Phoenix Rising – A Life

This could take a bit of your time and please don’t feel I’m an idiot. I’m just in that mood to be a little complicated.


My god… I can’t believe this is happening to me again… Motivation failure again… Man, I’m like one of those charts that can’t stay on a single line 😛


I am totally not motivated to write another chapter… Just read a comment regarding the chapters so far and it’s bugging my brain now.


No offense to the commenter at all. I’m not raging or anything here, but it seems my mind took it a lot harder than I realised. It was only when I sat down to write chapter 216 and my brain halted on me that I realised I was hit by another motivation outage.


Yes, I’m already aware the MC is really, really stupid and all, but I totally enjoyed it because I knew he will become a legend. His maturity, his power, his strength, his beliefs and his love. All on intentional and I thoroughly enjoyed it because the MC is like me, very stupid for a long time before finally, a certain event in their life, completely changes them forever!


I think I need some rest or something… Damn! I thought I had overcome, but it had come back to hit me again… Stupid me…!


Oh yeah, I’m going to shot out to mironsan,Penumbramancer,nDrew,Nathanha17,arni and many other awesome readers and commenters. If it weren’t for your fiathful daily comments and such, I doubt I would’ve made it this far.I mean, the story already become quite challenging to me, but I kept writing because of your awesome comments!


I already decided to stop this story at chapter 89, but one single comment, the reader expression his love for the story, motivated me to writing more. It gave me the energy and the motivation to keep on writing on and on! Happiness and encouragement is my fuel to doing things and I did them epically! So I thank you very much!


Finally… Am I giving up the story? Not really, no. I’ve come too far, but I’m lacking motivation to write more right now. On the other hand, encouragement is welcomed and I’m not as cheap enough to ask people to “Hey! You’re doing a good job! Please continue writing!” Only if you truly do want me to continue to write, I will do it. Even when I get headaches, I ignored it and continued writing! I’m just that devoted to this story because it is also… a part of me.


Anyway, here are some spoilers to hopefully do some justice to the story and help people with some



Very soon…


Man… In 3-4 (217-220) chapters, Lucky and the Decisive Player will become one. This means that MC will obtain everything and become the MC we wanted him to be. Along with that, a big twist was going to be revealed!


When he saw the girls running towards him, with their arms wide open, he smiled and grandly hugged them. After speaking seeing their happy smiles, he said “I’m glad you girls are safe. I’m really glad. Now please excuse me because I have a job to do.”


At that moment, an explosion erupted, causing rocks and rubble to fly in all directions. Out of the rubble, something strange climbed out with its body completed covered in crystals.


Lakshman smiled and said “I see that you’ve become quite the crystallised monster, Razzel.”




“Lucky. Should you really be shopping with us when you got that competition coming up soon?” Emilia asked curiously.


“Yeah. I think you should attend the competition meetings to prepare, Lucky,” Ondine told him with a worried look on her face.


Lakshman shook his head and said “You are important to me more than that competition.”


(Author: By this time, Lakshman is well matured and is capable of performing a lot of things he was impacable of doing previously which also includes the reduction in his stupidity)

Far into the future..


Lakshman stared at the man in surprise and asked “Who are you?”


The unknown man smiled and said “I am the one who made you.”


Lakshman widened his eyes in shock and exclaimed “No way?! The God of Life, Cratian?!”


When the man nodded, Lakshman narrowed his eyes and asked “Why did you make me into such a stupid person? Why?! Answer me!”


Far into the future..


“Lakshman! Stop! Don’t do it!” Felix shouted desperately. “You’re the Phoenix Titan and should be saving the world, not destroying it!”


Lakshman, who had hovering high in the sky with a gigantic ball pulsating with raw energy, made an evil grin as he looked at the people down below.


Lakshman cackled with laughter and shouted “Phoenix Titan?! Ha! I’m not that ridiculous faker! I’m the real Phoenix… The Phoenix Destroyer!”


After cackling with laughter, he shouted “All lifemust be destroyed because that’s what I do for a living!”


Then he screamed “URRRAAAGGGHHHH!!!” as he launched the large pulsating energy ball down at them.


Far into the future..


Two warriors floated in mid-air with explosionsand destruction happening all around them. The land, beneath them, was covered in flames as volcanos erupted from beneath the ground. The air was thick with tension and destruction as the two mighty forces prepared for the final round in their wrath of destruction.


One side was the Calamity Titan and the other side was the Phoenix Titan as they glared at each other fiercely. Both were bloodied and breathing heavily as they glared at each other fierclywith bloodthirsty eyes. Then they took battle stances, in mid-air, and screamed at each other.








With great surge of force, the twowarriors charged at each other by screaming while their faces contorted with rage.As they blasted towards each other with great force, both of them gathered large amounts of energy into their fists and they unleashed their fists as they collided. For a moment, an explosion of power was unleashed as the two warriors desperatelytried to push their power forward. Then a great explosion erupted around and it soon became a ball of energy that slowly expanded by destroying everything in it spath.


Author:These scenes are what’s planned ahead of the future in this story. I told people and I keep telling people that this is one massive story. I can’t even call it a story anymore because it’s turned into following the MC in his life. Seriously! I doubt I can write another story after this because it’s that massively planned and everything!






  1. mironsan

    Writing is a hard task to undertake, while I am saddened by the sudden break I understand it’s importance. In the long run I feel that this and other breaks in the future will help the story continue to remain wonderful. The day you decide to resume I will be most excited.

    I ask that you take care of yourself.

    Till the day the Phoenix rises be well, be strong, take care, and most of enjoy yourself.


    1. Post
      Vijay Kakani

      Thanks, but don’t worry mironsan. I’ve thought of something that’ll get my energy levels back up to full swing! So I’ll be in full power mode by tomorrow morning.

      Well, we’ll see… If I’m unable to post by 12:00 PM, according to that clock on the top right, I guess I’m really going to take a break.

      Now wish me luck as I hope this “something” will work and I get my motivation back! 🙂

  2. Deraxus

    Muahahah i have finally come to the latest chapter!!!
    And now i shall wait for when you have powered up again!

    Anyways rest up and do what you must do to start writing again! And i do bet you need a break from time to time, sure i was not at the start when you wrote this, but damn i belive anyone that has writin this much does deserv to calm down and motivate himself!

    M;uahahahhahaha until lateR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Post
      Vijay Kakani

      What an explosive comment! 😀

      Well done! I’m amazed you rocketed all the way to the latest chapter! What rocket did you shot out of, I might need to lease it for a bit! ::P

      Also, I’m glad you didn’t get bored and dropped the story half-way through and all. So glad I got one more really eager for more of this greatness! 😀

      Yup! I’m resting up for tomorrow and hopefully, I’ll get back on track! 😉

      See you later when the Phoenix rises again! 😀

  3. Penumbramancer

    Dude thanks so much for all the chapters and just being able to read this story as you write it, actually this story is what i look forward to reading when i first get up in the morning. And i really appricaite how hard you are working to deal with the sometimes unreasonable requests of your fans.

    Just remmber that even if you need to take some time to get your motivation back your fans will still be here raving over how good the story and characters are and waiting in anticipation over what happens next.

    Keep up the great work you sir are a artist of literacy.

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