Angel King vs. Calamity Titan

The angel king disappeared and reappeared a moment later hovering behind the Calamity Titan before attempting to cut him down with his sword. In response, the Calamity Titan conjured black mist that transformed into a dark energy blade that held over his shoulder to block the attack. The slam of blades caused a small shock wave to be sent everywhere before both warriors disappeared to begin their battle.

The two warriors reappeared a few meters away from their last fought place and smashed their swords forcefully against one another at an incredible speed. Sparks exerted from each impact of blade on blade while shock waves were sent everywhere. Evander was gritting his teeth in frustration as he tried his best to attack his enemy, but the Calamity Titan wore a smug smile that seemed to mock the efforts of his foe.

Their next clash caused both warriors to fly back a few meters, but Evander quickly recovered, gathered energy into his sword and swung it at the enemy. A powerful energy slicing wave was unleashed and the Calamity smirked as he swung his black energy sword upward to cut the attacking wave in half. As he looked at his foe, he was surprised to see the sword swinging round and round while flying directly towards him.

“What the?” the Calamity Titan said in surprise.

He quickly blocked the sword that seemed to possess a will of its own before pulling back and slamming it to the side. As the weapon flew to the side, energy blasts began soaring at him from Evander who fired them. The Calamity Titan smirked once more and moving his sword at an incredible speed to slice and destroy all the energy blasts.

At that moment, the Calamity Titan disappeared and reappeared hovering very close to him with an amazed look on his face.

As Evander was taken aback by surprise, the Calamity Titan smirked and said, “Really. Firing energy blasts with one hand held up is really different.”

Evander gritted his teeth and attempted to punch his enemy with his one hand still held high in the air. The Calamity Titan defended the attack by catching it with his hand and shoving his aside before delivering a punch so powerful that caused Evander to widen his eyes wildly and gasp in shock. His foe attempted to hit him again, but the Angel King moved away from the blow and activated the magic spell that had been preparing which had finally finished.

“Heaven’s Light!”

The wind picked up speed as a large magic circle directly above the Calamity Titan as the Angel King moved out of the firing range. The Calamity Titan, sensing the strong surge of power, looked up just in time to see the magic circle spin wildly before unleashing a powerful wave of light down at him.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, widening his eyes in surprise.

“Pay for your sins, Calamity Titan!” Evander shouted, glaring fiercely at him.

The Calamity Titan turned and gave him a fleeting look before raising his hand above his head and stopped the powerful wave of light in its tracks. The light attempted to push down on him, but the force for exertion from the Calamity Titan was so strong that it did not budge.

“No. The only sin I’ll be paying for is the sin of not completing my revenge,” said the Calamity Titan, turning to face Evander with a cool expression on his face that stunned the Angel King. Exerting more force into his hand, the Calamity Titan smiled coolly and said, “Black Star Fire!”

In an instant, a powerful black wave of energy was unleashed from his hand and it completely engulfed the white light as it soared upward very quickly. It soon destroyed the large magic circle and continued to fly high into the air before slowly disappearing into tiny particles of light.

“Mmm. Not a match for me at all,” the Calamity Titan said, looking up with a somewhat dull look on his face.

There was a sudden whoosh of the wind before a strong force was released, causing the wind to stop as soon as it had begun. The Calamity Titan turned towards his enemy and saw Evander with his fist aiming at him with his own hand holding it at bay.

“Attacking your enemy unnoticed? Nice strategy,” said the Calamity Titan complementing and Evander gritted his teeth in anger, “but choose wisely whom you use it against.”

In a fast responsive movement, the Calamity Titan punched Evander in the face with his free hand, causing the Angel King to go flying away. He hurtled through the air for several seconds before he forced himself to stop and hovering in mid-air. He wiped the small blood that exited out of his mouth by the punch and stared at his enemy with a serious face.

“He’s far stronger than I expected. I can’t hold anything back anymore!” he thought, clenching his fists firmly.

He momentarily closed his eyes and breathed deeply before reopening his eyes widely and shouted, “Limit Release!”
In an instant, his body glowed momentarily before it disappeared and left him without a change. He stared at his enemy, who had his arms folded with a smirk on his face showing the clear arrogance of superiority over him. Releasing his clenched fists and relaxing, Evander fixed his enemy a glare and disappeared on the spot.

The Calamity Titan knew he was coming towards him and smiled just as a fist slammed hard on the side of his face. His eyes widened in surprise as a powerful shock wave was unleashed as he was propelled away from the impact. He flew through the air for a few seconds and recovered to stop to straighten up while rubbing the side of his face.

He saw the Angel King charge at him for a second before the foe disappeared without a trace and reappeared right next to him before punching him against on the side. Once again, this sent the Calamity Titan flying for several meters before he managed to regain his posture and stare intensely at his foe. Once again, he vanished and attacked him from behind, casing great pain once again while sending him flying away.

“He’s gotten faster and stronger all of a sudden! Interesting!” the Calamity Titan thought after recovering and smiled excitedly.

After punching and sending him flying away, Evander aimed his hand at his enemy and fired a powerful energy wave at him. Seeing it, the Calamity Titan activated a barrier spell to completely block the attack and once the wave vanished, he dropped the barrier as several magic spells suddenly appeared around him. The next moment, before he could do anything, his body got electrified with intense power that caused him to grit his teeth tightly to not scream in pain.

Through the shock, the Calamity Titan saw Evander appear before him and saw him pull his fist back. Just as his foe threw his fist at him, he caught the fist and used the same lightning magic to electrify Evander. The Angel King was shocked and he also gritted his teeth to not scream while he glared at his enemy, who likewise glared back.

“Damn!” Evander said in a frustrated voice.

Through the shock, he activated his magic and made it explode where the Calamity Titan was grabbing him. The explosion of force sent both of them hurtling away and also caused the lightning magic to get deactivated automatically. After a few seconds of flying through the air, they both recovered and stared at each other with Evander looking angry while the Calamity Titan smiled confidently.

“Good speed and good magic. Don’t waste it,” he said, taunting his foe with a cunning look on his face.

Evander was momentarily puzzled as to why his enemy was so confident and deciding to find out, he charged at him by disappearing and reappearing right in front of him. Just as he unleashed a powerful punch at him, his eyes widened in shock when the Calamity Titan suddenly vanished and his fist went through empty air.

“What?!” he exclaimed automatically, striken with shock.

“Behind you,” said a familiar voice quietly from behind.

The Angel King widened his eyes in shock and he slowly turned his head to the side to see the Calamity Titan facing the other way with his back to him. In an instantaneous movement, the Calamity Titan smashed his elbow in the back of the Angel King, causing Evander to grunt in pain with his eyes widening further from the shock.

Even so, Evander quickly recovered and moved his body around to punch his enemy, but was surprised to see him vanish once more. Momentarily surprised, he suddenly sensed something to his side and vanished just before the punch of the Calamity Titan went through exactly where his head was. The Calamity Titan made an impressed look on his face before vanishing again as Evander appeared out of nowhere and missed him.

This cycle repeated itself with both warriors vanishing as the one attempted to hit the other. Watching them from away the were Hope, Reece, Ben, Alan and Hip, who was holding onto the unconscious Ford. They were watching the intense battle with serious looks on their faces and worried in their hearts for the safety of their king.

“I feel so useless!” Reece said, looking very annoyed.

“We are useless because we’re weak in comparison to them,” said Hope, staring at the battle without looking at her comrade. “Our king is our only hope of fighting evenly against that man.”

Reece became frustrated and said, “I know that, but letting him fight that man alone… I respect it, but… it’s something I don’t agree with.”

“Get a grip, Reece! It’s our king we’re talking about here! He’s different to the previous king. Remember? Besides, the legendary sword choose him and that should be a clear indication of how strong he is,” said Hip bracingly.

Reece stared at his friend in helplessness when Alan said, “Perhaps, but I don’t see the balance in their battle.”

“What?!” the others exclaimed in unison, looking very shocked.

Alan nodded his head once and said, “Yeah. Their battle… isn’t very unbalanced. I mean, it feels like our king is trying his utmost to defeat his enemy while the enemy is fighting back with… relatively lower output? That’s what I can say right now.”

There was a moment of silence before Hope asked, “Are you saying our king might lose?”

Alan blinked once while staring at the proceeding battle before saying, “All I can say is the battle is unbalanced and… that the enemy isn’t fighting seriously. It somehow feels like the enemy is testing his powers rather than go all out to win.”

Hope stared at her comrade with a worried look on her face before turning back to the battle and silently praying, “Please win…! Our people… Our allies are counting on you, Evander!”

While they watched while feeling useless and frustrated, the battle between the Angel King and the Calamity Titan raged on. Despite all of his efforts, Evander soon realised that he had no chance of winning and resigned to that fact, he decided to stop fighting and came to halt in mid-air.

“Alright. I think I’m done with this,” he said, and his enemy reappeared a few meters away looking surprised.

“What’s the matter? Catching your breath?” the Calamity Titan asked sneeringly.

Evander looked seriously at him and asked, “Enough games, Calamity Titan. I know I won’t win against you and you know this fact right from the start, so why are you making a show out of this?”

The Calamity Titan was momentarily taken aback before he sighed and said casually, “I know that, bow strong I am. I’ve been trying to find fighters that could make me fight to my best and so I believed you were the right man, but I guess I was mistaken. I mean, the Angel King in the ancient times was unbelievably strong and powerful, but it looks like these peaceful times have made you all become soft!”

“Perhaps, but with the forewarning we received, we prepared the best that we could against your army!”

“Sure… Sure…” replied the Calamity Titan scathingly.

Evander gritted his teeth in anger and said, “Whatever! Get serious because it’s insulting to know your enemy is holding back in the middle of a war!”

Those words made the Calamity Titan remain silent for a seconds before he sighed deeply and said, “You’re right. I should get serious.” Then, with a really cool expression on his face, he lifted up a finger and said, “Your Heaven Continent is under attack.”

The Angel King stared at him for a moment in silence before saying, “Come again? The Heaven Continent is under attack? That’s absurd! Your Demon Bridge don’t connect to it and besides, the remainder of your army are all here!”

The Calamity Titan laughed evilly for a moment and said, “Yes. So, think! What other possible way is there for your kind to be under attack? Come on. You’re smart. You should be able to figure it out in five seconds!”

He continued to smile as Evander pondered for a few seconds and as the seconds continued to tick by, the Calamity Titan made a flat expression on his face and said, “Should I start counting?”

Evander became annoyed and said, “No need! The obvious way for you to reach us is by flight, but… there’s no one among your warriors that could fly! I mean, judging from the warriors amassed here, it’s easy to figure that out.”

Those words were met with an evil smile from the Calamity Titan as he slowly asked, “Oh really…? Are you sure\? You’re only seeing those from the Demon World…? What about those that are from around here…?”

The Angel King was puzzled because he could not understand what his enemy meant and he thought more about the enemies in their world. At that moment, a sudden thought struck him and his eyes slowly widened in shock as the realisation dawned on him. Seeing him realise, the Calamity Titan widened his evil smile to a large extent.

“No way…! The Fallen Angels?!” Evander exclaimed, looking utterly shocked.

“Correct!” the Calamity Titan said, clapping his hands mockingly. “It’s amazing to find that hate you more than anything else in this world.”

“H-How…? How did you manage it…?” Evander asked, looking aghast.

The Calamity Titan tilted his head and said, “Take a guess.”

Evander clenched his fists tightly and activated his telepathy to communicate with the people from the continent when the Calamity Titan suddenly clicked his fingers. In an instant, a sharp pain resounded in his mind and he clutched his head in pain that made it extremely difficult for him to communicate or use the spell at all.


Watching his enemy feeling the pain from the sudden shock, the Calamity Titan asked, “So you don’t want to guess? Oh well. How about we play a serious game instead?”

“W-What… did you… do…?” Evander said slowly, wincing slightly as he slowly recovered from the pain in his head.

“Ah. I just cast Jammer to make sure focus on here and now instead of worrying about things happening so far away,” said the Calamity Titan with a cool smile on his face.

Evander, who finally recovered for most part, glared at him seriously and asked, “What game?”

The Calamity Titan shrugged his shoulders and spread his arms out wide before saying, “Hit me with everything thing you got with your strongest technique.”

For a moment, Evander was left speechless as the words sank in before he finally managed to say, “Huh? Hit you with everything I got?”

“That’s right and I don’t mean an adultery amount or the such. I want you to hit me… with every… bit… of power that you got and do it using your strongest technique, however, there are the conditions.”

As Evander slowly widened his eyes and gulped nervously, the Calamity Titan continued to explaining the rules.

“If you win, you and your comrades are free to go and save your people, however, I will unleash my most devastating monster that will decimate your allies around the world! If you lose, then you and your people will be killed here and there, but in exchange, your allies will escape the destruction of my decision.”

The Angel King was rendered speechless after hearing such a powerful proclamation from the Calamity Titan. Seeing that fearful look on his foe’s face, the Calamity Titan grinned and extended a hand towards him as if wanting him to choose.

“The fate of your comrades and your people rests on your choice.” He finally smirked and said, “Choose wisely.”

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