Regenerating Problems


They parted with Ondine and Sumara and headed towards the monster. As they drew closer, the monster appeared to increase in size. Lakshman stared in disbelief at its sheer size.


“Felix, isn’t that monster a bit too large to attack?” Lakshman asked Felix as they drew closer to it.


“It’s fine. Just follow my lead,” Felix said.




The monster was very strong. It caused the ground to tremble with eat stomp of its legs. Its tail swished randomly at its rear and destroyed anything in its way.


“Alright!” Felix said as they cane to a stop. He turned to Lakshman and asked “Are you absolutely sure you still want to fight it?”


“Yes!” Lakshman replied firmly with a serious expression on his face.


Felix nodded and said “Now, watch me how I fight that thing, okay. Then, see what you can do similarly.”


“Right!” Lakshman said firmly.


Felix turned back and faced the monster. His eyes turned red and his face became extremely serious. Energy began to swirl around him as he prepared his attack. Then he prepared his sword at the ready.


“Phoenix Slicing Wave!”


As he shouted, he swung the sword down. As he swung down, an energy wave was released. It whooshed at the monster and caused a cut on its body. The mobster roared in anger and looked down at them.


Felix looked surprised as he said “Looks like it needs more power.”


Then his widened slightly as he observed the spot his attack cut. The wound caused by his attack began to close up. Then the mobster let out a roar and bared its fangs at them.


“I don’t believe this?!” Felix said in disbelief. “It can regenerate?!”


Just then the mobster opened its mouth wide. Energy particles began to swarm towards its mouth. The next instance, a large energy beam was fired from its mouth and aimed at them.


“Dodge!” Felix yelled


He and Lakshman jumped out of the way. The way soared through safely and hit several meters away. On impact, a huge explosion erupted and caused a shockwave that buffeted them. Looking at the location the explosion originated from, they saw a huge cloud if dust rising into the air.


“Powerful!” Lakshman exclaimed and he looked back at the monster in disbelief. “It fired an attack that large ang it looks totally fine when the same amount would leave me feeling exhausted!”


Felix nodded at Lakshman’s words, but said “It might be powerful, but it is not supreme.”


Lakshman turned to Felix and asked “You have something in mind?”


“Yes, but I must first check on something. Stay here and observe, I will need to confirm something with you.”


“O-Okay… but, what do you—!”


Lakshman was not able to finish his asking his question. At that moment, Felix leaped high into the air. Then he quickly gathered large amounts of energy within his sword and began to swing. With each swing, an energy slicing wave was released and sent at the monster.


The monster let out a loud roar as the attacks hit its body and caused great cuts to appear. There was no blood, instead the cuts quickly closed up and looked like there was no scratch on it.


The mobster turned its head at Felix and roared at him. Then it fired another large energy beam from its mouth. Felix found himself on collision with the beam. Reacting instantly, he brought his sword to his side horizontally and swung, releasing a slicing energy wave.


The two energy attacks collided and, for a moment, they were locked in a struggle. They exploded, causing a wave of strong wind and dust to blow in every direction.


Felix landed and took this opportunity to quickly move towards Lakshman. He grabbed him and they moved away from the monster. After keeping some distance between them and the mobster, they stopped.


“Did you defeat it?” Lakshman asked once Felix let go of his arm.


“No, not with that level of attack,” Felix said with a shrug of his shoulders.


“Oh,” Lakshman said, looking disappointed.


“Anyway, tell me… Did you see that monster regenerate its wounds?” Felix asked Lakshman, suddenly looking serious.


“Y-Yeah…” Lakshman said with a nod if his head. “I saw it heal its wounds, but… I don’t think a Two-Headed Cerberus was capable of that.”


“Yes. My thoughts exactly,” Felix said as he nodded at Lakshman’s words. “Besides, only certain monsters above C Rank possess such an ability.”


“Eh?” Lakshman said, looking surprised. “Monsters have ranks?”


“What? Indra did not tell you?” Felix said, looking surprised. When Lakshman nodded, he said “Monsters also have a rank to certify how strong they are. There are A to E Monster Ranks; A being the highest and E being the lowest.”


“Oh,” Lakshman said as he finally knew about the monster ranks. “So, this kind of ability is for monsters above C Rank?”


“That’s right,” Felix said with a nod. “Monsters above the C Rank are usually dangerous and vicious, not to mention the crazy skills and abilities they possess.”


“Wow!” Lakshman said in awe. “So, are we dealing with a C Rank monster or what?”


“Don’t be silly,” Felix said in exasperation. “Two-Headed Cerberus is a D Rank monster.”


“Eh?!” Lakshman exclaimed in disbelief. “Then…”


“I know,” Felix said in understanding his concern. “Apart from growing in size to certain extent from drinking blood, it’s not supposed to have any other ability.”


“B-But, it fired that ridiculous energy n just now and its regeneration ability.”


“Yes and that is puzzling. With that, I’m not sure what other skills and abilities its hiding.”


“You think there are more?”


“Ni, but it’s advisable to assume it. After all, number one rule in a battle is to always be prepared for the worst.”


“I-I see.”


The ground began to tremble and they heard the monster roar loudly. They looked from around the boulder they were hiding behind. As the dust cleared, the monster walked into view.


The monster was growling with its sharp fangs bared. It was obviously looking for them and they knew it.


“Not a single scratch on it,” Felix muttered as he observed.


“Felix, what do we do now?” Lakshman asked as he clutched his sword. “Attack it?”


“Well…” Felix hesitated for a second before saying “We could attack it, but- ah!”


Just then, the monster’s eyes gleamed as it turned its head in their direction. Felix let out a small sigh as the monster moved towards where they hid.


“Looks like our little hideout’s been discovered,” Felix said softly. Then he turned to Lakshman and said “Lakshman, attack it, but be careful. Okay?”


“I got it!” Lakshman said firmly with a nod just as the monster reached them.


It lets out another road and stomps down its gigantic foot down to where they were hiding. The ground trembled as the boulders got crushed and the ground made huge cracks. Then the monster looked down, expecting to see two dead bodies.


“Hey, ugly mutt! You looking for me?!” said a voice from above.


It turned his head upward and saw Felix floating there. Felix was jeering at it with a wide grin on his face. The monster roared and the force buffeted Felix who remained in his position. Then the monster attempted to stand on its two legs to try to reach him.




The monster roared and its mouth drew closer and closer, but Felix stood his ground. He even looked unflinchingly as its face drew closer to him. Then it closed its jaws just a few meters away from him. Then it landed back on its four feet and the ground trembled once more.


“Haha! Can’t reach me up here, can you?” he shouted as he taunted the monster relentlessly. “What? Become a chicken?! Not going to try again, are you?!”




From his vantage point, Lakshman watched in awe as Felix taunted the monster. The monster attempted a few more times to take a bite at him, but each attempt failed. He was just far too high for it to reach him.


“Okay,” Lakshman said with a nod.


Felix was distracting the monster and he quickly realized he was giving him a chance to attack it. Taking the opportunity, Lakshman jumped into the air and charged his sword with energy and started swinging at the monster’s body.


The monster roared wildly as the attacks cut into its body and left deep wounds. Then Lakshman bravely landed on its body and stabbed his sword into its body.




Lakshman screamed and he began to run towards the monsters head. As he ran, he dragged with him his sword which was still stabbed into the monster’s body. As he did, the blade began to cut the monster body with each movement.


The monster roared wildly and began to move its body around to shake him off, but it was futile. Using Energy Force on his feet, he was able to keep himself from falling off the monster’s body. Then, as he reached its head, he jumped high and over it before turning to face it.


“Here we go!” Felix shouted as he charged his sword with massive amounts of energy.


Lakshman nodded at Felix and he turned back to the monster as he shouted “For all the lives you destroyed, perish!”


Together, Felix and Lakshman swung their swords at the monster and a great wave of energy was released. The force of the energy was so strong it cut the monster’s body into two. Then the two separated bodies crashed into each other with a loud thud.


“Phew!” Felix breathed as sign of relief once they landed back on the ground. “That’s finally over.”


“Yes,” Lakshman said, staring at its body with distaste. Then he turned away and looked at Felix. “I’m wondering…”


“About what?”


“What was that ‘Phoenix Slicing Wave’ command?”


“Oh, that,” Felix said as he understood. “It’s not a command. It’s an attack name.”


“Attack name?” Lakshman said, looking surprised. “So, you name your attacks?”


“Pretty much,” Felix said, grinning brightly. “Besides, there are many strong people that name their attacks. It’s like with magic spells.”


“I see, but dad never did it.”


“That’s because Indra doesn’t possess capabilities like you, me and Sumara.”


“And… Ondine?”


“Ondine…” Felix said with a chuckle. “She is something else… I’ll have to talk about her when I visit the Water Spirits later.”


“Right…” Lakshman said vaguely, not understanding what Felix meant, but went with the flow anyway.


They took one last glance at the lump of meat that used to be a gigantic monster. Then they set off in the direction where Ondine and Sumara were, fighting the two Serprads. They took a few steps and suddenly stopped. They looked at each other with wide eyes and they quickly turned to look back.


The limp body of the monster began to emit energy. The body parts began to come together and the two halves of the body reattached themselves into one body.


“You’ve got be kidding me!” Felix shouted as they stared at the regenerating monster in shocked disbelief.


A few seconds later, the monster was whole again and it let out loud roar. The force of the roar caused the wind to blow fast and caused them to get buffeted by it. Felix looked through narrowed eyes and they suddenly widened at what he saw. The monster was about to fire an energy wav eat them from its open mouth.


He quickly turned to Lakshman and shouted “Dodge!”


Lakshman quickly nodded and, a second later, the monster fired an energy beam at them. They jumped into the air and avoided the beam. The resulting explosion caused the wind to blow even faster and they struggled to keep from blowing away.


Then the monster began to fire energy beams from its mouth continuously. After each energy beam, it just closed and reopened its mouth before firing another energy beam at them. Felix and Lakshman were hard pressed as they continuously dodged to avoid its attacks.


“What the heck is going on?” Felix shouted as they dodged their umpteenth time. “Now it’s firing without breaking!”


“I know, but I don’t understand!” Lakshman shouted as he avoided another energy beam. “Shouldn’t it be recharging or something?”


“My thoughts exactly!” Felix shouted in agreement with Lakshman’s words. “This doesn’t make any sense!”


After several minutes of dodging the many energy attacks, Lakshman was finally at his limit. Being constantly on the receiving end, regardless of not getting hit, but unable to return the attack was frustrating. After yet another dodge, he finally made his decision to attack.


“I’m going in!” he shouted and he jumped at the monster.


“No Lakshman!” Felix tried calling him back, but he was out of ear shot and did not hear him.


Lakshman soared high into the air and he glared down at the monster. Then he gathered large quantities of energy into his swords and unleased it in a mega energy wave just as the monster fired an energy beam at him.


The two energy attacks collided in mid-air and created a wave of strong wind and dust to blow everywhere. The dust cleared and Lakshman still remained airborne, but he was breathing heavily. Constantly using such large quantities of energy was tiring.


“Lakshman, look out!”


Lakshman turned and saw Felix rushing towards him with wide eyes and indicating at something behind him. Lakshman turned and saw, to his shock, the long tail of the monster rise over him.


“What?!” he exclaimed in shock.


He had no idea the monster’s tail was long. Then it swung down and Lakshman braced himself for the impact with his sword. The tail smashed hard against him and Lakshman grunted painfully. Then the force of the tail smash sent him flying towards the ground at incredible speed.


“Lakshman!” Felix shouted, horrified by what he saw.




Felix quickly turned around and just in time to see the monster fire a large energy beam at him. Unable to react in time, he brought his hands up and made a defensive move with his body. Then the energy hit him and another explosion followed the impact.


As the dust slowly cleared, Felix could be seen uninjured, but his shirt front was totally destroyed. Using the dust as camouflage, he soared in the direction where Lakshman was sent flying by the monster’s tail.


Lakshman was unconscious as he soared downward and to the ground. At the very spot, Ondine and Sumara stood, but they quickly got out of the way of the speeding comet. Once he crashed, they rushed over to him and were shocked to see him badly wounded.


“Master!” Ondine exclaimed in shock as she held him.


Lakshman groaned slightly, but fell unconscious from the multiple wounds on his body. Blood began to seep out of the wounds and his energy depleted drastically. Just then Felix landed at their side, badly burnt by the monster’s attack, but was unhurt.


“Felix, what happened to master?!” Ondine exclaimed, shocked by how badly wounded Lakshman was.


He looked at her, then at Sumara before turning back to her. He sighed before looking at Lakshman with a worried expression on his face. Then he sighed once more in relief knowing that Lakshman was okay, but was unconscious.

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