Phoenix Rising – Chapter 113

Addition of Death



Afterwards, the dragon landed and everyone got off mercifully. Darian thanked the Death Titan for saving them, but Rumble was extremely furious with him. He walked up to him and began tell him off while Darian tried to calm him down.


The Death Titan soon became unable to take any more of Rumble’s talk. So he nicely tapped Rumble under the chin. The next second, Rumble was thrown into the air and he disappeared.


“W-Wow!” the people exclaimed in shock at seeing him disappear into the sky.


“Oh god!” Darian yelled in shock at seeing his friend disappear. He quickly turned to the Death Titan and asked “Um…! Will he come back down?”


“Eventually. Where? Not sure,” the Death Titan said and Darian stared at him in utter disbelief.


Everyone, in town, was showed to find out the cloaked figure was actually the Death Titan. Hey could not believe it at first, but when he used “Death by Destruction”, they had no choice.


Soon, everyone unconscious in the Monster Dungeon began waking up. Everyone, including their friend, was relieved to see the adventurers were alive and well. They were truly grateful to the Death Titan and the rest of the group for their effort.


The people wanted to share some of the Dungeon Treasure amount to them. That was when they found out about the collapse of the Monster Dungeon. They were devastated because they no longer had any way of getting stronger or earning their income in that town anymore.


“No treasure means no money and that means no food or income…!”


Seeing their despair, the Death Titan shook his head, stretched his bony hand out and said “Summon Treasure Vault!”


In an instant, a sudden burst of light appeared. Then the light slowly disappeared and, in its place, was the treasure of the Monster Dungeon. Mounds and mounds of gold, bottles, crystals and many more littered the ground.


The towns’ people were speechless. They could not believe their eyes at seeing all the Dungeon Treasure suddenly materialise in front of them. Some tentatively checked if it was real and then the celebrations began. All of them thanked the Death Titan, but he just said “Pleasure.”


As they were celebrating, Darian looked on in amazement. He was amazed at the fact that all it took the Death Titan a simply spell to summon all the treasure from the vault.


Wondering whether he could have done that from the beginning, he asked “Couldn’t you have summoned all this without having to enter?”


To his surprise, the Death Titan shook his head and said “Barrier Block. Insufficient power.”


“Barrier Block?” Darian said in total disbelief.


He knew that was a Titan ranked Barrier Spell, but he did not expect it to be so powerful that not even a member of Nine Pillars of Power could break it. While he was thinking about it, Marilia, Lakshman and Ondine stirred.


“Wow!” they exclaimed in shock at seeing daylight and being surrounded by cheerful crowd.


Darian explained to them what happened after they were knocked out. They were amazed to find out that the Death Titan came to their rescue. It amazed them because he was a man that hardly did any saving except go to people that will be dying soon.


When he was asking about it, the Death Titan said “Strong fate. Must save.”


“So you’ll only save people with strong fate eh?” Marilia said in an impressed voice.


“Only. Cannot others,” the Death Titan told her with a nod of his head.


“Mmm… You don’t look that powerful to me, but oh well. By the way, where’s Rumble?”


Just as she asked, they heard something strange. As it became louder, they realised it was the scream of someone in terror. Realising that it was coming from above, they looked up and saw a figure coming down at incredible speed.


“About time. Summon cushions!” the Death Titan said and he summoned lots of cushions around the spot the man was falling.


Rumble landed on the crushed, bounced around and fell flat on his face. He lay still for a moment before gradually lifting turning around with a groan.


“Rumble!” they exclaimed and they rushed to his side.


“What happened?!” Marilia asked in a worried voice.


Rumble feebly told them the Death Titan flicked him into the air. When Marilia looked angrily at the Death Titan, Darian quickly explained why he had to do it. Realising the fault was on Rumble’s side, she whacked him across the face and he winced in pain.


“You big idiot!”


While they were talking to each other, Lakshman and the Death Titan looked at each other. In the past, Lakshman had a run-in with him and the encounter did not end well for him. So he was worried what the Death Titan might pull on him this time.


That evening, everyone in town was celebrating for a victorious return and a great accumulation of the Dungeon Treasure. They were singing, dancing and drinking alcohol while having fun. It was a great scene to watch, but Lakshman and the Death Titan were not there to see it.


Lakshman, along with Tetra, were sitting at a secluded spot when the Death Titan appeared. They greeted each other normally and sat back down while saying nothing. For a while, they just watched the celebrations in the distance.


Then the silence was broken when the Death Titan said “Distressed?”


Lakshman knew exactly what the Death Titan meant and hesitated for a moment. Tetra, sitting by his side, nudged him and he drew courage from her presence and began speaking.


“I-I’m really sorry about last time! Attacking you all of a sudden was very rude of me!”


“Forgiven,” the Death Titan said coolly.


“Yes and also about that thing you told me before I collapsed…”


“You have changed. Feeling better. Less reckless. Good.”


Lakshman was pleased to hear the satisfaction from the Death Titan’s voice. He was worried the next time they met, Lakshman would be in serious trouble. So being told that he was improving helped him ease up a little.


“Still to improve. Not bad. Get serious. You train. I push,” the Death Titan suddenly said in a serious voice.


“Wait, what? Are you saying you’ll train me now?” Lakshman asked in surprise.


“Short time. You travelling. I join.”


“So you’ll train me by joining us in our journey ah…?” Lakshman said and sighed.


Lakshman knew he had more training to do, but to be trained directly under the Death Titan made him feel a little unease. He had tough time training when his father, Indra, pushed him to go beyond his limits and then Darian’s tough training felt very draining.


“Don’t worry. Slow to tough. Easy to hard,” the Death Titan said as if he knew exactly what Lakshman was thinking.


“That’s good,” Lakshman said and he smiled.


He did not know whether the Death Titan smiled or not. The mask he wore over his face had a smile, but that did not indicate anything. Rather, it gave Lakshman a feeling of nervousness whenever he stared at his face which had gleaming red eyes.


“Something wrong?” the Death Titan asked when Lakshman was staring at him.


“Ah…! No… I-I was just thinking… Why do you use short words? Can’t you speak in regular sentences?” Lakshman asked him curiously because that was also something he had wanted to ask for a while.


“No. Sentence hard. Easy short. Less effort.”


Lakshman’s eyes shot up in disbelief as he said “You’re speaking in short words because it’s too much effort?! Unbelievable!”


He did not know whether to laugh or not, but decided to remain composed. There was one thing that he thought about and that was the Death Titan being a very strange person.


The next morning, the Death Titan informed them that he will be joining them in their journey. Rumble and Marilia instantly made their disapproval known while Ondine was suspicious of him. Only Darian welcomed him with a heart smile on his face.


“Why are you welcoming him?!” Marilia asked him angrily.


“Don’t you know who he is?!” Rumble asked heatedly.


Darian smiled cheerfully and said “Relax! He won’t do anything to us! Besides, he’s a Death Titan! Now we have a better chance of saving Felix than ever before!”


That was true, but they did not like it very much. When they got into the carriage, those two did not enter. Instead, they sat outside while throwing nervous glances towards him.


The Death Titan sat down calmly and said nothing as the carriage left town. They travelled for some time in silence before Ondine decided to break it.


“Um… Excuse me Death Titan, but can I ask to know your real name please?”


When he turned his head to look at her though his mask, she quickly said “It’s just that calling you by your title or something like ‘Death’ feels wrong. So I’m wondering if it’s possible to know your real name…”


The Death Titan looked at her for a moment in silence. Then he nodded his head and said “Very well. Sevedant. My name. Okay?”


“Ah! Sevedant is it? Well, my name’s Ondine and I’m master’s Slave Spirit! Nice to meet you!” Ondine said cheerfully when she realised he will not do anything to harm them.


“Glad,” Sevedant said with a nod of his head.


“We’re not!” Rumble and Marilia mumbled in unison and Darian laughed.


Just like that, the mighty Death Titan joined the group as they head towards the Floria region to help and rescue Felix, the Phoenix Emperor.


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    Okay i’m loving the chapter names… And death doesn’t seem so bad outside of being the messanger n all the gorry spells…

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    Lmao Death Titan flicked Rumble up in the air. I bet that was one unforgettable trip up in the air for Rumble. xD

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