Phoenix Rising – Chapter 157

Parental Letter



When Lakshman woke up, it was already morning. Waking up and finding himself in bed, he wondered what happened. Then he remembered the events from yesterday and realised he must have gone unconscious after using up excessive energy.


Sighing, he relaxed in bed. The sunlight streaming through the closed curtains lit the room. He liked how the sunlight brought him fresh energy for the morning.




“Huh?” Lakshman said in a surprised voice.


He had not realised that he was not alone. Moving the bed covers aside, he saw Ondine, Tetra and Emilia sleeping with him. Ondine was sleeping to his left, Tetra to his right and Emilia on his stomach.


“Again? This is turning into a pattern…”


Lately, whenever he woke up, he always finds the three girls sleeping with him. The bed was not that big, but Ondine and Tetra managed to sleep there. So Emilia, unable to sleep anywhere, decided to sleep on him.


He sighed and muttered “Even though I told them to sleep properly, somehow this scene was a little difficult to handle.”


“Master… I hope you’re okay…” Ondine mumbled as she continued to sleep.


He chuckled and caressed her head gingerly and she smiled in reaction to his touching.


“Master you idiot…” Tetra said which surprised.


“What did I do to deserve that?” he asked with a confused expression on his face.


“”I’m hungry…” Emilia said and she rubbed her face on his stomach.


“Then don’t rub your face on my stomach!” Lakshman said in frustration.


At that moment Emilia sleepily inched her hand down towards a sensitive spot. Realising what she was about to do, Lakshman let out a “Hii!” sound before disappear and reappearing out of bed.


“Phew! Instant Step comes in handy for these kinds of weird situation…” Lakshman muttered.


Lately, Emilia had been aggressively trying to seduce him through various methods. Ondine and Tetra were extremely against it and would often stop her before it happened. Due to that, Lakshman never found out what she wanted to try on him.


At the same time, he was wary of her. Now that he had become aware of the feelings of the girls, he was wary of what she did. At one point, he was astonished to find out that Emilia tried to slip him a sleeping powder.


Marilia scolded Emilia severely, but it seemed to not have any affect. Even in that morning, she had attempted to do something he did not like. He had asked Rumble what it was and he was informed of how bad it is. Since then, Lakshman became very alert to prevent that from happening.


“I’m only thirteen… Geez…!” Lakshman muttered in frustration.


He got up and made to walk towards the door. Then he suddenly felt weak in the knees and suddenly knelt down. He winced a little as he touched his legs gently. It amazed him that he had not noticed the shaking feeling in his legs.


“Naturally your legs will feel really tired! The intense battle that you engaged in was something normal people wouldn’t be able to do,” Darian told him later when he asked about it.


“Really? It felt pretty good to move at such speeds,” Lakshman said before eating the food in his plate.


“On the spur of the moment, it feels good. However! Later, you’ll come to realise the consequences. You moved ridiculously fast and that caused your legs to weaken greatly!”


“So I should quit doing it then?”


“What? Are you serious? I’m not telling you to stop. Continue doing it over and over until you finally get the hang of it. Warriors never give up till the very end! You take that and keep on training!”


“Oh… I see,” Lakshman said and he nodded at Darian in understanding.


Marilia looked at her husband sternly and said “Darian! What you just a moment ago sounded like you were scolding him!”


“Did I? My bad because I didn’t mean to, although I am a little annoyed that you pushed yourself too hard on the first day or training!” Darian said in a stern voice when he looked at Lakshman.


Rumble chuckled and said “Yeah, but he did well in keeping up with all three of us! On top of that, he only got hit a few times by us and that’s pretty impressive in my opinion!”


Sevedant, who was sitting nearby, said “True. Pyro Flash Cannon. Impressive. Very powerful.”


“Thanks!” Lakshman said appreciatively.


“Did you plan to hit us with an energy attack or something?” Rumble asked curiously.


Lakshman shook his head and said “No, but since Rumble hit me with his energy attack, I thought I should return fire with an even more powerful attack! That’s when Pyro Flash Cannon came in.”


“Yes! Everyone was impressed by how powerful that technique was! Seems you’ve mastered a lot of Sage ranked energy techniques,” Rumble said shrewdly.


“Well…! I wasn’t because some stupid dumb rock knocked me out…!” Darian said and he looked annoyed.


“That’s your fault for not taking it like a man!” Rumble said and he chuckled.


Darian glared at him and said “I did take it like a man and still got knocked out!”


“That just means you’re a wimp-!”


Rumble was cut off as Darian suddenly rose to his feet and grabbed Rumble by the neck. In an instant, he lifted Rumble up by his throat and held him there firmly. Rumble began to choke and splutter as he slowly began to suffocate.


“Remember well! I am not a wimp! Got it, monkey brain?!” Darian said in a powerful threatening voice.


While struggling to break free, Rumble said “R-Right…! I g-got it! S-So please…! L-Let go… Strug-gling to b-b-breathe…!”


Darian let him go and Rumble landed on his chair. He heaved great lungful of air and breathed a sigh of relief.


Then he sternly looked at Darian and said “You need to put that stupid warrior’s pride aside!”


“I’m the Sword King! I’m also a Knight of Justice!” Darian said and Rumble sighed in resignation.


Then Darian’s head got knocked as Marilia hit him with her the back of her hand. As he looked up at her, she sternly said “Stop your silly jokes and eat! It’s rude to do this when there’s food to eaten!”


“Right, right… I’m sorry,” Darian said apologetically and began eating the food.


A few minutes later, they finished eating. Then they began to inspect their weapons. While they were talking to each other, Lakshman inspected the swords Ondine and Emilia were using. Looking at the rust and damage sustained, it looked like they needed to be replaced.


He sighed just as a black hole suddenly appeared in the room. Everyone’s attention was drawn to it as Felix and a Phintex Raja came out of it. Once they stepped into the room, the black hole slowly shrunk and vanished.


“Good morning, people!” Felix said brightly. When he saw them inspecting their weapons, he grinned and said “Weapons maintenance? Cool!”


He walked around and watched them working on their swords. Darian was handling the strengthening and sharpening of the sword while Rumble cleaned them with a cloth. When he stopped at Lakshman, he looked down and saw how the swords were wearing out.


He clicked his tongue in disapproval and said “These needs replacement.”


“I know, but I’ll need more money to get this. So I’m planning to visit the Labyrinth to earn more money to buy the new swords Ondine and Emilia could use,” Lakshman told him.


“Ah! That’s a good plan, but before you go, you need to look at this.”


Felix gestured and the Phintex Raja walked over with a letter in his hands. Puzzled about what it was, Lakshman took it and looked at it.


“A letter? Addressed to me? By who…? Lakshmi Chand and Indra Chand?! Wait! This is a letter from my parents!” Lakshman exclaimed in surprise when he read who the senders were.


Felix nodded with a bright smile on his face. Lakshman looked at him and asked “How do they know that I’m here? I mean… They know I’m coming here, but how did they know to have it delivered at this hotel? I don’t remember mailing them in these few months.”


“Yes! I thought as much! That’s why I had a Phintex Raja visit your parents. Upon discovering everyone was alright, he informed them about how you were doing. So Lakshmi wrote a letter addressed to you because Indra is such a dork at reading and writing,” Felix said with a laugh.


“Ah! Okay then! I’ll read this letter… privately…” Lakshman said slowly and he rose to his feet.


“Go ahead! I’ll make sure no one disturbs you!” Felix said with a chuckle.


“Thanks!” Lakshman said cheerfully and he walked into his room before closing the door behind him.


He walked over to the bed and sat on it with nervous hands. The letter shook his hand because he was nervous about what his parents wrote. He felt bad about not writing a letter to them, but being busy kept him occupied. So he did not know what to expect within the letter.


“Well… There’s only one way to find out and that’s to open it up!” Lakshman muttered with a chuckle.


He tore open the cover and pulled out a letter. It was written pretty decently and began to read the contents of the letter.


“Dear Lucky,


How are you doing my son? Perhaps I should call you a ‘warrior’ from now on from how powerful you would’ve gotten after all this time?


Are you wondering how we were? How your beautiful mother and silly father are doing? We are fine. Mariana is also doing great, but things are really hectic here.


Guess what happened a month ago? Anything? No? Well…! I gave birth to twins and they are both girls! Indra was over the moon with excitement! He wouldn’t stop hugging the girls and crying like a baby! Imagine how I felt, as a mother, when he cried and all he did was worry and worry!


Things are looking really good. I named the girls Indira and Priya. They are your sisters! Now don’t get excited and start crying like your dad because that is creepy! Your sisters should want to see a brave and strong brother to look up to upon your return. Your father’s already trying his best to look good in front of them! Now it’s up to you to look good in front of them when you return! Got it?


Now coming to the serious topic… I hear that you’ll be entering the Battle of Prematria. The reason was apparently about winning back Felix’s sword, the mighty Legendary Sword of Justice!


I only have one thing to say and that’s how proud I am of you! I am proud that my son will assist the Phoenix Emperor! You are making yourself very useful to him and that will come in handy later on, I’m sure of it!


I also heard that you cured Felix of that corruption that was destroying him from the inside. Again, I am so happy of how strong you’ve become! You not only saved the life of the Phoenix Emperor, but you also saved the last thing the Phoenix Clan needs to keep itself together!


Now a motherly advice from me would be…? Well… I don’t really know what to give you right now. You’ve become far stronger than Indra could possibly become! Right now he’s training as hard as he could so that you don’t look down on him. Please don’t lose a quality of the Chand family, okay? We are a simple loving people, but we will do our best to help others! You do the same and do your best!


Oh dear! I have to do. Your baby sisters are crying for their mother’s milk. Back when you were a baby, you didn’t cause this much of a ruckus at all! In fact, Marilia thought you were strange because you were always quiet. So I’m getting a really harsh lesson in a parent’s job.


So Lucky! I wish you the best of luck in the tournament and do your best! Put your full efforts and you will come out on top! Also! Make sure to stay safe and healthy! I’m not there to look after you, but if Marilia is with you, I’m sure you’ll be doing fine! Don’t eat junk or anything! I don’t want to have to witness a puggy pig in my son’s skin upon returning home! You got that?


Sincerely with true love and respect,

Your dear mother,



By the end of the lesson Lakshman had tears in his eyes. Those were not the tears of sadness, but the tears full of happiness and joy. He was thrilled to find out that he has become the brother of two twin sisters. Then he found her jokes funny and he laughed happily.


He read the letter a few more times to make sure he did not missing anything. Then he hugged the letter to his chest. The hand writing belonged to his mother and he could feel her warmth in the letter. So he hugged it at the comforting feeling of his mother which he realised he really missed.


After pulling the paper away, he caught something with the light. He tuned the letter over and saw there was more writing. Again, the hand writing belonged to his mother, but it seemed to be a message from his father, Indra.


“Lucky! I only have a few things to say! So pay attention and take note!


Be wary of the Demon Emperor if you ever run into him! If at all, keep your distance or hide your presence completely! If you aggravate him, even once, he will fly off his handle and starts destroying the surroundings! I had the unfortunate luck of almost getting killed by him on one occasion, but Felix was there to save my neck.


Also! If you ever meet a person called Zenahart, rip him to pieces! I’m seriously telling you to kill him, tear him apart, and boil him until he roasts! I don’t care! That bastard had caused a lot suffering to the people I know. So when you run into him, make sure to wipe him out! Take him down at all costs!


Other than that, good luck with the tournament! Do your best, but if you fail, I’ll seriously beat the hell out of you! You got that?”


Once he read the letter, he was stunned. This was a serious matter which he understood just from the blunt words his father had used in the letter. Lakshman realised he must be extremely careful around the Demon Emperor, but he did not know who it was. He decided he will find out later from Felix.


Then his father’s serious order to kill Zenahart. It seemed the man had caused a lot of destruction and the affected people were related to Indra.


Lakshman narrowed his eyes angrily and clenched his fists tightly. Normally, Indra was a peaceful person who hardly talked about fighting or anything in the house. Yet, here he was literally telling Lakshman to kill Zenahart.


Lakshman had already known what the man was capable of first hand. So he knew this man must be taken down with extreme seriousness.


Just then, the door opened and Ondine poked her head. Seeing him, she asked “Master! Are you ready yet?”


Lakshman was distracted for a moment before realising she was asking him about going to the Labyrinth.


He nodded at her and smiled before saying “I’ll be there shortly!”


“Okay!” Ondine said and she closed the door.


Lakshman looked down at the letter in his hand. Although it left a negative attitude in him, he still smiled at having read the honest words of his parents. He folded the letter and placed in on the bedside table and quickly changed into his outdoor clothes.


“Whatever it is, I’ll deal with it when the times comes!” Lakshman muttered and he smiled


Then he walked towards the door and paused to look at the letter. Then he grinned and said “See you later, mum… dad…!”


While smiling, he opened the door walked out before closing the door behind him.


  1. mironsan

    TWINS! SISTERS! TWIN SISTERS!!!! An awesome update answering many questions and creating more. XD

    Holy nuggets Emilia is like border line sex offender girl has some issues or doesn’t understand how to reign in her feelings. If it’s a ploy to manipulate lucky and take advantage of his kindness, I will wish many horrible things to her. I understand her previous owners were jerks beyond jerks but still girl prove me probably over thinking things wrong.

    Anyways thanks again, also again feel better soon. 😀

    1. Post
      Vijay Kakani

      Yeah! It’s epic he’s gotten twin sister! 😉

      No, she isn’t manipulating Lucky. Rather something is.. . um… up with her. We’ll see about it soon enough 🙂

      Yes. I’m feeling a little bit better. So hopefully it’ll be set by tomorrow 🙂

      1. mironsan

        Haha, That’s good to hear about her. Ooohhhh my thoughts are creating so many possibilities, probably wrong anyways.

        It’s so much fun being able to interact with the author. 😀

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          Vijay Kakani

          Keep reading on and you’ll find out 🙂

          You’re right! I often want to share some thoughts to authors, but never able to since they are so “isolated”, but it feels good since I’m engaging with readers daily while writing chapters on regular basis 🙂

  2. StealthAria

    Thanks for the chapter.
    All the mistakes I noticed were in the letter so I just chalked it up to be the literacy level of his parents.
    “You’ve become father stronger than Indra could possibly become” “father stronger” should be “far stronger” maybe?

    I noticed other potential errors when I first read it but I can’t find them now.

    Anyway, I’ve got predictions based around that letter and its placement but I won’t share them as I don’t want to throw off your natural plot flow.

    1. Post
      Vijay Kakani

      You’re right. That’s supposed to be “far strong”

      Thank you 🙂

      Who knows whether your predictions will be right or wrong, but it’s good that you’re keeping it to yourself 🙂

  3. Kenken

    Aww he has twin sister xD

    Btw I think he need a bigger bed soon for him and his harem girls lol xD

    A few MISTAKES

    “I only have one thing to say and that’s how proud I am of you! I am proud that my son will assist the Phoenix Titan!”

    Phoenix Titan suppose to be Phoenix Emperor.

    “Please don’t a quality of the Reddy family, okay?”

    Ain’t it suppose to be ….” Please don’t lose a quality of the Reddy family, okay? ”

    Thanks for the chapter.

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      Vijay Kakani

      Thank you very much for the offer! Yes. I am looking for a proofreader for the new version of this story. If you could help out, that would be wonderful! 😉 I’ll post the new chapter here and send you a mail about it so that you can proofread it and fix my silly mistakes. 🙂 Is that okay?

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