Fight for what is Right


A few minutes later, Felix finished healing Indra. All the wounds on his body have recovered, but he continued to remain unconscious. He was also unresponsive to Lakshmi when she tried to wake him up.


“Felix, w-why isn’t he waking up?” Lakshmi asked anxiously.


“Give him time, Lakshmi,” Felix said reassuringly. “He was pretty beat up. So it’s not surprising that he will remain like this for a while.”


“Oh… That’s good at least,” she said softly as she looked down at the peaceful sleeping face of her husband.


Felix looked at them and he suddenly gritted his teeth, looking angry. His fist clenched and eyes narrowed angrily, it looked like he was ready to do some damage. Sensing this, Rasha placed a consoling hand on his shoulder.


“Don’t blame yourself over this,” she said with a small smile.


“I know, but,” he said and his face suddenly contorted with anger as he said “I’d hate to think what might have happened if Sumara wasn’t here.”


“Please don’t think too much about the matter,” Sumara said coolly. “More importantly, we must make sure to stop them before they hurt anymore lives.”


“You’re right,” Felix said and he quickly stood up. “I’ll go deal with them while you stay here and help the injured.”


“Understood,” Lakshmi and Rasha said together.


“You two,” he said as he spoke to Lakshman and Ondine. “Stay here and look after Indra and help the adults where you can.”


“No, I’m coming with you!” Lakshman said fiercely.


Felix’s eyebrows raised in surprise by Lakshman’s words. Turning around, he looked Lakshman full in the face and it suddenly reminded him a younger Indra version. Smiling inwardly, he stared at him with a serious expression.


“No Lakshman. This is too dangerous for you and Ondine,” Felix said and he gestured towards Ondine and she grimaced in frustration.


Then he gestured towards Indra’s unconscious body as he said “Just take a look at what that monster did to your father. Even after healing him completely he’s not waking up. It’s clear this monster is much too powerful for you to handle. I must do this alone.”


“Even so, I will go!” Lakshman said firmly with a serious expression on his face.
Felix sighed and asked “Mind telling me why you are so determined to go?”
“I just can’t sit idly by and let that monster rampage around after what it did to my father!”


“Oh, so it’s about revenge is it?”


“No, it’s more than that,” Lakshman said firmly. “I cannot wait here and doing nothing when I could be out there helping you fight them!”


“Lakshman, you are twelve years old and only at Advanced rank.”


“I may be, but I was able to defeat that monster two years ago and I can do it again if I have to!”


Felix looked at Lakshman’s serious expression. He knew the boy was determined to go with him. He was not sure what he could do to change the boy’s mind.


Felix sighed and asked “Why do you want to risk danger and your life when you are so young? Just stay here and be helpful to your mother or something.”


“It’s not right to stand by and let things play out when I have the power to make a difference!”


Felix’s eyes widened at those words. He could not believe he just heard the words spoken to him by someone he knew from long back. That person was an old comrade and he fought against opponents much stronger than him, all to save innocent people.


Looking at Lakshman suddenly reminded him of that comrade. He clearly remembered those words and the expression his comrade made at that time. He did not care about life or death, only the protection of the innocent.


Felix sighed and hesitantly said “You know… you might die if you fight.”


“So what?” Lakshman said as if it did not mean a thing to him and Felix sighed again.


Then he turned to look at Lakshmi and he implored for her to convince her son. Understanding his intentions, she smiled and moved over to Lakshman. He looked up as his mother placed a hand on his head.
“Lucky, do you really want to fight?” she asked softly.


“Yes mum, I have to,” Lakshman said with a nod of his head.


“I see,” she said and nodded in understanding. “You remind me so much of my saviour.”


“Eh?” Lakshman said, looking surprised. “Your saviour?”


“That’s right. My saviour had similar thoughts to you,” she said in reminisce. “He was not as strong as you, but his iron will was incredible.”


“He was a personal friend a long time ago,” Felix said with a small smile. “That idiot… never worried about his life except the lives of others around him.”


“Yes and he died protecting me,” Lakshmi said smiling softly. “Thanks to him I lived and I gave birth to you. That’s why we named you after him, Lakshman. I named you after my saviour in the memory of his courageous act.”


“Wow…!” Lakshman said in awe as the reason to his name was revealed. “So… he was like… me?”


“Strangely yes,” Felix said with a laugh. “While you have a lot of qualities of your father, the greater quantities of them are similar to his.”


“We were quite surprised when your behaviour mimicked his!” Lakshmi said with a smile on her face as tears rolled down her face. “So I’m… very happy that my son turned out to be so… splendid!”


“M-Mum?” Lakshman said dumbstruck at how emotional his mother was.


“But Lakshmi, are okay knowing that he might die if he fights?” Felix asked as he looked at her seriously.


“Seriously… from the depths of my heart, I don’t want him to go,” she said softly.


“Eh?” Felix said in surprise. “Then—!”


“But, I don’t think I can stop him. I and Indra cannot protect him forever. The attack two years ago proved how hopelessly defenceless we truly are. It’s an unpredictable world where anything can go in any direction very quickly.”


“So you are saying he should be prepared for it at all times?” Felix asked, looking slightly upset. “Even though you know you will be sending him to his death.”


“Perhaps, but I am confident he will live!” Lakshmi suddenly said fiercely. “If what he believes is truly strong and his strength is unmatchable by ordinary means, I believe my son will return victorious!”


Felix widened his eyes and looked as if he could not believe his ears. Then he shook his head and said “What happened to you Lakshmi? I thought you would be protective of him and refuse to send him to fight!”


“I was two years ago before that incident,” Lakshmi said and she sighed heavily. “Every time he injured himself, I became concerned and was very close to stopping him from fighting. Then that monster attack and Indra’s near death opened my eyes to the undeniable truth.”


“Which is?”


“In this unpredictable world, anything can go right or wrong at any time without warning. With that in mind, I did not want to raise my son to become weak. I want him to grow strong and be able to protect himself and anyone else he wants to!”


“I never thought I’d hear those words from you!” Felix said with a laugh. Then he said “I guess living with Indra really changed you in some ways than most. Perhaps that’s why you became pregnant again?”


“Oh, stop that,” Lakshmi said as she smiled.


Then she turned to Rasha. Rasha was quite surprised at what Lakshmi said. They knew each for a while, but not as long as Felix and Indra knew each other. Even so, they understood each other fairly well. So, this change in Lakshmi really surprised.


“I guess life experiences can change a person,” Rasha said with a shrug of her shoulders.


“Okay then, are you ready troops!” Felix said brightly.


Lakshman and Ondine loudly said “Yes!”


Then a voice from behind said “Then, I will accompany you.”


They turned around to see Sumara standing up with her staff at the ready. She wore her usual cold expression with her eyes half-open. Just from looking at her they realised her intentions without her having to say words.


“Miss Sumara?” Lakshman said in surprise.


“I am Lucky’s tutor and, if he wants to fight, then I will also fight,” Sumara said with no option for a compromise.


“Fair enough,” Felix said with a small smile. Then he turned around and said “Let’s go!”




Together, Felix, Lakshman, Ondine and Sumara walked out of the building. Lakshmi watched her son go, feeling pride surging through her. At one point, she might have made a fuss over to protect her only child. Seeing him growing up quickly, she decided to let him choose his path in life.


“So then,” Rasha said and snapped Lakshmi back the present. “I think we should get going and help the people around with healing.”


“You’re right,” Lakshmi said with a nod of head. Then she started looking around as if to find something.


“What is it?”Rasha asked when she noticed Lakshmi looking around.


“I was wondering were Sasha was,” Lakshmi said, turning to face Rasha.


“She’s in the guest room wearing the Cloak of Iron,” Rasha said smugly.


“Ah, the Cloak of Iron,” Lakshmi said, nodding at her. “If I remember correctly, it blocks out all external energy waves to some extent.”


“Yes,” Rasha said with a nod. “Unlike you who have a strong son, my daughter is not at the stage where she can protect herself.”


“That’s quite understandable,” Lakshmi said with a laugh. “Now, let’s go.”


Together, they rose to their feet and walked towards the entrance of the house. When they reached it, Lakshmi stopped and looked back at the unconscious body of Indra. She smiled and they walked out into the bright sunlight.

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