyond anything he had ever faced.

His minister leaned towards his king and said, “Sir, this could just be coincidence for them to know our whereabouts and even know how to break through our barrier. It is clear that someone, among us, has betrayed us and I suspect it to be –!”

“Stop it!” the king shouted, surprising the minister and the gathered warriors in the throne room. He looked seriously at him and said, “Think about it! Why would she purposefully tell us to prepare for battle and betray us by telling the enemy of our location?”

The minister went to speak, but the king raised his hand to stop him with a truly unhappy look on his face.

“What is done is done! Let’s prepare for imminent battle!” the king said, to which the minister nodded with a disgruntled look on his face. He faced the warriors and said, “Send message to the magicians and the warriors to ready themselves for battle! Now!”

“S-Sir!” the two messengers replied, rising to their feet and saluting before taking their leave.

It took several minutes for the warriors of the Elven Race to prepare themselves for battle. During that time, the demons began appearing on their land until a large mass formed and they slowly headed towards the Eleven Kingdom far away in the distance. Since there was forest blocking the way, a giant walked ahead and was destroying the trees to clear a path for his allies to progress further.

As they slowly marched towards the kingdom, large magic circles began appearing quite a distance away from them. A moment later, an army of elven forces appeared by the way of teleportation wearing golden armour resonating with magic protection while wielding spears, swords and shields. At the same time, further away from them at the back, a large wall rose out of the ground to great height before warriors, wielding arrows and bows, appearing through teleportation.

The warriors on the ground were the unit meant to engage their enemies in close quarters while the warriors on the high wall were meant to shoot down their enemies with their bows and arrows. Seeing this, the demons roared and continued to advance towards them with the giants walking slowly while the grey skinned warriors rushed to engage the ground units.

The leader of the ground unit shouted in a threatening voice, “Wait for the command to engage! Do not attack until then, otherwise, I’ll thoroughly give you proper lessons in adequate procedure!”

On the wall, the leader of the archers stood with his bow held steady with the arrow readied, aiming at the enemy ground unit. Like him, the rest of the archers were also ready with their bow strings pulled back and held their arrows ready while aiming for the same enemy unit as their leader.

The archer unit leader waited several seconds, waiting for the right moment to launch, before shouting, “Arrows of Bombardment! Launch!”

With the command ringing around the wall, he and the fellow archers let go of their strings and fired their arrows. They soared through the air at high speed and got surrounded by magical light that surged with power before flying down and making contact against the ground near the enemy or the enemy directly.

There was a swarm of explosions that shook the ground and caused the wind to blow wildly in every direction in the area. A small portion of the enemy ground unit died with the explosions occurring near them or on them with several more badly wounded. Still, the Grobula Demon Clan did not relent as they roared while charging directly at their enemies.

Up on the wall, the archer unit’s leader watched the enemy swarm continue to surge forward and heard the man standing next to him say, “Sir! A small portion of the enemies are down while the remaining are still charging ahead.”

“Mmm! Send the signal to commence the spear strike!” the leader said, nodding his head and issuing the command to the man.

The man nodded and pulled out an arrow from his waist, which was different in colour compared to the arrows held over his shoulder. He held the bow firmly and pulled on the string with his arrow before sending it flying high into the air. The arrow soared through the air at high speed before exploring, causing green light to erupt in the sky, momentarily changing the colour of the clouds.

The elven ground unit saw the signal and its leader confirmed it by shouting, “We’ve got clearance to use spear strike! Alright!” He turned towards his men and began giving orders while shouting, “Men with spears come to the front and shields to come forward to form a wall of shields! Now!”

Spears wielding elves stood in a line at the front with the shield and sword wielding elves to stand a little next to them while holding the shields at the front. The formation was called spear strike because it consisting of a wall of shields with spears protruding out through the gaps.

Once ready and the leader of the unit shouted, “Charge!”

Slowly and steadily, the wall of shields walked forward and the spear wielders kept in toe with them. The enemies charged towards them at high speed and attempted to destroy the shields, but they were infused with strong magic resistance and did not break so quickly. Seeing the enemy attacking the shields, the warriors holding the spears pulled them back and with exerting energy into them, plunged them out once more.

A powerful piercing wind was unleashed from the spears and they pierced through all the enemy warriors positioned in the line of fire. Several demons got killed on the spot with the wind piercing through their hearts while others lost an arm that they could not avoid. Screaming in rage, the demons became more determined to destroy the enemies in front of them.

At that moment, balls of fire began raining from the sky above the elven units and the shield wielding warriors, not amongst the wall of shields, quickly darted in to block the attacks. These attacks were launched from the back of the demons where their magicians stood in rows while firing long range magic attacks to destroy their formation.

It seemed, for a moment, that the magic unit from the Demon Race would defeat them. That was until leaves began raining from the side as well as plantation roots rising out of the ground near and wrap themselves around the magicians. Several of the enemies were shocked while a few, quickly acting on the spot, used a magic spells that caused the roots to get destroyed.

Flitching through the forest trees on either side of the enemy ranks were green cloaked Forest Elves wearing armour underneath. They were not good at engaging the enemy in close quarters open ended battle, so they used their earth magic to use the forest as a cover to attack the enemy magic unit.

“It’s the Forest Elves,” said one of the enemy magicians, noticing the shadows flitching between trees inside the forest on either sides of them.

As leaves began soaring out of the forest and began cutting them up, the magicians quickly activated their barrier spells to defend themselves. Unable to retaliate in their current condition while keeping the barrier active, some of the magicians used telepathy to communicate with the giants to have them attack the forests to the side.

“There are forest elves in the forests on our either sides! Destroy them!”

With the order given, a few split away from the advancing unit and headed towards the forest before swinging their clubs at them, causing a row of trees to get destroyed. The Forest Elves quickly darted between the trees and activated their wood magic, causing large roots to rise out of the ground and wrap themselves around one giant, causing him to fall flat on his back with a huge thud that shook the ground violently.

Taking advantage of the fallen giant, two Forest Elves burst out of the forest and aimed their magic at the body of the fallen giant. In an instant, roots burst out of the ground and wrapped themselves around his legs and arms to pin him down while roots wrapped around his neck began chocking him. With tremendous force, the roots pressed hard onto the neck of the giant before a loud crack could be heard as the giant died from its neck breaking.

Following the example, the other Forest Elves started doing the same, but it started to prove difficult with the enemy magicians doing their best to defend the giants to not let them die like their comrades. While struggling to take the giants down, some of the giants swung their clubs at the forest and the force of the club destroyed a row of trees and killed the unfortunate Forest Elves positioned there.

High up on the wall, the archers watched the onslaught of the giants in dismay while they were reading their attacks. Their leader narrowed his eyebrows and gave the signal to fire a different kind of signal arrow to indicate the launch of a different attacking unit. Following his decision, the man next to him fired an arrow that exploded high in the air and turned into bright blue colours.

This was the signal that a certain unit was waiting on the outskirts of the Elven Kingdom. They were the Dark Elves that usually secluded themselves in dark spaces but now are fighting together with their entire race to fight a common enemy after the Magic Titan convinced them.

So, on that day, each of them were sitting atop a majestic looking bird like creature, which was a Hippogriff. It is a creature that has a front half of an eagle and the hind half of a horse with a pair of wings sprouting out of its sides. This allowed the creature to mount large people on its top and transport them by means of air travel.

Seeing the signal flare high up in the sky, the Dark Elves leader shouted, “We’ve got the go! Soar!”

With the command, the Dark Elven warriors controlled their hippogriffs into taking a running start. After picking up speed, the hippogriffs beat their wings and lifted themselves into the air, soaring high into the sky. As they flew towards the battlefield, the Dark Elves heard the voice of their leader speaking telepathically to them all.

“Our primary target are the giants! Bring them down! Do not let them advance!”

With the mission clearly given, the warriors steered their hippogriffs towards the giants with their staffs held firmly in their hands. Nearing their targets, the Dark Elves aimed their staffs at the giants and began firing magic attacks at them.

The giants were taken aback at the sudden attacks and moved their arms around to defend themselves with their arms. Some became furious and attempted to smash the flying enemies with their club, causing many of the flying hippogriffs to dodge them by trying to fly away, some got sent flying through the air for several meters uncontrollably and a few died when they unfortunately were smashed by the club.

The hippogriffs and their riders continuously soared around the giants, distracting them as the archer unit readied their weapons. With arrows placed on the stretched bow string, they unleashed them upon the command of their leader, which soared through the air and exploded upon making contact against a giant’s skin.

Both sides were fighting fiercely with neither showing any sign of backing down from the battle as the war raged on between the demons and the elves

Elsewhere, on the Human Continent, on the open fields near the Chand’s family house, a teleportation magic circle appeared. Through it, several hundreds of four different kinds of demon warriors appeared, who were the Serprad Demon Clan, the Grobula Demon Clan, the Insektand Demon Clan and the Gigatros Demon Clan. There were also a large number of magicians present that were from lower clans among the Demon Race.

Waiting for them a kilometre away was the War Alliance consisting of warriors from the Mardana Kingdom, the Ashtra Kingdom and the Floria Kingdom. They all were wearing their perfected versions of the Titanium Armour that Wolfenstine and the Phoenix Titan worked on in the last two years, which help boost their speed, strength and stamina in many ways.

The armoured warriors were dispersed into four groups, three of which had taken a winged formation while the fourth group stood at the front like a spear. They were the warriors from the Phoenix Clan and it was decided that they would lead the charge against their enemies while the humans brought up the rear.

At the same time, two groups stood at the reader end of the wing formation; one group was the magicians and the other was a group of archers. This was a formation that was agreed upon between the War Alliance to support the close combatants from the rear.

The swords, shields, bows and arrows were custom made from Wolfenstine’s experiments working with the same kind of material that helped create the Titanium Armours along with the Titanium Armour, Titanium Sword, Titanium Shield, Titanium Spear, Titanium Bow and Titanium Arrow. In battle, they would prove to be very powerful instruments that can help ones, such as humans, fight evenly with the all-powerful demons.

“They’re coming!” the man leading the Phoenix Clan warriors said, his voice carrying to everyone in the group. He took a stance facing the charging enemy and shouted, “Hold out your spears and mow them down! Go!”

With the last word, the Phoenix Clan warriors surged with power and kicked off the ground to soar towards the enemies at high speed. The Grobula Demon Clan and Serprad Demon Clan were shocked to see the Phoenix Clan charging towards them at high speed and immediately stopped their advance. Their magicians immediately used their magic spells to create a defensive barrier around them just in time to block the enemy strike.

The charging Phoenix Clan warriors slammed their spears into the invisible barrier that did not allow them to go further. Despite this drawback, they still pushed on with all their might until the spears in their hands exploded and created a wild billowing smoke to spread in every direction. At the same time, the explosion had caused the barrier to shatter from the clashing forces going out of control.

“Quickly! Attack onwards before—!”

The leader of the Grobula Demon Clan was cut off in mid sentences when an arrow pierced through his skull, killing him instantly. As he slowly hit the ground with a dull thud more arrows began falling through the smoke and hit several of the warriors, wounding several of them while killing a few.

The demon magicians began casting healing magic on their wounded allies when the Phoenix Clan warriors burst out of the smoke, roaring wildly, with swords in their hands. The wounded enemies retaliated back by charging forward and clashing heavily with their enemies with swords and spears.

A few seconds later, the smoke cleared and revealed a sigh of the other three groups charging towards them while the Phoenix Clan worked on keeping the front of the enemy occupied. At the same time, more arrows were launched from the archery group at the reader and just before they landed, the Phoenix Clan warriors withdrew.

Upon making contact against the ground and on an enemy warrior, the arrows exploded and caused severe damage to the ground and to the enemies. Still, the demon magicians continuously cast their healing magic on their warriors, who charged forward and smashed heavily into the Phoenix Clan warriors.

Just then, the three of the Demon Kings appeared with two floating in the air while the other, a really large giant, arrived and saw the formation of their enemies. It made the two of them chuckle while the third Demon King, who was the giant, scratched his head in confusion.

“These humans certainly know how to make a formation,” said the female Demon King, smiling wickedly while observing the battle.

“Go and smash ‘em!” the giant Demon King roared, whacking one of his underlings in the back with his large hand.

“Don’t worry about it,” said the male Demon King, who seemed to belong to the Grobula Demon Clan. He raised his voice so that all the demons could hear him as he said, “Warriors of Grobula, Serprad and Insektand! Deal with the humans surrounding you! Meanwhile, warriors of Gigatros, engage the Phoenix Clan!”

“Now that’s more like it!” the giant Demon King said, shouting at his companions in the Demon Language.

As the Grobula Demon Clan, Serprad Demon Clan and Insektand Demon Clans withdrew, the Phoenix Clan were suddenly faced the giants charging at them with clubs swinging. Instead of showing fear like many of the humans would, they were grinning because their battle just got intense, which was exciting them.

“Ah… So vulgar…” said the female Demon King, who held a fan to her face while watching the giant Demon King punching his fellow clansmen to move them forward. “It’s sad to see a vulgar giant join our ranks.”

“Hey, hey… It was our master’s decision, so just accept it already,” said the male Demon King, who was observing the battlefield.

The three other demon clans separated and went around the Phoenix Clan warriors to engage the humans in close quarters battle. As they fought hard against the human enemies, magic began raining down on them from the magic unit at the reader. In retaliation, the magic unit on the demon’s side also began launching attacks at the enemy magicians, which quickly escalated into a long rage battle.

After some time of observing the raging battlefield, with warriors on both sides dying, the male Demon King made a perplexed look on his face and muttere,d “This makes no sense…”

“What doesn’t?” the female Demon King asked, looking curiously at him.

“Since the battle started, I can see the leaders of the enemy groups leading the charge, but where are the primary leaders?”

“You mean ones that are like us?” the female Demon King asked, to which he nodded. She made a sinister smile and said, “Maybe, they are too scared to show their faces. After all, from this battle alone I can tell how disappointing our victory—!”

Her words got cut off before she could finish them when the two Demon Kings sensed a powerful surge of power coming from somewhere in front. At first, they thought it was most likely the enemy magicians preparing a powerful magic spell to use on them, but it turned out to be something else when a powerful wave of destruction soared towards them at high speed.

As the wave soared away and vanished into thin air, the female Demon King looked shock as she exclaimed, “W-What was that?!”

“Incoming!” the male Demon King said, narrowing his eyes to face the front.

His eyes discerned thee shadows that were looming towards them at high speed and it became clear that the three were male warriors, with one sprouting blue wings out of their back. One was Zen Phylon, the Phoenix Emperor, the one flying next to him was Darian Ronald, the Sword King and the third was Atem, an angel that had constantly observed over the Phoenix Titan’s life to understand him better.

“Darian, deal with that demon guy and Atem, take care of the angel while I handle the woman,” said Zen, speaking telepathically to his comrades that were flying next to him.

“Fighting the only woman enemy? I feel like your wife might get angry at this,” replied Darian, speaking in his mind so that his words are transmitted to everyone through Zen’s telepathy.

“Oh, geez…!” Zen said telepathically, looking sceptically at him.

Atem was the one who cut across their joking manner by speaking in his mind, “Let’s joke about it after we beat them up! Agreed?”


“Yeah!” the voices of Zen and Darian said, their voices combining in unison since they replied at the same time.

Upon reaching the enemy Demon Kings, the three warriors split away and soared over to engage in battle against the individual enemy that Zen had chosen for them. The three Demon Kings moved forward to do battle against the enemies they believed to the leaders of the human armies engaging their forces on the ground.


Darian neared his target when the male Demon King began firing black energy blast at him, which made the Sword King whip out his swords and used them to skilfully divert the blasts away. Smashing the energy blasts aside, Darian closed in on his enemy and attempted to cut him down only for his swords to find resistance in the forms of two purple glowing energy swords wielded by his enemy.

As the two pushed their weapons at each other, the male Demon King smiled and asked, “You’re strong? Are you really human?”

Darian smirked and replied, “You could say I’m one of the strongest humans you’ll ever find on this continent.”

“Interesting. Your name?”

“Do you really need to know the name of your enemy?”

It was the male Demon King’s turn to snort, who said, “Think of it like a remembrance of the first human that proved he had strength to give me a challenge.”

“Oh?” Darian said, looking somewhat surprised. He laughed briefly before saying, “Darian Ronald, the Sword King. Yours?”

“Strak Grobula,” said the male Demon King, introducing himself with a smile on his face.

Darian smiled back and said, “Good. Let’s fight!”

With that, they pulled back and rushed at each other before beginning to fight each other at incredible speed, trying to hit one another. Their clashing caused strong winds to be blown in every direction as their battled raged with great intensity.

Meanwhile, Atem, who soared straight at the Demon King giant, dodged his arms and punched him in the face. The force of impact was so strong, the giant got lifted into the air for a few meters before crashing heavily on the ground. He lay there, moaning loudly while clutching his face with his hands from the pain, which caused Atem to stare at him with a bemused expression on his face.

Without warning, the giant pushed his body upward into a standing position before he picked up his club to attack Atem. Realising the imminent danger, Atem soared around as quickly as he could and kept a small distance between him and his enemy before firing a powerful wave at him. The giant brought down his club and defended himself while the energy wave managed to push him back, his feet getting dragged on the ground before he came to a stop with the wave disappearing.

The giant Demon King straightened up and wore a twisted smile on his face, saying, “You’re strong! This is exciting!” He pointed his finger at Atem and asked, “Are you an angel?”

The giant was stupid and noticing this, Atem stared at him in surprise and said, “Well… Yeah! Of course I’d be an angel! What else could I be with wings sprouting out of my back like this?”

He nudged his wings, causing the giant Demon King to scratch his head and said, “No clue. A bat?” When Atem looked at him, aghast, the giant smirked and said, “Angels have white wings. Yours are blue. You’re weird.”

“W-Weird?!” Atem exclaimed, looking indignant at the term used to call his wings. “I’m just different!”

The giant shrugged his shoulders and said, “Bored now. Let’s fight.”

Atem raised both of his eyebrows in amazement and thought, “Great. This is going to be a pain,” before charging towards the giant to begin their battle.

While that was happening, Zen flew at the female Demon King hovering in mid-air before putting his hand out and firing an energy beam cannon. It flew towards the Demon King at high speed, but she managed to deflect it with relative ease, swatting it from the side as if it was a bug. This made Zen slowly down his approach until he stopped to hover a few meters away from her.

“So… You’re the one that’ll be fighting me…?” the female Demon King asked. Zen nodded his head in confirmation, which made her sigh and say in a wistful voice, “Sadness. I was hoping to fight that angel.”

Zen looked seriously at the woman and said, “I think not. As a matter of fact, I am the only, among the three of us, that could fight you.” When she looked curiously at him, he narrowed his eyebrows and said, “You are not just any ordinary Demon King, woman.”

The girl was momentarily amazed by his words, which caused her to laugh before she looked at him and said, “I take it back. You certainly are intriguing, but are you sure your confident enough to fight me?”

With those words, she suddenly widened her eyes and activated her ability, which caused a certain flash of light to momentarily occur. Zen stared into the eyes in shock as he felt some strange magic wash over him and trying to freeze his entire body. Seeing her enemy frozen, the woman laughed while making a twisted expression on her face.

“See? Your confidence is great, but your power isn’t.”

She began to laugh hysterically like an arrogant princess when she heard her victim say, “Really? When did my power become deemed to be not powerful?”

The woman stared at him in shock and saw him move him flexing his body by moving his arms and legs. As she stared at him incredulously, her eyes widened when she noticed that his black eyes had changed to a red colour, an indication of the activation of the Phoenix Eyes.

“Y-You…! You’re one of the Phoenix Clan people!” she exclaimed, her facial expression changing to that of utter amazement.

Zen smiled confidently and bowed a little as he introducing himself, saying, “Sorry for the late introduction. I’m Zen. Zen Phylon. I’m the Phoenix Emperor.” While she looked surprised at his introduction, he gestured at her and asked, “What about you, madam from the Serpentia Demon Clan?”

At the light joke he made about the clan she belonged to, the woman glared at him and said, “Jem! Jem Serpentia! Remember it as the name of your killer!”

Without warning, her hair quickly transformed into snake like shapes and began firing death rays at him. Zen smiled and began dodging them at high speed before firing energy blasts of his own, which collided in mid-air and caused smoke to spread everywhere. She stared into the smoke, preparing her magic just as he burst out of it and soared towards her to begin the battle.

Within few seconds, the Phoenix Emperor, Sword King and the Angel Atem began to fight their battle against the Demon Kings Jem, Strak and the large giant. The battle on the ground intensified with both sides not giving any room for let the other defeat them, with the demons fighting hard against the humans working together with the Phoenix Clan as the war raged on.

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