Casual Calamity

“So, we finally meet at last, Calamity Titan,” said the Angel King, staring at his enemy through narrowed eyes.

“Yeah. Our meeting’s been overdue,” replied the Calamity Titan, smiling serenely at him before looking at the others hovering next to the Angel King. “I notice you’ve brought your army and the Nine Commandments of Light. I’m amazed.”

“What’s there to be amazed about when it’s you we’re dealing with after all,” stated Evander, looking seriously at him.

The Calamity Titan chuckled and said, “I am honoured to hear it, but really…? You didn’t think of keeping some of your forces back at the Heaven Continent?”

Evander shook his head and replied, “I’m not worried because your Demon Bridge teleportation magic doesn’t connect with a continent that’s always on the move. I had no need to worry for my people, allowing me to take you on with full force!”

Looking bemused, the Calamity Titan said, “Mmm. I’ll give you points for figuring out the major flaw in our teleportation magic.”

“We, angels, have always kept an eye on the world, observing the goings on.”

“Yes. You observe the life on the ground while you’re up there doing nothing,” replied the Calamity Titan, scathingly. “After all, your race tore yourselves away from the world in the ancient times.”

“Is that so? Then, tell me why we’re here?!” Evander demanded, holding the sword at the ready in his hands while fixing his enemy with a serious look.

The Calamity Titan snorted and glanced at the sword in his opponent’s hands before saying, “Mmm? Is that the Ancient Sword Excalibur?”

Evander, along with the others floating around him, was surprised by the usage of words before he said, “Excuse me, but this is a Legendary—!”

He was cut off when the Calamity Titan quickly said, “Yes, yes. Legendary Sword. Yes. I know what it is. Don’t tell me because I’ve seen it a really long time ago and as far as I’m concerned, that thing is ancient. Besides, it only multiplies the power of the wielder to a certain extent and comparing that to modern arts like our Amplification Rods, it’s dismal in my opinion.”

The rest of the Nine Commandments of Light were shocked by the arrogant insulting words that their foe used. Evander gripped his sword and narrowed his eyes while glaring fiercely at him.

“Your overconfidence will be your undoing!” he said finally.

This made his enemy smile widely and say, “You think so because, to me, my overconfidence is what makes me dangerous.”

“I don’t fear you!” the Angel King shouted, who instantly activated his sword and easily dispersed the wind.

“I can see that,” replied the Calamity Titan, smiling loftily at him, “but don’t worry. Soon, you will fear me just like them.”

He gestured at the remainder of warriors from the Nine Commandments of Light that were hovering next to Evander. The Angel King took a look around for the first time and was amazed before he turned back to face his enemy with anger rising within him.
“Hold that though!” the Calamity Titan said loudly, cutting off Evander’s words and surprising them. He powered down and pointed at the ground, saying, “Four of your warriors are taking out my army at this moment, and I’m not happy about that because I don’t want my reserve unit disappearing because of them.”

While his enemies stared at him in surprised, he raised his hand and held two fingers up while folding the others before saying, “I’ll be back in two minutes. Start counting.”

With that, the Calamity Titan vanished on the spot and left them looking completely astonished.

The Calamity Titan reappeared hovering several meters away from the Commandment of Happiness who was blinding his allies with Light Magic.

“Hey, woman! I don’t appreciate it that you’re blinding my army!” he called, grabbing her attention and making her turn to face him.

“Ah!” Happy exclaimed, shocked to suddenly see the enemy boss hovering in front of her, which made her react by shouting, “S-Star Blind!”

In an instant, a blinding light occurred from in front of her and caused the Calamity Titan to instantly shut his eyes tightly.

“Wow! So blinding!” he said casually before aiming his hand in front of him, saying, “Mirror Force.”

In an instant, the light got deflected and Happy was shocked to suddenly see the blinding light reversed on her. A second two late to react, her eyes got shot heavily and she clutched her eyes while crying in pain.

“Well the,” said the Calamity Titan, seeing the light die down before smelling something strange.

“Sleep Wave,” said the Commandment of Comfort, aiming her hands lazily at him.

As the wave of purple smoke headed towards him, the Calamity Titan glared at her and shouted, “Since you seem sleepy, you can have it back!”

He held his arm back to the side and gathered energy there before swinging it in an ark in front of him. A sudden burst of wind got released from his swing and it caused the smoke to reverse its direction. The strong blowing wind and smoke soared towards Comfy as she tried to defend herself by activating a barrier magic before she got engulfed by the wind and smoke.

“That takes care of those two,” muttered the Calamity Titan in satisfaction.

At that moment, he sensed someone’s presence nearby and dodged to the right just as a fist came in the path where his head was a moment ago. Just like it appeared, the extended hand disappeared and the Calamity Titan whirled around to punch the invisible person in the face, but realised he had missed them.

He straightened up and sensed that the person was moving freely around him unseen, which made him smile and say, “You must be the Commandment of Freedom. Quite the ability you got there.”

Once again, a punch came out of nowhere to his right, and he dodged it with relative ease. He swirled around to attack him only to realise that the person had backed away and returned to avoiding him. This continued for a few seconds before the Calamity Titan sighed while looking bored.

“Enough of this. I have a schedule to keep,” he said before clicking his finger.

In an instant, the gravity around him for several meters grew intense, and Free was shocked before he was pulled forcibly towards the ground. He fell flat on his front and lay there groaning with pain while struggling to face the immense gravity.

“Right,” said the Calamity Titan, nodding in satisfaction. “Now, where’s—?”

He was cut off by a sudden explosion of strong force that occurred a few meters away that made the wind blow quickly in his direction. As dust blocked the view, he slowly turned to find a man burst out of it wielding a sword while flying through the air at high speed.

“I got you!” Ford shouted, soaring through the air while swinging his glowing sword viciously at him.

The Calamity Titan reacted instantly by activating a magic that covered his right arm which he used to block the sword. There as a powerful impact upon contact, making wind blow wildly around them as Ford put all of his strength into pushing his weapon down. The resulting force from the impact caused the ground to crack everywhere around him and even caused the ground to sink a little.

“Wow!” the Calamity Titan reflexively said, feeling somewhat amazed by the power of his enemy. “You’re strong.”
“Tch”! Ford said, glaring at his enemy in frustration.

A few seconds later, the Calamity Titan exerted his strength and sent him away, but Fords spun in the air skilfully and landed firmly on his feet. The two stood, separated by several meters of distance, and they stared at each other with Ford looking serious while the Calamity Titan looked with interest.

“You know you’re strong, um…?” the Calamity Titan and hesitated as he did not know his name.

“Ford. Commandment of Justice,” Ford replied, glaring at him.

“Ah. Right. You’re strong, Ford. You’re not the least bit affected by my gravity spell,” the Calamity Titan said, finishing his sentence.

Ford snorted in disregard and replied, “Keep your complement to yourself!”

He instantly surged with power and kicked off the ground to fly towards his enemy at high speed. The dark aura around the Calamity Titan’s arm transformed and became a dark blazing energy sword. He brought it up and blocked the sword swing that Ford unleashed at him. The Commandment of Justice continued to swing his sword at him, but his foe easily blocked them without once moving out of his stationary spot.

“Okay! How about this?!” Ford shouted, jumping back before running circles around him while firing energy blasts at him.

The Calamity Titan stood on the same spot as before and deflected the blasts away with the dark aura that seemed to transform at will. Seeing that this was not working, Ford activated a magic spell that formed a magic circle above his foe before a huge chunk of rock fell out of it.

As the large boulder fell on top of the Calamity Titan, the dark aura suddenly transformed into a large scythe and it cut through the boulder at high speed. A moment later, the boulder got split into so many pieces that the tiny ones got deflected by the dark aura that formed like a shield around the Calamity Titan.

“No way!” Ford exclaimed, shocked to see that his large boulder attack had failed.

Realising that he was nearing the end of his time limit, the Calamity Titan said, “Right. I’ve played with you long enough.”

He suddenly made his move by rushing at the Commandment of Justice, who successfully dodged the attack. A moment later, his eyes widened in surprise as he realised it was an afterimage that had attacked him. Just as he came to that conclusion, the Calamity Titan appeared out of nowhere and managed to deliver a powerful punch straight to his gut.

“Gah!” Ford exclaimed, spurting blood out from the sheer shock from the impact.

He began to fly away from the force of impact when, all of a sudden, his hand was grabbed by his foe and it caused him to smash with immense force onto the ground. As it shook, the Calamity Titan lifted him upward and spun him around in a 180 degree before tossing him into the air.

The Commandment of Justice flew through the at high speed while his unconscious body spun around weirdly. Hovering high in the sky, his comrades saw him flying towards them haphazardly and they quickly used Levitation Gravity Magic to slow down his approach before catching him in their arms.

“Ford! Answer me! Ford!” Reece shouted, trying to shake his friend awake, but Ford did not answer.

They realised that their ally was out cold with his half-open eyes just as the Calamity Titan appeared hovering several meters away.

“He’s strong but not powerful,” he said sardonically with a smile on his face.

Becoming angered at the sight of their defeated comrade made the remainder of the Nine Commandments of Light angry and they made to attack him when the Angel King held his sword in. They were surprised when Evander moved in front and used his sword to bar their way while staring at their enemy.

“He’s strong. Leave him to me,” he said, speaking in such a firm voice that they nodded automatically in understanding.

As Evander turned back to face their enemy, the Calamity Titan called, “Are you going to fight me?” When the Angel King nodded, the Calamity Titan smiled and gestured at him with his hand before saying, “Okay then. Bring it.”

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