Interlude to War

The Calamity Titan sat on his high throne chair inside the Demon Castle and listened to the details of the war progression that Serabella, the Demon King, was telling him. He was doing this while sipping on a fancy looking glass with light orange liquid inside, making him sigh contentedly from the wonderful taste.

“I should perhaps think of sparing the mango production and give the owner some special privileges in the Demon World,” he muttered, shaking the glass a little to watch the liquid swirl inside.

“Master! Are you listening to the report?” Serabella asked, looking lyrics wearily at him.

“Of course I am,” he replied, smiling smoothly at her before saying, “So far, you told me about the successful arrival of my Demon army from our world and transferred them over to the various parts of the world where our enemies await.” When she nodded in assent, he smiled and sipped at the glass before asking, “What about the dispersion of the troops?”

She nodded and began detailing the number of warriors dispatched to each continent containing enemies to face and conquer or destroy. While detailing the list, she also included the number of magicians’ present at each dispatched location.

Bazaraka Continent:

  • Gigatros Demon Clan: 10
  • Insektand Demon Clan: 150
  • Serprad Demon Clan: 150
  • Smaller clans possessing magic skills: 30
  • Demon Kings: 1, observing

Dragon Continent:

  • Gigatros Demon Clan: 30
  • Grobula Demon Clan: 400
  • Smaller clans possessing magic skills: 70
  • Demon Kings: 4, fighting

High Elven Kingdom Continent (Fridest Continent in the future):

  • Gigatros Demon Clan: 50
  • Grobula Demon Clan: 500
  • Smaller clans possessing magic skills: 200
  • Demon Kings: 1, observing

Human Continent:

  • Gigatros Demon Clan: 100
  • Grobula Demon Clan: 300
  • Serprad Demon Clan: 200
  • Insektand Demon Clan: 150
  • Smaller clans possessing magic skills: 200
  • Demon Kings: 3, fighting

“Mmm… It seems you’ve deployed our troops more towards the Human Continent and the Dragon Continent. Is it perhaps because you wanted to take care of the Phoenix Clan and the Dragon Clan?” he asked, looking shrewdly at her.

She merely smiled sweetly, saying, “Nothing can be hidden from master.”

He chuckled and looked curiously at her, asking, “What about the setbacks? How did both armies fare?”

She looked down at the paper carrying all of her notes and replied, “It’s been half-an-hour since the battle began and it seems that both sides have lost minimal amount of soldiers. Of course, our side is winning, but the enemies are relentless in their attempt to keep us at bay.”

He smirked and said, “Naturally. I would’ve been really surprised If we had actually decimated our enemies so early in the war.” He momentarily chuckled before looking at her with a smile and asking, “That reminds me…  Sera, are you sure you’re doing your math properly?”

Serabella blinked at him in surprise and asked, “My math? What do you mean, master?”

The Calamity Titan smiled with a narrows look on his face and asked, “Why is it that you’ve only listed four continents when technically we should be attacking five?”

His words made her realize what he was getting to and it made her go nervously. Her mathematics were correct with the number of troops deployed including the Demon Kings, but the anomaly arose when the fifth Continent they planned to attack had failed to connect.

She momentarily hesitated before saying, “I beg your pardon, but we failed to connect the bridge to the Heaven Continent. The most possible explanation for that would be because the continent was moving around.”

“Of course. The transport magic power of the Demon Bridge Connection would fail since it would have difficulty pinpointing the location of a continent that’s constantly on the move,” the Calamity Titan stated, nodding his head in understanding. “No matter. It’s just a slight delay in dealing with them.”

“What should we do about them? Surely they’ll interfere sooner or later,” said Serabella, looking serious.

He waved a hand casually while saying, “Yes. Sooner or later. Until then, leave them be.”

“Eh? Leave them be?” she asked, looking alarmed by his words. She looked at him imploringly and made a strong suggestion, saying, “Master, I believe it’s in our best interest to attack the Angels before they come down to us since we have no means of reaching them and no troops to deploy.”

“It’s fine, It’s fine,” he said, once again smiling reassuringly at her. “You’re just overly worried.”

“Master… The Angel King possess the Legendary Sword Excalibur!” she said, looking frustrated.

This time, his smile faded a little and he wore a firm look on his face that caused her to be taken aback.

“Sera,” he began, his voice sounding firm and strong, “who am I, and what am I?”

She remained silent for a moment before replying, “You’re the Calamity Titan, the strongest warrior in the world other than your rival.”

“Exactly,” he said, nodding in agreement with a smile forming on his face. “If they come, like I expect them to, then I will deal with them easily because I am strong and powerful.”

This made her recognise the fact and smiled a little as she said, “Yes. Forgive me for

“It’s fine,” he said, waving a hand to dismiss her apology before asking, “Anyway, has there been any sighting of the Nine Pillars of Power yet?”

The female Demon King knew he would eventually ask about that information, which was why two of the Demon Kings did not participate in the war. Instead, they received specific instructions to observe both the battlefields and also be on the lookout for the emergence of the Nine Pillars of Power.”

“No, master. It seems they haven’t been spotted yet,” she replied, looking gravely at him. Noticing him breathe a deep sigh, she voiced her concern by saying, “Perhaps they are not coming. Their fear of you and knowing of our superior strength compared to theirs might have made them hide.”

To her words, the Calamity Titan burst out laughing and seeing his reaction puzzled her because she could not see the humour in her words. It took him a few seconds to calm down and look at her with a wide grin on her face.

“That’s has got to be the funniest joke you ever made, Sera,” he said, applauding her graciously.

“Huh? A joke?” she asked, bewildered by his words, making her say forcefully, “Master, I’m being serious!”

He chuckled and said, “I know, but what you said certainly sounded humorous to me.” Noticing the sad look on her face, he looked coolly at her and said, “Setting aside jokes, you’re wrong there, Sera. The Nine Pillars of Power will come because they are led by my mortal enemy, the Phoenix Titan.” His eyes narrowed momentarily while he continued to say, “Knowing him, I’m certain they are nearing the end of their training.”

She knitted her eyebrows once hearing his words and asked, “What about our… allies?”

“They’re holed up in their towers because they might go off on their own and start unneeded mayhem,” he said, sighing while closing his eyes.

“I see. Well then, please excuse me,” she said and bowed to him before turning around to leave.

Just then, the Calamity Titan placed his glass of drink on the side table and grabbed her by the hand. To her surprise, he pulled her towards him, and she whirled around before falling on his lap with the papers in her hand flying everywhere. She sat on his lap, blinking in surprise by the action he just performed on her.

“Um… Master…?” she asked, her face blushing a little in pink.

“Oh…? We’ve been alone this entire time, but you still call me by that term?” he asked, looking coolly at her with a raised eyebrow in scepticism. “Don’t you think you should address me by my name, my dear wife?”

His words caused her eyes to turn red, and she made an embarrassed look on her face. While training to get stronger, the Calamity Titan managed to develop his love with the Demon King, Serabella, and managed to gain her hand in a demon wedding last year. Now, the two of them stared at each other intently with passion before their eyes shifted to her stomach where he placed a gentle hand on.

“You need to stop stressing so much, otherwise, the baby will get affected,” he said, looking sternly up at her.

Serabella smiled serenely at him and replied, “I know, but it’s okay since I’ve only been pregnant for two months.” As he continued to stare at her, looking unimpressed, she ruffled his hair and said, “It couldn’t be helped because I am worried for you, Chandra.”

The Calamity Titan, finally being called by his true name, smiled reassuringly and said, “You know who I am and you should also know how strong I am? Right? So…! Don’t worry! Even if, if I do lose, which I most likely won’t, I will not die.”

He looked up at his wife with a serious expression on his face, momentarily surprising her before she softened her behaviour and ruffled his hair, smiling sweetly while quietly saying, “Okay.”

The two leaned towards each other and placed their foreheads against one another while closing their eyes, which created a sense of peace between them.

Meanwhile, on the Heaven Continent that constantly moved around the world, the Angel King inside his office and was seated behind his desk. He was not alone as the Nine Commandments of Light sat on chairs on either side of the room and they seemed to be muttering to one another while he looking around at them.

“Are we done discussing about our battle plans already?” Ford, the Commandment of Justice asked, looking around.

“We just hit them head on! That’s what I believe!” Hope, the Commandment of Hope said, looking hopefully at them.

“Okay. We attack from the front and you expect the enemies to not fight back?” Free asked, looking curiously at him. “Shouldn’t we, I don’t know, try attacking from long range before going in?”

“We could try the tactic of diverting the enemy’s attention and sneak up from behind to strike,” suggested Alan, the Commandment of Balance, wearing a cool look on his face.

“I think we should focus on doing something that everyone’s comfortable with. Right, Comfy?” Hope asked, looking towards the Commandment of Comfort for some support.

The girl called Comfy was leaning back on her chair and had her eyes closed, making it seem like she was sleeping. Everyone in the room stared at her for a moment before looking towards Hope with exasperated looks on their faces.

“Uh… Anyway…” began Hope, looking a little crestfallen as she turned to face the Angel King and asked, “What do you think, Evander?”

All their eyes, except for Comfy, turned to look at Evander Megalos, who sighed and replied, “I think it’s better that we wait for a status report on the progression of the war. After all, we can’t make a blind decision to attack without knowing a thing about our enemies.”

“That’s true,” said Ford, nodding in agreement with the king, continuing to say, “after all, going in blind leaves us vulnerable to counter attacks that could destroy us.”

After his pride was stripped by the Phoenix Titan, and his downfall after losing the woman he was going to marry to the same man, Ford made a complete change over. Instead of the usual arrogant and prideful demeanour that always surrounded him, he was now surrounded by an air of coolness and authority. It indeed made him the rightful leader that he was of the Nine Commandments of Light.

At that moment, the door burst open and a man came running in while breathing quickly. It was as if he had run all the way from a long distance to get there to inform them about something very important.

“Sir!” he said, addressing the Angel King sitting behind the desk. “Our scouts have reported the arrival of the Calamity Titan, and his forces have launched a wide scale attack on the four continents inhabited by our allies!”

“Oh? Who are the enemies we’re dealing with here?” Evander Megalos asked, narrowing his eyebrows.

The man nodded and pulled out a paper from his pocket, stating, “There seems to be nine Demon Kings and warriors from the Grobula Demon Clan, Serprad Demon Clan, Insektand Demon Clan and Gigatros Demon Clan. It seems the enemy magicians are from low ranking clans with a lack of recognition.”

“That’s interesting, but why aren’t we under attack then?” Alan asked, looking puzzled before asking, “Is it to do with our continent always floating and moving around?”

“Yes,” replied the Angel King, nodding at him in agreement. “Since the ancient times, our continent never once stopped except for minor things that don’t need to be stated here. Due to this and the fact that the teleportation spell, Demon Bridge, can only connect to non-moving objects cannot teleport them here.”

Hearing his words, everyone looked amazed and the Commandment of Respect, Reece, laughed and said, “To think that we were spared from the attack because of what our ancestors did so long ago. Hats off to them.”

He wore a respectful look on his face, feeling proud of his ancestors for what they did, which made the Commandment of Happiness, Happy to smile and say, “Yeah! We’re saved!”

Ford, however, looked seriously at them and said, “We’re saved, yes, but we have a duty to fight the enemy that threatens the world we live in, or are you forgetting the deal we made with the Phoenix Titan in preparation for this two-years-ago?”

They looked at him in silence for a moment before Reece replied, “We know and that’s why we must respect the actions that he had taken then to prepare us for this day.”

“For the sake of freedom and justice, like he always says, right?” Free asked, smiling at Ford.

The Commandment of Justice made a small smile on his face just as Evander looked at the messenger and asked, “Has there been any sign of the Nine Pillars of Power?”

The man shook his head and replied, “None, sir.”

“Mmm,” the Angel King said, slowly shifting his eyes to the window. “It seems their training isn’t over yet.”

Ford looked at his king before turning to look at the man and asked, “What about our enemies? How many troops are they currently holding at their base?”

The man gave Ford a hesitant look before saying, “Sir… It seems that the enemy has reconstructed the previously destroyed Demon Continent.”

While everyone looked at him in shock, Ford narrowed his eyebrows suspiciously and muttered, “I thought they might do that.” He looked at the man and asked, “What about the troops stationed on the enemy land? Give me the number.”

Once again, the man nodded his head and looked down at the piece of paper on his hand before reporting, “There are a handful of warriors from the Gigatros Demon Clan, Grobula Demon Clan, Serprad Demon Clan, Insektand Demon Clan, Grobula Demon Clan as well as several other demons that looked like the magicians on standby.”

Ford was a bit surprised that their information contained only that much as he was expecting more.

“Is that it?” he asked, trying to confirm the contents of the report.

“Mmm… Actually,” the man began, narrowing his eyebrows as his eyes scrolled down the paper. “It seems the report added this later hastily, so I missed it. Sorry.” Ford nodded and gestured for him to continue, which he did by saying, “It seems that along with the Calamity Titan and his attendant, there also appeared to be eight other unknown figures with each possessing an immense power level that are similar to the Nine Pillars of Power.”

As Ford and a few of the Nine Commandments of Light looked amazed, Evander smiled and said, “Ah. They must be the eight other members of this group calling themselves the Nine Testaments of Darkness.”

“R-Really…?” Happy asked, looking incredulously at his king.

“I thought the Phoenix Titan was just exaggerating the fighting power of the enemy, but this is…” Hope said slowly, unnerved by the revelation of this information.

“That doesn’t matter,” said Ford, looking seriously at his comrades. “It doesn’t matter whether enemy is weaker or stronger, our objective doesn’t change.”

“So, what you’re saying is that we attack the enemy directly since our people are safe from his assault?” Free asked, his face showing the interest he had.

“Of course,” replied Ford, looking coolly at him. “Since the Nine Pillars of Power are nowhere to show and with the rest of the world engaged in war, I think we should strike at the enemy’s head.”

“Mmm. A surprise attack, ah?” Alan asked, looking intrigued by the suggestion. “It is a great idea, but…. will it work?” His hesitant words surprised Ford as he continued to say, “The Calamity Titan is a very powerful warrior considering he undergo two years of training that we didn’t witness, I’d like to think he might see us coming.”

Ford was a little taken aback by the thought and he was about to say something when Evander said, “You’re right, Alan. I think that’s what he would expect of us, and I think doing the expected is exactly what we should do.”

“Huh?!” Ford exclaimed, looking alarmed as he turned to stare at his king in disbelief. “Do the expected? Are you serious? Is your brain functioning properly because what kind of idiot would do that?”

Evander looked coolly up at him from his chair and asked, “Are there any alternatives that you could think of?”

Ford hesitated as he realised nothing came to his mind to give them an alternative option. It was Free who smiled softly and said, “Ford, this isn’t the time where we can attack the enemy freely.”

“At least, he won’t expect the sheer size of our army descending on top of him!” Happy said, winking at them energetically with a cheerful smile on her face.

“I don’t think that will matter much against him, but at least, it’s something that gives us hope,” said Hope, smiling softly at her comrade.

As the Nine Commandments of Light turned and looked at their king, Evander stared back at them in silence before smiling and nodding in understanding.

“Very well. It’s unanimous,” he said and turned towards the messenger, telling him, “We will depart in ten minutes. Prepare the preparations.”

“As you wish, sir!” the man said, saluting to him and leaving the room.

“I think we’ll go and get ready,” said Ford, nodding with the rest and they all soon left the room.

As soon as they were gone and he was the only one in the room, Evander called out, “Phintex Raja.”

A man appeared out of thin air standing in front of the Angel King’s desk with a phoenix mask on his face. Evander smiled as he looked up at the man that had come out of thin air and wondered how well adept the Phintex Rajas of the Phoenix Clan were.

“I think you know the details of our conversation that occurred within this room,” said the Angel King, fully aware that the Phintex Raja had been in the room and listening in. When the phoenix masked man nodded, Evander smiled and said, “Goo. Please inform Queen Venezuela of the situation as well as the situation around the world.”

The Phintex Raja nodded his head once and warped out of there in an instant. Evander watched him disappear before leaning back on his chair and sighing deeply.

“This day is going to be long,” he thought, wearily gazing at the window with sunlight streaming through.

“That is all for me to report,” said a Phintex Raja, who was carrying a paper with list of reports.

“Thank you,” Venezuela said, dismissing the Phintex Raja and he warped out of there in an instant.

When he was gone, she leaned back on her chair and sighed heavily while looking up at the ceiling. For the past several minutes, she was bombarded with reports coming in from all around the world where their allies had engaged their enemies, the demons. It was disheartening to learn of the casualties suffered by their allies, but she was thankful that the enemy’s advance was being prevented.

“There’s nothing we can do about the losses; just accept them and focus our efforts on protecting,” said a familiar voice.

The speaker was Erza as she was seated on a chair behind the desk facing Venezuela. She had quietly listened to the report and shared the same feelings as Venezuela and so understood how the queen felt.

“I know that, but… it’s just… hard to ignore that people are dying…” said Venezuela, looking nervous as she lifted her head and stared at Erza across the desk. “You don’t look so worried. Is is because Zen, Darian and Atem are also fighting to keep the enemies from reaching the capital?”

Her words caused Erza to chuckle and say, “Well, not really. If you look closely my hand, you’ll notice them shaking.”

Venezuela was surprised and took a glance at her hands only to find them twitching every now and then. It looked like the girl, sitting opposite her, was channelling her agitation into her fingers, which was amazing.

“Are you—?” Venezuela began, looking at her in surprise.

“They usual shake whenever I’m not feeling too good during times like these,” explained Erza, who wore a sad look on her face while looking at her shaking hands.

“My world was constantly in danger and the knowing the number of warriors lost on the field of battle was sobering to say the least. At first, I resented the thought of people dying, but I eventually accustomed to hiding my feelings and doing my best as the princess, supporting my family, providing encouragement and providing morale to our soldiers.”

“I’m sorry,” said Venezuela, looking sadly at her.

Erza shrugged her shoulders and smiled at her, saying, “It’s okay. Facts can’t be changed, life won’t become different and eality isn’t something you can escape from.” For some reason, she suddenly chuckled and when Venezuela looked curiously at her, Erza smiled and said, “Actually, this make me relate to myself of how I was like back in the ancient times during the wars that Lucky participated in.”

“Oh…! I remember them, although, I feel I remember getting scared for my husband’s life and not liking the number of soldiers we lost in the line of battle.”

Erza laughed lightly and said, “One thing that hasn’t changed then and now is your innocent attitude towards the people dying out there. I always thought that maybe you were sense or stupid, but I guess your purity has to do with the sheltered environment you grew up in.”

Venezuela smiled and said, “Thank you, Erza, but really. My life isn’t something to aspire for considering the work I do is really hard work. I guess getting appointed to high authority gets you the wealth, but sitting behind the desk, going through reports and doing many more activities is tiring. By the end of the day, I just wish I can go home, eat with the family and sleep with my husband.”

Erza widened her eyes in amazement and laughed before saying brightly, “I do understand how you feel, Vena because that’s exactly what I had gone through in my past life and in my world. Of course, helping you out kind of brings me into the fold, but at least, there’s two of us to share the load.”

The two women momentarily laughed before Venezuela asked, “I wonder how Lucky used to manage this work. I mean, even though I became queen, Felix helped out helped out a lot and then when Lucky became King, he practically took all the work for himself and gave me an ample amount of free time.”

“I think he maybe uses his incredible speed or uses his Thousand Army technique to quickly finish his work load no matter how vast it is. That’s the only explanation I can give since I did see him using that technique a few times to multi-task when he got summoned to my world,” said Erza, looking amused by remembering the event when that had happened.

“Yes, but that technique drains people like us fairly quickly because of the vast amount needed to maintain the copies,” stated Venezuela, looking gloomily at the thought.

The two of them stared at each other and groaned, muttering, “Having his kind of power for this is a luxury.”

A few seconds went and they raised their heads to go through the papers in front of them when a Phintex Raja warped out of nowhere into the room. He immediately knelt down before them and addressed in a respectful manner.

“Greeting, your highnesses. I bring a message and report from the Angel King.”

“Go ahead,” replied Venezuela, straightening up on her chair and listening with utmost attention.

The report that the Phintex Raja was carrying coincided with the reports brought in from the other Phintex Rajas positioned all around the world. Then, the shock fell on both of the girls when he informed them of the daring plan the Angels intended on carrying out.

“That’s crazy! They’re crazy!” Venezuela said, her words sounding weird because of how mind blown she was. “It’s suicidal to attack the enemy so directly, especially when it’s the Calamity Titan we’re dealing with here!”

“It is, however, you can’t say it isn’t a bold move,” Erza said, placing a hand on her chin as she thought about the information relayed to her. “After all, the Demon Bridge cannot connect to them, which means that their people are safe and allowing their army to fight without worrying about an attack from behind.”

“Remember, Erza, this is a double-edged tactic that could either work in their favour or decimate them!” Venezuela reminded her, her eyes filled with sorrow.

Erza nodded in agreement and countered, saying, “That’s true, but so far, we have absolutely no clue what the enemy is currently doing. As far as we know, they deployed most of their troops everywhere and only kept a basic number at their base. In this attack, whether it succeeds or fails, we can learn what the enemy is currently doing.”

Venezuela was not happy about it, but she listened to reason and understood the necessary risk. She, like Erza, was indeed worried what the enemy head was doing considering their strongest warriors, the Nine Testaments of Darkness, were nowhere to be seen. Despite the positive it held, she certainly did not like the backlash it had with the people that might die.

“Fine… It’s their choice, after all,” she said, a finality in her voice as she sighed deeply in resignation.

Erza smiled and spoke to him, saying, “If our allies are in deep trouble and need immediate assistance, report it to us immediately! Got it?”

The Phintex Raja nodded his head once and Erza waved her hand warped out of the room to return to his position with the Angel King. As soon as he left, Erza turned back to the desk and seeing Venezuela hanging her head, she leaned over the patted her gently on the shoulder reassuringly.

“It’s okay. They might face danger, but that’s something we’re already familiar with anyway,” she said, bracingly while bringing with hope. When Venezuela merely nodded her head without looking at her, Erza smiled softly and said, “Besides, look over there. We still have hope to win this war.”

Venezuela finally looked up and smiled at her before both of them looked to the side. On the side of the wall was a white flash of light that was the gateway to the space which the Death Titan used as a place to live in. Inside it were the Nine Pillars of Power undergoing intense training with no way of seeing it due to the entrance being blocked off completely.

The two of them looked towards it with eyes filled with hope and thought, “Come back soon.”

Author’s Note

Hello everyone and thank you so much for reading the chapter! I was literally fighting for two days straight during the weekend in order to publish it before I end up posting it one day later like the previous time. So, I hope that you liked some of the interesting character development elements as well as a background information of Erza’s world as I keep giving out more and more details on that, setting that stage up while I’m in the middle of writing this intense war story. Anyway, I enjoyed this chapter very much and I hope you did the same, sparking your curiosity to look forward to more as the story continues!

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