Phoenix Rising – Chapter 112

Victory by Death



The Death Titan, ranked fifth in the group known around the world as the strongest, a group known as the Nine Pillars of Power. No one knows who or what kind of person he is except that he lives in the shadows and goes around as the “Messenger of Death.”


“So why is a person, calling himself as the Messenger of Death, here? Don’t tell me someone here is going to die or something?!”


“That wouldn’t surprise me since, from the current situation, we might as be dead if he didn’t arrive,” Darian said with a sigh.


The Death Titan looked around and saw the adventurers locked inside a ball. Then he noticed the unconscious forms of Marilia, Lakshman and Ondine. He finally looked back at the two men and shook his head.


“Two kings. Very powerful. Holding back. How stupid…” he said in a deep slow voice.


Rumble raised his eyebrows a little and said “Huh? What do you mean by that?”


“Two kings. Very powerful. Holding back. How stupid…!” the Death Titan said in a more stronger voice.


“And like I said… I don’t… hmm?” Rumble said and narrowed his eyes slightly.


For a moment, he thought about Death Titan’s words and, when he understood, he said “Ah!”


Darian laughed and said “Sorry, Death Titan, but he’s not used to how you speak.”


“Stupid,” the Death Titan said.


“Whatever! Anyway, so what if we’re King ranked? That doesn’t me we fight at our rank based skills!” Rumble said in a firm voice.


“Meaning?” the Death Titan asked.


“Well… Since we’re in a dungeon, if we fight to our fullest, we might cause the whole thing to collapse on us! We originally came here to rescue so causing dungeon destruction is the last thing we need!” Darian explained to him.


“I see. Understood. Even so. Full power. Holding back. Stupid idea,” the Death Titan told them.


“Right, right! Whatever you say, we’re only King ranked. We’re not like you Titans that can destroy a dungeon with a click of your finger!” Rumble said sarcastically.


At that moment, the black metallic boxes began shaking. They heard strange sounds of moans coming from inside it. Then the boxes were smashed apart as the Flesh Golem burst out of it.


“GRRRRR!!!” It roared and with its fists rose in the air.


“Damn! That’s things out of the box!” Rumble said and he instantly prepared himself for battle.


“So much for that happy thought the all-powerful Sage ranked technique, Death Coffin, would’ve killed it!” Darian said as he gripped his sword firmly and readied for battle.


The monster took tentative steps and glared at them fiercely before roaring and charging at him. While the two of them readied to fight it with all they got, the Death Titan merely stared at the monster with his gleaming red eyes.


“Weak! Very weak!” he suddenly said in a powerful voice.


He raised his hand up and said “Dark Lance!”


In an instant, a black metallic lance appeared and he gripped it with his hand made of bones. Then he took a position and launched the lance towards the monster. The lance flew through at great speed and struck the monster in the chest.


As the monster roared in pain, the lance dragged the monster back and nailed it against the wall. The monster struggled around while attempting to pull the lance out, but it was futile. Then nine more lances pierced through its body and nailed it hard against the wall.


“W-Wow…!” Rumble said in amazement as he watched the monster struggle to break free. Realising this was his chance to strike, he attempted to make his move, but the Death Titan spoke to him first.


“Stay. Mine.”


Rumble widened his eyes and said “Huh? You want us to stay here and that he’s your enemy now?”


Darian sighed and said “Rumble, you don’t have to say it when we get it!”


“Okay, okay,” Rumble said with a sigh.


They backed away and watched as the Death Titan moved forward. He slowly made his way towards the monster. It puzzled Rumble at how he seemed to glide across the ground as if he was gliding.


As the monster roared at him, he stared it through gleaming red eyes and said “Death by Destruction.”


In an instant, dark energy enveloped him and sent a wild wind everywhere. Then he began radiating in black aura as he stared at the monster which stopped roaring. It had a frightened expression on its face as if it knew something bad was going to happen.


The Death Titan then said “Imperial Funeral!”


In an instant, chains sprang out of the ground and pierced the monster’s body. The chains pierced through its body and wrapped around its legs, arms and head. Then they dragged the roaring monster out and held it firmly. The monster was trashing around wildly due to fear and pain.


The Death Titan stretched his bony hand out and seemed to hold the monster firmly. Then, as he closed his hand, he said “Finish.”


The moment he closed his hand, there was a rumbling noise as the earth shook. Then, black metallic boxes appeared from the ground and the top. Each of them had sharp spikes in each of the boxes as they surrounded the monster. Once all were lined up, they quickly moved towards each other and closed in on the monster.


The Flesh Golem let out an ear splitting roar before being closed in by the boxes. As the boxes closed, blood splattered out in large quantities. Then a black fire suddenly engulfed the black boxes until only a smoking ruin was left.


Darian and Rumble wore disgusted expressions at seeing the black metallic burnt to a crisp. The blood continued dripping around and caused them to feel a little sick in their stomachs.


“I’m actually glad those three are unconscious!” Rumble said and he indicated the unconscious forms of Marilia, Lakshman and Ondine.


“I agree! Just imagining the kind of trouble she would’ve put in through is painful!” Darian said with a slightly frightened expression on his face.


“Hey, Death Titan! What the heck is wrong with you?! Did you have to choose such a disgusting way of killing that monster?” Rumble said in an annoyed voice.


“No escape. No struggle. No fighting. Only option. Death barrage,” the Death Titan calmly said to him.


“That’s what you call death barrage? And what’s up with that naming sense?”




“That thing you called… Was it Imperial Funeral or something? You should change it immediately! It’s more like a Torture Funeral!”


The Death Titan just stared at him for a moment in silence. Then he softly said “My choice.”


“Fine, fine! Have it your way!” Rumble said quickly because he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.


Rumble was speaking to the fifth strongest member of the Nine Pillars of Power. While the Death Titan does seem to be good natured and well mannered, it still is not advisable to argue with such a being. One wrong step and Rumble realised he could be in serious trouble.


Darian understood what Rumble was thinking and decided to move the topic on.


“Anyway, we need to set those adventurers free! Otherwise, their friend won’t be happy with us,” he said to them with a smile.


“Alright!” Rumble said and he moved towards the ball the adventurers were trapped in.

Darian headed over to Marilia, Lakshman and Ondine. They did not seem to be waking up and he sighed heavily. Meanwhile, Rumble was attempting to break the ball free, but it was not working.


“Hey! This thing isn’t opening! Help me out here!” he said in requesting their help.


“Okay. I’m coming!” Darian called back and he rose to go over to him.


At that moment, the Death Titan said “Free later. Escape first.”


“Huh? Why escape first and then free later?” Rumble asked with a puzzled expression on his face.


The Death Titan slowly lifted his right hand and, pointing at the ceiling, he said “Cracking.”


“What?!” Darian and Rumble exclaimed in shock and quickly looked up.


When they looked up, they saw the ceiling beginning to crack. That’s when they realised they were in serious trouble.


“Oh god, oh god, oh god!” Rumble exclaimed in shock. Turning to the Death Titan, he demanded to know “Why the hell is the ceiling cracking?!”


The Death Titan looked at them for a moment. Then he looked to the spot the monster was killed. In a strong voice he said “Overboard.”


“Damn you!” he shouted and the ceiling began coming down.


“Rumble, grab those three and get ready while I get these people! We’ll get out of here in a dash!” Darian shouted as the ceiling began calling on top of them.


“Got it!” Rumble shouted and he hurried over to them.


The two of them grabbed their people and began heading towards the Return Magic Circle, which was the green glowing magic circle. Just as they were almost there, the pieces of the rubble fell down and blocked their path, causing them to get trapped without a way out.


“No… No…! No…! No! Goddammit!” Rumble shouted as the entire dungeon fell on top of them.


Outside, people were shouting and yelling as they watched the Monster Dungeon suddenly collapse. Earlier, they had seen several people enter, but no one returned. So they feared for the lives of the people that are trapped within the collapsed dungeon.


“Oh no! How are they going to escape?!” Someone exclaimed in a worried voice.


Lots of others were also thinking the same thing. Then they felt the ground shaking and realised something was going to happen. Fearing for their lives, they ran away from the collapsed Monster Dungeon just in time.




The dungeon erupted upward and a monstrous roar could be heard. The next moment, a black dragon burst out of the cloud with people riding on it. The people were shouting as they pointed at the black dragon soaring overhead.


“A dragon?! You summoned a frigging dragon?!” Rumble yelled as he held onto the scaly body of the dragon.


“No time. Easy escape,” the Death Titan said coolly.


“Easy escape, my head! Thanks to your stupidity, we just collapsed an entire Monster Dungeon!” Rumble yelled into the air as the dragon soared through the sky.


Just like that, they saved the people trapped in the dungeon while destroying it at the same time. In history, that marked the first time anyone did something as crazy as destroying a Monster Dungeon.


“It’s not my fault!” Rumble was yelling from the back of the dragon as it slowly soared towards the ground.


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