Phoenix Rising – Chapter 188

Types of Lessons



After the demonstration of power, they all returned to the principal’s room. Carmila was really pleased with herself while Felix had his head down and looked to be in a depressed state.


“I told you my eyes and feelings don’t lie or exaggerate,” Carmila said and she chuckled at seeing the depressed Felix.


Felix groaned and muttered “Damn…”


Lakshman, Mercia and princess Venezuela were standing silently. Lakshman kept his face as stiff as possible because he was worried Felix might hit him if he dared to smile. Mercia and Venezuela were anxiously looking between Camila and Felix.


Camila raised her right hand and placed her forefinger on her temple. Then she said “Connect to Markus Field.”


There was a moment of silence. Then she smiled and started speaking as if she spoke to the invisible person named Markus Field.


“Markus, I want you to send me the Class A timetable for Lakshman Chand. Yes, he is here with me. Right. Good job. Disconnect.”


With that, the connection was over and she removed her finger from her temple. Lakshman was amazed as he just witnessed the use of Connect and Disconnect. The office ladies told him about them when the Academy Card got absorbed into his body.


“You were already prepared for this?” Felix asked in a surprised voice.


Carmila smiled and said “I told Lakshman I will do it yesterday and he didn’t complain. So I went ahead and ordered Markus to make the class switch before I faced any interference.”


Felix gritted his teeth and looked at Lakshman who quickly looked away.


Lakshman did vaguely remember hearing her say about a class switch. Unfortunately, he was a bit weak and sleepy when she told him. Due to that, he totally forgot about it until now.


A moment later, there was a shimmering light that appearing out of thin air. It shimmered for a moment before taking shape of a paper. Carmila took it and quickly breezed through it while nodding her head in satisfaction.


“Here’s your timetable for this term, Lakshman,” Carmila said and she handed him the sheet.


“Thank you very much,” Lakshman said and he took the sheet of paper from her.


He realised he was looking at the back side. Chuckling, he flipped it over and read through the kind of lessons he will have.


He was surprised to see three top headings; Magic, Weapon, Energy. It seems the lessons are based around Magic Force, Weapon Force and Energy Force which are the three basic types of Force. For each of them, there seemed to be a Theory Lesson and Practice Lesson. There also seems to be a Joint Lesson at the end of week.


“Um… What is this Theory Lesson, Practice Lesson and Joint Lesson?” Lakshman asked curiously and Carmila explained.


“Theory Lesson. In this lesson, the students will learn about the theoretical knowledge about that subject. This included performing quiz test, guess and check, identification by question and various other activates,” Carmila told him.


Lakshman nodded and said “I see. So it’s like learning from a textbook and then applying the knowledge.”


“Exactly. Now to Practice Lesson. This lesson is pure lesson on practice. Students can use their leant knowledge and perform it. The lesson will involve students to do practice battles, perform various techniques, skills and other types of knowledge in practice.”


“So Theory to Practice. Nice,” Lakshman said happily. Then he asked “What about this Joint Lesson? Is it like a lesson done with all the classes together or something?”


Carmila chuckled and turned to look at Mercia. Then she asked “Mercia, why don’t you inform our new student.”


Mercia sighed and said “All of this was explained during the entrance ceremony. Where were you at that time?”


When they looked at him, Lakshman became a little flustered and he glanced at Felix. He was saddened when he saw Felix mouthing the words “Don’t refer to me. Don’t!”


“I… I was late coming to the capital,” Lakshman said and he tried to laugh.


Mercia looked at him closely and asked “You say you’re late, but when did you come from?”


“I came from a small village a few days out of the capital of Rodfox.”


“Ah. Now it makes sense,” Mercia said and Lakshman breathed in relief.


Mercia cleared her throat and said “A Joint Lesson is also known as the Competition Battle!”


Lakshman raised an eyebrow and asked “Joint Lesson is… a Competition Battle?”


Mercia placed her hands on her hips looking haughty and said “Listen, newbie! At the end of every week, two teams battle it out and get scored individually. That individual score gets added towards our overall team score!”


“O-Oh…!” Lakshman said and he was a little surprised by the tone of her voice. Then he asked “Then what team would I be in?”


Mercia suddenly smiled at him and said “Since you’re the only boy in the academy, you’ll be acting the role of a mediator.”


“A-A mediator?” Lakshman asked uncertainly.


“It’s a role which will grant you extra privileges like no curfew at night, can use the baths anytime and skip out of classes,” Carmila told him with a smile on her face.


“S-Skip out of class…?” Lakshman asked with wide eyes.


He suddenly had the idea of skipping all the Theory Lessons and showing up for only the Practice Lessons.


Carmila cleared her throat and it brought him back to the present. Then she said “You won’t freely skip classes. You’ll only skip a class if there happens to be a problem and you need to quickly go there to sort it out.”


“Oh… Then why put me in charge? Wouldn’t girls better prepared to handle girl problems?”


“There are around two-hundred female students in the academy. It’s only natural that the only male will be put into that role. All the females will be in high tension and, sometimes, things can get out of control,” Carmila explained.


“Eh…?” Lakshman said as he was surprised by how problematic his role became.


Seeing the worried expression on his face, Carmila winked at him and said “You will be fine. With your power and might, the female students will have no choice, but to listen to you. If they don’t, you can ask for the support of the Disciplinary Council.”


“The Disciplinary Council? Who are they?” Lakshman asked curiously.


At that moment, Mercia coughed and said “The Disciplinary Council are a group of students going around and setting order right. If the mediator was unable to handle the job alone, then the Disciplinary Council comes in.”


“Oh, I see,” Lakshman said and he nodded in understanding.


Then Mercia continued to glare at him as she said “I’m the Disciplinary Council President and if you put one foot out of line, I’ll send you packing!”


Her threat was strong, but it did not phase Lakshman at all. Instead, he said “Oh? Is that you you’re full of hot air, Mercia?”


Mercia went bright red in the face and stuttered “W-W-What did you just… say?!”


Lakshman shrugged her shoulders and looked at the princess. She looked a little flustered when he looked at her which surprised him.


“Are you also part of the Disciplinary Council, princess?”


Venezuela shook her head and said “I’m the Student Council President whose role is to prepare for the Joint Lesson at the end of every week.”




As Lakshman continued to stare at her, Venezuela became more flustered and Mercia got in front of her.


“Eyes off the princess, you perverted leach!” Mercia told him in an angry voice.


Lakshman groaned and said “Mercia… I wasn’t peeping or anything.”


At that moment, Felix finally found the energy and he came to Lakshman’s rescue.


“That’s right. He felt the disturbance in the energy and came to your rescue and never imagined you were taking the Holy Bath. Then he panicked when you girls started calling him those names, but he still stayed around. After realising the enemy had fired that Electron Burst Cannon at you girls, he chose to save you and took the force of the attack.”


Then Felix looked towards Lakshman and asked “Isn’t that right, Lakshman?”


“T-That’s right. You’re right, Felix,” Lakshman said and he nodded at him.


It was true except that it Lakshman did not about the attackers until the Decisive Player told him. Lakshman was happy the Decisive Player was paying attention so he resolved to start paying attention to things coolly from then on.


Venezuela and Mercia looked really surprised. Then the princess said “If the Phoenix Emperor says so, the new apologise for mistrusting you. Also, thank you for saving our lives. If it were not for you, I and my friends would not be here right now.”


Then she and Mercia bowed deeply while looking unhappy.


Lakshman waved his hands frantically and said “Oh please! It was nothing. Please straighten up.”


As they straightened up, they heard some sort of bell ringing from outside the room.


“Ah. It’s time to go to class,” Mercia said and she and the princess began to leave.


“Uh…! What class am I going to?” Lakshman asked hurriedly.


Mercia stopped and asked him “Are you a first year or second year?”


“Um… First year.”


Mercia sighed and said “Then you’re in our class. Follow us then!”


“Ah! Hey! Wait up!” Lakshman said and he ran after them as they opened the door and left.


Lakshman walked out of the door and closed it behind him. This left Camila and Felix together and the room in silence.


“So tell me… Lakshman is the Phoenix Titan, right?” Camila asked Felix with a knowing smile on her face.


“Uh… I don’t know what you’re talking about! Why would the Phoenix Titan be here of all places?! There’s no way Lakshman is him!” Felix said in a fluster.


As Carmila grinned, he calmed down and said “Anyway, my work’s done here so I will take my leave.” When he got to his feet, he suddenly groaned. In a frustrated voice, he said “I wish I could use Phoenix Portal inside here!”


Camila chuckled and said “You know you can’t. There is an anti-teleportation barrier erected around the academy.”


Felix sighed and said “Goo security, but it’s a pain to walk on foot.”


“Go get some exercise, lazy bones!” Camila said and she laughed.


“Oh whatever! Anyway… I’ll see you later,” Felix said he waved a goodbye at her.


Felix reached the door, opened it and left with a shut. He did it so fast, he looked like a blur.


Once he left, Camila leaned back in her chair and looked up at the ceiling.


“Looks like this year will be very interesting…!” she said to the ceiling above.


She grinned cheerfully and went back to going through the pile of papers sitting on her desk.



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