Phoenix Rising – Afterward #4

Well, well, well! So we finally get to see that Lakshman Chand was indeed destined to be the Phoenix Titan! That’s great! Felix’s also back in the spotlight and cured of that corruption which is good!



Hello my fellow readers! It’s me, the author of this amazing story, Vijay Kakani!


We have crossed yet another milestone in this wonderful action filled adventurous world! That is to say, this brings the Arc 06 to an end! The fiery rage of the Phoenix will burn bright and bring forth yet another Arc! This time Arc 07 will take up the stage soon!


The character interaction has gotten really good and Lakshman has begun to do even better! Thank you Decisive Player for making him realise the obvious about girls love! Still, being thirteen means he cannot come to terms with it fully just yet, but it’s alright since he’s come to terms with it now.


A new character made her appearance and that’s Emilia Serabell! A hybrid with a Serprad Demon father and Human mother. She has a tendency to be a bit pushy when it comes to the people she likes, but most of the time she is nice and simple. She is also afraid of Sevedant because of being the Death Titan. It also didn’t help when he went and used Death by Destruction on her.


Felix returned after a long absence which is great! Time for the Phoenix Emperor to show his stuff! Let’s see what kind of training that he and the Death Titan will make Lakshman do. Whatever it will be, it will be a bit different, but intense like the thousand times gravity!


Additionally, who the heck is that freak show Zenahart? He attacks anything and anyone on sight without care! Then again, whose was that voice that keeps calling him back? What’s this mission him and his comrades working towards that requires souls of people? So much mystery!


On that note, the story actually entered the growing stage! It also was the stage where I, the author, had to modify the plot. There were some diversions and unexpected turns within the plot, forcing me to modify the story route. In the end, we’ve finally reached this far!


Now what to expect in Arc 07? Lots! First Felix and Death Titan’s intense training for Lakshman. Then the Battle of Prematria tournament! Meanwhile, villains make their appearance and finally the Demon Emperor arrives! Wrapping it all up in an intense battle! All awaiting in Arc 07 that you don’t want to miss!


Until next time that you read Phoenix Rising, make sure to stay healthy and be sure to eat lots of vegetables. Drinks lots of water so you stay hydrated throughout summer!


Till Phoenix rises again!


  1. Mironsan

    I’m enjoying this so very much. I’ve become hooked to point that every few hours I have to stalk your site with great hopes of a new chapter.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how he improves , and of course completely wrecks face in the future fights to come.

    Small question, What is his current rank in things. I understand he’s going become a titan but at this point in time it’s more or less a title. With him learning a new sword style and new spells/ ways to cast said spells all combined with crazy training clearly he should be an insane rank many things.

    Anyways thanks for the wonder story keep up the great work.

    1. Post
      Vijay Kakani

      Ah! Well the chapters somehow ended up getting bigger with me taking up more than 2000 words to write. So I feel pretty burnt out after reaching the end of a chapter.

      My quota is to aim for 2-3 chapters per day is possible! Sometimes, being busy with other things, I only end up releasing one chapter per day.

      Always! 😀

      Thanks for following and I hope you won’t be disappointed! 😉

      Okay. Here’s the list:

      N/A (not yet, but we know what he’ll become)

      Magic Ranks
      ◊ Water Sage Magician
      ◊ Earth Saint Magician
      ◊ Fire Sage Magician
      ◊ Wind Saint Magician

      ◊ Healing Saint Magician
      ◊ Advanced Gravity Magician

      Weapon Ranks
      ◊ Water Sword Sage
      ◊ North Sword Saint

      Energy Type
      Red – Power
      Gold – Justice

      1. Mironsan

        According to chapter 98, He should have the title of ‘Fighting King’. Or does that not count since it was one of the seals breaking?

        Also good to see he is almost king rank in a few areas.

        And poor gravity magic lagging behind, I assume the only way he trains it is via the gravity rings?

        1. Post
          Vijay Kakani

          Yes. That title is something the people call, but not his official title.

          He’ll catch up very soon! 😉

          He’s just started to get the grasp of Gravity Magic Spells while using Gravity Rings for training.

          1. Mironsan


            With the return of Felix and comp. will we in the future potentially see the return of sumara (improved or not) it’d be awesome if the group got more magic users. Haha well mainly just more potential people for his harem. 😉

          2. Post

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