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Hello!! 😀


This is about the Phoenix Rising story that I started writing a few months back. I’ve already reached chapter 98 and am just inches from ending Arc 04 and starting on Arc 05 soon.


Anyway guys and girls, I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying how similar the chapters 1 – 5 are to Mushoku Tensei (no need to hear it when I’m aware of it personally). Some even mistaken chapters 6 – 8 as similarity, but they are not.


So I’ve taken the trouble of trying to try rewriting those initial chapters to the best of my abilities right now. That lead me to rewrite chapter 1 which I completed a few minutes ago. I’m posting this on PasteBin to get some reviews from people.


From my point of view, I prefer the new version since it’s more amazing than the original. So I’ll choose to replace the existing chapter 1 with the new chapter 1.


Anyway, that still won’t stop you from reviewing them. So go ahead and comment away once you’ve had a look, read and feel of the two chapters! 😉


Old Chapter 1

New Chapter 1

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