Phoenix Rising – Complete Proofreading

This is an important message regarding Phoenix Rising’s future chapter schedule.



Hello my dear readers!


EDIT: Forget this! I’m returning to resume my normal chapter releases after finding out how badly I suck at proofreading 😛


After countless chapters, I now wish to look back to the old chapters. I believe there are mistakes, content that needs to be added and so on. Thus, I have decided to halt the production of chapters and go over the last 212 chapters.


I have already started it right back at the Prologue. Looking through it, I found many errors, many missing content and weird stuff that will seriously confuse readers. Heck! I, myself, got confused a little bit with the way I wrote last year.


And so, I’ve decided to stop chapter releases for now and return to fixing the old chapters.


Anyway, you’ll find them as I slowly release a more… fixed releases in the Royal Road section. Oh yeah, I believe I’ll be adding some more chapters to the previous ones since I feel I skipped them unnecessarily.


Until next time you read Phoenix Rising, stay healthy! 😉


Till the next time Phoenix Rises!


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    Vijay Kakani

    But again, I remembered that I suck at proofreading… I did, however, make certain things clearer which I left as a blur.

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