Phoenix Rising – Author POV

Hello people. How is everyone today? That’s good if you are doing well and 🙁 if you’re not feeling that great!


So, what about me? How am I doing? I’m doing okay. Finished writing chapter 112 and I decided to make this post! 🙂



I decided to open up word andstart typing. What am I typing? My thoughts! Basically what I’ve been thinking, planning and so on. Some of these do contains spoilers, but I’ll tell you when I get there. I really don’t want people closing their browser/tab just because they hate me or expect reprimanding and such! I’m a teacher so I will sound as if I’m scolding people because of their childish behaviour!


Phoenix Rising. The title is not something I came up with. It was something my friend thought up and I’m using it presently. In the future, I have some plans to change it, but for now it’ll have to wait. Originally, it was an unnamed project I’ve been working since 2011. Yes, I’ve written it a few times back then, but gave up. My university/college tasks, assignments and exams were stressful to allow story writing as part of it!


So the story came together after I wrotealmost 10 scratchy stories. I’ve dumped them all because I didn’t like them due to how badly I wrote back then. 2009 was the year my story writing skills were beginning to develop and in 2010 I went to full story writing mode! Even then I sucked hard and everything I write tended to be strange and weird! They are good to laugh at and feel better over, but I personally didn’t like how sad my writing skills were!


When it was an unnamed story, I added plenty of ideas to it. The fact is, it’s supposed to have ended at chapter 100 with a different plot altogether! Then I did a complete dump and began again from scratch! Due to that, the story increased exponentially to the point that I had headaches for several days due to how much I was thinking and imagining! The sheer immensity of the world, characters, development and action was simply amazing!


Will I tell you the story? NO!!! Go read from chapter 1 and find out for yourselves! That’s what I’ve done for every single story I’ve taken a liking to. If you check on MyAnimeList and search the user “vertrex”, you’ll see the list of animes and mangas I watch and read. Just so you know, I found all the stories on my own like everything I did in my life, all alone. I never read reviews about anime or manga since I know it’s a “personal” viewpoint and it can vary. So I always take the plunge and am almost always right in anime and manga at how good/bad they are.


Coming back to Phoenix Rising… There are people that find it hard to get started on it. Why? It’s because I had elements from a story named Mushoku Tensei. I’ll state it right now that I love that story very much, but I’m not despicable enough to be a “copy and paste” thief and then post them as if it’s my own! I’ll repeat it as many times as I want, I don’t care! So I’ll say it to those guys that are angry/mad/hate me for it: I did not base my story off Mushoku Tensei, but it happened to be similar coincidentally from the start!


I’ve dropped 23 stories so far. No joke! 23 stories and all because they had elements similar to Naruto, Bleach, The World God Only Knows and stuff like that. The Bleach one came as a shock because there was something I thought of which was cool, it got aired in the anime and it blew my mind! It angered me whenever I had to throw it out, but I wasn’t angry at the makr of those stories! I’mangry at myself for not being original enough…!


Then Phoenix Rising… Mushoku Tensei stumped me big time! It took me a whole month to decide whether I should write Phoenix Rising or not. It tormented me to the point that I just couldn’t take it peacefully! I had planned the first 100 chapters for Phoenix Rising and it was alwaysdeveloping. Then I read Mushoku Tensei, which actually motivated me into deciding to write it, eventually bombed it! I seriously considered dropping it, but it also felt like I’m cutting myself with a sharp blade because Phoenix Rising is that precious to me!


I then asked my friend for advice because he is good like that. He told me It’s only the first few chapters that are recurring and trying to be original is a tall task, especially for someone as crazy as you!” He said that to me and I laughed, but it made sense. I’ve already planned the first 100 chapters and I didn’t want to drop it because of that.


Phoenix Rising was already a fantasy story before I read Mushoku Tensei because of how much I like that setting! The only elements I took from Mushoku Tensei are the character “Roxy” and how it started because I liked it, but the fans disapproved it very much. So I spent my work hours (got in trouble later) rewriting the first 6 chapters to change some elements to make it a little more readable. Even now, I still see haters and loathers which I was prepared for when I wrote thefirst 89 chapters! In fact, none of you would’ve known this story was being developed until someone, liking my stuff, posted it on Reddit!


So yeah. I’ve changed Roxy character completely; her appearance, behaviour and actions. I literally replaced her with someone else that suited that “teacher” role. Now to make it clear! I did not take anything else from Mushoku Tensei! Not the ranks, not the sword styles and certainly not the Nine Pillars of Power! The mother role is similar to my real mother; kind, loving, caring, strict and sincere! The father role has the personality similar to that of my best friend and I wanted it in there even if I can’t have him in the actual story. Additionally, that village boy is not “Sylphy” which I was taken aback when I saw people comparing to them…! As for Ondine… She is not Eris. I actually dislike Eris because of how much of a “tomboy” she is! Ondine is similar, yes, but she also shows the emotions of a maiden! So, people! Stop comparing the characters because it’s seriously annoying me!


Originally, the story was to be written in first person, but I couldn’t do it! For some reason, I lacked the necessary content to write in first person! So everything was developed gradually until the story had an overwhelming plot! The twists and turns are too great to detail! All I can say is it’ll take me an estimated chapters from 600 to 900! That’s not all! I’m already planning its sequel once I’m done writing it because I like this story that much! The sequel will take place several hundreds of years after the story ends!


The negative comments and rude comparison between Phoenix Rising and Mushoku Tensei has affected me in a way that’s painful! I used to read the parts where Rudy and Syplhy marry, when he saves Roxy from the dungeon monsters and Eris coming to his rescue in his mad battle against Orstead! Now…! I just can’t bring myself to read it anymore and it’s upsetting!. I completely blame myself because of how stupid I am to take those comments to heart, but I just can’t help it! I’ve spent the last two years slowly developing this story and the 900chapters and planning for its sequel and people rudely compare! They are even comparing the characters and power ranks with Mushoku Tensei! I just… can’t… (literally feels like crying).


I’m not obliged to do anything or show anything to you all, but I’ll do it! Now because I’m a show off or anything! I’m not sick and tired or having to read comments that just make my heart sink into the gutter!


Right now, everything to do with my story, all the plans and stuff, are saved in on my OneNote! Here are some of the screen shots, without spoilers, to show you my work effort! The arrows indicate that there is more content in that direction, but not taken in the screenshots.


phoenix_rising_pov-terminology_folders phoenix_rising_pov-terminology_tree



Even the plot, that’s supposed to come in around200-300 chapters, I’ve already planned ahead! Why would I bother drawing them up in the first place? Is it because I’m not being original or is it just that I just suck completely?!





Even the races I went to great lengths to detail them out!



Even the skills I’ve gone to great lengths to try and be original with each of the techniques!





So, yes! I’m being a complete copycat! Yes, I’m being a retard that does nothing, but “copy and paste” and takes theachievements of original authors for myself! Yes, I’m a freaking fool to think that a story of this magnitude will actually make sense to readers! (I says all this sarcastically!)


What a load of bull****! Complaining about 6-10 chapters when there are over 100 chapters worth of originality that’s worth reading!


This story and it’s world is MASSIVE! It’s GIGANTIC! Even the map, which I’ve drawn not to scale, needs to be drawn again because it just won’t fit! I just drew it, in the middle of work so that my readers have some ideas on what it would look like!



Now, if you got doubts or any “serious” questions, I’ll reply. If your questions are stupid, I won’t even bother! Not because I don’t have the patience to make you understand. It’s because I’m at my wits end trying to convincepeople to think of this as something else and stop from trying to compare these two stories and two worlds that just don’t mix!


Many people suggested I drop this story and be more “original”, but I’m sorry. I’ve planned too much to drop it right now! So I’ll be continuing to write more chapters for this amazing story, continuing from chapter 112. Next chapter is 113 which I hope to do tomorrow along with 114 if possible, but I have my other story to write as well. Man o man! Busy schedule as usual for me! 🙂


I’m sorry if I sounded rude, but this is what I’ve been thinking for the past three months! People are complaining that I’m a “copycat” or “copy and paste as if Mushoku Tensei is mine own”. Those people are lucky they are not here because I would seriously slap them across the face! That’s how angry I am at being called a liar! So I hope you don’t take offense and I apologize again if I ever hurt anyone with this, but I wanted people to know how I’m feeling.


So if you have any question to ask me, go right ahead. Feel free to comment here and I’ll get back to you soon! 🙂


  1. Xenon

    Hello there!
    I think its good that you made a POV from your view. It makes people coinsider how it is from your view too. Im still kinda proud to belive you from the beginning that this IS your story and not some “copy-cat” story.

    Even if people critize you over and over. I belive that you should be doing what you like to do (which i hope you are doing).

    1. Post
  2. Ingro

    First of all I’ve been following your story for quite a while and have been enjoying it. I really hope you don’t drop it as I’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

    That said I do remember when I first started reading it I almost dropped it because it felt like I was reading the start of Mushoku Tensei again. Fortunately I read enough chapters to start seeing that it was an original story before I made the final decision about dropping it. I hope with the changes that you made that this dynamics isn’t present for future readers.

    1. Post
      Vijay Kakani

      Good and no, I won’t be dropping it. Like I said in my post, this there too much to lose to give up on it! 😉

      Yes, it shouldn’t be, hopefully 🙂

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