Final Attack





“Are you ready?”


Lakshman heard the voice of Tetra in his head and he replied by saying “Yeah… ready for what?”


“To defeat the monster.”


“Ah… yeah… about that… actually I don’t know what to do…” Lakshman said in embarrassment and scratched the back of his head.


“Really…?” Tetra said after a short pause.


“W-Well… we know that thing can be killed, but… its ability to regenerate is quite annoying.”


“I see,” she said thoughtfully. “Then, we can do this.”


“You have an idea?”


“Yes, but first, we must distract the monster to buy time.”


“Time? Time for what?”


“Time it takes to prepare the technique.”


“Ah,” he said and nodded in understanding.


Suddenly, the monster let out a loud roar. Lakshman looked up and saw the monster glaring at him through red fierce eyes.


“Guess delaying this stupid thing is the only option we got.”


The monster began to fire energy beams from out of its mouth in rapid succession. Lakshman quickly moved and dodged them. When he stopped, he winced slightly and he knelt down.


“Please keep your movements short. Your wounds are healed, but the damage taken by body takes longer to heal.”


“Yes, my body is hurting even when I am healed,” he said in understanding. “It must be because it was healed by an Advanced rank healing spell and not the kind of spell Felix used.”


This meant that his body would not last long like this. He has to finish this quickly, but it needs time to prepare the technique Tetra told him about.


Suddenly he got a brainstorm and he asked “How long do we need to prepare for the technique?”


“At the very least, five minutes,” Tetra replied in an instant.


“I see,” he said and nodded his head as if he figured out something. “Okay, I think this will work!”


He brought his sword above his head and swung down at incredible speed. Suddenly, the dust rose high into the air and it blocked him from the monster’s sight.


Then he leaped into the air and hovered above the dust. He controlled himself from dropping quickly by applying Energy Force to the soles of his feet. This made it almost like he was hovering.


Lakshman closed his eyes and tried to and remembered Felix’s fight against the monster. At that time, he noticed the rapid energy blasts Felix was firing. Considering how much it might take, Lakshman was not sure if he could repeat such powerful moves, but he decided to attempt at it on his level.


“Do not overdo it,” Tetra said with concern.


“It’s okay!” he said confidently. “Now then…”


He switched to holding the sword with his left hand. Then, with his free right hand, he began to gather energy. The flow of energy began to change rapidly and caused the wind to blow faster. Then he directed his hand in the monster’s direction.


Then he chuckled to himself at the thought of naming his attacks like Felix, but he admitted it to make the attacks sound more intense. With that in mind, he shouted out the name of the attack he prepared to unleash.


“Rapid Blaster!”


He exerted his energy and began to fire energy blasts rapidly. In less than ten seconds he had fired more than twenty of them. They hurtled and exploded on impact on the monster’s body.


The monster let out a roar and it moved around as it tried to pinpoint his location through the veil of dust. He continued firing for several more seconds, but he was quickly tiring.


Lakshman stopped firing his energy blasts just as the monster began to fire at him. Dodging its energy beams, he gently lowered to the ground. He was breathing a little faster as he moved away from the monster.


“This should do,” he muttered after he put considerable amount of distance between him and the monster.


As he eased his breathing, he asked “What next?”


“Very well, place both hands on the hilt of the sword and concentrate your energy into it.”


“Eh?” he said, sounding surprised. “So, I just need to pour all of my energy into the sword?”




Lakshman shrugged his shoulders and said “It can’t be helped.”


Placing both of his hands on the hilt if his sword, he gathered all the energy remaining in him. Then he concentrated all of it into his sword. There was a great amount of energy flowing around him. The wind blew fast and picked up dust that caused him to sneeze several times.


“A-Ah?” he said she he began to feel unsteady. “I’m… feeling weak…”


“Thus this technique is something that requires an extensive amount of energy,” Tetra told him in his mind.


“I-I see,” he said as he breathed tiredly. “Makes sense if it’s a high powered attack.”


“It is, however, the additional problem is to do with you.”


“Me?” he said in surprise.


“With your current level of power you can use this technique only once.”


Lakshman sighed and said “As I thought… I need to become stronger!”


“In time you will, but for now this is plenty.”


While they were talking, the monster continued to attack. The rising veil of dud from earlier blocked its view so it does not know where exactly he is. However, using its senses, it was getting closer to him.


Feeling the monster getting closer, he desperately asked “Is the technique ready yet?”


“Almost, less than two minutes.”


He sighed since he could do nothing for the preparation of the technique. Suddenly their plan looked like it was going to fail.


At that moment, the monster realised it could blow the dust away and roared, causing the strong force of wind to sweep the dust away. Finally, the monster looked at him and noticed the gathering if energy into doing something.


“Oh no…” he muttered as he if he knew exactly what the monster was thinking.


The monster lets out a loud roar that buffeted him. He stood his ground firmly and continued gathering energy into his sword. Then the monster opened its mouth wide and began to form energy as if it was going to destroy him and the area entirely.


“Oh crap, crap, crap!” Lakshman exclaimed as the monster fathered all if its energy into a large energy ball.


Then a familiar voice shouted “Phoenix Drive Cannon!”


Just as the monster was about to fire at him, a mighty beam of energy collided against the monster. The beam hit the monster on the side and sent it flying several meters away. Looking around, he saw who his saviour was; Felix.


“Lakshman, hurry up with your technique!” he shouted as he jumped down rocks and boulders to reach him.


“Yes!” Lakshman said in affirmative. Then he directed his words towards Tetra as he said “Are we ready yet?”


“One minute.”


“Eh? One Minute?!” he said in disbelief, but Felix reacted differently.


“Understood,” he said with the nod of his head. “Until then, I will keep it busy!”


With no further ado, he leapt into the air and headed towards. The monster was recovering from his beam. It looked like the energy attack it prepared had dispersed because of the interruption.


“I know all of this will be useless in the end, but it’s to buy time for the finisher!” Felix yelled at the monster once he reached it.


He raised his hands above his head and quickly gathered large amounts of energy. It soon took on the shape of a large red coloured ball. Once it was ready, he looked down at the monster with a crazy smile


“This will hurt!” he shouted before screaming “Flash Fire!”


With that, he hurled the large red energy ball at the monster. The monster attempted to destroy the ball with energy beams, but it did not work. As the ball reached the monster, it suddenly exploded and caused a great surge of wind and dust.


Meanwhile, Lakshman struggled to keep his ground against the violent force from Felix’s Flash Fire attack.


“Wow!” he exclaimed as he saw a wall of dust rise into the air in the distance. “He’s so strong!”


“Yes, he is, but so are you.”


Lakshman shrugged his shoulders and asked “Ready?”


There was a short pause. Then, Tetra said “Ready!”




He attempted to head towards where the battle was raging. Then he found that he could not move. Giving energy to his sword seemed to have sapped him of all strength.


“I will lend you strength.”




“I said I will lend you strength. I did promise to.”


“O-Oh yeah,” he said as he remembered. “Thanks, I appreciate it!”


Feeling rejuvenated as new strength flooded his body he headed towards the fight. A few seconds later, he arrived just as Felix finished firing a rapid amount of energy blasts at the monster. Sensing his presence, Felix looked down and saw Lakshman.


Felix quickly landed next o Lakshman and asked “Are you ready?”


“Yes,” Lakshman said, nodding at him.


“Good!” Felix replied with a nod and he smiled before saying “Okay then, he’s all yours.”


Then he quickly began to move away from the immediate vicinity. Surprised, Lakshman shouted at him “W-Why are you leaving?!”


“It’ll be dangerous if I’m around when you sue that technique!” Felix shouted back. Then he made a thumps-up gesture and a wide smile on his face before disappearing into the distance.


“U-Um…” Lakshman said weakly as he stood there holding the sword. “Tetra…”




“I don’t mean to sound stupid, but… what exactly am I supposed to do with all this energy?”


“That is simply; use the energy to cut up the monster.”


“Huh? You know that I did that earlier, but it failed!”


“That was because the special ability of the sword was not activated.”


“What difference does that make this time around?”


“You shall see with your own two eyes.”


“Hey! Don’t sound mysterious all of a sudden!” Lakshman exclaimed indignantly.


Then he heard the roar of the monster. Turning around, he saw the monster rise to its feet. The many wounds caused by Felix were beginning to regenerate. He had sound doubts whether this will really work considering the more powerful attacks of Felix were brushed off as if they were nothing.


“Please keep in mind to finish this in one decisive blow! You will be rendered unconscious after this and you will not get the chance to use it again for a while!”


Lakshman laughed as if he already knew it. This was reinforced when he said “Yeah… I sort of got that feeling.”


Then he let out a sigh before becoming serious and saying “Okay! Here I go!”


He leapt high into the air and soared to the monster’s level. Currently he was using what remaining energy he had with the support of Tetra’s strength. Then he closed his eyes and visualized what was going to take place.


His eyes snapped open and he began to swing the sword rapidly with his right hand. As he did, strong red energy waves were released and they soared straight at the monster. The waves began to cut up the monster’s limbs into pieces with each deliver.


After numerous swings, the monster was truly cut up into pieces. Lakshman knew this would happen, but now he was not sure what to do. As if in response to his uncertainty, Tetra spoke to him.


“Incinerate it with your strong energy beam cannon.”


“You got it!” he shouted in response.


He passed his sword to hold it with his left hand. Then he made a hand sign with his right and pulled back. Energy began to gather there in large amounts and it began to sap him off the remaining energy he had left in him.




As he screamed, he brought his hand forward and released all gathered energy. The energy formed into beam cannon. The energy beam cannon was so powerful, it incinerated everything in its path.


Once the beam stopped, he could see a black like smoke hovered in the air. The entire area, directly in the line of fire, was completely destroyed. There was a large concave shape dug into the ground where the energy left its mark as it soared through.


Lakshman began to slowly lower to the ground. Once he landed, he began to quickly look around for any signs of the monster, but there was none.




He heard the sound of a familiar voice and, turning around, he saw Ondine and Sumara coming towards him. Seeing them, he somehow felt relieved and smiled weakly. Just then, the remaining energy in him left and he began to fall forward.


Luckily, Ondine was right there and she caught him as he fell forward.


“Master?” she asked in surprise at how weak he was.


“J-Just… tired…” he muttered. Then he looked at Felix and asked “I-Is the monster… really… gone?”


Felix smiled and nodded at him as he said “Yes. Rest assured, you did a splendid job defeating it!”


“I see,” Lakshman said softly and he smiled before closing his eyes.


“Master?!” Ondine exclaimed when he suddenly became limp.


She began to shake him, but it was no use. Sumara placed a gentle hand on her shoulder and Ondine looked at her in surprise.


“He’s only sleeping,” she said and Ondine looked surprised. “Let him sleep. He did a great job.”


Ondine smiled and nodded in understanding. Felix, however, was not looking at Lakshman. His eyes were directed at the sword Lakshman continued to hold even though he is unconscious. The sword was not glowing and the inscriptions on it disappeared.


“Sealing Slicing Wave…” Felix muttered as he looked at the sword and chuckled slightly.


As they stood there and began to talk about what to do next, Lakshman made a small smile. The battle is won and the monster was finally vanquished for good.


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