Phoenix Rising – Chapter 217

War Commences



On the outskirts of Mardana’s capital, two large magic circle appeared in a clearing within a forest; one magic circle was hovering several centimetres above the magic circle glowing on the ground. Then the top circle slowly lowered to the ground. As the top magic circle slowly went down, people began to materialise on the spot.


Eventually, both magic circles joined together and disappeared, leaving behind over 200 armoured warriors. Standing in the front, with the Legendary Sword of Justice in hand, was none other than the Phoenix Emperor, Felix Phoron.


After breathing in the air, he coughed and said “I just got here and I already have a headache.” Then he turned around bad addressed the army of warriors standing behind him.


“Now remember! We’re here to take down Mardana Kingdom’s army, but not to slaughter them! They would be wearing their second-rate Dragon Armours, but we will fight only to defeat them! Got that?”


At that, the many men and women roared in ascent with his words. They were initially surprised when he told them about the war that the king of Mardana Kingdom, Adebola Gramstone, was planning. So they powered up their equipment, charged up their powers and were set to fight.


Sevedant, the Death Titan, looked around and said “I sense evil intent.”


As a follow up, Felix heard the Legendary Sword of Justice, Justina, speak in his mind “I can feel a lot of Fighting Force coming from within the barrier.”


“Mmm! I can feel it too!” Felix said in agreement to both of their words.


They may not know the exact location of the kingdom due to their barrier, but they can still feel them. It was an intense presence that made them grip their weapons tightly. Most of them were wielding swords, but others had spears and lances.


Felix looked around for a bit to decide on the path. Being unable to locate them was really difficult, especially when the barrier works in a way that tricks them into going away from it.


“This way,” Sevedant said shortly and he began walking forward.


Felix nodded and let the Death Titan to guide them to the location. He followed behind and the rest of his army followed right after them. For a few minutes, they walked in silence while making noises on leafy ground with each step they took.


“Here!” Sevedant said when he finally came to a stop.


Felix stopped right behind him and raised his hand high into the air to indicate to everyone to stop. As they came to a stop, he looked at each of them. Understanding the indirect message he was sending them, they nodded at him and quickly passed the message to activate their powers.


There was a suddenly loud shout of “Phoenix Drive!”


In an instant, all members of the Phoenix Clan were covered in a golden aura. They were all set and were ready to do battle at moment’s notice. They gulped as they gripped their weapons tightly and waited for the signal to charge forward.


Felix nodded in satisfaction at seeing how alert everyone and turned back to look Sevedant in the face.


“Do it!”


With a simple nod of the head, Sevedant took two steps forward before stopping again. Then he rasied his skeleton hand and easily waved his wrist in empty air. There was a sudden sound of something cracking followed by a loud bang. Then a radiating barrier suddenly became visible for all of them to see.


From where Sevedant swept his hand, a hole was smashed open in the barrier. Since the barrier had failed in its purpose to hide, it slowly turned into particles and vanished by each second.


“Forward!” Felix shouted and he charged forward.


Following his lead, the 200 army of Phoenixes ran after him. As they charged into the heart of the capital, they saw a large crowd had gathered way ahead of them. Standing in front of them, with a wide grin on his face, was Adebola Gramstone.


Once they were several meters away, Felix came to a stop and held his hand up. With the halt signal, his army came to a halt and stood very closely to him. If anything were to happen to their leader, they would move immediately to his defence and Felix knew it.


Adebola continued to smile, undaunted by the presence of the Phoenix Emperor, Death Titan and 200 members of the Phoenix Clan.


“I’m glad you made it! Now it’s really going to get interesting!”


Felix took a deep breath and said “Adebola! As the Phoenix Emperor, I command you and your army to lay down your weapons and surrender peacefully! We do not want war!”


“You don’t, but I do! Only though war can the true victory be decided!” Adebola said to him with a wide grin on his face. “Unlike you fools, I have a bigger goal in mind that I want to achieve!”


Felix narrowed his eyes and asked “What goal would that be?”


Adebola spread his arms out and said “”World domination!”


Felix’s eyes twitched as he slowly said “World… domination…”


“Yes! Imagine me, controlling the entire world with fear, like the Ruler of the World! He ruled over every being with an iron grip that never faltered! He was a monster beyond monsters that cannot be compared to any of the Nine Pillars of Power! Now imagine how it would feel when I succeed him with my grand scheme to rule as he did so long ago!”


“You are crazy,” Felix said simply. “That sort of dream will never come true because you are the Ruler of the World are nothing alike! You’re ruthless, reckless, twisted in the brain and evil minded! Such a person will only plunge this world into the depths of destruction until there was nothing left!”


Once he finished speaking, Adebola began to cackle with laughter. He laughed and laughed with all his might along with the rest of his army. Then he pointed at Felix and wore a crooked smile on his face.


“You’re too weak to be called the Phoenix Emperor! With all the might and strength at your disposal, the entire Phoenix Clan obeying your every word, you would definitely be able to pull it off! In this world, only your clan has the power and the ability to change things! Even with all that, you still choose only to serve your purpose like a blind man!”


Adebola narrowed his eyes maliciously and said “You’re a fiery birdbrained coward and the same goes for your clan for blindly following a leader who doesn’t use his might to do anything, but protect something as ridiculous as peace! Don’t you realise that warriors, like your clan, are bread to fight in wars! Without wars, they lose their purpose for ever becoming strong in the first place!”


Felix’s eyes flashed as he said “So you are planning to plunge the world back into the war! The great Phoenix Titan sacrificed his life to summon the World Guardians to save our world and you’re going to waste it! I will not let you do as you please; not on my watch!”


In a swift movement, he unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Adebola with a dangerous look on his face.


“By the Order of the Phoenix, I will apprehend you and judge you for all your crimes!” Felix shouted and there was a roar of ascent from those standing behind him.


Adebola wore an evil grin on his face and said “Then I and my army will slay every last one of you until you are no longer a torn in our sights for world domination!”


With his words, there was a mighty roar from his army. Both armies stared at each other fiercely while charging their weapons with attacks. Adebola and Felix glared at each other fiercely; Felix had his swords out while Adebola had his hands tucked into the pocket of his pants.


There was a sudden silence, which was soon broken by the sound of a twig breaking.


“CHARGE!!!” Felix and Adebola screamed at the same time to their respective armies.


With a rumble and a roar, the two sides charged forward and soon clashes their weapons against each other; sword against sword, spear against spear and lance against lance. A fierce battle began to rage and it erupted into the different districts of the capital. Both land and buildings were destroyed by their fierce battle.


As the battle raged, Felix began to battle several of the warriors that attacked him in a group. He was impressed just how strong each of them were with the power boost they received from wearing the Dragon Armours. Felix could clearly see the dragon insignia on the sides of the shoulders of the armours.


“Felix! Felix!”


Hearing someone calling for him, he jumped away and blasted his attackers away. Then he turned around to see Ondine, Tetra, Emilia, Cantia and Venezuela running towards him with Sevedant following right behind them.


“What are you still doing here for?! Hurry up and search for Lakshman!” he told them as elbowed and punched two people consecutively.


His punches packed a lot of power and the two went flying into the distance before smashing through several buildings. Because the attackers were wearing Dragon Armours, he was not holding back his power. With great surge of energy, he began energy blasting the enemies from all around them.


“Will you be fine here by yourself?!” Venezuela asked him quickly.


Felix, while firing the energy blasts, nodded and said “I most certainly will be! Sevedant will also be with me so there is no worries!”


She nodded at him in understanding with a smile on her face. She was amazed at the rapid speed of his attacks and reactions.


At that moment, Tetra brightly said “I can sense master nearby! He’s alive!”


“Good!” Ondine exclaimed and they exchanged looks of relief with each other. Then she looked at Sevedant and asked “Can you point us in the direction that he is at, Sevedant?”


Sevedant instantly nodded and pointed in a certain direction as he said “Over there, but hurry. Life force is rapidly diminishing!”


Emilia looked extremely worried and said “Master’s in danger!” Then she turned to Cantia and said “Cantia!”


“On it-nyaa!” Cantia said brightly with her cat ears and tail out.


Cantia immediately placed the palm of her hand on her chest and said “Beast Shift!”


In an instant, she was covered in a bright glow of light that caused everyone to cover their eyes. The next moment, the glow faded and they were able to see again. Standing in front of them was a very large cat, around ten meters high, and several times wide as it survived the surroundings through its beastly eyes.


Several of the attackers broke away and jumped at the large cat. In an instant, the cat swished its tail and smacked some of them away while uses its paws to beat the rest away. Then it lowered itself to the ground so that Ondine, Tetra, Emilia and Venezuela could climb on board.


“Let’s quickly get on and get going!” Emilia told them in a firm voice. Then she noticed Venezuela hesitating and said “Vena! It’s alright! This is Cantia’s Beast Form when he transforms.”


“Wow…! It’s a large cat…!” Venezuela said in awe as she was helped up by the girls.


Once they were all sitting and holding onto her fur, Cantia rose up to stand on her four legs. Then she roared “RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!”


In an instant, everyone got out of the way as Cantia began to run in the direction that Sevedant indicated. Whenever someone got in their way, she blasted energy balls out of her mouth at them as Ondine and Tetra fought them with their sword skills while Emilia and Venezuela fought with their magic skills.


“Quickly, Cantia! We must hurry!” Emilia shouted hurriedly.


“RRRRAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!” Cantia roared and she sped off through the mass of fighting warriors.


The battle continued to wage for almost thirty minutes, with nighter side willing to back down or give up. Felix and Sevedant fought alongside each other as the warriors continued to head towards them.


Sevedant had used his Death by Destruction technique it caused most of them to stay away from him due to fear. However, it soon started to wear off and the warriors continued to charge towards them. Felix had already used Phoenix Drive and Power Charge and was fighting at an incredible speed.


At that moment, Sevedant turned to him and asked “Hey! Where is Adebola?”


“Huh?” Felix asked in a surprised voice.


“Adebola! Where is he?”


“I saw him a while ago, but now I don’t know where he had gone!”


Just then, five warriors surrounded them and blasted a wave of energy towards them. Felix and Sevedant quickly looked at each other and nodded. Then they created an energy barrier around each other and sent it straight at the warriors. With a mighty impact, all of them and the incoming enemies were blasted before crashing into more buildings.


Felix was smiling at their good teamwork. Then his smile faded when Sevedant said “I don’t sense him.”


“What?!” Felix exclaimed in a surprised voice.


He focused his energy and began to sense. This proved to be more difficult than it normal would be because of all the tension he was feeling. He had just been fighting more than hundred warriors and more kept coming at them from all directions.


After focusing his energy, Felix finally realised that Sevedant was right. He indeed was unable to sense that presence of Adebola Gramstone among the warriors. In fact, he could not sense that man’s life force within the area at all.


In a shocked voice, he asked “What the hell happened to him? Where did he disappear to? Is he masking his presence or is he not even here at all?”


To his numerous questions, Sevedant only shook his head. Nighter of them understood why they were unable to


“More coming!” Sevedant said and he summoned his Death Sword and held it firmly in his skeleton hands.


“Ah…! Give me a break!” Felix said and sighed heavily as he firmly clutched the Legendary Sword of Justice.


The two of them prepared as more and more enemy warriors charged at them from who knows where. They were all screaming and roaring like wild beasts out of control as they charged towards them.


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  2. mironsan

    Woot here we go, action is commencing, people getting riled up, jimmies getting rustled, bad guys soon to get their just deserts (haha) and of course most important of all… ok I lied I couldn’t think of anything semi funny or probably just un-funny and annyoing.

    Any ways I love combat chapters so very much, thank you for the great work and posting it before going to bed.

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    Guys, we have a new Phoenix Titan now that Lucky’s dead xD His name is Felix (2nd paragraph)
    On a serious note, I like how the stories progressing in this arc

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    *Shock* I never knew Cantia can tranform in a very large cat and have energy balls blast out thru her mouth. Lol

    Btw let me guess..that evil mad prince went after the girls.

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