Computer Crash

Yup! The world is over, my life’s finished and everything’s come to an end!



Well, not really. It’s just my laptop which just crashed a few minutes ago. Everything I stored on it (junk) are now gone forever and can never be restored! Now the waiting game starts to test my patience once again!


Good thing is I got saved copies of my chapters and everything else on external hard drives (E-HDD). Now I’m just in the process of restoring my computer once again! Hopefully, by the time I wake up tomorrow morning, the computer should be up.


So my dear fans who follow the awesome adventures of my story, Phoenix Rising, this means delays in chapter releases tomorrow. In the top right corner of the body page, you should see a time. That time indicates what time is currently for me. If I don’t post a chapter by 12:00 PM (1200), don’t expect a chapter tomorrow.


I’m really sorry this happened! It’s seriously unbelievable and now my story’s going to get delayed… 🙁


Anyway, I hope this won’t stop you from continuing to read the story! This also gives me time to fine out some extra details for Arc 08 and the plot from here on 🙂


Until next time I post, be safe and healthy!


  1. mironsan

    A small delay like this no big deal, I wish you best of luck in fixing your computer.

    Thank you for keeping us in the loop though. 😀

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  2. StealthAria

    Ended up being a longer post than I though it would, but reading it might save you time, money, and heartache.

    Did the system just fail or is the hard drive broken? If it’s merely a system failure and the hard drive is still intact you can connect it to a different computer and use it. You should be able to connect it with the normal hard drive cables, if the cables don’t match you can try to find an external hard drive dock.

    If you have another laptop it’s even easier, just find the screw(s) that hold the cover on and remove them, after that you just swap the drives. When you start it up it’ll probably need to install “new” drivers, just let it search automatically as default drivers are enough to get the system working well enough for anything except gaming. Still, the best thing to do is move any files you want to keep to an external storage device and put the original hard drive back in.

    For security purposes, you should always be sure to completely overwrite any and all information on a hard drive if you plan on discarding it. If you don’t, anyone can recover your personal information with a bit of computer wizardry.

    I expect some of that to have already been known, but it seemed like a good chance for a public service announcement of sorts.

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      Vijay Kakani

      Yes. I see what you mean. That’s no worries for me since I erase all content to restore computer.

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