Infinity Hero – Chapter 6




Hello! Ram Shankar here again and it’s bright outside as I stroll along the street. I’m out shopping for some equipment such as armour, new sword and such.


It has been more around six months since I started living in this VRG world. One day, during my sleep, I got pulled into this world without a reason or a purpose. Ever since then, my purpose had been to live to my heart’s content because this world is nice.


This sort of thing usually happens in fantasy stories. Somehow, I ended up in such a situation, but I don’t feel like a hero at all. In fact, I feel so much like an ordinary person. In the many fantasy novels I read, heroes get summoned as Heroes of Legends with a purpose to save the world or something, yet, here I am living like everybody else.


Since then, I am staying at the house of Elder, his daughter, Erina, and her one month old baby girl, Serina. Erina gave birth to a baby girl a month ago and named her Serina. It’s quite a nice name and everyone liked it, although it made me realised I kept calling Erina’s father “Elder” because I never bothered to know his name and he was like the town, so it didn’t really matter.


This is a VRG type of world, so I have stats, abilities and other game like mechanism. I’ve also discovered that I’m not the only one with the ability to access the STATUS screen. It seems that all of these not-NPC people are able to access them at all. I called it “not-NPC” because, unlike the standard NPCs, the people of this world have hopes, dreams, ambitions and desires. In a way, each of them are an individual in their own right, just like me.


Currently I opened my STATUS window by saying “Status.”


LV: 13
HP: 150
CON: 150


STR: 150
INT: 150
CHA: 150
DEX: 150
WIS: 150
LUK: 150


All of my stats have hit 150 two weeks ago and froze. At first, I thought there must be some sort of glitch in this VRG world, but I quickly realised how foolish that thought was. So I went and asked Elder and Erina about it, which they explained in great detail.


“For beginners, the stats will easily rise up to 150, but that’s when things get difficult. You have to put more effort into raising your stats and that will gradually you level up,” Erina told me as she handled the sleeping Serina.


“Normal exercises and workout will no longer affect your stats or level. They help develop your body, but nothing else,” was what Elder said to me.


So it basically meant that I should start doing more difficult tasks; fighting monsters to increase my HP, CON and STR, performing difficult jobs at the farm or cleaning stuff to improve DEX and handling complex process of paperwork and such to increase INT and WIS. As for CHA and LUK, it seems to work from my appearance, social treatment and such.


Thankfully, I have multiple jobs to work with that; Adventurer, Farmer, Cleaner and Assistant. I have more which I will need to find a way to use such as; Hero and Doctor. I obtained the job “Hero” when I got treated like one when I defeated the ex-husband of Erina, who was threatening to kill her and the unborn Serina before I stepped in to stop him. As for the job “Doctor”, I obtained it after being present when Erina gave birth to Serina.


I quickly checked the levels for each of the jobs that I currently have.


Villager LV3
Adventurer LV2
Farmer LV3
Cleaner LV3
Assistant LV1
Hero LV1
Doctor LV1


Yup! They all vary, but that’s alright because I’m confident I can bring them up by working hard. The only thing bugging me is the job “Adventurer” being at LV2. The Adventurer Guild, a place to collection missions and receive money upon completion, didn’t let me participate in any activities until I was over LV 10. It ticked me off so much! Oh well… Thanks to my regular morning exercises and farming, my stats rose up and I quickly leveled up.


It feels like a cheat to have such an easy beginning from LV1 to LV13. In normal games, It takes players a lot of work and effort before they can raise their stats and level. That will change for me since it is stated that gaining them will become difficult from here on. This brings me to wonder about how the heck this VRG works in the first place. It is so strange!


Five weeks ago, I finally hit LV11 and I confidently marched into the Adventurer Guild to earn money. I could’ve gone when my level hit 10, but I wanted to really be sure to not receive a “should be higher” thing from those officials. Curse them and their strict procedures, but I can’t do much about it. After all, “when you are in rome, you do what romans do.”


So I came out today to buy armour, swords, shields and anything else an adventurer needs. To purchase all of them, I will need money; lots of it. Fortunately, my six months of hard working at the farms helped me gain quite a bit of money. This caused an unforeseen problem; how do I carry the money around?


Initially I thought to use “Item Box” because it was a common item that all games used. I quickly discovered that Item Box does not exist. Instead, we have individual items with their respective purpose; “Sword Box” to hold swords, “Shield Box” to hold shields and “Cutlery Box” to hold cutlery.


Like that, I discovered the “Money Box” which everyone carries around with them. It had the power to get larger or smaller at the user’s request. The commands are self explanatory; “Open”, “Close”, “Larger”, “Smaller”, “Insert <amount>” and “Extract <amount>”. I simply hold the box out and call out the command to make the respective action happen.


How do I find a Money Box? At first, I thought it was in those Labyrinths or places where Monster Drops occur. Those boxes were rare to come by and you would have to defeat really strong monsters and hope like hell it would get dropped along with the remains of the monster. I found the Money Box being sold in the markets, but at a really high price. Each box was worth 3000 Zen, which was pretty costly. I was nagged by my Cost vs. Benefit principle, but Benifit won the battle and I bought the box.


The currency in this world is Zen. Each of the money coins contain a single “Z” letter with a straight “|” drawn from top to bottom in the middle. They do not have dollars, cents or other format for the money in this world. That’s pretty convenient because converting between different currencies is a difficult task, especially when you aren’t aware of the exchange rate.


While thinking all this, I finally arrived at the shop called “Weapons & Armours” on the hanging. I push open the door and walked in just as a light jingle sound was heard. Looks like entering and leaving the shop automatically activates some sort of alert bell to notify the owner. At that moment, a tall strong looking man came into the store through the door at the back.


When the man saw me, he smiled brightly and said “Ah! Ram, my boy! What brings you to my shop on this wonderful morning?”


I smiled cheerfully at his wonderful greeting. Ever since I saved Erina, I had been treated like some sort of hero. Even though that slowly died down, their respect for me hasn’t changed, which I’m grateful for. The reason for this is simply my worry about the kind of treatment I will receive as a total stranger.


“Hey! I came to buy armours, swords and shields from you. Any in a reasonable price fit for me?”


“I see, I see,” the man said as he looked me up and down. “Remind me again what your stats are at.”


“I’m currently LV13 and all of my stats are stuck at 150.”


At those words, the man laughed and said “That’s funny. Now then… Hmm…”


He came out from behind the counter and walked over to where all the armours were kept. For a few seconds, he browsed through them while continuously looking back at me. Then he finally chose one and he took it off the rack before he held it out for me to hold.


“Try this out and see how it feels.”




With a bit of difficulty, I managed to put on the armour. The reason for my difficulty in wearing it was simply because it was my first time wearing an armour. Still, it was a nice fit and felt comfortable to the touch. As I continued to feel the armour and tested its mobility, a window popped up in front of me.


TYPE: Armour
STAGE: Basic
QUALITY: Average


HP: +10
CON: +10
STR: +6
DEX: +5


ABILITY: None (0/0)
BONUS: None (0/0)


I see. So this armour is at the basic stage with an increase of 10 in both of my health points and constitution, 6 in my strength and 5 in my dexterity. As for abilities and bonuses, there’s nothing it can offer right now.


“Mmm… Quality is Average?”


“This armour is pretty good for adventurers at the beginning stage, plus it’s cheap to come by compared to the others.”


“I see. What else do you have to offer?”


“Several more. Let’s see…”


Just like that, I spent more than half-an-hour in that shop while trying out more armours. They were good and comfortable, but the prices were quite high. The average ones ranged from 200 – 600 Zen, good ones ranged from 600 – 1000 Zen and best ones ranged from 1000 – 1500 Zen. In the end, I decided on the first armour that I tried out because it was decent enough and not that expensive. Earning money is hard work and I wanted to spend my savings on stuff like swords and shields.


As we were about to move onto the weapons section, I suddenly remembered something about the abilities part of the armour. So I quickly asked him before we moved on further.


“Is it possible to manually insert abilities for the armour?”


“If the armour has available slots, you can do that. If there are already abilities available and you want to insert your own abilities, then you can shift the current abilities over to the standby abilities,” he told me and I nodded my head in understanding.


So I can basically insert my ability and choose a trigger for when to activate the ability. For instance, if I were to choose “Runner” ability and select the trigger “Quick Movement”, then the ability will activate when I start running so I can run faster. Neat!


We moved from the armour section and arrived at the weapon section. My eyes nearly popped out when I saw rows and rows of neatly stacked swords on the shelves. Seriously! Back in my world, you only see these kinds of swords in display cases or simply made to be used as toys. Now, here I am, standing in front of real swords with steel sharp blades that glinted in the sunlight streaming through the windows.


The choosing of the swords took longer than it did for the armour. For one thing, I’m looking for the sword that boosted most on strength (STR) and I didn’t care about how the swords looked. There were claymore, broad swords, long swords and several others I’ve only seen in shows, but never knew their names for. Those swords were slightly curved, but looked razor sharp! Interesting…!


After spending about 2-3 minutes on selecting between the ones he showed me and checking their stats, I finally decided on one. It was a decent looking with a strong handle and a powerful looking blade. Along with that, I was also impressed by its stats even though it’s costing me 1500 Zen.


TYPE: Sword (Broad Sword)
QUALITY: Above-Average


ATK: 20
STR: +20
CON: -40


ABILITY: None (0/-)
BONUS: None (0/-)


Sword’s got a attack power of 20, a strength boost of 20, but a bit of a drop in the constitution by 40. Mmm… I don’t like the fact that constitution takes such a swing down, but I guess that’s to be expected of an Above-Average sword quality. The other reason for this is also because there is no set limit to the number of abilities I can add to the sword. Overall, I was okay with my Cost vs. Benefit principle when it comes to its use and the cheapness.


I already have a sword, but it’s pretty basic and it had no boosts at all. So to speak, it’s just a regular sword with no speciality. That’s why, I’m now buying this new sword to improve myself with the usage of my equipment.


After that, I bought a few extra things like waist strap for the sword, a sheath for the sword and a bag pack. Those small things added up to be 200 Zen. Overall, the total cost added up to being 2400 Zen; sword being 1500 Zen, 200 Zen for the accessories and 700 Zen for the armour. Yup! All things added up, it’s 2400 Zen. The reason I do these checks is to make sure that I’m not being ripped off. I know this is a gaming world, but with of crazy stuff going on, I don’t want to take chances in anything!


After we went to the counter, I pulled out my Money Box and said “Extract 2400.”


Instantly, 2400 Zen coins materialized on the counter and the owner took the money and inserted it into his own Money Box. As for me, a notification appeared to inform me about my money.


“You have taken out 2400 Zen”

“Your remaining balance is 400 Zen”


I almost burst out in laughter when I read the notification messages. Back in my world, I often saw dad buying stuff off the computer. Everytime he made a purchase, similar messages appeared for him; informing him about the amount that he spent and the remaining balance in his account. It’s quite hilarious and quite useful to have the Money Box sort of thing around; helps with informing you about your money. You see, I did not receive such messages when I paid 10000 Zen a few months back when I accidentally destroyed a few buildings.


Still, I only have 400 Zen left, which means I have to go back to working again. That’s not a problem since I’ve already quit my job at the farming and have taken up the job of an adventurer. Currently, my job is also set to “Adventurer” and it’s time I start earning big!


Once the man inserted the money into his Money Box, he pocketed it and turned to smile at me.


“Thank you for the purchase and I hope to see you again.”


The trick to attracting customers is to always wear a cheerful smile and create a welcoming feeling. It looks like the owner is wanting me to come back and spend more so that he gets rich. Such a typical businessman.


However, there was one more thing I had left to ask him. I deliberately left this question to after making the purchase because I was sure he would try and urge me into buying some extra stuff. Please… The last thing I want is another debt like the one I got slapped with a few months ago for destroying buildings.


Anyway, my question is regarding the swords. Like everyone, I also like to use more than one sword, so basically the dual wielding ability. It’s something that all gamers of swordsman would love to have because of how convenient it is to use multiple swords.


So I carefully asked “Is there an ability to wield more than one swords?”


The man nodded and said “Yes. It’s called Dual Wield and it’s not limited to swords.”


“Ah. Is there a way to obtain it? You know… Like training, practising and such…”


The man smiled and shook his head before saying “Unfortunately, no. You have to directly be taught the Dual Wield ability using the Teacher System.”


As I thought! Yes… I suspected something like this would be the case. I had a feeling there were various ways of obtaining things in this world instead of one single method; you can observe to learn, you can be taught to learn, you can be shown to learn and you can read to learn. In the many novels I read, the Teacher System was not a popular system, but some often used it to teach each other with learning techniques and mastering skills. All that leaves me with is to find the right way to learn the abilities.


Just like that, in this world, the people use the Teacher System to teach people various abilities and techniques. I also suspect that various other abilities can only be achieved through different methods of meeting the required criteria. Like, learning the ability to Dual Wield requires me to get personally taught by someone who already knows how to dual wield. In some cases, I guess observing how it is performed and trying to repeat them could pass.


These are all hypothesis, but they exist to be proven. After all, if scientists hadn’t persevered to make these hypothesis come true, we wouldn’t have so many medicines, vaccines for diseases and many more things I’m unaware of. Just like that, now I have to perform my own experiments to prove some of the hypothesis that I formed in the last few months that I lived in this world.


The man was still smiling at me before he asked “Would you perhaps think of buying another sword for the future?”


I quickly wave my hand and smiled before saying “I’m sorry, but I don’t have that much money. Maybe next time, when I have the money, I’ll drop by to see.”


With that, I bid him goodbye and left the shop. Inwardly, I sighed in relief that I managed to escape before I got into trouble. Otherwise, he’d probably have convinced me into taking a loan or something; business people always sound charming with their words. You should be clever to see through the deception to uncover the true face of these masked people. I, for one, don’t want to create problems for myself that’ll cause my charisma and luck to drop.


With this, I went back to the place that I’m staying with Elder, Erina and Serina. They were great and the neighbours were very nice to me, which I really do appreciate. Now, I feel it’s time I start living on my own and working for myself instead of constantly relying on their hospitality. My plan is to stay at a small inn for 2-3 nights and then depart from town to explore the world. I’m sure they will be sad to see my go, but it’s time I kick start my own life in this world.


Feeling happy and energetic, I went home while carrying the bag with all the stuff that I purchased that day. While I was nearing the neighbourhood, I heard shouts of panicked voices as the neighbourhood emanated a negative atmosphere.


“Jailbreak! Jailbreak!”


“Murder! Murder!”


I kept hearing these voices coming from where we live. What the heck is going on? Why is everyone screaming jailbreak and murder? Weird…


I turned the corner street and arrived along the side street where the house was located. Up ahead, I saw a large crowd gathered at the entrance of the house. For some reason, all of their eyes were wide with shock and some of the woman even had covered their eyes and mouths to shut off any sound they would make.


As I drew closer, I felt my heart sink. The words “Jailbreak” didn’t particularly mean anything to me, but the effect of the word “Murder” stirred uneasy feelings inside me. I was uncertain as to what happened for everyone to look so shocked and frightened.


Just then, several people turned and saw me walking towards them, with my bag over my shoulders. In a rush, they ran over to me and began speaking at the same time. I seriously did not understand a single word they shouted because they basically hurled words at me and I couldn’t make any sense of it.


“Stop it, you lot! Stop it!”


A loud, carrying voice was heard over the crowd and the people slowly quieted down, but their fearful expressions did not change. Watching them appear so scared made me feel more uneasy. Something happened, something terrible… Otherwise, these friendly, cheerful and happy neighbours of mine wouldn’t be in such a panic.


The guy, who bellowed a moment ago, pushed past everyone to come to the front. I instantly recognised him as the doctor that lives next door. He’s a great guy, nice and everything, and also the one that helped Erina to safely deliver Serina.


With a worried look on his face, he said “Ram. I want you to calmly listen to what I have to say. Okay?”


I nodded my head without saying a word. The nervous tone, the doctor spoke in, made it quite clear just how bad it was and that he clearly did not want to say it.


The doctor took a deep breath and slowly said “The elder is killed with Erina and Serina kidnapped by her husband.”


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