Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi


Loop 1-3: Chapter 4 – 413 – Earning Money


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“Gua!” (Kuro)

“He is getting bigger again in one night? Philorial is an incredible creature.” (Naofumi)


He expressed his surprise when saw Kuro-chan’s growth in the morning. Kuro-chan already in his second form, he looks like normal adult philorial.


“Kuro-chan, today you’ll fight together with dear father and get actual combat experience.” (Motoyasu)

“Gua!” (Kuro)

“Let me see… Where is party option? Ah, I found it. ――――she never invite me to party, now it’s obvious that she intend to betray me from the beginning.” (Naofumi)


He mutter something when set up party configuration. Party invite window appear in front of me.

Monster Crest ask owner’s permission for party with another person. I give permission, with this Kuro-chan is in dear father’s supervision.


“Kuro-chan, let him ride you and going to field.” (Motoyasu) “Gua!” (Kuro)

“I can ride him?” (Naofumi)

Kuro-chan lower his body and dear father get on Kuro-chan’s back. “Dear father. Please don’t do something reckless.” (Motoyasu)

“Y-yes. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me Motoyasu-kun.” (Naofumi)

“Please don’t mention it, have a safe trip!” (Motoyasu)


I wave my hand and Kuro-chan start running cheerfully.


“Whoa! It’s too fas――” (Naofumi)


He surprised at Kuro-chan’s speed, before long I can’t see them anymore. Now… What should I do after this?

We have more than enough material but our money is severe. There’s no particular problem after return the past, but I have a big


Reunion with Firo-tan.

If things go well, I can be Firo-tan’s master. “Alright!” (Motoyasu)

There’s only one thing I can do in free time. Earning money.

If guild refuse me I can just sell extra material from hunting.

Lot of money is a basic necessary and it’d be good if bandit come to me, I can take money from them.

Dear father’s another specialty, bandit hunt.

Thus, I return to castletown to visit adventurer’s guild.


“My deepest apologies, we can’t give any work to Spear Hero” (Adventurer’s Guild Member 1)


That’s his answer when I ask for a job.

I silently raise my spear and make it spark, this always work as a little threat.


“Once again, no highly paid job?” (Motoyasu) “Bu~!” (Adventurer’s Guild Member 2)


The pig behind him bark something incomprehensible.


Noisy. Have a death wish?

No mercy for pigs.

Fix your manner you lowly livestock.


“E-even you say like that, the country―――― forbid us.” (Adventurer’s Guild Member 1)

“That’s―― …what’s his name, Aultcray’s order right? Or maybe witc―― princess’ order?” (Motoyasu)


He repeating his answer while looking away. This bastard is threatened by someone.


“Hypothetically speaking, if Queen hear about this… What’s your answer now?” (Motoyasu)

“Uh….” (Adventurer’s Guild Member 1)


Something approach the pig when I interrogate the man and give a letter. Then she pass letter to the man.

Most likely that thing is this country’s black ops, ‘Shadow’. These guys are suspicious but one of them is dear father’s ally.

I can’t handle those guys.


“….Yes, I understand. Come here please, Spear Hero-sama.” (Adventurer’s Guild Member 1)

“Highest pay you can offer, it’d be good if I can finish it in short time. Down

payment preferable.” (Motoyasu)

“Th-this one.” (Adventurer’s Guild Member 1)


Thus, I accept that job.

Not to mention down payment as well.

He give me considerable amount down payment.

Red Pig’s mother uprightness really help dear father in many ways.


Eventhough I don’t understand her word, she tell me to atone my sin by

saving the world and pardon my crime. It means she is an intelligent pig. Likewise, mentioning ‘Queen’ is effective to some extent.

This is useful, I’ll use it from now on.


  • ” “Spear Hero! Prepare yourself!” ” ” (Adventurers)


Several adventurers surround me when I come out from Adventurer’s Guild and attack me at the same time.


「Gale Blast!」

  • ” “Guhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?” ” ” (Adventurers)


They can’t be talked so I activate area skill.

I lightly swing spear horizontally and tornado surround myself. Ren have similar ability that spin his sword in motion.

This skill activated if I swing it like a baton.


“What are you doing? I will kill you if you tell me you’re just joking.” (Motoyasu)


I won’t going easy to someone like you.

One thing for sure, you lowlife assassins aim is my life.


“Guh…. Devil Shield’s accomplice! Cursed Fake Hero!” (Adventurers)


….that is phrase feels familiar.

Gotcha! Church of Three Heroes Church sent you here. I see, they still have influence at this time.


Dear father annihilated this crappy religion before.

Maybe I’m wrong, isn’t Church of Three Heroes a national religion? Memories about them is unclear, I completely forgot it until now.


“Fake Hero? I don’t care. I live for love, The Love Hunter. Try insult dear

father once again, I will go to your church and slaughter everyone there, ‘kay?” (Motoyasu)


Spearhead touch his cheek, I give him my sincere smile. Evil that try to harm dear father… What should I do?


“De-devil… You devil!” (Adventurer)

“Dear father never done anything to you… I won’t forgive anyone who try to humiliate Shield Hero. You have my word, try to harm us and I’ll deal with you personally. Prepare for your death when I come. HAHAHAHAHA!” (Motoyasu)


I left while laughing loudly.

Of course I didn’t forget to take those foolish fanatic’s purse. I can buy new philorial-sama with this.


“You will burn in hell! Devil!” (Adventurer)


I hear one small fry cursing me. No effect at all. Looks like general store will buy this unused material.

They will buy my threat or Brionac if they treat me lightly.


I enter slave trader’s tent while shaking my pouch. He keep wiping his cold sweat when see myself.


“Go-good day sir, what’s your request for now? Do you want another philorial? Yes” (Slave Dealer)

“You got it right, this time I’ll take several eggs.” (Motoyasu)


Suddenly come to my mind, there’s no necessary to make them transform into angel simultaneously.


Therefore I will spend all this money to buy philorial.

Naturally, rest of the money I got after finish the job will be used for dear father’s equipment.

It’d be good if I can gather material while do the job.


“P-please come here” (Slave Dealer)


Slave dealer bring the box filled with eggs.

I take my chosen eggs and pay the slave dealer.


I still have a lot of thing to doー!

I finish Adventurer’s Guild request in no time. The day feels so short and the night come.


“Ah, Motoyasu-kun. Welcome back” (Naofumi)

Dear father wait for me in village together with Kuro-chan. “How’s your day?” (Naofumi)

“Got respectable work and got paid quite considerably.” (Motoyasu) I show him my pouch.

“Wow, that’s a lot of money.” (Naofumi)


Of course I need expenditure cash but that amount is nothing compared to this pouch. My achievement completing difficult request easily spread in no time. They keep sending me monster extermination request and that’s where I got a lot of money.

Last time, when I only use my reinforcement method, I use base level as my standard to take a job and only accepting level-70 request. The way I am right now, nothing can stop me .

No dragon can scare me.


“This is the foundation, I will raise more philorial-sama from now on.”



I show dear father the eggs and present from the hunt. He surprised at this quantity of eggs.


“Gua?” (Kuro)


Kuro-chan tilt his neck.


“Now, will you tell me your progress?” (Motoyasu) “Please wait… Now I level 15.” (Naofumi)

“That’s quite fast.” (Motoyasu)

“Kuro-chan blow the monster and do all the work. This is about him―――― I notice he slowly getting bigger nonstop. He will grow bigger than philorial in castle?” (Naofumi)


He said that while pats Kuro-chan.

Kuro-chan close his eyes and enjoy dear father’s patting. What a warm and charming scene.

I can see Firo-tan and dear father’s daily lives. Probably.


“Gua!” (Kuro)

“I completely forget to tell you. He will start talking tomorrow evening.” (Motoyasu)

“Eh―――― Philorial can talk!?” (Naofumi)

“Correct. See, philorial-sama is a wonderful philorial-sama.” (Motoyasu) “Hooー …I can’t wait for it. There’s no talking animal in my world, this is like a dream. As expected of another world.” (Naofumi)


That night we ate dear father’s food again.


Next morning.

I see dear father talk to someone in front of receptionist.


“Motoyasu-kun, good morning.” (Naofumi) “Is there any trouble?” (Motoyasu)


He greet me when see me come to him.


“These people asked me to come with them, do you know who they are?” (Naofumi)


Two pigs and one man… I try identificate the man. A demi-human, he got pair of wolf ear.


“I am emissary from Schild Welt. In the presence of Spear Hero, would you like to hear our story?” (Emissary)

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