Phoenix Rising – Chapter 215

War Signs



Meanwhile, in Floria Kingdom, people have gathered in the caste. The people gathered there were:


Bernard IV Sargold

King of Floria Kingdom


Floria Sargold

Queen of the Floria Kingdom


Venezuela Sargon

Princess of Floria Kingdom


Felix Phoron

Phoenix Emperor



Death Titan


Ondine Monahasara

Water Spirit

Lakshman Chand’s Slave Spirit


Ashtetra Blazkin Jenes Forin Sekinat, also known as Tetra

Phoenix Blade

Lakshman Chand’s Contract Spirit


Cantia Camdra

Beast Race – Camdra Clan (Camdra Beast Clan)


Emilia Serabell

Hybrid: Half human and half Seprad Demon Clan


They were all sitting on comfortable chairs that had cushions on the base of their seats. This was a private meeting that they were all present for due to the events that occurred when the Demon Dragon King, Razzel assaulted Astral Academy and kidnapped Lakshman Chand.


“As you know, Lucky got take away by Razzel, the Demon Dragon King, three days ago. So far, we haven’t been able to find out his whereabouts,” Felix said in an unhappy voice.


“It’s already been three days since Lucky got taken away and there hasn’t been any news regarding his location or his safety! What is everyone doing?! Napping?!” Venezuela demanded angrily as she banged on the table.


“Vena! Please stop this. We’re here to discuss; not throw tantrums!” Bernard told his daughter sternly.


“But, father! The Phintex Rajas have been out searching for days and still haven’t returning with any news! How can I calm myself when my future husband could be in real danger?”


“Venezuela, I know how you feel, but you need to calm down. Constantly worrying about him will not solve matters. In fact, we will also lose our cool by getting influenced by your emotions.”


She got irritated with her father’s words and gestured towards the other girls, apart from the queen, sitting beside her.


“He’s not my own lover; they are also his lovers! They are all very worried about him, but they just aren’t showing it.” Then she looked at them and said “It’s not right to hide your feelings so blatantly!”


Tetra smiled and said, “Vena, showing our feelings won’t do us any good. Anyway, Lucky will not tolerate it if we worry about him like this.”


“Tetra is right, Vena. Lucky will certainly get annoyed at us for worrying about him so much. Besides, is that what you want to tell him once you finally meet him again? That ‘Princess Venezuela had a breakdown because of worrying too much’? Is that what you want?”


Her words penetrated the veil of stress surrounding Venezuela. Their words made her realise that worrying like that will only cause her health problems in the future. She also realised, in horror that her beauty will deplete if she continued to stressing about it.


“You’re right, Ondine. I’ll take your advice to heart,” she said hastily.


Ondine nodded in satisfaction while Tetra smiled and Emilia sighed in relief. More than worrying about the safety of their loved interest, they were more worried that Venezuela might hurt herself with her worries. With her words, they were relieved and felt they can return to quietly worry about Lakshman.


Felix watched the unity of Lakshman’s loves and nodded. He had wondered how Lakshman could handle having five lovers at the same time and was impressed with the behaviour of the girls. They were kind, caring and understanding of the situation and readily accepted it so as to be with their loved one.


“You are really lucky, Lucky,” he said quietly before smiling slightly.


He turned to look at Sevedant and saw that he had his skeleton hands interconnected as if he was thinking. Felix immediately understood that the Death Titan was trying his hardest to find where Lakshman was taken to.


On the day that Lakshman disappeared, Felix had blamed himself severely for letting that happen. His wife, Rasha Phoron, and their daughter, Sasha Phoron, were the ones that eventually calmed him down. Only later did he discover that Sevedant had blamed himself a lot more than Felix did. Because of that guilt, he was putting his full efforts into finding Lakshman.


“Have you been able to find anything yet, Sevedant?” Felix asked him.


Sevedant slowly shook his head and said “No. Having trouble. Unable to sense. Disrupting World Sensor.”


World Sensor was a King ranked Sensor Magic Spell that enables users to be able to sense all around the world and enables them to locate where there are at. The spell becomes stronger when they are only attempting to sense certain individuals around the world.


Felix knew this and also knew the spell was really powerful, especially when it was applied by the Death Titan. Even so, that spell was having difficulty sensing the Lakshman’s location, which could only mean that Lakshman was either placed in a place that repelled World Sensor or that he unfortunately died.


Felix clapped his cheeks several times with his hands to clear away negative thoughts. Those are not the kind of thoughts one must have right now, however, a lingering uncertainty lingered and it made him feel anxious.


As if he could sense this, Sevedant quietly said “Rest assured. He is alive. Feeling life force. Just unable to locate.”


“Oh! That’s good!” Felix said and he reflexively sighed in relief. Then he thought about what Sevedant said and asked “Do you think the Demon Dragon King is using a Barrier Magic Spell is similar to the Phoenix Sanctuary?”


Phoenix Sanctuary was an Emperor ranked Barrier Magic Spell which protects and hides individuals inside it while making it difficult to locate. It is such a powerful barrier that, even if it was traced and found, people would find it extremely difficult to enter. That is how the Phoenix Clan had been able to stay hidden for so many years from the prying eyes of many people.


Sevedant nodded and simply said “Dragon Sanctuary.”


Felix widened his eyes in surprise at hearing the spell name. Dragon Sanctuary was also an Emperor ranked Barrier Magic Spell and it was also the spell the Dragon Clan were using to cloak their whereabouts.


“What?! How is that possible? Are you saying Razzel also knows how to use that spell?!” Felix exclaimed in disbelief.


Sevedant nodded and said “Most likely, but not completely. Only replicated.”


“Ah. He must be using something to improvise to such a powerful spell!” Felix said and Sevedant nodded at him.


Bernard coughed and said “Good thing I hushed up all the nobles attempting to score against me while my future son-in-law is gone, but I don’t know how long that will last. Eventually, rumours will start to spread about the disappearance of his disappearance and people will start thinking it in different ways.”


Felix snorted in annoyance and said “Don’t give a damn what the people have to say! You shouldn’t have to worry about what people say when they aren’t aware of the bigger picture!”


Bernard nodded in agreement with Felix’s words. As a king, he had to deal with a lot of nonsense and annoyance from the nobles. However, he was known as a good king because of the choices he made by taking the consideration of the people as his first priority. Unlike the nobles, he was a king with integrity to uphold the promise of being a king that cares for his subjects.


At that moment, six Phintex Rajas warped into the room. They immediately knelt with his heads bowed.


Felix immediately turned his chair around and asked “Right! Give me your report!”


The Phintex Raja, at the front, looked up at him and said “Sir! There appears to be a powerful barrier erected around Mardana Kingdom and is not enabling us to enter.”


Everyone was surprised to hear that and Felix said “What? An entire kingdom is surrounded by a barrier?” Then he quickly looked at Sevedant and asked “Hey! You don’t think it’s… that?”


Sevedant nodded and said “I believe so. Replicated Dragon Sanctuary.”


“I see,” Felix said and he nodded in understanding, however, the Phintex Raja was not finished.


“Sir, there is more,” he said to notify that there was more to say.


“Oh. Sorry! Please go ahead,” Felix said quickly and urged the man to continue speaking.


“Sir! It seems the new king of Mardana Kingdom, Adebola Gramstone, seems to be preparing an army. We discovered this when we questioned several people secretly leaving the kingdom. It seemed they were afraid of getting involved in war and are taking the chance to escape from the kingdom.”


“War?!” Bernard exclaimed and he looked alarmed.


“Yes, sir. It seems the Demon Dragon King, Razzel, is providing the Mardana Kingdom’s army the armours which were notably known to be worn by the Dragon Clan.”


Hearing that, Felix said “Curses…! So that’s what that bastard is doing by hiding behind that protective barrier of his! Raising an army and equipping them with the Dragon Armours that are on par with the Phoenix Armours! Are you able to know what quality they are?


The Phintex Raja hesitated for a few seconds before he said “I’m sorry, but I was unable to get much information on them. Please forgive us!”


Felix waved his hand and said “No. It’s alright. It’s not your fault that you couldn’t obtain that information. After all, the entire kingdom has been surrounded by an extremely powerful barrier! Anyway, go and get rest for a job well done!”


“Thank you, sir!” the Phintex Rajas said in unison before they warped out of there.


Once they were done, Felix turned to the Death Titan and said “I’m guessing those Dragon Armours that Razzel made are not like the originals. What do you think?”


“Most likely. Duplicated Dragon Armours. Second-rate,” Sevedant told him.


“I see. As I thought, but that still is a problem to deal with! Even if they are probably second-rate, Dragon Armours really go a long way in boosting the wearer’s power and strength. We will find ourselves in a real pinch if it came down to the actual battle!”


Venezuela, with a worried expression on her face, asked “What will you do, Felix? Will you fight back?”


“I… I don’t know…” Felix suddenly said hesitantly. “I don’t want to have to leave the capital unprotected while I lead the entire Phoenix Clan against the Mardana Kingdom! After all, it is our duty to keep peace between races and that also includes conflicts within the same race.”


Bernard understood the situation Felix was in and smiled as he said “Don’t worry about us, Felix. Even if something were to happen, I’ll be here to take care of things. Three years ago, the Demon Emperor and his army took us by surprise, but not this time! We are prepared to mobilise our own army if something happens!”


“You sure? I mean… We’ll be away for a while and I’m worried Adebola will pull some sort of dirty trick from right under our noses! Maybe I should leave a few here and—!”


“Take the whole Phoenix Clan! How do you plan on winning with only a few with you? I mean, you are strong and all, but how do you think you will win against an army that are powered by the Dragon Armours? You think you can with yourself and the Death Titan with you?”




“Felix! It my duty to protect my kingdom with my own powers. My role as the king of Floria Kingdom entitles me to do so!” Bernard thundered and caused everyone to flinch. “Now stop letting your personal feelings destroy that well judgement you’ve obtained over your thirty-seven years of life!”


Bernard suddenly snorted and said “I know that’s a short amount of lifespan since you Phoenixes life for almost 200 years! However I, as the king of Floria Kingdom, am telling you to go and defeat the enemy who will, one day, become a threat to the rest of the world!”


Felix looked astonished at the powerful words spoken by Bernard. He and Bernard had known each other since Felix was just a kid and Felix had great respect for the king for being pure hearted and for always being true to his words. That very man was now telling him to go fight an enemy by reminding him of the bigger picture.


Then he chuckled and got off his chair as he said “You don’t have to remind me about my own job. I’m the Phoenix Emperor and my role is to stop this kind of madness that is being made by the king of Mardana Kingdom!”


“You better do a good job or I will penalise you for failed effort!” Bernard warned him sternly.


“Oh yeah? Then you better watch out for my penalty when I return and find out the kingdom looks like a big dump!” Felix warned him with a wave of his forefinger.


With that, Felix took his leave and Sevedant followed right behind him. Ondine, Tetra, Emilia, Cantia and Venezuela quickly rose to their feet and went after him.


“Sevedant, make sure you are ready! We will depart for Mardana Kingdom in two days!” Felix told the Death Titan.


“Will do,” Sevedant said with a nod of his head.


“Um…! Felix! We’re coming as well!” Emilia said, a little nervously.


Without looking at them, he said “Of course, you’re coming.”


For a moment, the girls looked surprised. Then Felix looked back at them and smiled as he said “What do you think you would do by staying here and worrying constantly? I think that lovers should be the ones who should go and rescue their loved one. While you five do that, the rest of us will take care of the trouble warriors!”


The girls smiled happily and energetically replied “Yes!”


With that, the plans were set for the Phoenix Clan to take the battle to the Mardana Kingdom army that their king, Adebola Gramstone, was preparing.



  1. Novasion

    Vijay, you have been making serious mistakes. During felix and savadent’s talk, where did phoenix titan cam from? There are other mistakes as well. I advise you to double check your writings before posting.

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      Vijay Kakani

      Mmm… You’re right. Sorry about that. Seems what I was thinking didn’t match what I was typing and I missed those mistakes.

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  2. Leylin Shin

    Thanks for the chapter.
    can’t a titan just destroy a incomplete emperor barrier made with a flick of his wrist? like “whoosh” and “ping” barrier down!
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    1. Post
      Vijay Kakani

      I think you’re forgetting about the Suppression Rings that Lakshman had on his arms. Six of them and he’s clearly stated how he felt his rank is Intermediate ranked. So yeah… No chance of him able to destroy that barrier.

      If it was Death Titan and Lakshman with his normal power, then yes. He would do that, too easy because of their really high power levels.

  3. Kenken

    There a mention about the Phoenix clan has a long life span…..It makes me wonder, Does Lucky have a long life span? Since he is the Phoenix Titan and it was clearly shown he is not a normalmm and he have the bless of being (or said to be) immune to most things like to the weather.

    Hmm…I think now this where his “Destiny Queens” come in slowly fulfilling thier destiny as his Destiny Queens. Like the Decisive player say they need him, he need them, keep them at his side he will need them.


    Once they were done, Felix turned to the Decisive Player and said “I’m guessing those Dragon Armours that Razzel made are not like the originals. What do you think?”

    Where did the Decisive Player pop out from? Lol Ain’t he supposed to be inside of Lucky?

    1. Kenken

      Ah sorry ipad typo ( I mess up with the typing) it should be…

      ” it was clearly shown he is not a normal human”

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