Three Kings



One a particular day before the departure, there was a loud shouts and screams from outside. Everyone, in the training centre, had been busily training their bodies when they heard the shouts. They rushed out and found the whole area being attacked by mean and ugly looking people.


People were running everywhere desperately to escape the attacks. The attackers were all powerfully build and were using energy attacks to destroy buildings and complexes. Their expressions were full of bloodlust and, fuelled by rage, they continued to attack anyone or anything in sight.


“Hey, what’s the meaning of this?!” some of the training people demanded only to get attacked by the destructive thugs.


At that time, Darian, Rumble, Marilia, Lakshman, Ondine and Tetra were taking a nice break. They were happily discussing about the journey and checking their list of things to prepare. Hearing the ruckus, they rushed out only to find the market place under attack.


“What the heck is going on here?!” Darian shouted in shock as buildings crumbled and people ran everywhere in panic.


Lakshman and Ondine were watching the proceedings in horror. Never did they believe such destruction could happen or be done by members of the human race. Lakshman remembered the time the Two-Headed Cerberus monster attacked his village and left it in ruins.


Tetra, however, was casually sipping on a bottle of drink while observing the destruction. There was no anger or sadness in her eyes or in her expression. She simply watched as if she were some spectator for some kind of live-action movie.


“Such destruction brings back nasty memories of the past,” she muttered and, for the first time, an expression similar to disgust appeared on her face.


They watched as officials tried to keep the attackers at bay, but it was useless. The attacking thugs seemed to be totally drunk and were going all out assault on everything in sight. Due to this, many of the officers, in charge of keeping public safe, became some of the victims.


“Curse them…!” Lakshman muttered angrily.


Ondine, hearing the strong anger in his voice, quickly looked at him. As she saw him move forward, she immediately placed her hand on his shoulders to restrain him. She knew, from past history, how reckless he was in situations like these.


She turned back to watch as more buildings were brought down sheer force of energy attacks. Just from the amount of power the attackers were using, she knew they were stronger than them. The thought angered her, but facing facts and reality is the best solution at that moment.


“Master, we can’t fight them! They’re stronger than us!” she said to him and he gritted his teeth in frustration.


Lakshman also knew the attackers were strong than him, but his anger was making him feel very reckless. He wanted to fight and defeat them, he wanted to hurt them and show them the pain of destruction.


When he was on the verge of attacking, they heard two loud voices chorus throughout the area.


“Stop it!!”


At hearing the strong voices and the words, the attacked stopped. Then they turned to face in the direction of the training centre. Everyone turned their attention to the entrance of the training centre. Standing tall and strong was Rumble and someone else that looked familiar.


Rumble looked at them with pure anger in his face as she shouts “Stop your attacks right now or pay the consequences!”


The man, standing beside him, was also looking furious as he said “This is first and last warning! Get out of my city!”


His voice was familiar to Lakshman and he wondered who he was. As the men continued to glare at the rabble of attacks below, he suddenly realised who the man was.


At that moment, a familiar man pushed his way through the attackers to the front. Lakshman immediately recognised him as the man that led the assault on the training centre previously. It ended in failure when Mumble switched to Rumble and beat the daylights out of him and his gang.


Now the man, leading more than fifty strong drunk men, pointed at them and shouted “There they are; the Monkey King and the Sword King!” Then he took a deep breath and yelled “KILL THEM!!!”


His loud yell acted like a trigger and his words became the action. All the attackers suddenly roared in unison and changed towards the two warriors at the entrance of the training centre. As they rushed, only one word was reverberating in the air continuously.




Some attackers, unable to join the fray quickly enough, fired energy attacks up at them. Darian and Rumble stood their ground and they were looking furious. As the energy attacks reached them, Darian unsheathed his sword in a wide arc.


With his swing, a powerful energy was unleased. It went sailing over their heads and made contact with the energy attacks. The colliding attacks exploded in mid-air as the ground assault continued.


Then Rumble glared at them for a moment before a powerful surge of energy erupted from him. A moment later, gold energy was radiating from him. Lakshman immediately knew it was the Elemental Glow and realised Rumble’s energy was that of justice.


He took a fighting stance and launched himself at the oncoming horde. He quickly reached them and started punching them away. His attacks were so strong that everyone was sent flying into the distance. Undaunted, the rest continued to attack.


Darian also released a powerful surge of energy and began radiating in yellow energy like Rumble. It seemed the both of them have energies of justice. Then he rushed forward and joined Rumble in fighting the mass of attackers. A while later, many more joined them to give them assistance.


The spectators watched as the attacks and the defenders fought against each other. Due to the momentum that Darian and Rumble started, the defenders had more resolve to fight to their fullest. With that, the attackers suddenly found themselves under a barrage of attacks from everywhere.


The fight looked like it was going well, when Lakshman suddenly realised something. The attackers came out of nowhere and started to destroy everything. Yet, how did people miss them entering the city? Did the guards sleep on duty or did they forgot to warn them or was there something else acting here?


Lakshman thought back to a few minutes ago. When the two sides were glaring at each other, the leader arrived in front and pointed out their target. This meant that it was not an unorganised assault and there must be something big happening.


“Oh no…!” Lakshman said quietly at the realisation.


“What’s the matter, master?” Ondine asked anxiously.


He looked at the battle and said “It’s a trap!”


Ondine widened her eyes for a moment. Then she began to shake her head and said “No, master. I think you’re mistaken. Look! Everyone on our side is beating them up! We’re winning!”


“Ondine, never believe what you see with your own two eyes. They are not always true! There’s always something else acting from behind we don’t always notice!” Tetra said as she also realised the same thing as Lakshman.
Lakshman looked towards the fighting and bellowed “GUYS!!! IT’S A TRAP!!!”


Out of the mass of people, only Rumble heard Lakshman’s yell because of his bestial enhanced hearing. He looked up at Lakshman in alarm and saw that he was looking extremely serious. That was when he stopped and noticed why the enemies were not trying to attack to their fullest.


That was when he realised there must be something else going on. The reason was simply that it seemed too easy of a victory. He quickly looked around to find any anomalies. After a few seconds of searching, he found something that caused a chill to run down his spine.


Standing at the very back with the leader of the group was a magician. He wore a black cape which covered his entire body and face while holding with a long black staff. The leader was apparently talking frantically to him and the magician was nodding at him.


The next moment, he raised his staff into the air and Rumble shouted “Oh crap!”


“Spirits of lightning, shock my enemies into submission with your unstoppable surgical force! Shock Burst!”


As the magician finished chanting his spell, a powerful surge of wind was sent everywhere. Then a sparks of lightning surged through the mass of fighters. As the lightning struck at the defenders, they suddenly yelled in pain and found themselves unable to move.


The defenders were all paralysed by the magic spell the magician used. Their weapons fell from their frozen and slackened grips and they found themselves helpless. The attackers were staring at the frozen defenders with malicious grins.


Then the attackers began punching, hitting and beating their enemies. The defenders were punched while they just stood there defenceless. Some attackers were even cruel enough to use their own weapons to cut open their skins.


Rumble was also paralysed and he was barely able to move his hand. Then the attackers’ leader walked in front of him and started punching him from head to stomach relentlessly. Rumble wanted to fight back, but his frozen body made sure he did not.


After hitting him so much that he began to bleed, the attacker’s leader stopped and pulled back while breathing quickly. Rumble had a blood face and was bleeding from several parts of his body. He glared at his enemy while his enemy looked back triumphantly.


“How does it feel, Monkey King?! How does it feel being the victim?!” the leader shouted at Rumble.


Rumble wanted to say “I’ll destroy you,” but could not due to his mouth also being frozen.


“What? Don’t have anything to say?” the leader asked. Then he made a smile and shouted “Oh! Oh yeah! I forgot! You’re frozen, aren’t you? Hahaha!! Looks like we’ll need a new title for you…? How about…? Frozen King or…? Monkey the Frozen King or…? I know the best one! Frozen Monkey!”


At his words, everyone began laughing and Rumble’s face became slightly stricken. He was furious and wanted to kill the man laughing hysterically in front of him.


Just then, a loud shout rang across the area.


“Set them free!”


Everyone, who can move, turned and looked to the front. There, standing in front of them with a brave expression on his face, was none other than Lakshman. He was standing strong and ready to do battle, weapon-less.


Originally he wanted to fight with Ondine and Tetra, but both of them were against it. They said this was too dangerous to fight in and leave it to the adults. They even said that it is not worth risking their lives for something like this.


Lakshman became angry at them and shouted “I’ m not a coward to stand around and let them do as they please! When there are people in need, I’ll do what I must and I will fight with everything I have!”


Now he stood and faced the enemies. He was one and there are many of them. The odds were completely against him, but that still did not deter him.


Rumble, seeing who it was, tried to speak, but his mouth did not let him. He wanted to shout “Lakshman, what are you doing?! Get out of here, get out of here!”


The leader of the attackers moved forward towards Lakshman while wearing a sly smile on his face.


“Well, well, well! Look whose come to fight now… A kid!” he said loftily and everyone around them laughed.


The leader reached Lakshman and asked him “So, kid. Are you brave enough to risk your life for this worthless piece of adult garbage?”


Lakshman did not speak and simply stared at the leader’s face without an expression.


The leader leaned forward and asked “Are you perhaps scared? You should probably need to change your diapers!”


At his words, the mass of attackers laughed heartily. Lakshman remained silent and continued to stare up at the laughing face of the man he was feeling extremely angry towards. Then, in a quick movement, he drew his fist back and delivered a powerful uppercut to the man’s face.


The man’s jaw cracked from the impact and he was sent flying into the distance. He tumbled, rolled, smashed and finally crashed as a cloud of dust rose into the air. This would mark as the second time he was smashed into the distance and ended up having the same ending as when Rumble punched him.


The attackers watched, in shock, as their leader was sent flying into the distance. When he crashed, they slowly turned back to face Lakshman and their faces contorted angrily. That was when they changed at Lakshman with angry yells, screams and roars.


Lakshman braced himself and started his battle against more than fifty raging men. He quickly defeated the first few to reach him. Then he fought hard against the rest. He was able to avoid most of their punches due to his small build and fast legs while he delivered power punches to their stomachs or faces.


Things were looking good, when his leg suddenly got caught. He looked down and saw that the ground grabbed his leg. Knowing he could not break free, he desperately fought while trying hard to dodge. Then the ground suddenly extended up and grabbed his hands. Unable to respond or defend, the attackers beat his young body until he was covered in wounds and blood.


“Master!” Ondine exclaimed in horror and made to rush to his help, but she was stopped by Tetra. “Let me go!” Ondine shouted and tried to break away from her, but Tetra’s grip and strength was unbelievable strong.


“You’re not going anywhere and I won’t let you help master,” Tetra said with a serious expression on her face.


“But why?! He’s your master! He’s needs our help!”


“He does, but he must also learn a lesson of reality. From this, he will learn and change. Besides, I believe master will still win in the end.”


When Tetra smiled, Ondine suddenly realised something was strange about her. She was not behaving like her usual child-like mentality. Now she was speaking fluently and strongly, almost like a mature adult.


Down at the battlefield, the leader slowly walked to where he was held captive. The paralysed defenders struggled to move, but their bodies are still too paralysed to recover just yet. When the leader reached Lakshman, the boy was covered in wounds as blood was seeping out of his wounds and mouth.


“Well then… You are strong and will be useful to me in the future. So kid… Surrender and lick my feet. If you do that, I’ll consider sparing you and you can work for me,” the leader said to Lakshman.


Lakshman tried to look at the man, but his head sagged due to the amount of pain he was in. The effort was too much for him and his body to handle. Instead, he decided to verbally respond to the man.


“I… refuse…!” he muttered and he spat blood out.


“You refuse huh…?” the man said and sighed.


He raised his finger into the air and waved it. Instantly, the earth that was locking onto his arms and legs released him. They suck into the ground as Lakshman fell to the ground with a mundane thud. Blood began to form around him as he lay flat on the ground.


The next instant, the man put his foot on Lakshman’s head and grinned before shouting “From now on, if anyone dares to challenge my authority, you will face the same fate as this boy!”


With that, he began pressing on the Lakshman’s head with his foot. Lakshman made loud cries of pain as his head slowly got pushed into the ground. The watching attackers all were watching eagerly at their leader’s action while the defenders watched in horror at what was taking place before them.


As Lakshman’s consciousness faded from the pain and loss of blood, his consciousness dived deep into his mind. He was thinking about all his actions throughout his life. He did not know where he got it from, but he always had a deep dislike for people that cause trouble.


He would constantly try his best in stopping themHe wo and make sure everyone else is happy. He has been doing this since he was just a kid; protecting kids that get bullied all the time, defeating the monsters attacking his village, saving friends from troubles and helping when asked while expecting nothing in return.


Lakshman wondered if he got strong from doing all of that. He certainly knew he got strong, yet it all failed him. He was unable to use it to defeat those attacking brutes, those mindless killers set on destroying the peace that everyone were living and loving.

He suddenly remembered something the Death Titan told him months ago.


‘Young and fearless. Reckless is destruction. Realise and fear. Fear and change. Change is good. Change is life. Change is future.’


At that time he did not understand, but he did now. He realised the Death Titan must have been referring to him acting so brashly. Death Titan must have known about his strength and felt he will surely perish with such arrogance and belief of his power.


“I now understand. I get it, but that still doesn’t mean I will just let people do as they please! If though I am weak, even if I am reckless and even when I am up against many odds, I will never give up! No! I won’t give up! I’ll grow up, become strong and be a brave warrior! That’s right! I won’t surrender! I won’t quit because I’m… I’m…”


At that moment, his consciousness slowly faded and left only a small linger of light. There was silence in the empty spaces of his mind as all activity was shut down. Just then, another voice suddenly rang through the silence. This voice was more strong and powerful as its voice echoed in his silent mind.


“That’s right! You don’t give up nor will you surrender because you are…!”


Back in reality, the attacker’s leader continued to press down on Lakshman’s head. Now the attackers were jeering and yelling as they encouraged their leader on. They wanted to see the boy’s skull get crushed beneath their leader’s foot in their madness.


Suddenly, there was a strong surge of power which caused the man to stagger back. His men caught him as he fell back.


“What was that?!” he shouted in alarm.


He and everyone started looking around for the source of the sudden surge of power. At that moment, they heard a small groan sound. Looking at the front, they were shocked to see the boy slowly getting to his feet. Their eyes were wide open as the boy finally stood unevenly with his head down.


Then Lakshman said “I… won’t quit…! I… won’t give in…! I WON’T SURENDER TO THE LIKES OF YOU!!!”


Lakshman bellowed the last words as he finally straightened up. Then he started screaming “UUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


In a long drawn out scream, a powerful surge of power erupted from him and sent a wave of shock everywhere and dust got lifted into the air. Everyone was buffeted, but they stood their ground by supporting one another in a grand display of teamwork


For a few seconds, the dust remained floating in the air. Then it slowly settled and a figure came into view. As the dust cleared, Lakshman came into view and he looks slightly changed.


Lakshman was radiating in golden-red energy. He was slightly taller than before, his black hair became spiky, but his eyes had the most definite change in them. There were three red pointed triangles with a black dot in the middle.



He was staring at them with utmost fury with his fists clenched. As they watched him, they noticed that his wounds began to close up and the blood began to disappear. They were taken aback by the sudden change in him and his appearance.


Then the leader started shouting “What are you doing?! Kill him! Kill that brat!”


Heeding to their leader’s commands, the attackers roared and moved to attack Lakshman. He stood his ground and faced the charging enemies. Then he looked past them and at the magician at the back reading his magic spell.


“First to take care of the nuisance,” he said in a low voice.


In a flash, he was gone. Lakshman passed through the crowd of attackers without them even noticing him passing by. In a matter of seconds, he reached the back of the attackers and to the place where the magician stood.


“Hello,” Lakshman said as he greeted the shocked magician.


The magician tried to execute his spell, but Lakshman did not let him. He bombarded the magician with rapid fists at super speed. He rendered the man unconscious in a few second as he stood there. Nodding in satisfaction, Lakshman flashed back to where he stood previously.


The attackers were looking confused since he just vanished right before their very eyes. Then they were astonished to see him reappear and looking like nothing happened. Lakshman, for the first time, smiled at them while radiating in golden-red energy.


Then their leader shouted “What are you guys doing?! Kill him! Kill h—!”


He was suddenly stopped from finishing the sentence. This was became Lakshman had delivered a power punch to the man’s stomach. The force of the punch blasted him along with everyone behind him. By the end of it, he and his minions, including the magician, were knocked out cold with that blow.


As the attackers looked back to where their leader and members crashed at, Lakshman clicked his finger. In an instant, all defenders were freed from their paralysing stiffness. The defenders were moving their limbs here and there to ease their stiff muscles.


Now leaders and directionless, the attackers suddenly went frenzy and started to attack everyone in sight. Darian and Rumble started to rally the defenders to fight back when Lakshman made things extremely easy for everyone.


Lakshman took a stance with his arms crossed and close to him. Then he extended to left and right in a wide arc. As he applied energy to it, a light ray of light emitted from his arms and extended all way to the other side. With both lights extended, he began to bring them closer together.


As he brought the lights together with his arms, one by one, the attackers were dragged as they if they were being pushed by a solid wall. The ray of light, however, passed straight through the defenders much to their surprise.


With the arms finally in front of him in a horizontal line, he smashed the attackers together. Once they were grouped together, the ray of light vanished and Lakshman rushed at them. Once he reached them, he began to pound them with blow after blow. The blows rained down on the attackers relentlessly and they cried out in pain.


“Wow!” Rumble exclaimed in shock as he watched Lakshman beating the ounce out of them.


“What is it?” Darian asked.


“He’s using Fighting Frenzy and Blazing Fists!” Rumble exclaimed in amazement.


“What?! He’s using both of them?! Did you teach them to him?”


“No, I didn’t… I did show him how the Fighting Frenzy worked, but he never got the chance to practice it.”


“So how did he…?” Darian asked curiously.


“Who cares?! He’s beating the hell out of them and that’s great!” Marilia said when she, Ondine and Tetra reached them.


As they watched, the attackers were rendered weak. All of them were bleeding heavily and fell unconscious a few seconds later. Lakshman got away from them and stood while staring at them with a disgusted expression on his face.


Then he raised his voice high and shouted “Hear me! For those who live by creating problems, let this be a lesson to you all! Once again if you attempt to disrupt the peace of the world and the peace of the people, you will be crushed without a shred of mercy!”


His voice was high, but they could hear the power radiating in his voice and the deadly look he gave everyone. In that moment, everyone saw a different person rather than the Lakshman they all met and talk to. They saw a mighty warrior capable of far more than just talk and punch.


After looking around at everyone in the vicinity, he clasped his hands together and closed his eyes. Then a rumbling sound could be heard and the rubble began to fly off the ground. For a while the debris of destroyed buildings flew everywhere and started to return to the way it was before.


“No… way…” many of them said slowly as destroyed buildings began to reform themselves.


“W-What’s he doing?!” Darian and Rumble asked in unison in shocked voices.


Ondine, knowing what it was, quietly said “A magic spell called Restoration.”


“R-Restoration?!” Rumble shouted in shock as he turned to look at her in disbelief.


“That’s an Emperor ranked magic spell! How the hell is he even able to do it? I don’t think even Felix knows how to do it properly!” Darian said in shocked disbelief.


Everyone was stunned that Lakshman was capable of using an Emperor magic spell when he as just a Saint ranked magician in water and earth magic spells. Marilia, on the other hand, was smiling widely as she was pleased when everything was returned to normal.


Once everything was done and all damage and injuries were healed, Lakshman began to sway on the spot. The crowd of rushed over to him while shouting his name happily and cheerfully. Just before they reached him, he collapsed on the ground with all energy leaving him.


“Master! Master!” Ondine said desperately as she tried shaking him awake.


“Leave him be,” someone said from the crowd.


“Yeah! He’s tired and needs rest!” someone else said.


As Rumble helped to carry Lakshman back, everyone began cheering for him.


“First there was the Sword King. Then there was the Monkey King. Finally, we have the Fighting King! All hail the Three Kings!”


From that day onwards, Lakshman was referred to as the Fighting King and together they are the Three Kings. Darian and Rumble did not particularly mind and, after hearing it later, neither did Lakshman. Instead, he was happy everyone was safe and well even though he did know what he did to deserve their praise.

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