Sleeping Hatred


It was empty. The space was filled with swirling darkness as it moved around. Only a small light was being illuminated in the centre of the dark space. The light shone on a tall base with a body lying on top of it. The body belonged to a boy and his name was Lakshman Chand.


Lakshman lay on the base with his eyes closed. His hands were placed on his chest and they crossed. It looked like a dead body, but his body was moving up and down as he breathed.


Wrapped around him were metallic chains that glowed rhythmically. There was a metallic chain wrapped around his legs while another wrapped around his chest. This constricted him from being able to move his legs or arms freely.


There was only silence in the space. There was nothing, but emptiness with only light illuminating the space around Lakshman as he slept on the base. Suddenly, there was the sound of footsteps. The footsteps grew louder and louder as their owner came closer.


Then the footsteps stopped and their owner was looked directly at Lakshman. The dark figure just stayed silent as they observed Lakshman. A moment later, the figure spoke and the voice revealed it to be a man.


“Hello…? Hey, can you hear me…?” the man asked the sleeping Lakshman curiously.


Lakshman did not reply and continued sleeping. Seeing this, the man suddenly smiled and said “It would be really funny if this is some bizarre scene of a beauty sleeping and needs to be kissed from a prince to wake up. Hey! I’m no prince and you’re no princess! So wake up already!”


With no response, the man sighed and muttered “So… Not yet, huh?”


Then the figure turned his head and looked at the lower part of Lakshman’s body. Noticing the metallic chains binding him, he began nodding his head slowly.


“I see… Two seals… Originally there were four seals, but it seems two of them have been unsealed. He’s getting closer… getting closer…!”


The man moved towards the chains and tried to pull on them. The chains suddenly zapped him and he instantly pulled his back in recoil. The next moment, the chains suddenly turned red as raw energy coursed through them.


The man cursed and said “Dammit! If only those seals can be unlocked quickly!”


Suddenly, there a familiar voice rang through the darkness.


“There is still time,” the voice said.


The man sighed and said “For him, yes, but I don’t. I’m running out of time. I will eventually awaken and you know what I’ll do. If he isn’t unsealed, everything will be for nothing!”


The familiar voice chuckled and said “You sound desperate.”


“Easy for you to say, Ashtetra. My seals are slowly breaking as their power is losing affect. At the rate they are breaking, I’ll awaken in three years!”


“Have faith. Master will come through. Even if it takes longer, you know it’s necessary. Anyway, you are over concerning yourself. Master will be free of the seals on his own!” Ashtetra said confidently.


“Let us hope so,” the man said in a soft voice.


He looked at Lakshman for a few more seconds. Then he said “Hey! Boy! I know you can’t hear this properly, but hear me anyway! Please hate Calamity. Hate him and kill him! You must! Otherwise, he will destroy everything! Hate him! Hate him with everything you got! Hate! Hate Calamity! HATE CALAMITY!”


The man bellowed the last word menacingly and there was a violent flash of light.


“AH!” Lakshman yelled as he suddenly woke up.


He sat upright and breathed quickly as beads of sweat trailed down his face. His eyes wide and his ears were ringing. He was not sure why, but his heart was racing wildly. Then he looked around and realised he was sitting on a comfortable bed in the training centre.


“What’s the matter, master?” said a familiar voice from his side.


He turned and saw Tetra sitting up in bed next to him. It seemed she had been sleeping next to him this whole time. She rubbed her eyes wearily and looked at him with a puzzled expression on her face.


“I… I think I had a nightmare…!” he said in a low voice.


“Nightmare? What about, master?”


“I-It’s something about a man telling me to hate… hate Calamity. He kept on telling me to hate Calamity and kill him with all of my hatred for him. I-It’s really confusing and everything…!”


Tetra quietly listened to his explanation of his dream. Then she smiled and said “Master, you’re just tired and were just probably having a nightmare.”


“Y-You think so? It felt so real…!” Lakshman said uncertainly.


Tetra smiled and said “I’m certain, master. Only days ago you had a fierce battle against those people. It’s natural that you’re feeling this way after such an epic battle! You should go back to sleep and rest.”


“Y-You sure?”


“Yes, master. Sleep and you’ll feel better.”


“O-Okay then…”


With advice taken, he fell back on the bed and quickly fell asleep. As he slept, Tetra looked at him and her smile disappeared.


“I’m sorry master, but I’m lying to everything about you, including you. The fact is that you’re—!”


At that moment, Lakshman grunted in his sleep as he turned over. Seeing this, she chuckled and a wide grin appeared on her face.


“Well… I’m sure you’ll find out about yourself soon enough. Until then, rest all you can, master.”


She lay back on the bed and snuggled closer to him. Then she closed her eyes and she also quickly fell asleep.

One Thought on “Phoenix Rising – Chapter 99.5

  1. Kenken on July 13, 2015 at 8:20 pm said:

    “It would be really funny if this is some bizarre scene of a beauty sleeping and needs to be kissed from a prince to wake up. Hey! I’m no prince and you’re no princess! So wake up already!”

    Haha he is funny. I guess that man is Phoenix Titan.

    I still remember the cat tribe say they are waiting till he is 16 yrs old till then they can’t even let him see their human-cat form. And this man said he will be awaken 3 in yrs means Lucky will be 16 by then. So it fit. But I still wonder what would really happen…maybe they will fuse together and Lucky will changed and know the truth about himself.

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