Phoenix Rising – Chapter 216

Horrifying Torture



It had been two days since the Berserker Crusher event that Adebola Gramstone, the king of Mardana Kingdom, had organised. After defeating the monster, Lakshman was led away by the guards only to get experimented upon by the Demon Dragon King, Razzel.


The experiments involved Lakshman being electrocuted, which created a chain reaction in releasing his energy. Razzel used this to analyse the structure of Lakshman’s energy while putting him through more and more painful experimental processes.


After all this, Lakshman felt exhausted and was taken back to the dark room where he, Erza Flameheart and twenty-seven people were placed in. Unlike Lakshman, who was just there as an experiment toy, the rest of them had political backgrounds and were being used as hostages to make their parents behave.


Lakshman was in the darkness of the room with everyone asleep, except for Erza and him. Then he sighed and looked to the right where Erza was. Naturally, he could not see in the dark, but he could tell she was staring at him.


“Erza? Why are you looking at me?” he asked curiously.


“Oh… I’m just thinking of how resistant you were to the torture that Razzel is making you go through!” Erza told him.


Hearing her words made him sigh. ‘Torture’ was indeed the term most appropriate for what was happening to him. He was amazed at himself for not breaking from how intense the electrocution was. In the end, he only thanked his power for being as strong as they were.


However, he was not concerned about that electrocution at this present time. He was curious as to why Erza kept staring at him with upturned eyes all the time. He knew this because one time, when it was really dark and they were eating their meals, he noticed her watching him constantly.


Since then he had been curious and given the matter a lot of thought. It seemed that Erza appeared to have known him for a long time even though he does not remember her at all. At first, he thought she was simply looking at him because she mistook him for somebody else, but this feeling soon got dashed by how constantly she looked at him.


Unable to bear her staring anymore, he asked “Erza, please tell me why you know me? I mean, you know my eating habits, seem to understand how I’m feeling and even take great care for me! Seriously! Why to go to such lengths when I’m nothing, but a stranger to you?”


In the dark, Erza shook her head and said “I know it’s unbelievable, but I know you, Lakshman. I know that you have five lovers and their names are Venezuela, Emilia, Tetra, Ondine and Cantia. You haven’t shown it properly yet, but you dearly love them to the point that you’d beat the crap out of anyone who’s dumb enough to hit on them.”


Lakshman’s eyes widened in alarm and he and “A-A-Ah…! Stalker! You’re a stalker!”


Erza laughed softly and said “No. You told me when I confessed my love for you.”


This time, Lakshman was really shocked and he quickly said “What?! Huh?! When did I tell you that? When did you confess to me? Did I miss something or do I have that bad of a memory even though I’m confident in my memory.”


Erza chuckled and then she lifted her hand before placing it on his cheek, surprising him in the process.


“I know things are confusing right now, but everything will make itself known to you. Even the fact about why you’ve been pretty stupid your whole life will make itself clear to you soon enough.”


Lakshman simply stared at her in amazement after hearing her words. He was already aware that he had been stupid in his younger days and only reasoned that he was really slow in growing up. Even now, he was aware he was still stupid in certain areas, but was unable to explain as to why.


He quietly asked “Who are you?”


In the darkness, he thought he saw her smile. Then she said “I’m Erza Flameheart and I’m—!”


At that moment, they heard the sound of footsteps getting closer to them. After sending five days in that place, Lakshman knew these footsteps belonged to the people that either brought them their food or came to escort him to another one of Demon Dragon King’s experiment sessions.


When the door opened, two people Lakshman had gotten to know walked in.


“The Demon Dragon King is calling you! Come!” they ordered him roughly.


Lakshman sighed and told Erza “Let’s talk more on this later.”


“Sure and be safe,” she told him in a worried voice.


He shrugged his shoulders and said “I’ll try to be safe.”


With that, he got to his feet and walked towards the two big men standing on either side of the door. One of them went in the front and another one went from the rear once they closed the door. They chose this formation so as to keep him from escaping, but they should not have bothered. With the six Suppression Rings on him, Lakshman was just an ordinary man that they could easy take down.


“You’ve come!” the Demon Dragon King, Razzel, said when Lakshman entered into his laboratory.


“Do I have a choice?” Lakshman asked wearily and it made Razzel laugh.


After being ushered into the chair in the experiment room, Lakshman sat down on the only chair in the room. He could feel the rust of the wooden chair after taking many electric strikes because of this ruthless experiment.


On the other side of the room, he could see people moving around through a large glass. The assistants of Razzel were preparing their magic and the paper for the readings. The magic activates by analysing the energy released by Lakshman’s torture, which is then processed and written down by a magic pen on the papers they have laid out.


“Magic Activate! Restraint!” one of them said when he aimed his hand at Lakshman.


In an instant, Lakshman felt his body attach itself to the chair. No matter how hard he tried, he would not budge and knew he was stuck to the chair for good. Now the only thing left was to activate the electric magic to conduct the experiment.


“We’re ready, sir,” them told Razzel and he nodded at them.


He turned to look at Lakshman through the glass and said “Just so you know, this is the last time we’ll be conducting this experiment on you!”


Hearing that, Lakshman groaned. Without knowing it, he knew this was going to be intense. It seemed like he was unable to get used to constantly getting electrocuted on a daily basis. So he did not feel surprised that he will not be able to get used to it.


Then Razzel turned to his assistants and said “Proceed.”


Nodding once at him, the assistants activated their magic. Energy began forming around Lakshman, which he knew was the electric field charging up. The next instant, electricity burst out and began to electrocute him.


“UUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!” he screamed from the pain of getting electrocuted while being unable to do anything to stop it.


The assistants were monitoring him constantly while checking the paper. The magic pen began to drawn lines that swung up and down rhythmically as each second passed. They were checking for something unique, but only found the repeated pattern as always.


“Sir, it’s the same pattern as last time,” the assistant told Razzel.


The Demon Dragon King got very agitated and said “Increase the output of the electricity!”


“But, sir! He might not survive—!”


“I don’t care! My goal is important than that puny human’s life! Now do as I said or suffer my wrath!” Razzel said and he glared at them fiercely.


“Y-Yes, sir!” they said quickly.


The assistant, who conjured the electric magic, said “Multitude Lightning.”


In an instant, the lightning strikes increased and horrified Lakshman. This was nothing like what he had felt until now. His pain sensors were going off like crazy as his the nerves, in his body, screamed in pain. Lakshman was screaming wildly while struggling while being stuck to the chair.


The assistants checked the magic paper and saw a change. They were finally able to see what they had expected to see.


“Sir! There’s a change!” the assistant said quickly.


Razzel nodded and said “Maximise the lightning.”


The magic assistant looked at him in shock. Then he quietly nodded and said “Maximum Lightning.”


With the lightning maximised, Lakshman began to move on the chair. His body was be frozen in place on the chair, but the magic began to strain to keep him in place from his many struggles.




As he screamed, Lakshman thought “D-Decisive Player! I don’t think my body can take this anymore!”

He heard the Decisive Player curse and say “Dammit! Those bastards are seriously trying to perform their experiment while really torturing you!”

“Stop stating the obvious and think of something! I seriously can’t take any more of this torture!”

“I… I don’t know! With those Suppression Rings, we’re limited to what we could do and this lightning is slowly draining of us our—!”

“Then I have something that could possibly—!”


At that moment, Lakshman was distracted as his body suddenly twinged in pain. His nerves were at the breaking point from all the pain and suffering he was enduring. Never in his life did he imagine he would be put through such nightmarish torture.


Inside the recording room, the assistants were sweating profusely while they analysed the data streaming down their papers, which were being drawn by the magic pen.


“Sir! Please look at this!” the assistants said and they showed him the long line of paper.


After analysing it for a few seconds, Razzel nodded with a smile spreading on his face. He was happy because his experiment was producing the desired results. This pleased him and he turned to smile as he watched Lakshman writhe on the chair with pain coursing through every part of his body.


Unable to take it anymore, Lakshman came to a drastic decision and he shared his idea with the Decisive Player. The man with a lot of wisdom quickly disagreed with him.


“No, no, no! I will not approve of this!” the Decisive Player told him.


“We’ve got no choice! It’s do or die at this point in time! Don’t you see?! That bastard doesn’t care if I live or die so long as his experiment succeeds!”

“B-But if you do it according to your plan, you will most certainly die! Think about the girls that love you right now! Do you really plan on dying and abandoning them?”

“I will survive! I have to! Please, Decisive Player! Help me…!”


With that, it was finally decided. The Decisive Player did not like it, but he knew time was running out. It was finally time to act.


At that moment, Lakshman began to glow dimly. The Demon Dragon King and his assistants did not understand why he was suddenly glowing like that. Then the glow expanded and covered Lakshman completed, which caused the lightning to bounce off as if it was some sort of visible barrier.


Lakshman continued to scream in pain, but he narrowed his eyes and put his full might into focusing on the people on the other side of the glass. The repelled lighting began striking everything within the room with its unstoppable might.


“UUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHH!!!” Lakshman screamed as he focused his energy.


The next instance, the glass window got smashed and the lightning erupted through it. Razzel and his assistants were screaming as it began electrocuting them. Lakshman watched with a smile of satisfaction before beginning to scream as well since he was still being electrocuted.
Razzel, with a struggle, raised his hand and shouted “Magic Cancel!”


In an instant, the lightning eruptions stopped as the magic that conjured them was cancelled. Magic Cancel is a King ranked was a Defence Magic Spell that overloaded the magic and automatically destroyed it. As a result, the magic is gone, but its effects will still remain.


As things soon calmed down, Razzel slowly got to his feet and said “N-Nicely done, test subject.”


He smiled as he looked at Lakshman, who was still seated in that chair. For the first time in his life, he was exhausted in an unbelievable way. With no strength to remain sitting, he tilted sideways and fell off the chair.


“Damn…! You’re seriously lucky to be alive!” the Decisive Player told him angrily.


Lakshman smiled and thought “What did you expect from a guy who is called Lucky?”


Just then, the door to the experimentation room opened and Adebola Gramstone entered the room. He was surprised to find the room in ruins. Destroyed fragments of furniture and equipment, broken glass lying everywhere and two assistants of the Demon Dragon King lying motionless on the ground.


“What the hell happened here?” Adebola asked aloud as he looked around.


Razzel laughed and said “The test subject raised a powerful barrier and repelled the lighting back at us. Although he had six Suppression Rings on him, it looked like he still found the energy to produce such a powerful reflecting barrier!”


Hearing this, Lakshman thought “He’s an idiot. Of course, I didn’t have the power to raise a barrier!”


The fact was that the Decisive Player reversed the Divine Protection of the Sun and the Divine Protection of the Moon. They were originally intended to protect the owner from the heat and the cold. However, when they are reversed and are put together, they form an extremely powerful barrier that reflects all forms of energy attacks.


This was why the Decisive Player did not want to follow with Lakshman’s plan because it left him vulnerable. During this time, the lightning coursing through his body began to hurt him more than before because it was suddenly blocked in. The solidified barriers created an impenetrable wall that did reflected anything from the outside and the inside.


“I see!” Adebola said and he turned to glare at the collapsed form of Lakshman.


He quickly walked over to Lakshman and bent down. The next instant, he grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up. Lakshman dangled by his throat as he was extremely drained to put up a fight.


“Are you done with your experiments?” Adebola asked Razzel while continuing to glare at Lakshman.


Razzel breathed out heavily and said “With that little stunt he just pulled, I got all the information I need. So yeah… Do what you want with him.”


He smiled just as a guard rushed into the room. He was breathless as if he ran a lot of distance to get there.


“Your majesty, we just received word from a spy. He states that the Phoenix Clan are aware of our invasion plan and are on their way here to deal with us!” the guard said hurriedly in a panicked voice.


Hearing those words, Lakshman slowly opened his eyes and turned his head to look down at Adebola. Seeing the shocked expression on his face pleased him greatly.


“Looks like you’re finished!” he told Adebola and form a smile on his face.


Adebola turned and looked up at him with a fowl expression on his face, which clearly stated how he was feeling.


“Yes. You’re right, but you’re finished as well!” he told Lakshman.


“Huh?” Lakshman asked in a puzzled voice.


Adebola suddenly smiled and, without hesitation, Adebola pierced through Lakshman’s chest.




Lakshman let out a yelp of surprise which soon turned into shock as he realised what the mad king did. With a mad expression on his face, Adebola pulled his hand out and also the beating heart of Lakshman in his hand as he dropped Lakshman to the ground.


As he lay there bleed from his mortal wound, he heard Adebola say “Ah… I guess you’re just like the rest of us… Oh well!”


With pure strength, he crushed the Lakshman’s beating heart and blood flowed out of it. He dropped it to the ground and turned to speak to Razzel.


“Take his soul or whatever! I’m done here and I have a war to win!”


With that, Adebola quickly left the room with the guard following right behind him. Once he was gone, Razzel walked over and said “It’s such a pity to do this after all I’ve done, but a soul is still as good as any soul I’ve absorbed. Soul Absorption!”


He stretched his hand out and applied energy to it. For a moment, a blue orb slowly appeared at the back of Lakshman’s body when, all of a sudden, it went back in. Razzel was shocked and suddenly realised something was interfering with his Soul Absorption technique to steal Lakshman’s soul.


“I’m not letting you have his soul!” the Decisive Player said as he hampered in Razzel’s magic.


After struggling for a few seconds, he said “Ah! It doesn’t matter if I can’t absorb him anyway! He’s already served his purpose to me. Now…”


He turned around and walked to a wall before touching it with his hand. The place that he touched began glowing and opened up. A box was there which contained the Demon Slayer that he stole from the Astral Academy grounds.


As he took the box out, he said “Magic Impersonation.”
Magic Impersonation enables him to be able to use the same kind of magic as somebody else. He did not know Lakshman, but was able to understand him through the release of his magic. Thus, it appeared that he was mimicking Lakshman’s energy as he opened the box and pulled the Demon Slayer out.


It was a magnificent black sword with yellow markings on the side of its blade. This was the Sacred Spirit said to be stronger than the Phoenix Blade. Currently, it looked like a fancy sword with strange carvings on it.


Razzel smiled and said “Now…! Demon Slayer! I command you to obey me!”


For a moment, nothing happened. Then the sword began to radiate in purple energy as he gripped it tightly with his hand. He smiled thinking the sword had accepted him, but was shocked when his hand suddenly got crystallised. Very soon, his body began to crystallise with him wearing horrified expression on his face.


“W-What’s happening to me?!” he screamed as his body continued to crystallise.


Lakshman, who as face down on the ground, heard none of his cries. He had a shocked expression on his face with his eyes wide open. Blood gushed out of a gaping hole in his chest where his heart used to be. All he knew was a strange sensation as his life slowly faded from this world.


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