Cyclone Marcia and Power Out

Hey people!


The area which I lived in got hit by a cyclone (read the subject title). That’s why I wasn’t able to do anything over the weekend or the week. We lost power, but thankfully it came back on today! πŸ˜‰


I am lucky that my house is still standing, roof is still intact and the only damage we had was a busted front door because a tree decided to breakin!


So yeah…! I’m back and I’m still alive if you’re wondering casually! πŸ˜›


But I didn’t waste time! No! I spent a good part of this doing world building to Phoenix Rising! I built more back stories to the 9 Pillars of Power AND more characters! πŸ˜€


Anyway, I just wanted to let those people worried that I didn’t do anything this week. Now to go and catch up with a whole week’s worth of what I missed so far!! πŸ˜‰


See you all later!


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      Vijay Kakani

      Very lucky, aren’t you?

      I hear most of the people’s roofs got blown away and all the water’s come in. Now they are wondering how to repair it, let alone get power back and all… :/

      The only damage our house got was a busted door, but it didn’t break funnily enough. After pushing the tree away, it was working like usual… That was bizarre, but i’m glad it wasn’t worse.

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