Deciding Time

The Calamity Titan’s words echoed in the surroundings as the Angel King stared at him in shock. As for his foe, he was smiling smugly at him with a confident smile that seemed to dither all sense from his enemy. Evander could not understand what his enemy meant, but he was sure about one thing that made sense in his foe’s words.

“Are you mad?!” he exclaimed sharply.

The Calamity Titan merely smirked and said, “Yeah. It comes with my title being the Calamity Titan.” As the Angel King looked stricken, his spread his arms out wide as if he was giving his enemy an option by saying, “What’s it going to be? Surrender and be killed along with your race, or wound me with your strongest technique to save your race but then your allies will face my wrath. Either way, someone’s going to definitely get hurt!”

He let out a cold laughter before clicking his fingers at him and winked before saying, “Choose wisely.”

Evander glared at him angrily and asked, “Why…? Why are you doing this?!”

That question caused the Calamity Titan to sigh deeply and clutch his head with his hand wearily.

“I repeat; I want to test how strong I’ve become. Till now, I’ve been disappointed at how powerful I’ve become until you managed to rile be up until you suddenly popped my happy mood. Seriously! Can’t you read the writing that’s in front of you? I’m trying to test my powers and you ruin it! Do you know how angry I am?!”

With that, his happy expression slightly changed to that of anger and in an instant, a powerful surge of power got unleashed. The intensity was so strong that the air shook and caused shock waves to be sent in all directions. Even the wind was blown wildly around and caused Evander to get buffeted where he hovered in mid-air.

He glared angrily at the Angel King and said, “So don’t come blaming me for your mistake of making me decide to do this! You brought this on yourself!”

The Angel King narrowed his eyes and he made a serious expression on his face while staring at the surging form of his angry enemy. Meanwhile, the remainder of the Nine Commandments of Light remained hovering in their positions like before. All of that changed, however, when the Commandment of Benevolence, charged towards their king after feeling their enemy surge with strong power.

“Ben! Come back!” Ben, the Commandment of Respect, shouted after him.

He did not wait and gritting his teeth, Reece charged after him with Hope and Alan while Hip remained hovering there with the unconscious Ford slumbering over his shoulders.

“Ben! Stop! Don’t you respect the wishes of our king?!” Reece asked telepathically, which was received by Reece far in front of them.

“Of course, but I will not simply stand by and watch as he faces the enemy like this when the chances of his death are greater!” Ben replied telepathically, his voice filled with anger. “He is a great king and I cannot allow such a man to face his demise when we’re still around to help out!”

With that, he increased his speed and shot towards where the Angel King and the Calamity Titan were hovering in mid-air. The two warriors sensed his approach and Evander turned to face his direction in shock. The Calamity Titan did not care as he continued to stare at him, but he did realise this was causing a disturbance in his plan.

“Stupid interlopers,” he muttered, turning to face Ben’s direction and aiming one finger before saying, “Death Ray.”

A jet of black light erupted from his pointed finger and it soared away at high speed before reaching Reece in several seconds. Ben widened his eyes in surprise and instantly diverted his flight to dodge it before continuing to fly towards them. Behind him, Reece and Alan narrowly dodged the attack and were surprised to see how lethal it felt.

Ben continued to dodge the rapid fire of the death rays before reaching the positions of his enemies. The Calamity Titan, growing in annoyance, held his hands in front of him like a wall before closing them together. As he did that, an invisible wall appeared on either side of where Reece was flying and instantly smashed into him, stopping him in mid flight.

“Gah!” he groaned and spew blood out of his mouth from the strong impact of the wall of air smashing into his sides.

Evander was shocked to see his comrade get hurt seriously, so he turned to his enemy and shouted, “That’s enough!”

“He brought this on himself,” replied the Calamity Titan, shrugging his shoulders casually.

Reece grunted and spat blood out of his mouth and glared angrily at his enemy before shouting, “Star Shooter!”

In an instant, many magic circles appeared all around Evander and the Calamity Titan before white spinning stars with sparkling light from their rear began flying out of them. They clearly avoided Evander, flying around him and soared straight at the Calamity Titan, who merely wore a bored look on his face.

The stars appeared to pass right through him and surprised Evander, who could not believe what was happening in front of him. Initially, he assumed his enemy was using an after image but then he quickly realised his enemy was moving at such a speed that it made him look like he was hovering still in mid-air.

After a few seconds of dodging, the Calamity Titan yawned and clicked his fingers. As soon as the sound rung in the surrounding area, all the stars shattered into pieces while the magic circles got destroyed while making sounds of breaking glass. Evander blinked in surprise as he saw the familiar technique being used before him.

“M-Maga Distrab?!” Evander exclaimed, his eyes wide open with shock. “Y-You can use the same technique as the.. the Phoenix Titan…?!”

The Calamity Titan looked up at him and blinked in acknowledgement while saying, “Oh? So he can use it? That’s wonderful.”

As he finished speaking, Ben suddenly appeared right beside him with his fist held back with energy gathered in it. Evander slowly turned to face him in surprise while the Calamity Titan merely glanced at him sideways without turning his head.

Gritting his teeth furiously, Ben unleashed his fist forward while shouting, “Dynamic Strike!”

The unleashed fist flew straight towards his enemy’s face but before it could reach it, however, the Calamity Titan simply raised one finger in defence. It caught the fist and held it back, which released the amount of power that the fist carried with it. A powerful surge of wind got unleashed and it buffeted everyone, including the warriors flying towards them.

As the wind slowly settled, Ben widened his eyes in shock and asked, “No way…? You blocked it… with one finger…?”

The Calamity Titan smiled and replied merely, “Yes and this one finger is about to destroy you as well.”

While Ben was surprised by the reply, the Calamity Titan easily pushed the fist downward to make his enemy off balance.  In the next movement, he raised his extended forefinger and aimed it at the centre of his enemy’s forehead with an evil grin forming on his face.

“Doom Ball—!”

Just as he completed the technique name, Evander suddenly materialised directly in front of him. The Calamity Titan did not look at all surprised, and he already had a barrier ready to defend him while still going to fire the technique. It seemed the Angel King already knew about this because he quickly extended his hand to summon his legendary sword before smashing the small black ball of energy that got released from the tip of his enemy’s forefinger.

The black energy ball flew through the air at high speed and headed straight towards Reece and Alan, who widened their eyes in shock . They immediately activated their barrier spells just in time as the ball suddenly enlarged greatly and exploded, causing the wind to blow wildly in every direction along with the smoke that escaped everywhere.

As the smoke slowly cleared, the Calamity Titan looked somewhat impressed to see Evander hovering before him with his sword held in defence with Ben hovering behind him, looking surprised. The Commandment of Benevolence was taken aback by his king saving him from the deadly attack that could have almost killed him.

The Calamity Titan sighed deeply in annoyance and said, “You can keep fighting, but I won’t be playing around next time.”

Ben was angered by those words, and he went to make a move against him when the Angel King held his arm to the side while continuing to stare  at his enemy with a serious expression on his face.

“Stay out of this, Ben and the rest of the Nine Commandments of Light! I order you as your ruler and king!” Evander shouted, his voice filled with power and authority that carried his position.

Ben was silent and as the others reached them, his shoulders sank, and he held his head in depression. The Reece and Alan apologised for his misbehaviour and grabbed his shoulders before flying away to a safe distance before stopping to watch.

The Angel King made sure they were away and that there would be no interference before he said, “Alright. I’ll play along since I’ve got no choice in the first place.”

The Calamity Titan chuckled darkly and said, “That’s good. I like people who knows their place in society.”

Evander merely shook his head and asked, “So? What’s the terms and conditions?”

“Everything I’d said to you so far. Oh and you only get three chances,” repled the Calamity Titan, holding up three of his finger. “If you succeed to wound be dramatically, I’ll let you go, but your allies will face my monsters’ wrath. On the other hand, if you fail… I’ll kill you all and still unleash my monsters. Get it?”

The Angel King nodded and said, “Yeah. I got it.”

With that said, he sighed and instantly his eyes began to glow brightly in white light. Seeing this, the Calamity Titan chuckled and asked, “Oh my? Is that the Angel Zone? Couldn’t you have used it in our battle previously? It might’ve given you an edge?”

As he chuckled, Evander sighed wearily and said, “Not really. I can only use it for five minutes and even if it might’ve given an edge in battling against you, it still wouldn’t be enough to kill you.”

The Calamity Titan seemed to have found the last two words as funny because he laughed and asked, “Really? Kill me? Aren’t you overestimating yourself?”

Evander looked matter-of-factly at him and said, “No. As long as you aren’t immortal then you’re still killable.”

The smile on the Calamity Titan’s face decreased slightly and a glint appeared in his eyes as he paused for a moment before he replied, “I see. Well then… Do your best satisfying me.”

“Hmph!” Evander said, and glared seriously at him before asking, “What’s there to believe that you won’t go back on your word? After all, there’s no guarantee that you’ll follow through with what you said!”

The Calamity Titan remained silent for a moment while staring at him for a moment before he said, “Yeah. You don’t have a guarantee to believe anything I said, so why don’t you stop asking stupid questions and do it already?”

The two of them stared into each other’s eyes as the silent around them was filled with tension. A moment later, Evander sighed and nodded his head ion understanding and he hovered away from his enemy to give himself some distance to work.

He held the legendary sword, Excalibur, firmly in his hand and began to surge with intense power while wearing a serious expression on his face. The other Nine Commandments of Light hovering around watched in amazement and even the warring angels and demons stopped in their tracks to turn and watch the spectacle in awe.

The Angel King was building up an amazing amount of power into the blade of his sword as he was aiming to use the Blade of Light technique. It was the strongest technique that he was able to use, but it still required to be used along with his legendary sword.

The Calamity Titan folded his arms and smugly looked at him his before saying, “Whenever you’re ready. Feel free to unleash it on me.”

“Your awfully confident for someone who’s just a sitting target!” Evander shouted furiously.

He instantly raised his sword over his head and with a grunt, he swung it down in an arc, which made a blade of light emerge from the blade and soar straight at the Calamity Titan. His enemy just hovered their in mid-air without batting an eyelid or even changing his expression as he watched the sword of light soar down at him as if it was some sort of spectacle.

Just as it reached him, however, he raised his right hand above his head and caught the blade of light. In an instant, a powerful shock wave got unleashed and it caused the wind to blow wildly around. Evander put more effort to push the sword down, but he was surprised when the Calamity Titan grinned evilly and closed his hand around the sword, destroying it in the process and releasing an explosion of wind and shock waves.

As the billowing smoke slowly settled, the Calamity Titan emerged out of the smoke and looked smoothly at his enemy before replying, “I’m a hovering target, not sitting. Do you see the ground around me? Am I sitting in my current position? Mmm?” Evander narrowed his eyebrows in seriousness as his enemy chuckled and said, “Anyway, that’s number one flop. Try again.”

The Calamity Titan seemed to be playing around with his enemy by not taking this seriously, but Evander knew better. He knew his enemy was waiting for the right opportunity to strike if he had given any signs of weaknesses. So, resolving to his fate, Evander began charging up once more for another of the same technique but this time he decided to apply more power and energy than he did previously.

Once again, he raised the sword above his head and swung it down to unleash a brilliant blade of light. Like before, it soared straight towards the Calamity Titan, who merely looked coolly up at the attack before raising his right hand to catch it. As shock waves and wild winds got released from when the Calamity Titan caught the attack, the result was the same with him destroying it with his bare hands, which caused him to wince a little.

“Mmm…” the Calamity Titan said softly, staring intently at his burnt hand before lifting his head to smile at his enemy. Raising his burnt hand to show him, he serenely said, “You managed to burn my hand. Good job and great power. You’ve only got one last chance. Don’t waste it.”

Evander was breathing a little quickly while staring at his enemy with a look of amazement on his face. He knew there was not much time left for the Angel Zone to last considering he was not powerful enough to prologue it. Despite his efforts, however, the Calamity Titan only managed to receive a burn mark on his hand.

“Well then… It’s time I put my all in this last shot!” Evander thought grimly.

He gripped the sword tightly with both of his hands and began to surround himself and his sword in white aura. As he began to power up, electricity began to surround him and his sword. He closed his eyes momentarily, and his hair slowly turned silvery white as the air around them shook. While the others watched in awe, the Calamity Titan looked on with an impressed look on his face.

“Better… Much… much better!” he said, smiling wickedly at his enemy in satisfaction.

The air began to tremor from the sheer pressure of the power surging forth from the Angel King and his sword. Evander felt his mind wavering a little from the amount of power he was exerting, and his hands felt like they were slipping off the handle of his sword.

Still, he held on while gathering an ample amount of power that caused the ground to crack and get destroyed.  The fighting warriors stopped and got away from each other in an attempt to avoid the destruction the ground was taking.

Evander finally opened his eyes and slowly breathed a deep sigh before giving the Calamity Titan a sharp look as he said in a quiet voice, “Ready.”

He raised the Excalibur into the air above him and it transformed into a brilliant glowing blade of light. It extended far into the sky and parted the clouds neatly while lightning began erupting from all around the sword, giving off a dynamic view.

With the technique ready, Evander swung the sword down in an arc and aimed directly at his enemy. The Calamity Titan smirked and raised his hand once more to catch it, but when it smashed into his hand, his eyes automatically widened sharply in shock. Upon impact against his hand, a powerful shock wave got unleashed and a wild surge of wind was sent in all directions.

“Gah!” the Calamity Titan grunted, exerting all of his power to stop the sword but it proved to be difficult.

“Go! Go! GOOOOO!!!!” Evander screamed, exerting the reserve energy into the attack.

The Calamity Titan exerted more strength into his arm but it was no good and the blade of light sliced through the hand and completely severed the right arm. It continued to soar downward and smashed forcefully into the ground, cutting the front end of the ground in the process. The entire Demon Continent shook from the force of impact, causing many of its inhabitants to stumble and fall flat on their backs on the ground.

As the blade of light slowly disappeared into particles of light, the Calamity Titan was gritting his teeth with his ride side limbless as blood slowly spluttered out of the serious injury. Meanwhile, Evander bent over and clutched his knees while breathing heavily as if he had exercised for an hour without breaks.

“Angel King!” Ben and Reece shouted as they and Alan reached him to support him.

“I-It’s fine…” Evander replied, waving away their support and looking towards his wounded enemy. “Damn… All that effort, and I only managed to cut his arm off… Damn…”

“Still! You managed to injure him so seriously! That’s an impressive feat, my king!” Reece said, his voice filled with great respect.

As Evander merely sighed, the Calamity Titan looked at them and said loudly, “You know…? That was pretty good. You injured me, at least, this much is something to be proud off. So, good for you and oh, by the way, you win, although… you know the consequences now, right?”

Evander sighed deeply and managed to straighten up before he replied, “I know but it doesn’t matter considering the lives of my people are at stake here and… though it pains me to say this… my duty as their king comes first before anything else does. Besides, the main reason I joined this war was not for the sake of the Phoenix Titan, but for the sake of protecting my people and performing my duty as their king.”

The Calamity Titan looked at him with an impressed look on his face before he chuckled and said, “I see. Fighting selfishly  for selfish reasons. I think that defines our existence. Am I right?” When Evander did not reply, the Calamity Titan smirked and glanced towards his missing limb side and said, “Restoration.”

In an instant, his entire body began to glow in green aura and soon the wound to his side closed up. A few seconds later, a new arm slowly started to grow from muscle, skin and eventually the entire arm itself. While it was being restored, the Calamity Titan stared at his enemies with a fiendish look on his face while they stared back at him in shock.

Once the arm was fully restored, the Calamity Titan swung it back and forth before experimenting with it a little to bit to be sure that it got fixed. He did this by firing off a small energy blast from his right arm at a mountain in the distance and a few seconds later, it completely got enveloped by a powerful energy blast the size of a large meteor.

“Incredible…! He can even use such a highly ranked spell with such ease?!” Evander thought, taken aback by this revaluation.


“Okay! My arm’s back to normal!” he said brightly.

“You’re crazy!” Alan said, staring at his enemy with a disbelief look on his face.

“Crazy, am I?” the Calamity Titan asked, turning to look at them with a bemused look on his face. He momentarily chuckled and said, “You know what? I agree. I am crazy, and you know what else? I’m evil.” He began waving his arm to the side while saying, “No. Not the evil that mindlessly destroys stuff or do whatever; I’m classic. It’s not about power; it’s about the attitude, he finished while waving his arm at himself to demonstrate what it should be like.

There was a moment of stunned silence before the Angel King sighed and said, “We never stood a chance from the start.”

The Calamity Titan laughed and said, “Haha. Good of you to notice that obvious fact no. By the way, five minutes. It’s how long you’ve got to get yourselves, grab your people and get the hell out of here! If you don’t, kill you all anyway. Seriously!”

The last word seemingly as a joke by him, but the Angel King and the remainder of the Nine Commandments of Light understood the death threat. So, without waiting a single second, the  Angel King called for the Angel Army and the other Nine Commandments of Light to retreat. They were momentarily surprised, but he spoke again in a powerful voice and they finally got convinced to leave.

As they flew away, Evander looked back at his enemy before continuing to fly away. As they flew away, the Calamity Titan sighed and chuckled to himself.

“I certainly am a sadist for enjoying things like these, but it’s what it takes to be me. Besides, how else could I enjoy my revenge in any other ways?” Laughing, he activated is telepathy and connected to all of the Demon King around the world engaged in war and said telepathically, “My Demon Kings! It is time! Unleash the Orbs!”

He heard the replies of the Demon Kings from the other side and disconnected the telepathy with a satisfied smile on his face.

“Now things should be getting interesting…!” he chuckled and looked in the direction of where the Human Continent was and said in a quiet voice, “Come on, Nine Pillars of Power… Come on, Phoenix Titan! You better get over here before much of your warriors around the world are reduced!”

He burst into laughter, and his voice echoed in the surrounding areas as his eyes flashed dangerously.

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