Phoenix Rising – Chapter 158

Purification of a Dark Spirit



One time, during his sleep, Lakshman felt himself floating in an empty space. Everything was surrounded by darkness and the feeling was like swinging in an ocean.


Just then, he heard a familiar voice say “Hello! Hello! Are you awake, Innocent Player?”


Lakshman was stunned by the sudden voice speaking to him. He quickly replied by saying “What the…?”


Then the voice, in a dull voice, said “Are you serious? Did you forget me already?”


“Oh! It’s Decisive Player! I mean… Voice of the Phoenix… Um… What do I even call you now?”


At Lakshman’s desperate question, Decisive Player laughed and said “Keep calling me Decisive Player. It make more sense than this Voice of the Phoenix. After all… What is the voice of a phoenix? Does phoenix even have a voice? It creates so many stupid questions!”


“Oh right… Now it makes sense why we use Decisive Player and Innocent Player!”


As the Decisive Player chuckled, Lakshman asked “So what brings you here? I mean… Did I go that deep already or something?”


“I’m raising my voice to speak to you because you are just too far away.”


“Eh? You can do that?”


“Yes, but it’s annoying. Having to raise my slumbering power and then feel drained later.”


“Hey! You and I one and the same! How could you say that?”


With a laugh, Decisive Player said “We are one and the same, but you’re the one who’s living in reality while I swing in dreams. So I wouldn’t need to raise my power unless you desperately need my assistance.”


“Oh? So is there something that’s bothering me that you’re raised your voice to speak to me about?”


“Yes… There is…” Decisive Player said and his voice suddenly became serious. Then he said “It’s about Emilia.”


“Emilia? What’s wrong with Emilia?” Lakshman asked in a surprised voice.


“Hmm…! Don’t give me that! You should’ve noticed her recent actions towards you!”


At his words, Lakshman thought back. Emilia’s niceness, sincere and amazing cooking got everyone’s attention. She was a little afraid of Sevedant, the Death Titan and Felix, the Phoenix Emperor. Then her recently increasing strange attempts to seduce him which troubled him.


“Hmm… Now that you mention it… She seems to be nice with everyone, but seems to be really attracted to me!” Lakshman said in a happy voice.


“If this was natural love, I wouldn’t have any problems, but there is a problem.”


“What’s the problem?”


“Can you guess why she stays away from Sevedant and Felix? Why do you think she pretends to be afraid of them?”


“What? What are you talking about?”


Decisive Player sighed heavily and said “It seems that Emilia has been infected by a Dark Spirit.”


For a moment, there was silence in which Lakshman digested his words. Then he burst out laughing.


“You think it’s funny that you’re laughing so hard?”


“No… But I find it hard to believe that Emilia is possessed by a dark spirit. That is quite hilarious! I never thought the Decisive Player is quite funny.”


Lakshman though the Decisive Player was joking, but he was not. In the manner which he spoke in, made it quite clear he was extremely serious about it.


“I’m serious! A Dark Spirit are not the same as the Corrupted Spirits. They are born from the negative experiences of life. All living creatures experience good and bad in their life. That negative experience gets stored deep within their heart. If the negative experiences exceed the positive experiences, that’s when a Dark Spirit will be born.”


“Okay, but what do these Dark Spirits do?”


“Depends on what each of them want. My guess would be the deepest wish of whoever it is the Dark Spirit was born in. Then it takes hold of the user and starts to do really bad things without that person’s conscious awareness!”


“Oh… So you’re saying Emilia is being manipulated by this Dark Spirit to do bad things. Really? You actually want me to believe that?”


“You won’t?”


“How can I when she’s been so good to everyone?”


“Yet, she avoids the Death Titan and the Phoenix Emperor. Most likely, she’s aware the Dark Spirit’s presence will be discovered by them if she gets too close to them.”


“Even so! I don’t believe Emilia will do bad things nor a Dark Spirit inhabiting her! Besides! Felix and Sevedant should’ve felt it if something was wrong, but they didn’t no matter how far away she was!”


“My guess is that she’s learnt the ability to control her presence which is not good. This means the Dark Spirit basically has total control of the girl! If you want to save Emilia’s True Spirit, you must destroy the Dark Spirit!”


“Seriously? Come on, Decisive player! Be serious about this!”


Decisive Player remained silent for a moment. Then he slowly said “You don’t believe my words?”


“How can I when it’s so farfetched!”


For a moment, there was only silence in that space. Then Decisive Player’s voice spoke and he sounded very powerful.


“Then how were able to understand the feelings of Ondine and Tetra? How were you able to destroy the Corruption Force that was destroying Felix from the inside? How did you know to use the technique, Blade of Light?”


“Um…” Lakshman said and he sounded hesitant.


“Did you do all that because you believed me? Or! Was it simply a chance you used to take advantage of my support?”


At Decisive Player’s words, Lakshman became uncomfortable. The truth was that he did believe in him and that was why he overcame such situations.


“I-I do believe you, but this is… a bit overboard if you ask me…” Lakshman managed to say.


The Decisive Player sighed and said “You want proof? What really want proof? Wake up and find your proof! Don’t worry! Even if I’m exhausted, I will stay until this matter has been cleared!”


“Um… How do I wake up? Is there some sort of switch or something I could use to wake up?” Lakshman asked while feeling silly.


The Decisive Player was speechless for a moment. Then he sighed and bellowed “WAKE UP!!!”


In an instant, Lakshman opened his eyes. He felt wide awake because of the Decisive Player’s loud shout in waking him up. He rubbed his ears and noticed that it was still night-time.


At that moment, he suddenly felt something strange under his blanket. He moved the covers and was stunned to see Emilia was caressing him. She had moved his shirt away and was slowly caressing his chest smoothly with her hand.


Feeling goose bumps rise up on his skin, he quickly sat up. Then he grabbed her shoulders and lifted her into sitting position.


“Emilia… Emilia!” Lakshman said as he lightly tapped her on the checks to wake her up.


“E-Eh? Master? Ah… G-G-Good mooorrrnniinng…!” Emilia said with a huge yawn.


Lakshman looked at her before something made him shake his eyes to clear them. Then, when he looked back at her, he was stunned by what he saw. A dark aura was surrounding Emilia as she wearily rubbed her eyes.


He thought he was dreaming, but it felt very real. Sleeping on either side of him were Ondine and Tetra and they wore peaceful expressions as they continued to sleep.


“Emilia… You’re touching my chest… What were you thinking?” Lakshman asked Emilia.


“Was I? Mmm… Maybe I was, but what’s the matter, master? Is there something wrong with it?” Emilia asked curiously.


“Something with it? Emilia…! I’m only thirteen years old! You should know that by now!”


“I know, but that’s not a good reason to stop this, master. Relax! Once you get used to it, you will really start enjoying it…!”


Lakshman was alarmed to hear her voice suddenly change. Before, it was normal and simple. Now, however, a sweet dangerous presence began to speak to him with Emilia’s voice.


H shook his head thinking it was an illusion created by the Decisive Player, but he knew he was in reality. He could clearly feel the presence of everything around and that also included this strange presence he felt in Emilia.


“Do you see now? My words of awareness made you become aware of this side of her. Now what will you do, Innocent Player?”


Hearing Decisive Player speak in his mind troubled him. First of all, he was confused about what was happening and what this dark aura surrounding Emilia. However, he knew he cannot ignore this anymore because the Emilia in front of him was not the Emilia he knew of.


“What do I do to fix this?” Lakshman thought desperately.


“Hold onto her shoulders firmly, look into her eyes and say Soul Transition!”


“Um… uh…” Lakshman muttered as Emilia began leaning against him.


“Soul Transition, idiot!” Decisive Player told him in an annoyed voice.


Lakshman took a deep breath and held Emilia firmly by the shoulders. Just as he was about to say the words, Emilia let out a girlish laugh.


“Master… You’re so rough…” she whispered.


He gritted his teeth tightly to not get distracted. Gripping her shoulders firmly, he finally was able to look into her eyes. Then, before something could distract them, he said the commanding words.


“Soul Transition!”


In an instant, there was a violent flash of light and everything got wiped out. Then he felt his presence returning and he slowly opened his eyes. He found himself in a place light by light and everything around was covered in darkness.


Then he heard a familiar voice in front of him say “Master?”


He looked ahead and smiled when he saw Emilia standing there. Then his smile faltered as a shadowy figure stood behind him. He did not know who it was, but he felt a sinister presence coming from her.


“Where is this place?”


Then the shadowy person spoke and he was alarmed to hear her voice sound exactly like Emilia.


“As I thought… It really is a Dark Spirit!” said a familiar voice from behind him.


Lakshman turned around and his eyes widened in shock at seeing who it was. The man that stepped into the light was none other than him. Yet, he was there so he wondered who this similar person.


“Um… Who are you?” Lakshman asked him curiously.


The man looked at him with a surprised expression on his face as he said “Me? I’m the Decisive Player!”


“What?!” Lakshman exclaimed in shock.


Decisive Player sighed and said “Why are you sounding so surprised for? It’s obvious that I’ll look like you! Remember… We’re both one and the same…”


“Oh! Oh yeah… That’s right!” Lakshman said as he finally remembered.


They turned around as the two of stood shoulder to shoulder. Seeing them, the shadowy figure came a little closer to the light and Lakshman was astonished. The shadow figure looked exactly like Emilia, but seemed to want to stay out of the light.


“Why does she look like Emilia? Do Dark Spirits look like that?” Lakshman asked curiously.


Decisive Player shook his head and said “No. When they are first born into someone, they appear as dark balls. However! If they keep feeding on the negative emotions and are allowed to grow, they soon take on the appearance and begin to speak like the person. Of course, there are negative aspects.”


At that moment, Emilia looked at Lakshman and Decisive Player with a confused expression on her face.


“T-Two Masters? What?” Emilia asked with a confused expression on her face.


Then the shadowy figure, in Emilia’s voice, said “Don’t believe either of them, Emilia! They both are imposters here to hurt you!”


“What?! We’re not here to hurt you, Emilia! Don’t listen to that Dark Spirit!” Lakshman said to Emilia who looked confused.


“I-Imposters? D-Dark Spirit? What?” Emilia said while looking troubled.


The Decisive Player sighed heavily and looked at Lakshman before saying “What the heck is wrong with you?! How do you expect her to know what a Dark Spirit is?! Even you didn’t know until I told you!”


“O-Oh…” Lakshman said and he gritted his teeth in frustration.


Emilia took a nervous step back before a shady handy was placed across her shoulder. The Dark Spirit leaned closer to her and said “These people are here to hurt you like the previous ones! They want to have fun hurting you until they are satisfied! Will you let them?”


At her words, the light in Emilia’s eyes slowly faded and left them blank. Then she slowly nodded and said “No… I don’t want them to hurt me…”


“Emilia! Please stop! Listen to us! There’s a really evil thing near you! Get away from it!” Lakshman shouted desperately.


“No…! I don’t want to get hurt anymore…! Just stay away from me!” Emilia shouted.


As she shouted, a lethal dark energy began gathering around them. Lakshman was shocked to see how lethal it was and he instantly realised that he did not know how to fend it off.


The Dark Spirit looked towards them and smiled evilly. Then she aimed a finger at them and the lethal was sent in their direction. The dark power soared like an invisible wall and got closer to them.


“Oh crap!” Lakshman shouted and he quickly took a stance to brace himself for the shock.


At that moment, the dark power was suddenly destroyed as if it hit something. Surprised to feel the destruction of the attack, Lakshman opened his eyes. He was astonished to find himself in some sort of energy field cast around them like a dome.


The Decisive Player had his arms folded and his eyes shut. His head was down a little to hide the expression, but he was smiling widely.


Then he said “I see, I see! Now it makes perfect sense!”


Then the Decisive Player began to chuckle. Then he opened his eyes and made a crazy expression as he set his eyes on Emilia.


“Wallowing in self-pity and despair to let a Dark Spirit control and consume you until there was nothing left! Now I see that you truly were not something worth existing! Maybe that’s why your dear parents went and got themselves killed because they were ashamed for giving birth to you! They just couldn’t live on because of knowing the kind of pathetic daughter they gave birth to!”


“Wha… ah… uh…”


Lakshman was shocked by the words the Decisive Player used. He was insulting Emilia and her parents so plainly, he seemed to be enjoying himself.


“You know what? I think they did deserve to die! After all, what’s the point in keeping on living when a trashy daughter like you was born! I think you need to look at yourself in the mirror to get a clear picture of who you really are, stupid idiot!”


The Decisive Player was smiling widely with a mad expression on his face. Lakshman was rendered speechless with his mouth hanging open. On the other side, the Dark Spirit was stunned and was unable to say anything to all of his insults.


At that moment, Emilia continued to remain frozen to the spot with dead eyes. Then light began reappearing as she said “W-What did you say about my… my… my parents?!”


Emilia shouted the last two words and an energy attack was sent at them. Yet again, the Decisive Player and Lakshman were protected by an energy barrier. Lakshman suddenly realised the barrier was being created by the Decisive Player, who was standing with his arms folded.


“How could you say such things about my parents?! How could you?! You heartless monster! You mindless beast! You cowardly freak!”


As Emilia shouted each word, an energy attack was sent at them. Each attack was more powerful than the one before, but it was continuously blocked by the energy barrier Decisive Player kept up.


Then the Decisive Player laughed and shouted “Oh really?! Then explain who the heck is standing next to you?”


“What? Standing next to me?” Emilia asked in a confused voice.


That was when she noticed the presence near her. She turned her head and was alarmed to see a mirror image of her standing there. However, she knew there was something wrong with how the skin colour was darker and the dark look in her eyes.


Taking the opportunity, Lakshman quickly moved forward and shouted “Emilia! Come over to us! Now!”


At his shout, she turned and saw Lakshman. From her perspective, she saw the man whom she highly respected, the man whom she really liked and also the man who saved her. Now he had a desperate expression on his face as he shouted for her to come to his side.


“Yes, master!” Emilia shouted and she ran towards him.


“No! Stop!” the Dark Spirit shouted, but Emilia was already running towards Lakshman.


“This is your loss Dark Spirit! Give up!” the Decisive Player said loudly.


Realising it no longer had any hold over Emilia, the Dark Spirit cursed and raised his hand in the air. As it gathered large quantities of negative energy, she glared at Emilia running towards Lakshman.


“I’ll kill you and take over for good!” the Dark Spirit shouted and made to throw the black ball of energy at her.


At that moment, a golden sword, made of energy, suddenly flew through the air and pierced into the Dark Spirit’s forehead. It was an instant before it could unleash the ball of energy. Without a master and purpose, the ball slowly turned small and vanished into thin air.


“Emilia!” Lakshman exclaimed in relief as Emilia ran into his arms.


After reuniting, they looked towards where the Dark Spirit was. They a golden sword sticking out of her forehead with a frozen expression of shock on its face. Then they looked towards whom that fired that sword.


The Decisive Player had a grim expression on his face as he had his palm open. He was the one who fired the golden sword of energy at the Dark Spirit. Then he lowered his palm and sighed.


“Dark Spirits like you… are not needed in this world…” he said in a low voice.


The Dark Spirit slowly began to glow brightly before turning into light particles and disappearing from view.



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