Decide Who Fights Who


“So, what’s the plan?” Ondien asked as they ran in the direction indicated by Rasha.


“Let’s see… We’ll first see what we are dealing with,” Felix said as he thought about it. “Then, we’ll make a decision on the strategy in attacking it.”


“Eh…? More planning?” Ondine said unhappily.


Sumara looked her at sternly as she said “Proper planning is essential for an assured victory.”


“Okay, okay, stop nagging!”


They ran for a few minutes and they soon began to hear loud roaring noises from ahead. Soon, a crowd of people appeared, running in the opposite direction.


“What’s going on?” Felix demanded when he tried stopping one of them.


“A huge monster suddenly appeared and is destroying everything!” a man said with a panicked expression on his face.


“I see,” Felix said in understanding as he let the man go. “Okay, let’s head towards it!”




Several minutes later, they arrived at the location all the destruction was taking place.


“Wow!” Lakshman exclaimed as he saw the monster. “It’s… huge!”


“Yeah,” Felix said in awe as he stared at the huge body of the monster. “It’s… quite big, but… how did it become so big?”


It alarmed him to see the monster this large. There are larger creatures in the world, but this was mind blowing. Judging from the size of the monster, he knew it to be around four to five meters tall.


“Ah, ha! More witnesses!” said a voice from somewhere nearby. “Give me a break already! How many more do we have to kill?”


Felix and the group turned and saw two people standing a few meters away from them. Each of them had similar appearances as described by Lakshman earlier. Both had three horns on their heads like a crown, green hair, blue skin and red eyes.


“There is no mistaking it!” Felix said when he laid his eyes on them. “They are the Serprad Demon clan.”


“Yes, they are,” Sumara said in agreement as she wore a detestable expression on her face.
The two members of the Serprad Demon clan scratched their heads. They were sighing as if tired of their work. Then they looked at them and that was when one of them widened his eyes in shock. He lifted his hand and pointed a shaking finger at them.


“You… you’re alive?!” the pointing man said in shock.




Lakshman looked at the man closely and, this time, his eyes widened as he recognised him. That Serprad was the man who attempted to kill him earlier.


“You’re the one that tried to kill me!” Lakshman shouted and he gestured at them.


“What?” Sumara said in disbelief. “They attempted to kill you?”


“Well…” Lakshman hesitated before saying “That one over there, pointing with his hand, stabbed me and left me to die. Luckily, Felix and Ondine arrived in time to save my life.”


Sumara looked at Lakshman in disbelief. Then she switched her gaze at Felix and Ondine, both of whom nodded. Then her eyes narrowed and she glared at the two Serprads.


“I see,” she said coldly as killing intent started emanating from her. “So, these are the one who attempted to kill my student!”


Felix moved forward and addressed the two Serprads.


“You two better give up now and surrender peacefully! That is, if you won’t want to end up as a pile of beaten up junk!”


“Oh please!” the right man, who attempted to kill Lakshman, said scornfully. “Intimidation will not work on us! We are the Serprad Demon clan, a proud warrior clan and we will never surrender to the likes of you!”


“Brave words, but don’t regret them!” Felix shouted.


“Don’t steal our words!” the left man shouted angrily.


Felix put his hand on the hilt of his sword and pulled it out. The sword gleamed in the sunlight as Felix prepared to strike them down. His opponents did the same and both sides prepared for the confrontation.


“Hey you, their leader,” the right man shouted, attempting to gain Felix’s attention.


“What?” Felix shouted back.


“I remember seeing your face somewhere… Mind telling us who you are again?”


Felix’s jaw dropped as he stared at them in shock. Then he closed his eyes and began to chuckle. However, his chuckling had a sense of anger mixed with it. Then he opened his eyes, stamped the sword on the ground and folded his arms, looking angrily at them.


“I’m the Phoenix Emperor you fool!”


“What?!” the two Serprads exclaimed in disbelief.


For a moment, there was silence. Then the two men started to laugh so hard their voices rang out around them.


“You’ve got to be kidding me!” the right man said as he smothered his laughter. “You, the Phoenix Emperor? Give me a break!”


“Yeah!” the left man said. “The Phoenix Emperor lives in the Floria Region capital. Why would he be out here in the middle of nowhere?”


“You need proof eh?” Felix said and a crazy smile formed on his face. “Fine, I’ll give you proof!”


Then he unfolded his arms and rested them at his sides. Then he started to build energy and the wind began to blow faster. In the next instant, a great surge of power erupted all around Felix. The ground suddenly gave a huge crack and the cracks spread long and wide all around them.


“Wow!” Lakshman exclaimed and he almost tripped from the shock of Felix unleashing his power.


The surge of power was so powerful, the air became very heavy. Their entire bodies began to shake as the ground trembles from the sheer force of Felix’s power. Felix wore a crazy smile as he looked at the shock faced Serprads.




The sound of the roar was deafening. Then they looked up to see the monster turn around to face them. Its two faces glared at them with fierce red eyes and saliva dripping from its mouth. Then it let out another roar at them.


“Oh my!” Felix said in surprise as he smiled at the monster. “Looks like, my sudden surge of power attracted it!”


“What do we do now, Felix?” Lakshman asked urgently as he watched the monster apprehensively.


“No need to worry!” Ondine said in reply and they turned to her. “Leave these bastards to me and Sumara! Master and Felix should focus on defeating the monster!”


“You sure about this, Ondine?” Lakshman asked hesitantly and Ondine laughed easily.


“I am very sure, master!” she said confidently. “So please, instead of wasting your time with these low life trashes, use them effectively against that big… ugly… dog!”


“I agree with Ondine,” Sumara said, nodding her head approvingly at Ondine. “However, Lucky… be careful. Remember to never let your guard down against that monster.”


“Yes!” Lakshman said with a nod.


“Okay!” Felix said as if announcing loudly. “Since we’ve decided who we will be fighting, let’s go get them!”


“Looks like its two against two!” Ondine said as Felix and Lakshman headed together in the direction of the monster.


“Ha! What can you guys do against the Serprads like us?!” the right man shouted.
“Wait and see,” Sumara said quietly with narrowed eyes.


“Brother, look at that blue haired girl! It’s someone of the Manjuvad!” the left man shouted as he gestured at Sumara.


“What?!” the right man exclaimed in shock. “You mean the one girl that got in our way is a Manjuvad member?!”


“Looks that way,” the left man said and he turned and shouted “Are you a member of the Manjuvad Demon clan, young miss?”


Sumara did not respond immediately. She simply stared at them for a few seconds. Then she nodded and said “I am Sumara Manjuvad, a Water Saint Magician!”


The two men stared at her, too shocked for words. Ondine watched them exchange words and quickly became frustrated.


“Stop ignoring me!” she suddenly shouted angrily and snapped them back to the present.


“Fine!” the right man said. “Whether you are a magician or a swordsman, we are still stronger!”


“We shall see!” Ondine shouted and she lunged at them.


The two Serprads readied their battle stances as Ondine rushed at them. Meanwhile, Sumara stayed behind and prepared her magic spell as she stretched her hand out.


“Spirits of the water, form into an object of power and strength. Water Bullet!”


As she chanted, spherical water materialised at her outstretched hand. Then she exerted it and sent it flying at them. Sensing something from behind, Ondine quickly ducked and the Water Bullet sailed over her head.


“What the?!” the two Serprads exclaimed as they dodged the Water Bullet.


The next thing they knew, Ondine was upon them. With both of her swords at the ready, she swung them down at them. They quickly brought up their own swords and blocked her. Ondine tried pushing against them, but she suddenly found herself behind pushed back by them.


She landed and quickly moved back to where Sumara stood. Ondine turned slightly to speak to Sumara.


“Were you trying to attack me before?” she asked, indicating as to why the Water Bullet sailed over her when she ducked.


“No, that was not my intention,” Sumara said as she turned slightly to speak to Ondine. “I simply wanted to hit them while they were focused on your approach.”


“Ah, I see,” Ondine said in understanding. “It nearly worked out well.”


“Perhaps, but you seem to have been pushed back easily.”


“Yes, I did,” Ondine said with a nod of her head. “They are stronger than me, but it looks like I hold the advantage in speed.”


“So be it, I will provide support from the rear,” Sumara said as she faced the two men. “Please be careful not to get hit by them.”


Ondine hesitated. In the past, she did not like Sumara. This was possibly because of the spirits deep dislike for the Demon race. However, things have changed. Over the past few months, Ondine had come to know a great deal about Sumara. She even began to like her as a friend.


Now they are fighting together and she wondered if she should trust her. Then she realised that her master trusts her deeply and she decided to trust her this time.


“Okay Sumara. I’ll trust you with my back,” she said with a small smile.


“By all means,” Sumara said and she returned the smile.


Then they prepared as the real battle between them and the two Serprad warriors was about to begin.

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  1. SlyMonster on March 14, 2015 at 5:09 am said:

    Thats inconsistant and very weird …
    The warrior who was able to beat lakshman because he was even quicker than him is slower than Ondine who is herself slower than lakshman

    Get some logic please

    • Vijay Kakani on March 14, 2015 at 8:38 am said:

      Ah! Good point, but why is that? Any thoughts or ideas? 😀

      Sorry, but everything at first is not what they seemed to be. You just have to keep reading to see more of the twists get answered 😉

    • Well the inner monologue just before he got stabbed explains it.

      • Vijay Kakani on September 28, 2015 at 5:34 pm said:

        Yeah. In the originally written chapter, I had clashing opinions of whether I should reveal that information or not. Afterwards, taking some advice from some really nice commenters, I included the inner monologue to explain what happened there. 🙂

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