Saint Magic Test (End)


“A spell that creates… storms?” Lakshman said hesitantly.


“Yes and it’s called Stordiyus,” Sumara said with a nod of her head.


“I see. Now it all makes sense,” Ondine said as she placed her chin on her hands as if to think. “Why we came this far for the test, so far away from anyone and anything… now it makes perfect sense!”


“What do you mean, Ondine?” Lakshman asked, looking puzzled.


“According to Sumara, this spell you’ll be doing is capable of creating storms, so it was a wise decision to come all the way here.”


“Ah! So we don’t create a mess if we use it built-in areas.”


“Exactly!” Sumara said and smiled. “The people won’t thank us for that.”


“Okay then,” he said and nodded. Then he asked “Miss Sumara, like you said, I don’t know this spell. How do you want me to do it?”


“About that… For now, watch me do it. Then, you can also do it.”




Once agreeing, Lakshman and Ondine took a certain amount of steps back. They wanted to give Sumara some room to do her spell.


Sumara looked up at the clear blue sky and closed her eyes. Then she remained like that for a few seconds. Finally, she reopened them and held her staff at the ready and began to chant.


“Spirits of the water, rise and flow with the power of the force. Feel the strength of nature and appear in the form of great power. Soak the ground with your watery nature and run like the storming grounds! Stordiyus!”


At her prolonged magic spell, the sky began to change. Clouds began to form in a circle and rotated in a circle. Very soon, the wind picked up speed and it blew hard and fast. They got buffeted as the clouds turned murky grey as it began to rain.


“Wow…! What is that?!” Lakshman exclaimed and pointed.


They looked ahead and saw something rising from the ground. A rotating force of wind was rising from the ground and into the air. As it reached the clouds, it began to expand its radius. In that instant, Lakshman realised what it was that Sumara did; she created a cyclone.


“A cyclone…” he muttered as he got buffeted by the wind and the rain.


“Master! This is getting dangerous!” Ondine shouted over the noise of the wind.


“It’s fine!” he said as he watched Sumara continue to chant.


“Become the strength of nature to strike at the targets. Strike down the land with your mighty hand of justice!”


Apart from the storm getting stronger, there was no apparent change. Lakshman saw her shoulders slump in dejection. Then, with a wave of her staff, the storm began to clear away. In less than a few minutes, all that was left of the storm was the damp ground and their wet clothes.


When she walked over to them, Lakshman instantly exclaimed “Miss Sumara! That was awesome!”


“Glad you think so,” she said and smiled, but continued to look slightly upset.


Puzzled by her expression, he asked “What’s the matter?”


“Huh? Oh… it’s nothing really… That last bit that I chanted didn’t work as usual.”


“By ‘as usual’… do you mean… something was supposed to happen?”


“Yes,” she said and nodded. “Lighting was supposed to appear and strike the land, but it failed. I don’t know why, but it always seems to fail.”


She sighed heavily and looked sad. Then she smiled a little and said “I did pass the Saint Magic Test back at the university, but I was never able to produce the lighting strikes.”


“Shouldn’t they appear by nature?” Ondine asked curiously.


“That’s normally the case, but this one was created by me,” Sumara said as she gestured at the clouds. “It was up to me to make it work the way I want it to.”


“Cheer up, Miss Sumara,” Lakshman said bracingly. “You may not have gotten it perfectly, but it still worked out!”


Sumara chuckled at his words and nodded while saying “I suppose it did. Now, it’s your turn.”


“Great!” he said excitedly with his hands clenched into fists.


“Do you remember the spell or do you want me to tell you again?”


“Ah… um… I think I need another reminder,” he said and laughed a little.


Shaking her head, but smiling, she repeated the magic spell’s chant to him. Once she said them, she requested him to repeat them for her. He did and she corrected him anywhere he might have said it wrongly.


“Okay,” she said and nodded once he finished. “You’ve got it down right. Let’s see if you’ll get it out right.”


“No need to worry, I’ll nail it!” he said and he raised his fist to chest height.


Sumara nodded while smiling. Then she looked at his hand and then at her staff before saying “Do you want me to lend you my staff?”


“Your staff? Why?” he asked, looking puzzled.


“I think you would have better chance and control using a staff or wand for these sorts of spells.”


“It’s okay. I got my hands for that role!”


“Alright then. You can use the spell when you are ready.”


After that, she and Ondine walked away and left him to stand alone in silence. H closed his eyes and recited the chat. It was a chat far longer than any spell he had ever used. He can understand why it would be difficult.


Opening his eyes and raised his hand into the air. He held it above him as he began to chant the magic spell, but altered it a little by using words differently.


“Spirits of the water, uh… feel the force of the power and rise! Flow with the nature and feel its strength as it appears in its form of greatness! Go wild and rain the world in endless water! Stordiyus!”


When he finished chanting, nothing happened. Wondering if he did the spell wrong, he turned to look back to where Sumara and Ondine were standing. They were gesturing for him to look at the sky.


He looked up and saw the clouds beginning to form in the sky. Just like it did with Sumara, they began to circle one another. Then the storm followed as it formed a wall of wind connecting the land and the sky.


“Now to the next step,” he muttered as he fought against the fierce wind.


He took a deep breath and said “Be the force of will that takes shape in the form that strike down the land with your hand of justice!”


As he finished speaking, he saw something in the sky. He squinted through the rain and saw some sort of sparks in the sky. The next instance, a bolt of lightning descended from the sky and struck the ground.


“Wow!” he exclaimed at the strike as the blue lightning disappeared instantly.


Then another bolt of lightning struck somewhere else and followed by many more. With this, he suddenly realised he had mastered the magic spell Stordiyus.


“I did it… I did it!” he shouted triumphantly. Then he suddenly exclaimed “Ah!” as a bolt of lightning struck the ground just behind him.


“What the?!” he said as he turned around to check.


The ground was struck pretty hard and the grass parted to show a destroyed ground. With his wide eyes, he turned and saw Ondine and Sumara running towards him. They were both looking panicked, especially Sumara with her worried expression on her face.


When they reached him, he said “Miss Sumara… is the lightning out of control?”


“I’m certain it is!” she shouted fiercely.


Then another bolt of lightning struck nearby and he realised the power of lightning was going out of control.


“But I did it right!”


“It’s not that!” Sumara shouted through the noise of the wind and rain. “The force of power is acting independently from the storm and raining down lightning at random.”


“W-What?” Lakshman asked uncertainly.


“Never mind… its physics. Too advanced for a twelve year old to understand,” Sumara said distractedly.


“O-Oh…” he said, looking confused.


“A rainstorm and thunderstorm are no dependent on each other, but they work similarly together,” Sumara said as she looked up at the sky. “Unless, there is something that is keeping them combined like this.”


“W-What does that mean, Miss Sumara?” he asked nervously.


“It means that the lightning is randomly bursting out of the clouds,” she said thoughtfully. Then she turned to him and said “Lucky, try to get rid of the storm.”


“Okay,” he said and nodded.


Nodding back, Sumara made to hand him her staff. As he looked confusedly at her staff, she said “Take it. It’ll be much easier to dispel it with this.”


“Oh!” he said as he understood her intention. Then he shook his head and pushed her staff back as he said “I’ve got this under control, Miss Sumara. Just wait and see.”


Looking perplexed, she took her staff back. Nodding thankfully, he turned away.


“Tetra, can you help?” he thought knowing that Tetra can hear his thoughts.


“Yes master. I can protect you and your allies with a magic shield,” he heard Tetra say.




He felt something like an invisible field suddenly appear around them. Then he took a deep breath before breathing out easily. Then he raised his left hand up into the air while he began to spin his right hand in a circle with his forefinger.


“What are you doing, master?” Ondine asked curiously.


He simply shook his head and continued spinning his right hand while holding his left hand steadily. While he was spinning his hand around, more lighting struck at them, but they were easily deflected by the magic shield Tetra was using.


“We’re encased in a magic shield,” Sumara while looking around.


“I didn’t even notice,” Ondine said in a surprised voice.


Then his gritted his teeth as he spun his hand faster. His spinning became faster and faster until he started to feel the pressure his hand was going through.


“Now! Disperse!” he yelled and he released some form of energy into the sky.


Instantly, the rotating wall of wind looked like something exploded within it and it dispersed.


Knowing what was going to happen, Sumara shouted “Brace yourselves!”


A strong force of wind was sent everywhere. It smacked hard against the magic shield protecting them. For a few seconds, the magic shield was pressured by the strong wind. Then everything became calm once more.


“Tetra, you can drop the shield now,” he said and he felt the magic shield vanish.


He took a few steps forward and looked up. There was some sparking within some of the clouds as they slowly spread across the sky.


“You’ve done well,” Sumara said as she smiled at him. Then she asked “But, what was it that you did back there to cause that wall of wind to disperse like that?”


“Oh? I just thought I’d use a wind that can repel the force of the wind,” Lakshman said with a smile. “I thought the cyclone might be destroyed then.”


“So… you created a repelling force that had the power to dispel the wind…” she said slowly and he nodded at her while he continued to smile.


Sumara stared at him in amazement. Then he got a bump from behind as Ondine rushed over and hugged him from behind.


“Ondine? What are you doing?” he said in surprise.


“I’m glad… I’m… so relieved…” she muttered.


Hearing her muttering, he smiled and said “Sorry to make you worry. Ah…”


Suddenly, he felt weak in the knees and he knelt down on the grass. Ondine quickly moved to him with concern all over her face.


“Master?” she asked apprehensively.


“It’s fine. I just… feel a little… tired,” he said slowly as he sat down.


“Not surprising after using your most of your energy to summon the cyclone and dispersing it!” Sumara said sternly. As he looked up at her, but she smiled and said “In any case, congratulations on passing the test, Lucky.”


“D-does that mean…?” he asked hesitantly and she nodded.


“You are now a Water Saint Magician!” she said and his eyes widened.


“Yay!” he said happily and he punched his fist into the air triumphantly. “I did it!”


“Nice work, master!” Ondine said happily.
He finally passed the test. The first two were fairly easy since they did not require a lot of power, but the last one proved to be more difficult that he realised. Even so, he fought against the odds and successfully passed the test.

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