Phoenix Rising – Chapter 154

Testing & Exercising




“So how will I be training, Felix?” Lakshman asked curiously a while later.


He, Felix and Sevedant were standing inside a circular walls. Raised platforms were erected outside the circled area. Darian, Rumble, Wonfelstine, Marilia, Ondine, Tetra and Emilia. Sevedant had called for that construction due to the training that Lakshman will be doing.


“Before we start your training, I first need to know how strong you are,” Felix told him and Sevedant nodded from behind him.


“Okay… How will you find that out? By smashing things or something?” Lakshman asked curiously.


Felix shook his head and stretched his right hand out. Then he smiled and said “Just use your full power and punch me.”


Lakshman blinked in surprise and asked “P-Punch you?”


Sevedant sighed from behind and said “Really? Wanting to be punched? You desperate?”


“What?! No! I meant, punch my hand with your full strength!” Felix said irritably.


“Oh! Punch the hand… Mmm…” Lakshman said and looked hesitant.


“What’s the matter, Lucky?”


“Is it alright to punch you? I mean… I could hurt you…”


Felix suddenly laughed and said “No need to worry! I might be recovering, but that’s still not enough to knock me down! So go ahead and do it!”


“If you say so!” Lakshman said as he resigned to the task he was given.


He walked forward and stopped until he was a meter away from Lakshman. Then he took on a fighting position and drew his right arm back with his fist clenched. There was a moment of silence in which Felix and Lakshman looked at each other.


“AAAAAAAHH!!” Lakshman screamed and he brought his fist forward with a powerful force.


He unleashed his fist straight towards Felix’s open palm. Upon contact, Felix closed his grip on Lakshman’s hand. Then a powerful shockwave was sent everywhere. The spectators got buffeted by the shocking wind.


“Wow! That’s powerful!” Ondine said and she looked amazed.


“Amazing! Master’s really good!” Emilia said with a happy expression on her face.


While the two of them cheered, the rest of them did not join in. Darian and Rumble were looking with narrowed eyes with serious expressions on their faces. It seemed that show of power did not impress them.


Once everything settled, the attention was back to the Felix and Lakshman. Lakshman had his arm out towards Lakshman while Felix had grabbed it with his hand. Felix had closed his eyes to keep out of the dust that might have risen due to the shocking power.


Felix then smiled and said “Good! Very good! I see that you’ve been training really hard in this past one year!”


“Uh… It hasn’t been a year yet, Felix,” Lakshman said lightly.


“Really? Wow! You got this strong in such a short amount of time? That’s really amazing! It also firmly points out your capability to become the Phoenix Titan!”


Hearing those praises, Lakshman smiled in embarrassment. Through these months, he had trained with Darian and Rumble in improving his Sword Styles and Fighting Styles. On top of that, the intense thousand times gravity training, forced by Sevedant, worked in his favour.


Felix looked at him smiling in embarrassment. Then his smile widened and he said “But not good enough!”


“Eh?” Lakshman said in surprise.


Next moment, Felix gripped Lakshman’s fight tightly and lifted his arm up. In an instant, he lifted Lakshman into the air and swung his arm over his shoulder and smashed him onto the ground. Then he let his arm go and turned to smile as Lakshman lay there, dazed from the sudden impact.


Lakshman had felt himself being lifted into the air before landing on his back on the ground. He looked up as Felix let go of his fist and it fell limply behind him.


“Ah… Uh… Huh…? Wha…? W-What just happened?” Lakshman asked slowly while groaning from the impact.


“You’ve got quite a bit of working to do! You need to improve both your strength and your reaction speed! You didn’t react when I lifted you into the air before smashing you back down!” Felix said with a wide grin on his face.


“Ah… I see…” Lakshman said before sighing.


Felix extended his hand out. Grabbing it, Lakshman got pulled up to his feet. His back ached a little from the powerful impact, but he was fine.


“If you want to see true power, stand back while I and Sev demonstrate to you,” Felix told him.


“True power? So the kind of power I need to reach?” Lakshman asked eagerly and Felix nodded with a smile on his face.


Then he turned around and said “Sev! You’re up!”


“Bothersome…! Death Titan. Power of Death. For demonstration…!” Sevedant grumbled as Lakshman moved away and he stepped forward.


“What’s this? Don’t tell me you’ve gone soft in these times of peace?” Felix asked before laughing.


Sevedant’s eyes flashed red and he said “Very well…! You want demonstration? Demonstration, it is!”


“Now that’s more like it, Sev!” Felix said as he and Sevedant stood evenly.


“Yes. By the way… It’s Sevedant! Not Sev!”


“So what? You like to shotten sentences! So it’s only appropriate I shorten your name!” Felix said and he winked at him.


Sevedant sighed and they squared off. They just stood there staring at each other in a relaxed manner. Felix was smiling at Sevedant while Sevedan’t face and expression was hidden by the mask he wore.


Lakshman stood away from them and watched eagerly. This will be a clash between the Phoenix Emperor and the Death Titan. He wanted to see the kind of power these two will unleash.


Everything and everyone had gone quiet. There was no presence of the wind where Felix and Sevedant stood staring at each other. Out of nervousness, Lakshman moved his foot a little and it hit a stray rock.


Both Felix’s and Sevedant’s eyes flashed in an instant. In an instant, both moved from their relaxed positions into battle positions so quickly, it was like a flash movement. Then they brought their fist words each other while screaming high.






Their fists collided in the centre and a powerful shockwave was sent everywhere. The unleashed force was so strong, Lakshman was lifted off his feet and he flew until he smashed into the perimeter wall. The crazy wind, that got unleashed, blew madly and buffeted everyone.


“Oh my god! What power!” Ondine exclaimed and they desperately held onto the seats to stop themselves from being blown away by the strong wind.


Darian and Rumble quickly moved to the front seats and began destroying the stray rocks and pebbles that soared at the girls. Due to their strength, they stood their ground against the wave of wind. Wolfenstine was still seated without budging, but his eyes wide with shocked disbelief.


Then the wind settled down and the dust slowly cleared. Once everything was settled, they saw Felix and Sevedant pushing their fists against each other.


Lakshman slowly sat up and looked towards the platform where the two warriors were. His eyes widened in shock by what he saw Felix and Sevedant were tried to push forward with their fists while violent sparks kept bursting out.


Feeling like it was enough, the two separated and shook their hands.


“You’re still as strong as when he fought five years ago!” Felix said while he grinned at Sevedant.


“You strong. Corruption weaken. Still good!” Sevedant told him while he waved his skeleton hand.


Then the two suddenly started laughing. Lakshman watched the two of them with a shocked expression on his face. He could not believe that was the true power unleashed by the clash between Phoenix Emperor and Death Titan.


Just then, Felix turned to them and said “Oh yeah! That was only ten-percent of our full power!”


“What?! That was only ten-percent?!” Lakshman, Ondine and Emilia exclaimed in shocked voices.


Felix grinned at them and said “Well…! We thought you guys might get destroyed if we went all out! So we just decided to use only ten-percent of our full power!”


As he grinned at them, Lakshman had widened his eyes. The power he had so far was incomparable to the power those two possessed. He stood a hasty step back and bumped into the perimeter wall. To his shock, the perimeter suddenly fell back and crashed all around.


“Oops! We knocked the perimeter wall with just that much? Maybe we should’ve taken it a little lower? What do you think, Sev?”


Sevedant just shook his head and sighed as if he found Felix’s behaviour to be troublesome. That was when Lakshman plucked up courage and moved forward.


“Y-You mean you planned this out telepathically?” Lakshman asked and the two nodded at him.


“Focus your mind and use the Telepathy Magic Spell to whoever you wish to talk to. Works all the times, unless you are they are separated by a powerful barrier!” Felix explained to him.


“Wow…! I wonder if I can master it!”


“It’s not an easy spell. It requires a lot of concentration of mind, application of Magic Force and execution of Energy Force. I think you remember me telling you this a long time ago.”


“Yes! In fact, I’ve been able to do the magic spells using the Voiceless Incantations!” Lakshman said excitedly.


“Really? Well then! I think a demonstration is an order! I still want to see what else you can do right now! So show me what you got!”


“Right!” Lakshman said excitedly.


He began demonstrating by destroying strong wall that Sevedant call forth with commands. Lakshman finally got chance to use magic after three weeks of continuous training. His magic was also ranked for each of the magic types he used.


Magic Style Technique Name Magic Rank
Water Magic Style Water Cannon Sage (Water Sage Magician)
Fire Magic Style Flash Cannon Sage (Fire Sage Magician)
Earth Magic Style Stone Blaster Saint (Earth Saint Magician)
Wind Magic Style Jet Lance Sage (Wind Sage Magician)
Healing Magic Style Healing Force Sage (Healing Sage Magician) 
Barrier Magic Style Force Reaction Sage (Barrier Sage Magician)
Gravity Magic Style Heavy Impulse Advanced (Advanced Gravity Magician)


After seeing the results, Lakshman felt a little lacking. Those were the most powerful spells that he could use. Felix, however, was impressed and told him to not give up.


“It’s time you start training your magic as well to use higher ranked magic spells like Electron Cannon, Earth Buster, Hydro Flash Cannon and Inferno Blaze! Those are King ranked Magic Spells which I know you can reach with strong effort and determination!” Felix had told him bracingly.


Lakshman had a disappointed expressions on his face, but he began to smile. Hearing that he could reach the King rank by mastering them made him happy. He prepared to improve his magic skills, fighting techniques and raise his swordsman skills as far as he possibly could in one week.


Thus, Lakshman’s training began under the professional eyes of Felix and Sevedant as they pushed him to reach the King rank.


  1. mironsan

    Was Felix infected with the corruption when he first appeared or was it a more recent thing?
    I can’t remember the limits on the telepathy but is only a one sided mastery or do both parties need to master it to speak.
    Lucky talks Ondine but she can’t respond or Lucky starts the connection and it works both ways.

    as for the comment thread on the previous chapter. Ya the math thing is like an anti spam/bot catcher.

    and about the sword yea all good points.

    1. Post
      Vijay Kakani

      Felix got affected by the corruption some time after leaving the village Lucky lived at. That was at the end of Arc 02.

      Well… If you look at chapter 3 (Arc 01), it shows Sumara using Telepathy on Lakshman (her ability). As it turned out, Telepathy is like a connection created by one person which is used like a two-way-feed.

      Think of it like skype or internet calls. Both have the same software and the call must be issued by one person and accepted by another. That way both can talk and all, but again you should know this.

      So, if you take that into account, apply the same concept to Telepathy. Both have minds and one person needs to issue the connection by activating the spell and whom to speak to. Once the connection is established, that turns into two way.

      On the other hand, that also depends on the magic spell used. So far, Lucky and Tetra spoke through mind using Telepathy, but they are connected by the Contract Seal binding them together. However, the same cannot occur because there is only the control, but no telepathy connection between Lucky and Ondine.

      Heh. Stupid software sure has bugs and glitches.


  2. mironsan

    I understand lucky is busy handling many things, is it possible in the future via letter or something we could get an update on his family at home. I grow more curious as to what sibling he will have waiting back at home for him to return too. I’m trying my best to not ask for spoilers but some things just bother you to the point of asking and since he has been gone from home for many months it seemed ok to inquire.

    1. Post
      Vijay Kakani

      Mmm… Yes. Somewhere, along this arc, something like that is going to happen. I won’t say when, but just be patient 🙂

  3. brandon kelley

    This an awesome read the only problem I have is when lucky keeps restating what someone tells him and all the “eh” it get really frustrating to read.

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