Phoenix Rising – Chapter 156

Power Surge



An hour later, Darian, Ondine, Marilia and Emilia returned from their training. All four of them looked really tired with sweat covering their face and bodies. Whatever training they did was indeed proved to be really exercising for their bodies.


“I haven’t had to move around like that in a while!” Darian declared in tired voice.


“Really? I think that naturally happens when you just train your body and never exercising it to the fullest!” Marilia told him sternly.


Darian sighed and said “Give me a break. I’ve fought more than sixty years’ worth of battles! Can’t I at least take it easy for now?”


“You want to take it easy in this world filled with chaos? I think your brain needs some attention. Maybe I need to add in more protein and iron in your meals from now on!”


“No! That’ll make the food disgusting!”


“Don’t worry! I’m the one who’ll be coking so you should be completely fine.”


“No, no, no! If I eat any more of that stuff, I’ll start getting fat! Warriors shouldn’t be fat!”


“Eh? Wouldn’t that give you a better appearance? Maybe going back into your Saver Mode might will take care of the burning of fat?”


“No and Saver Mode isn’t designed to be used that way!”


While listening to them, Ondine and Emilia walked behind them. Watching the comedy scene between husband and wife, the girls could not help, but chuckle. Hearing the sounds, Darian and Marilia looked over their shoulders at them.


“What’s so funny?” Darian asked them.


“Not exactly funny, but I’m finding the two of you arguing like that is amusing!” Ondine said and Emilia nodded her head with a smile.


Darian raised an eyebrow and said “Oh really? I don’t think you girls have room to comment about us.”


“Eh? Why?” Emilia asked curiously.


“Well…! For one thing, Ondine and Tetra used to argue a lot more and it’s over stupid stuff! Their argument got out of hand, one of had to break it up before it ended up turning into a battle!”


Ondine looked flustered and quickly said “T-That’s all in the past now!”


“Yes… Thank goodness it was in past! If it happened again, I don’t think I have the patience to deal with it! I’ll just knock you out with a single swing!”


With that, he lightly tapped his the hilt of his sword. Marilia nudged him and said “Stop that! You’re sounding more like an evil villain.”


“Do I? I suppose I do, but their arguing over ridiculous stuff like how to gain the affection of their master and who has a bigger rack and stuff…!” Darian said in a dull voice.


At his words, Ondine became even more flustered and Emilia looked at her in surprise.


“Seriously! I don’t get why girls worry about peculiar things!”


At his words, Marilia laughed and said “Girls have their things, but boys have no business in there to stick their noses in. If you do, I’m sure you’ll be able to breathe more easily when your nose gets chopped off!”


“I see…” Darian said and became silent.


He realised Marilia had a dangerous look in her eye. It seemed he was going on to speak about things he should not be talking about. So he decided to be silent and meet up with others quickly.


As they arrived at the Gravity Chamber, they found it empty. Instead, the room looked to be in ruins on the inside with cracked walls and broken ground. Then they heard the sound of combat from outside.


Puzzled as to what was happening, they quickly went outside. As they did, a bang went off which resulted in an explosion near the entrance to the building. When the dust cleared, they were stunned to find Felix, Sevedant, Rumble and Lakshman in a heated battle.


Felix, Sevedant, Rumble and Lakshman were fighting at incredible speeds. Their punches and kicks were flying so fast, they could hardly see the number of times a fist and leg was used. Then they were stunned to find that only three of them were attacking while one only defended.


Shocked to see all four of them in such a heated battle, Darian shouted “What the hell is going here?!”


Just then, they heard a familiar voice call to them from the stands. Looking in the direction of the voice, they saw Tetra sitting there with a big smile on her face. The four of them hurried over to her while avoiding stray pebbles that got sent flying in their direction.


“Welcome back!” Tetra said cheerfully.


“Yes, yes, but tell me! Why are those three attacking Lakshman and why is he only defending? What the hell are they doing?!” Darian practically bellowed the words at her.


“Calm down. Calm down. This is training!” Tetra said brightly.


“Training? You call that training?!” Darian shouted as he pointed at the battle.


“Relax… Relax…” Tetra said in an effort to calm him down.


Darian sighed and sat down with everyone else. Then they watched the battle rage on.


It was an intense battle with all three of them, Felix, Sevedant and Rumble, fighting their hardest. Lakshman, who was only defending, was doing a good job in blocking all of their attacks. Their faces were contorted with frustration with the amount of effort and energy they were releasing.


“How are they able to move so fast…? How is master even able to keep up with that speed…?” Emilia asked in a wondering voice.


“That speed isn’t much. I can see the three of them are holding back as they fight Lakshman,” Darian said as he folded arms and looked grim as the battle raged on.


Then Lakshman suddenly disappeared from the receiving end of the attacks. He reappeared at the edge of the platform and then disappeared and reappeared elsewhere. Then he continued this process of disappearance and reappearance within the platform.


“ARGH!” Felix shouted and he threw a punch out at a certain direction.


Lakshman suddenly reappeared with his arms crossed to block the punch. Then Sevedant followed up with a power punch to Lakshman’s face.


“Master!” Ondine and Emilia exclaimed in shock.


Lakshman groaned and flew through the air from the impact. Then he suddenly rolled in mid-air and landed back on his feet. He glared at the two of them just as Rumble came up to him with an uppercut.


Lakshman quickly moved to the right evaded the uppercut and then grabbed the follow-up punch. Then the three of them began attacking him again at raging speeds. Their speeds just kept climbing until they their movement was nothing, but blur to the eye.


However, they were clearly showing signs of tiring. Lakshman was breathing more and more quickly as he tried his best to evade their attacks.


“Why doesn’t he just throw out a punch already?!” Darian suddenly yelled angrily.


“They told him only to defend to master the Defensive Sword Play,” Tetra informed him.


“What?! They are using this ugly method to master that?!” Darian said in disbelief. When Tetra nodded, he shook his head and shouted “Unbelievable! Those three idiots…!”


Just then. A stray rock flew and smashed into his face, instantly knocking him out. Marilia chuckled for a moment before changing her attitude and tending to him. Ondine and Emilia looked surprised before turning back to face the fight.


“Master really is so strong…!” Ondine muttered in awe.


“Yes, but… that’s great! He’s super cool!” Emilia said and her eyes were suddenly shining.


Tetra glanced towards them with an expression of amusement on her face. Then she sighed and returned her gaze to the battle. She did not it, but she was highly impressed by how stunning Lakshman’s battle speed and technique was. So far, they managed to land a blow on him only a few times.


Realising the battle was about to come to an end, Rumble stopped while the other two continued fighting. They were really tiring each other out by the incredible speed they were fighting at. Felix and Lakshman’s breathing was fast and rough which also included Sevedant even though he wore a mask.


At that moment, Rumble gathered energy into both of his hands. Then he brought them together and shouted “Multi Cannon!”


In an instant, a beam of energy was released and it soared straight at the fighting warriors. The three of them suddenly saw the beam heading their way. Felix and Sevedant got out of the way, but Lakshman stood his ground and faced the attack head on.


“Lucky! What are you doing?! Dodge!” Felix yelled as he got away.


“No!” Lakshman said firmly.


He firmly pressured the ground with his feet and quickly crossed his arms and hid his face. Then he braced himself for the impact of the attack. The impact came a moment later which resulted in a big explosion that sent wild wind and rocks all around while rising a cloud of dust in the process.


“Master!” Ondine and Emilia exclaimed in shock.


Tetra sighed and looked towards them wearily. Then she said “Will you two please calm down! Master’s fine! You can feel his energy, can’t you?”


“Ah…!” Ondine said in realisation and looked embarrassed as she straightened up.


“I don’t know how to sense energies of other people…” Emilia muttered while hanging her head down in sadness.


Tetra shook her head and, in a low voice, said “You need more training…!”


On the platform, Rumble was smiling in satisfaction at seeing the resulted. Lakshman stood his ground and firmly took on the attack instead of dodging.


“Rumble! What the heck was going through your brain! Why the hell did you release such a powerful energy blast?!” Felix demanded angrily.


Rumble breathed out a sigh and looked at him tiredly before saying “It’s a Beam Canon! Multi Cannon to be exact!”


“I’m not asking about its name! Tell me why the hell you fired it in the first place?!” Felix demanded and he literally shouted at Rumble.


Rumble shrugged his shoulders and said “The battle was coming to an end! We were all tiring! So I wanted him to face at least one energy attack before the end of this tiring battle- Ouch!”


Felix suddenly knocked on his head forcefully. He wore an angry expression as he said “Idiot…! If it had been any stronger, Lakshman would be seriously hurt…!”


Rumble clutched his head and looked at them sadly. Sevedant looked really angry and, although his face was hidden by a mask, an angry aura was emanating from Sevedant. They seriously did not like what he just did on the spur of the moment.


At that moment, they heard Lakshman’s voice loudly say “Pyro…”


“Ah? Lakshman? What are you doing?” Felix asked and they turned to look towards where Lakshman was hidden by a cloud of dust.




Hearing that, Felix’s eyes sudden widened in shock.




Realising what was about to happen, he yelled “Dodge!”


In an instant, the dust hiding Lakshman was parted as a powerful beam of energy was unleashed. It sailed through the air and drove past as the three warriors got out of the way. It destroyed the barrier around the area and sailed into the distance.


Then a might explosion occurred somewhere far ahead. Then a powerful shockwave buffeted them as a wave of wild wind hit them. The girls screamed as they desperately held onto their seats. On the platform, Felix, Sevedant and Rumble hit the ground and tried hardest to stay there.


Rumble took a small peak and saw a giant smoke rising into the sky.


Shocked by the sheer size, he yelled “Wow! What power!”


Then the wild wind stopped and the dust slowly settled. Everyone was shocked such a powerful explosion was unleashed from such a mighty attack. Felix stood up with everyone else and observed the giant smoke rising into the air so far away.


Then, hearing rough breathing, they turned around. Cleared by the attack, Lakshman came into full view. His whole body was heaving with each breath that he took. He had his hands out in front of him which indicated how he had released such a mighty attack.


“Pyro Flash Cannon! The top class Sage ranked energy technique! Yet…! Even after releasing that much power, he’ll standing!” Felix said quietly.


Rumble breathed a sigh of relief and said “Well done returning fire with an even more powerful attack, but I think it’s time we rest, Lakshman!”


“No…! I can still… go on…!” Lakshman said slowly.


Felix laughed and said “That’s enough, Lucky! You’ve done a really good job defending against all three of our attacks! So let’s continue this another time, okay?”


Lakshman gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly. Then he closed his eyes while breathing heavily.


Felix suddenly realised what he was about to do and shouted “Lakshman! Stop! You’ve already used Power Up twice! Anymore and you’ll—!”




Lakshman began screaming as a power surge occurred around him. He was bathed in a red aura as more and more power came to the surface. Felix and everyone was shocked to see the amount of power he was releasing.


“How…?! How does he still have that much power in him?!” Rumble asked in a shocked voice.


Felix shook his head silently. The wind blowing around buffeted them, but it did not bother him. Rather, there was something happening with Lakshman that bothered him. Then his eyes widened when he saw it happen.


Lakshman’s hair became spiky and began to glow brightly. It glowed brightly before turning back to being black. This cycle of glowing continued as Lakshman looked at them. That was when they took notice of the change in his eyes; three stars with a black dot in the middle.


“Phoenix Titan…” Felix said automatically when he saw the change in Lakshman.


More and more power was surging, but the battle had taken its toll on Lakshman. The power surge vanished, his hair and eyes returned to normal before he collapsed on the ground.


“Master!” Ondine, Tetra and Emilia exclaimed and they raced towards him.


Quickly reaching him, they checked for anything bad. Then they were relieved to find that he was fine, but unconscious. Then they heard Felix laughing aloud hysterically.


“W-What are you laughing at?” Rumble asked as he was shocked by his sudden laughter.


“I now realise how stupid I was to think Lakshman could not go any further! He’s got more potential that just needs the push to get used! Hahaha! He can do it! I can feel it!” Felix said excitedly.


Sevedant nodded at him and said “Strong power. Strong force. More unlocking.”


Realising what they were talking about, Rumble sighed. Then he began stretching his arms and legs to ease the muscles from cramping up.


“Whatever! I’m tired!” Rumble said and he headed towards the portal back to the hotel.


“Let us assist him back to his room,” Felix said when he walked over to where the girls were kneeling beside Lakshman’s unconscious body.


“Yes. Please do,” Ondine said and nodded at him.


While being careful, Felix lifted Lakshman’s body. He was surprised by how light he was despite having such immense power within him. Then he reasoned that the power and the weight of the body are not the same.


“By the end of this week, you won’t even recognise yourself!” Felix said to the sleeping Lakshman before carrying him back.


As they disappeared through the portal, Ondine watched them go with a worried expression on her face.


“What is it?” Tetra asked her.


“W-Will master be fine? I mean… This sort of intense training is… insane!”


Tetra laughed and said “He should be fine! After all, he is our beloved master and love interest!”


“Master will be fine!” Emilia said confidently. When they looked at her in surprise, she shrugged her shoulders and said “Think about what he did before fainting! He managed to use Power Up a third time and even almost transformed into that handsome blonde dude!”


At her words, Ondine and Tetra laughed. Together, they walked through the portal and disappeared.


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    “A stray rock flew and smashed into Darian’s face, instantly knocking him out.”

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    Felix looked really angry and, although his face was hidden by a mask, an angry aura was emanating from Sevedant.

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    Felix suddenly realised what he was about to do and shouted “Felix! Stop! You’ve already used Power Up twice! Any more and you’ll—!

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