Angel Army

On the outskirts of the floating Heaven Continent, a vast army of over 300 angel warriors stood lined. They all were facing towards the front and faced at the raised dais where with ten people standing on it. Those people were the Nine Commandments of Light that were lined at the back bodies of wall and the Angel King, who stood at the front.

“Can I sleep…?” Comfy asked, her eyes half closing.

“Get a grip! We’re in an important meeting!” Happy said, smiling despite how nervous she felt.

Comfy yawned and looked lazily at the front at all the warriors gathering in front of where they stood.

Within the gathered soldiers, the ones at the front had golden wings sprouting out of their backs, the next row had white wings, the row after that had crimson wings and the final row consisted of blue wings. Each warrior was wielding a sword in their primary hands while wielding the shield on the other arm. Each of them were wearing the Angel Armour, which was similar in quality and enhancement in comparison to the Titanium Armour.

The Phoenix Titan, who knew this fact, suggested, “I think it’s better to learn from our armours and upgrade yours.”

To this, the Angel King smiled sadly and replied, “I appreciate the offer, but I cannot do it. While the angels have agreed to corporate with you in this war, they still have their pride to consider. As such, I am sorry to decline the offer.”

He was liking regretful, which made Lakshman smile and reassuringly say, “I understand and it’s okay. It was only a suggestion and besides, knowing the strength of this armours first hand a while back, I’m sure the current generation wouldn’t be defeated so easily.”

Lakshman was indirectly referring to the time when he fought against the angels in the ancient times. Evander did not know this fact, but he still nodded with a word of thanks to appreciate the reassurance. Deep down, he was concerned that the weaker generation might suffer heavy losses, but Lakshman’s word helped lift his mood a little.

Evander was thinking back on it while he stood on the stage until he heard Ford say in a quiet voice, “Come on, now. They’re waiting.”

Evander nodded in agreement and stared at the army of warriors lined up in front of him. The soldiers were muttering to one another, waiting for him, when he cleared his throat and gained their attention as they became silent and faced the front while looking at him.

“My soldiers!” the Angel King said, his voice booming across in the area and their vicinity. “We are here today to fight a significant battle against our common enemy, the Calamity Titan! He has brought the safety of our world to a dangerous point and we cannot let him do as he pleases! This world is a place of our dwelling, and we must rise up to challenge this criminal and deliver the judgement of the angels!”

His words were met with a roar from the angel soldiers that were lined in front of him as he looked around at them. Making a serious expression on his face, the Angel King unsheathed his sword into the air and fired an energy blast out of it, which exploded high in the sky above them.

“The enemy is currently at his base, so our objective is to attack them!” Ford said, stepping forward and giving instructions in a loud voice that carried to the back of the row of soldiers. “You defeat the head, the main problem will be solved and if you get injured in the process, rub it off and keep attacking them! You got that?”

“Sir!” the soldiers shouted, the area ringing with them stomping their feet on the ground.

As Ford nodded his head in satisfaction, Evander looked at his men with a serious face and said, “We fight today for survival and when we return, we will be victorious!” As everyone raised their swords high in the air simultaneously and roared their war cry, he said, “Let’s go!”

With the commanding words given, the Angel King surged with power and flapped his wings, making him soar into the air at high speed. The Nine Pillars of Power followed his example and soon followed behind him with the entire army of soldiers following after them at high speed. Very soon, the air was full of angels surging with power while radiating white aura that surrounded them.

“We’re coming for you, Calamity Titan!” Evander thought, as he and his warriors flew towards their enemy.

The weather was a little chilly in the early month of Tyfon as winter was approaching, which could be seen by the appearance of more clouds and a lack of appearance from the sun. Even so, the humidity kept the weather lukewarm despite the chill brought upon by slowly breeze.

On the resurrected Demon Continent, the soldiers were walking around with many more sitting around and doing absolutely doing nothing. They were the army left back at the base consisting of the Gigatros Demon Clan, Serprad Demon Clan, Grobula Demon Clan and Insektand Demon Clan, who were waiting for further orders.

“Man. It’s a little chilly around here,” said one of the Grobula Demon Clan warrior, shivering a little as by the chilly breeze.
“What are you talking about? It’s warm right now,” said one of the Serprad Demon Clan warriors.

“Well, your clan wouldn’t really feel this chilly weather because of your skin and the armour you’re wearing,” commented a Grobula Demon Clan warrior, coming to stand next to his friend.

“Oh really? Well, I think it would be worthwhile if you bothered to wear some clothes!” the Serprad Demon Clan warrior retorted, making a crazy smile on his face.

“So you say, but I think you only wear that armour because you don’t have the guts to go topless! We of the Grobula Demon Clan get our power from training ourselves from a very young age, unlike some that get theirs from their spears.”

“What did you say?!” the Serprad Demon Clan man said, he and his people glaring angrily at the two Grobula Demon Clan warriors.

Just then, they heard a voice from the side that said, “Enough of that.”

They turned and saw that it was the leader of the Insektand Demon Clan who seemed to be fuming with irritation. Previously, he ruled the middle part of the Bazaraka Continent before sensing the arrival of his master and together with his clan, he joined the war.

“Our comrades are currently engaged with our enemies and are dying on the battlefield while we fight amongst ourselves. Pathetic,” said the Insektand Demon Clan leader, letting off a puff of smoke from either side of his face.

“Oh. It’s you, insect thingy,” said the Serprad Demon Clan warrior, looking somewhat taken aback.

“Why don’t you mind your own business instead of sticking your insect stinger everywhere?” the Grobula Demon Clan warrior said, smiling arrogantly while his friend laughed coldly.

The Insektand Demon Clan warrior scowled at them and turned away, muttering, “So arrogant and yet, we’re fighting together with them. Just what did master do to make them bow to his will?”

With wondering thoughts on his mind, he slowly walked away before coming to a stop and lifting his head to stare up at the sky. The two Grobula Demon Clan warriors and the Serpread Demon Clan warrior noticed this, making them wonder why he had come to a sudden stop.

“What’s the matter, old insect thingy? Did you forget to say something to me?” the Grobula Demon Clan warrior said, arrogantly smiling again while smiling in hilarity.

The Insektand Demon Clan warrior continued to stare up at the sky and said, “Stupid. Can’t you sense it?”

“Mmm? Sense what?”

“Come on. Focus your energy and sense it. You’re not a baby that needs to be told how to do it,” said the leader before turning to look at the insulting person and finished by saying, “or do you need lessons?”

He chuckled when he said that in retaliation to how insulting the purple skinned man was being towards him. Angered greatly by those words, the arrogant man closed his eyes and focused his energy to sense whatever it was the insektand leader had sensed. For a moment, he remained silent before opening his eyes sharply with a shocked look on his face.

“W-What the hell is that?!” he exclaimed, looking up at the sky with a mystified expression. “It’s so big… and… it feels like there’s lots of them!”

The insektand leader snorted and said, “Good. At least, you managed to sense this much.”

“Huh? What?” the serprad warrior asked, looking confused as he was unable to sense it. “What did you sense?”

“The enemies are coming, although, we don’t know who,” replied the insektand leader, which caused everyone in the vicinity to widen their eyes in surprise.

Like him and the grobula warrior, everyone else focused their energies and soon came to sense the presence of a lot of power nearing them from the sky. It did not make any sense to them, but they soon realised their base was about to become a battleground.

“Quickly! Prepare for battle!” shouted one of the magicians.

As everyone was rushing back and forth to get suited up in their armour, small balls of energy began raining from the sky. They fell at high speed and exploded, causing the ground to shake on impact and blew the wind wildly around. The nearby magicians cast magic barriers on themselves and their allies while some were unfortunately caught up in the explosion outside the barrier range.

As the explosions occurred, a rain of energy blasts began soaring towards the ground at high speed. The speed at which they fell caused small crater to appear on the ground that left quite a scar on the land. Very soon, the demons prepared themselves for war against the unknown enemy, which turned out to be the angels as they burst out of the clouds.

After flying for several countless minutes, they finally reached the resurrected Demon Continent. The chilly wind slapping against their skin did not make them shiver because their armours protected them by raising their endurance to the cold. Soaring above, they noticed that the tiny specks of the enemy warriors were scattered everywhere and seemed to be relaxing.

“They sure are slacking?” Hope said, using telepathy to communicate with her fellow members of the Nine Commandments of Light while flying through the air. “It does remind me of someone.”

“It certainly does,” replied the voice of Free, sounding rather humorous as he flew while holding Comfy with his arms as she was fast asleep. “The Commandment of Comfort sure is always sleepy.”

“Our intel was correct, though,” said Free, knitting his eyebrows to stare at the enemies. “It looks like this army is just waiting for orders to make them move. A pity.”

“Well, a wise move is to keep a reserve unit at the back to protect the base. Got to keep balance in offense and defence,” said Alan, understanding the tactic going through the mind of the enemy leader.

“Focus!” Ford’s voice rang inside their heads speaking in a sharp voice and startling them. “We’ve reached their continent. Your majesty, I think it’s about time we attacked them.”


“Mmm,” began Evander, coming to hover in mid-air while looking down at the enemies using his Zooming Force magic spell. “They blocked the first attack. Men, fire your laser cannons! Fire!”

There was a roar and the angels aimed their hands down at the ground before launching laser attacks that soared through the air at high speed. They smashed into the ground and left craters at each impact point and causing the wind to blow quickly on all sides, buffeting the enemies. As the enemy army was under rapid attack, Ford took out his sword and began his descent at them followed by their army.

“Show them no mercy!” Ford shouted, landing hard on the ground with his feet.

He swung his sword around and cut down the first enemy that was preparing their magic to attack him before the entire army of angels descended. There was a mad rush between the two forces as the angels and the demons charged forth and smashed into one another.

Some of the angels were struck down almost immediately when the magic enhanced spears of the Serprad Demon Clan penetrated through their armours while the others engaged in close combat wielding their swords. The fighting style of the angels was by striking at their foe and using their wings to soar into the air or rear to avoid the retaliation.

“Acid Shot!”

Several of the Insektand Demon Clan warriors shouted and acid flew out of their mouth to splatter onto the armours and wings of their enemies. While the armour resisted the deadly acid, the wings suffered an immediate lost, shrivelling up and losing their ability to give the angel the power of flight. This allowed the Grobula Demon Clan, Serprad Demon Clan and Gitatros Demon Clan to eliminate them.

“I don’t think it’s fair to inflict such damage on my people,” said Happy, who appeared before several of the giants.

The giants roared at her and immediately went to attack her, but she merely smiled widely and said, “Shining Star.”

In an instant, a powerful dazzling light emitted from her and almost blinded the giants and all the other enemies. The giants roared wildly and covered their eyes like the other enemies and in the confusion, the angels moved forward to cut the enemies down with their enchanted swords. They managed to bring down a few of the enemies before the light suddenly vanished, forcibly cancelled by the enemy magicians.

“That woman is dangerous! Take her down!” the leader of the enemy magicians shouted, ordering his men to fire magic spells at her.

As the attacks soared at her, Happy beamed at them and caused the magic to divert away from her as if the beams did not want to inflict damage onto her. The real reason, however, was because of the invisible barrier that formed in front of her that diverted the beams, creating a confusion among the magicians.

“Yawn~. I want to sleep~,” said Comfy, yawning with a hand near her mouth. She sleepily aimed her hand at the magicians and said in a sleepy voice, “Snooze.”

In an instant, a magic circle appeared around the magicians before pinkish smoke began coming out of them and most of the magicians used Boost Magic on their feet to move away while a few succumbed to the sleep magic and collapsed on the ground.

The magicians that got away attempted to retaliate against her but were forced to shield themselves when Free moved freely between them while keeping an untraceable magic active on himself. Just as he was knocking them out successfully, several of the Serprad Demon Clan and Grobula Demon Clan warriors appeared and forced him to get away before engaging them in battle.

Meanwhile, Alan, Reece, Ben, Hip and Hope remained floating high in the sky as they stayed behind to protect their king. Together with Evander, they watched the scuttle with mixed feelings, especially the Angel King as he was making a frown as the battle raged on.

“Interesting. The enemies are keeping up with us despite the fact that our armours are boosting us,” said Reece, respecting the strength of his enemies.

“Perhaps, but I think it’s something to do with this so called Amplification Rods that the enemies are using. Remember what the Phoenix Titan said a while back?” Hip asked, recalling the events of the meeting two years ago when Lakshman informed them of what to expect from the enemies.

“It seems that’s the only thing keeping this battle so balanced, however,” said Alan, furrowing his eyebrows and saying, “it’s only a matter of time before the tide gets tipped.”

“I am hopeful it will turn in our favour,” said Hope, clasping her hands in front of her in a gesture of her hope. “Our battle is a righteous one and I’m certain the glimmer of hope will let the warriors do their best to take the enemies down.”

“Even so, it’s not right for us to stay behind and watch our allies fighting down there,” said Ben, looking sadly at his fellow angels taking a beat and fighting back to the best of their abilities. He turned around and asked his king, “Your majesty, I think it’s better to strike the enemy now and take the victory this battle is offering.”

As they all turned to look at him, Evander shook his head silently and remained like that for a few more seconds before saying, “No… Something about this battle doesn’t feel right…”

“Huh?” they said, blinking at him in surprise and turning to stare at one another in confusion.

“What do you mean?” Hope asked, looking concerned.

“This… Nine Testaments of Darkness… I don’t sense them at all…!” Evander said, and realising his words, they focused their energies and were surprised as well. “I can sense the Calamity Titan, who’s sitting idly inside that castle over there, but… where are the rest of them…?”

There was a moment of silence before Hope, looking hopeful, said with a smile, “Maybe they aren’t here, or they don’t exist. Perhaps the Phoenix Titan falsely imagined them and worried us needlessly.”

To that, Hip gave her a sad look and asked, “You know… Putting down our ally and a friend to our king to give others hope is just wrong.”

She looked dejected and her shoulders just as Evander, staring intently at the castle, said, “I doubt that Lakshman would imagine anything. So, I just got to bring them out.”

“What?!” his comrades exclaimed, looking shocked while he aimed his hand towards the castle.

“I’ve no choice!” Evander said, his voice sounding firm as he wore a determined look on his face. Channelling energy into the palm of his hand, he released it while shouting, “Magna Cannon!”

In an instant, a powerful energy wave soared towards the castle and smashed through it, destroying the roof in the process. The energy lasted for a few seconds before disappearing, leaving the castle intact with the destroyed portion of the roof crumbling a little. His allies waited for a moment for something to happen and when nothing did, they turned and stared at him incredulously.

“Um… Why didn’t anything happen…?” Reece asked, looking puzzled.

Evander dropped his hand to his side and narrowed his eyebrows in seriousness, saying, “It was, most likely, absorbed.”

“Absorbed?!” they exclaimed, looking shocked.

Their king nodded at them just as he noticed something flash inside the castle roof before a very powerful beam cannon was fired. As the large wave soared towards them at high speed and the five were slow in reacting, Evander moved forward while holding his hand out to the left side.


In an instant, his blade disappeared out of its sheathe and appeared where his hand was, allowing him to grip its handle with it. Holding it firmly with his right hand, gathered energy into the sword and swung at the energy wave the moment it reached him.

There was a power struggle between the sword and the wave that was trying to push its way towards him. Evander used great strength with his right hand and while gritting his teeth, he successfully sliced the energy wave, separating it into two waves. The five of the Nine Pillars of Power were astonished by the force of power that their king managed to unleash with the support of his legendary sword.

At that moment, a voice of a man suddenly said, “Well done~! Very well done~!” The voice came from somewhere nearby and made the five of the Nine Pillars of Power almost jump in fright. As they slowly turned in the direction the voice came from, they heard the man continue to say, “You know… I don’t appreciate it when people destroy my property for no goddamn reason. If you’ve got nerves, then come and face me directly!”

They finally turned completely to look in the direction of the speaker and all of them had their mouth open in alarm. All of them recognised who it was the moment they heard his voice but it still shocked them all by seeing him in person.

The Calamity Titan hovered several meters away from them, smiling at them as he raised a hand in a greeting gesture and said, “Hi.”

Author’s Note

Hello everyone and thank you for reading this chapter. It’s fairly shorter than the usual chapter length that I write, but I’ve decided to cut down the length in which I write to stop over stressing myself and at the same time, give you more interesting story content. So, I hope you understand and liked the chapter and will look forward to more as the story continues!

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